Agnes Shaw Munson 1850-1917


Agnes was the youngest daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth Ferguson Shaw.She was born in Cadder, Lanarkshire, Scotland on 25 Feb 1850.She came with her widowed mother and siblings to Utah in 1868.Agnes Shaw married Leavitt Washington Munson soon after arriving in Utah on 24 Nov 1868 at the Endowment House in Salt Lake City.How they met is a mystery to me.Leavitt was born in Cooper, Washington, Maine 22 Mar 1840. [About as far east as you can get and still be in the USA!]His parents were John Cooper Munson and Almira G. Vining.As I research the Munsons I find that Leavittís father and at least a couple sibling decided to come west.One ended up in Arizona and another in Colorado so now Leavitt is getting closer to where he needs to be to meet Agnes Shaw.


Leavitt may have been mining in Coalville.I know that he got baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in May of 1868.Agnes and her family had arrived in Salt Lake City on the 24 Aug 1868 so she and Leavitt had a short courtship.At any rate their first child Elizabeth Ferguson Munson was born in Coalville, Utah on 12 May 1870.Their first son John Cooper Munson was born in Stockton, Tooele, Utah on 10 Jan 1873.The family was making their way toward central Utah.Jane was born in Richfield, Sevier, Utah on 2 Apr 1876.The Munsonís finally settled in Elsinore, Sevier, Utah where 4 more children were born namely:†† Alfred Alexander on 16 Sep 1879, Lydia Hannah on 24 Jun 1881 , Agnes Almira on 4 Mar 1888 and Theresa on 13 Sep 1890.


Leavitt farmed in Elsinore for several decades.I located the following census records are from could not find an 1870 census


1880 Census Utah > Sevier > Monroe > District 70 [They lived nextdoor to Robt. Shaw]

Levitt Munson 39 head farmer maine Maine Canada

Agnes wife 28 all Sct

Elizabeth dau 10 all kids Ut Ma Sct

John son 6

Jane dau 4

Alexander son 1 [dod 1890]


1900 Jan 23 Census; Elsinore, Sevier, Utah; Roll: T623 1686; Page: 8B; ED: 133

Levite Munson††††††††††† 59 head Mar 1841 md.32y all Maine farmer

Agnes Munson ††††††††††† 49 wife Apr 1851 mom of 6-5 living all sct immi 1867

Jane Munson †† 24 dau Apr 1876 un all kids Ut

Lydia Munson 18 dau Jun 1881 un

Agnus Munson ††††††††††† 12 dau Mar 1888

Theresa Munson 9 dau Sep 1890

Elisabeth Shaw ††††††††††† 79 momApr 1821 mom of 7-6 living all sct immi 1868


1900 Jun 23 Elsinore Utah[oldest son of Leavitt]

John Munson27 head jan 1873 md.4yrs Ut Ma Scot freighter

Francis Munson 22 wife may 1878 mom 2-2 Ut Ut Ut

Eugene Munson 3 son May 1897 Ut

Seth Munson †† 1 son Apr 1899 Ut[Lavell Seth]


By the turn of the century Leavitt and Agnes had lost their youngest son Alfred Alexander at 11 years of age.They were also grandparents of a half dozen grandsons, compliments of their daughter Elizabeth and son in law, Edward Farnsworth and their eldest son John C. and daughter in law, Frances.Agnes took care of her aging mother part of the time and she was a full time homemaker.By 1910 all the children were married except Theresa who married the following year to Fred Parsons.


1910 Census; Elsinore, Sevier, Utah; Roll: T624_1608; Page: 9B; ED: 160

Levite W Munson70 head md.40y all Maine farmer (live next to Philo T and J.F.Shaw)

Agnes Munson ††††††††††† 57 mom 6-6all sct

Theresa Munson 19 dau un Ut


It was a sad day when daughter, Agnes passed away due to complications with her 2nd pregnancy.She was buried in Redmond Cemetery in Northern Sevier County on26 Mar 1912.She left behind a little daughter and a grieving husband.Another sorrow came into their lives when Jane died 2 years later in Salt Lake City where she was buried 27 Sep 1915.Two years later it was Agnes whose health took a turn for the worse when she came down with pneumonia.It was too much for her ailing heart

and she passed away on 6 Dec 1917.She was buried in Elsinore.


Leavitt married Nellie Ruth the following year on 25 Jun 1918.


1920 Jan 15 Census;Elsinore, Sevier, Utah; Roll: T625_1863; Page: 8A; ED: 114

Levitt W Munson78 head all maine

Nellie Munson 63 wife all Ohio


1930 Census; Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah; Roll: 2418; Page: 7B; ED: 19

Thomas H Odbert51 Head ohio Oh Penn Auto Mechanic at S. 11 East St.

Lydia M Odbert ††††††††† 48 wife Ut Maine Sct

Ruth Odbert ††† 21 dau un Ut stenographer telephone

Agnes Odbert 16 dau un Ut

Ira W Tucker 27 sonlaw md N.C. all salesman

Edith O Tucker ††††††††††† 24 dau md Ut stenographer paper co.

Levett W Munson 90 falaw Maine Maine Canada


He lived a long life and passed away on 13 Feb 1934 in Salt Lake City where he had been living with his daughter Lydia and her family.He and Agnes are both buried in Elsinore.