In 1997 our family took a sesquicentennial trip to visit some of the early church history sites in Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska and Wyoming.  After that experience my husband and I were curious as to which of our ancestors were pioneers. We discussed how nice it would be to find out what we could about these folks, and of special interest to us would be the persons who listened to the missionaries and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

            We started with an anniversary "date" to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum in Salt Lake City.  Next we wrote letters to people in our families who had submitted genealogy to the church ancestral file.  One letter went to a submitter who had been working on my Arbon Family line.  As is turned out, this person had passed away a few months earlier and her sister, Yvonne Peterson, was about to throw my letter in the trash when she said that the thought struck her that she should open my letter.  She called and told me that she could also connect me to one of my Hurd relatives who she was also related to!  This is how I met cousin, Yvonne Peterson, and how it began at a meeting in Brigham City, 2 Mar 1999 at the home of Hurd Cousin, Dora Cutler.

            Dora Hurd Cutler and Yvonne shared some valuable information with me. Dora is a descendant of William Hurd.  She told me to contact our cousin, Heber Anderson, in Barnwell, Canada.  Cousin Heber called and promised to send me some history about the Albert Hurd line and suggested I contact the oldest living Hurd that he knew, Serell Hurd of Afton, Wyoming.  Serell gave my letter to Dorthy Hurd Merritt, his niece, in Bedford, Wyoming.  Dorthy called and promised to send me information about Mark Hurd.   I couldn't believe my good fortune!

            This just whetted my appetite to want to find out what happened to each of John and Martha Hurd's children. Time passed and I had resigned myself to just being grateful for the information I had.  I still maintained contact with Heber and Dorthy.  Heber and his son, Craig, came to Utah in July 1999.  We met and exchanged information about families.  I told him of my desire to find out about each of the Hurd children.  He said that he would contact a relative on the Martha Jane Hurd line, Marie Mitch who lived in Cut Bank, Montana.  Marie sent me information and told me that her daughter, Patty McIntyre, lived in West Haven, just south of me!  I called Patty and she promised to get me some information.  Patty told me about her cousin, Presley Chalfant of Bear River City, Utah.  Presley had actually talked with my husband who works in Brigham City and discussed our Hurd connection previously, but I had yet to make his acquaintance.  

            That meeting took place on 18 Dec 2001 in the Ogden Family History Center.  Patty and Presley had information that filled in many of my blank spaces.  Their Aunt Vienna Olson Conaway had gathered and written histories with the idea of publishing a book in the early 1960ís.   After our second meeting in January 2002, I really felt that I should bring together the story of our immigrant Hurd Family! 




Thanks to all who have helped bring this compilation of stories, photos and documents together.  I hope it is of benefit to the reader and that you will be encouraged to meet your extended family.  It has certainly enriched my life to get to know my cousins and learn about my ancestors! 

I must also tell you that the Lord is really aware of our strengths and weaknesses.  Just when I was wondering how to proceed with the book project, I decided to contact cousin Dora Cutler again.  She told me about a Reeder Family book that she had loaned to relatives in Ogden.  I told her that I would get in touch with them.  In March 2002 I met cousin Doreen Hurd Lowham and her daughter, Sharyll Richards, of South Ogden.  (William Hurd line)  Sharyll has the computer know how that makes this book possible.  I couldnít have done it without her hours of help!  The cover and the cute little Forget-me-nots were her idea to make the book more attractive. 

I consider Dora Hurd Cutler, the late Heber Anderson and Dorthy Hurd Merritt the crown jewels of this project.  Patty McIntyre, Presley Chalfant, and Sharyll Richards were the needed reinforcements, and encouragement at just the right time.  Also, I wish to thank my husband, John Shaw, who has supported and helped me throughout the duration.

I canít leave this page without also thanking Philip and Valerie Myers for searching out their Hurd cousins in America and for being so willing to help add to the Hurd family story! 

And finally, to all others who shared histories and photos or connected me with someone who could, my deepest gratitude. They are as follows: Marie Mitch, Galand W. Nield, Francine Johnson, Larene Spendlove, Tom and Carol Jones, Mollie Coon, Rose Mackley, Anna Kay Waddoups, Rozine Hurd, Iola Ukena, Jim and Connie Cheney and Jeanette Walker.  With their help, this project has a quality and volume that we can all enjoy!

It is now the spring of 2005 and since the original printing of 75 books, I have gathered a little more history and several more photos. I have had requests for the book but have debated whether to go to the trouble of adding the new material or just reprint the original information.  Iíve opted to make the improvements and with that I need to thank LuAnn Harris, Lorraine Moss, Gen Russell, Roseanna Moss, Jean Christensen, Dorothy Cox, Teddy Nield, Joyce Semonin, Bev Decker, Carol Wynder, Randy Bingham, Gary and Judith Hurd for photos, information or leads on contacting cousins.  [2006] Ronda Simmons has joined us and shared helpful information too.  Thank you all so much!