History of Lillis Louisa Barney

Copied from her sister's book -  by Louisa Pearl Keyes Shaw
 Lillis Louisa Barney was born September 29, 1852 in Provo, Utah, a daughter of
Edson and Louisa Walker Barney.  She was the third child and the first one born to them
after they crossed the plains.  Her parents lived in Provo 10 years.  There she got her first
few years of school.  Then her father and family were called by Brigham Young to go
south with others to help settle the Dixie Country.
 They arrived in Parowan, June 26, 1862.  Here she helped her mother do different
kinds of work to help make a living.  She helped pick over and wash wool to spin into
yarn, then knit socks and stockings, also helped to weave cloth to make dresses, shirts and
etc.  She also worked at the cotton factory.  During this time she went to school and
graduated.  She then went to work at the home of Pres. Dome, he was President of
Parowan Stake.  While working there she met Elisha B. Keyes, who she later married on
January 30, 1871.  They were married by Pres. Dome and were endowed in the Salt Lake
Temple while in Salt Lake.  At this time she had her patriarchal blessing given by Abraham
Washburn.  Then they went to Ogden to see his folks.  Then moved to Pine Valley.  Here
she gave birth to her first child a baby boy, Edson.  While there they ran a shingle mill.
They made shingles to sell.
 They then moved down to what was called Eight Mile Flat, it being 8 miles below
Pine Valley.  While there she gave birth to three children, two girls and one boy.  Then
they moved to Vermillion, Utah.  It was later called Sigward.  There she gave birth to
three more children, two boys and one girl.  She joined the Relief Society at Vermillion
about 1880.  She was Counselor in the Primary and also an aide to Sister Sara Broadbent,
President of the Relief Society and held that office for two years.
 Ten September 15, 1884, they moved to Annabella, Utah, where she lived the
remainder of her life.  Here she gave birth to four children, two boys and two girls.  She
was the mother of eleven children.  Here she joined the Relief Society in about 1885 and
acted as treasure and secretary for several years.  Later she was a Sunday School teacher
for 24 years.  She held many responsible positions in the different places she lived.
 She was a true and faithful Latter Day Saint.  She was loved and respected by all
her children and also by a host of friends.  She was especially good to the young folks who
made her home a welcome gathering place.  She was left a widow at the age of 59.  She
passed away August 4, 1917 at the age of 64.  She left a large posterity of children,
grandchildren and great grandchildren.