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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Film 0464234 1841 British Census, Thomas and Margaret Hurd family

Film 919,079  Sneaton Parish Bishop Transcripts, Church of England

Film 0990,909 Middleton Parish bishop transcripts, Church of England

Film 0990910, Item 1, Church of England Parish Church of Normanby

Film 543165, 1861 British Census, p.17 Middleton Village and p.10 Hull Village

Film 0847370, British Census of 1871, page 6 #31

Film 0298434 European Immigration H-J #1048, Pg. 39

Now on CD “Mormon Immigration Index” much easier to search and includes letters and diaries written by some who made the same crossing. 

Film 378,014 ed 4 sheet 3 line 18, 1880 US Census for Box Elder, Brigham City

Film 0480322, item 3, Probate Court Records of Box Elder County

Film 0599291, item 6, Snowville Cemetery

Film 1750686 early members – look up by last name it lists various records

Film 0378014 1880 census or on-line (#268 William)

Film 1342164 and 1342166 1881 British Census list to find children of Hannah and

Robert Myers.  William, Lucy and John in Middleton and Robert, Thomas and Francis in Skelton

Film 0162794 LDS Census 1914-1940  Alphabetized by last name

Film 0471515 LDS Census 1950-1960

Internet web sites: see a photo of church in Amotherby, England (Eliza and George Payne, also daughter, Blanche Drewes and her husband.)

If you click the home page of the above site and then go to special collections you will find a marriage index that has Albert and Eliza and John and Martha. You can also check out the eastern Idaho obituaries to find several of John and Amelia Hurd’s children. go to Snowville Cemetery



1901 Canadian Census online through the Alberta Genealogical Society at: you can locate families of John Hurd, Martha Jane Olson, and Albert Hurd


These films and others are sourced to individuals on the family group sheets in Appendix b