A Brief History of Louisa Pearl Keyes
By her son Ivan Robert Shaw

Mother was born 14 Nov 1891, in Annabella, Utah in a big brick house.  She was a
daughter of Elisha Burns Keyes and Lillis Louisa Barney.  She was next to the last child in
a family of eleven.  She was blessed 7 June 1892 by W. N. Spafford.

She was baptized in Annabella in a canal on 2 June 1900, by her Uncle John E. Davis.
Confirmed 3 June 1900 by Jos. Whitehead.

She received all of her schooling in Annabella, and went to Sunday School and Primary.
She learned to play the piano in 17 lessons.  She played the piano for almost all the Church
meetings for seven years.  She also taught Primary and Sunday School.

Her mother always boarded the school teachers and mother done the ironing for them.
When she was 11 years old, her sister, seven years older, got married and that left her to
do all the housework and chores.  When she was about 14 years old her dad was sick and
couldn't work so she plowed, harrowed, leveled, planted grain, hauled grain and stacked

They had a big orchard with all kinds of fruit trees, apples pears, plums, cherries and
gooseberries and other berries of all kinds.  She remembers going into their cellar and it
was full of all kinds of fruit and vegetables and almost anything they needed.

They used to have parties and candy pulls after Mutual.  Her mother came after her one
time but couldn't find her as there sere so many boys and girls three.  At her mother's
home there were always a big bunch of young people.

In the fall of 1911, she met Robert Shaw.  The next spring on 24 April 1912, they were
married at Annabella, Sevier, Utah.  Her mother gave them a big reception.

On New Years Day before they were married her mother gave her and Pete a New Years
Party.  They had a big mistletoe and had a wonderful time.  The boys stayed until six
o'clock in the morning.

During the Christmas holidays, the Shaw boys came down from Brooklyn.  The first night
only two came, Jim and Leo, and Jim asked about six girls to go home with them, but they
all turned him down.  When they had the New Years part she said, "He kissed me under
the mistletoe and had a wonderful time."  On one of the nights, Robert Shaw, came down.
When he came into the hall, he said it seemed like someone patted him on the shoulder
and said, "There she is, the girl you're going to marry."

They lived in Elsinore after they were married, where Ivan Robert was born on 18
September 1913 and later Cecil Keyes on 15 May 1916.  Then they moved to Monroe,
Utah, where they lived until Utahna Pearl was born on 23 October 1918.

In 1917, two brothers, Peter (older) and Grant (younger), went into the first World War.
Grant came back, but Peter was killed in action.  He died just before the war was over.
Just before they left for the service, her mother, Louisa Barney, died at Annabella on 6
August 1917.

They moved to Idaho in the Spring of 1919.  They loaded all their equipment, cattle,
household goods and everything onto railroad boxcars and they moved by train.  Dad,
with his brother, Leo, and his brother-in-law, Aleck, all moved at the same time.  They
farmed together north of Idaho Falls for two years.

In 1920 they moved to the Barnes place, also north of Idaho Falls.  Nina Lillis was born
there on 25 Oct 1921.  While there, there was a hail storm.  The hail was a big a hen's
eggs.  They had a big horse that could never go in the machine shed, but he did that time.

Then they moved to Lincoln, where they lived for six years.  They could have bought the
place, but dad was discouraged about buying.  He had lost one place before.  June LeRoy
was born here on 18 Nov 1924.  On 7 Nov 1925, they took the children to the Salt Lake
Temple and had them sealed to them.

Then they moved up to Bassett on another farm.  They were there for one year.  Jim and
dad farmed together and they all lived in the same house.

Then Jim and Vi moved to Mud Lake and dad and mother moved to Osgood.  We were
there for six years.  Wilma Jane was born there on 13 March 1931.

Then they moved to Rigby and lived there one year.  While there, their oldest son, Ivan
was married to Edna Orilla Farnsworth on 31 March 1934, at Idaho Falls, Bonneville,

They moved to Acequia, near Rupert, Idaho for one year, then one year on the Jensen
place.  Then they lived one year on the Billy Morris place.  Then they moved to a place on
the highway east of Rupert.

They then bought a lot in town and built a small tent house and moved into Rupert.  They
lived in the little house about eleven years.  It had three rooms.  Then they bought a corner
lot right next door and built a log house and later tore the other house down.  Ivan and
June hauled the logs form West Yellowstone and the boys all helped them build it.

Louisa Pearl Keyes passed away on 7 November 1965 at Rupert, Minidoka, Idaho and
was buried in the Riverside Cemetery at Heyburn, Minidoka, Idaho.