25 Aug 1822   Thomas Hurd married Sarah Thornton in Sneaton Parish.

1823-1829       Children, Hannah, John and James born.  (James died, age 4 months)

13 Oct 1831    Sarah Hoad died in Montreal (Is this our Sarah Hurd?)

9 Oct 1834      Thomas married Margaret Dobson in Todmorden, Lancashire, Eng.  

1836-1846       Richard, Margaret, Mark, Thomas, and William Hord [Hurd] are born to Thomas and Margaret

05 Nov 1844   Hannah Ord [Hurd] marries Robert Myers in Parish at Middleton.

11 Jun 1853    John Hurd and Martha Stockel marry at Amotherby.

20 Jul 1853     Thomas Hurd, died, age 54. (Father of Hannah, John and others)

1854 - 1861     Rachel, William, Eliza, Mary (died in infancy) and John Hurd are born

15 Mar 1862  Rachel Stockel died, age 66. (Martha’s mother)

1863 - 1865     Mark and Albert Hurd are born

09 Jul 1866     Martha joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

1868 - 1870     Martha Jane and last child Frederick Hurd are born to John and Martha

22 Jul 1870     Rachel and Eliza Hurd join the Church.

05 Sep1870     William Hurd is baptized at Hull.

18 Aug 1871   John and Mark Hurd were baptized in Middleton.

fall of 1871      John and Martha move family to Lancashire to work in cotton factories

03 Jan 1874   Hannah Hurd Myers died (at age 51 from heart failure) (John’s sister)

02 Sep 1874    William sails from Liverpool to USA on the “Wyoming.”  

24 Feb 1875    Margret Hurd [Hord] wife of Thomas died in Preston, Lancashire at age 70

24 May 1876  John, Martha and family sail to USA aboard the “Nevada.”

30 Aug 1876   Albert and Martha Jane baptized (can't source but this date is on group sheet)

19 Aug 1877   Box Elder Stake organized.  Hurds probably in the 3rd Ward.

09 May 1878  William married Mary Elizabeth Reeder. (Endowment House)

23 Jun 1878    George Wm., (1st grandchild) born but died same day in Brigham City

 16 Oct 1879   Rachel married Charles Robert Jones of Bountiful. (2nd wife) 

Census 1880   John, Martha and family, live in Brigham City. (Possibly 100 W. 600 N.)

                        William, Mary and Lorenzo Hurd also in Brigham City.

31 Oct 1880    Fred Hurd baptized (can't find source but he was baptized on 31 Aug 1946)

22 Mar 1881   Eliza married James Spendlove in Brigham City.

16 Nov 1882   William married a 2nd wife, Mary Elizabeth Webb. (Endowment House)   They lived in Snowville.

 09 Jul 1883    Martha divorced John.   John moved to Morgan area, Martha and children moved to Snowville.

06 Dec 1883   Mark married Sarah Green at Endowment House.

21 Apr 1884    John (son) married Amelia Elizabeth Babbitt and resided in Snowville area.

29 Dec 1884   Rachel passed away in Bountiful leaving 2 small daughters.

03 Dec 1885  Martha Hurd became a plural wife to Arnold Goodliffe in Logan Temple.

20 Jan 1886    Mark married  2nd wife, Elizabeth Green, in Logan, Utah. (sister of Sarah)

22 Jun 1886    John Hurd Sr. bought 13 acres of land in Morgan area

16 Oct 1886    Martha Jane married Wego Olson, at Snowville then sealed 17 Nov 1886 in the Logan Temple.

1886 or 87       John (son) and Amelia move family to Afton, Wyoming.

19 Oct 1887    Albert married Eliza Jane Green, Logan Temple.  They lived in Snowville.

     Oct 1887    Mark Hurd families moved to Afton, Wyoming.

About 1889     John, Amelia and family moved back to Snowville.

1896 or 97       John Hurd Sr. had a stroke.  He deeded his land to Eliza his daughter

14 Jul 1898     Albert and family, set off for Cardston, Canada.  Martha Jane and

Wego also make this move too.  Fred helped with the livestock.

17 Aug 1898   Hurd and Olson Families arrived in Cardston, a 630-mile journey.

1897or 1898    John, Amelia and family moved to Cardston. (Had been in Malad)

23 Nov 1898   Mary E. Reeder Hurd died giving birth to William Jr. in Snowville. (age 39)

12 Mar 1900   John Hurd (1825) died in Littleton, Morgan, Utah.  (Almost 75)

02 Jul 1900     Fredrick married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cooper in Snowville.

1901 Census   Cardston, families of John, Albert and Martha can be found.

1901                                John and Amelia separate.  She takes children to Malad, Idaho. 

1904                Eliza and James raise Blanche Ekstrom after her mother died.

20 Sep 1904    Albert suffered a broken appendix while out at the homestead.  He

                        died in Lethbridge (age 39).  Eliza never remarried.

25 Feb 1905    Elizabeth Hurd died from childbirth (almost 36) buried in Afton, Wyo.

31 Jul 1905     Charles R. Jones died in Bountiful and is buried beside Rachel. (age 72)

09 Nov 1906   Fred and Lizzie’s first and only child was born and died the same day.

06 Aug 1907   Amelia Hurd died of typhoid fever and was buried in Malad.  (Age 38)

03 Oct 1907    John Hurd (son) married Cornelia Wood Kelley, a widow, in Brigham City

16 Oct 1911    James Spendlove passed away. (age 81) Buried in Milton Cemetery.

Oct 1912         Eliza marries George Payne (a widower) later moving to Idaho Falls.

about 1912      Wego and Martha Jane Olson separated but never divorced.

                        John and Cornelia Hurd divorced around that same time.

09 Jun 1913    Arnold Goodliffe died and was buried in Snowville. (Age 76)

11 Sep 1914    Martha Hurd passed away. (age 83)  Buried in Goodliffe Family plot

17 Jul 1915     Fred and Lizzie Hurd moved to Stone, Idaho.

08 Dec 1919   Eliza S. Jones died in Bountiful. (almost 85) (raised Rachel’s daughters)

17 Feb 1920    Eliza Hurd’s second husband, George Payne, died in Idaho Falls. (age 80)

06 Jan 1921    Mary E. Webb Hurd died at Snowville from liver cancer. (Age 60)

15 Aug 1936   Mark Hurd died from a tragic farming accident.  (Age 73)  He is buried in Afton, Wyoming next to Elizabeth.

13 Sep 1938    Eliza Payne suffered a stroke and died in Idaho Falls.  She was buried in the Milton Cemetery next to James, her first husband.  Eliza was 80.

23 Oct 1938    William Hurd passed away in Snowville at age 82 from endocarditis and is buried next to his wives in Snowville.

16 Feb 1942    Martha Jane Hurd Olson died in Vancouver, BC at the age of 73 and is buried in Haney, BC, Canada.

13 Jul 1944     Eliza J. Hurd died from cancer and is buried in Cardston next to Albert.  She was 73.

15 Oct 1945    John suffered a stroke a few days before his death at age 84 in Elba,  Idaho and is buried there.

30 Aug 1949   Wego Olson died in his sleep in Ogden (almost 87) and is buried in Snowville by his folks.

10 Nov 1951   Fred Hurd had a stroke and died in Elwood. (Age 81) buried in Snowville.

25 Feb 1952    Sarah Hurd died in Grover, Wyoming (age 85) and is buried beside Mark.

04 Apr 1953    Lizzie Hurd died in Elwood (age 76) and is buried in Snowville by Fred.