Joseph William Watkins’  Day Book



Many of the entries made in 1879 are very difficult to read and there are numerous blank spaces



WE  1   Got ˝ gal cider of Worthy


TU  2   15 ties


FR   3   12 ties


SA   4   Recieved of Jos Beck $ 5.00 paid on pound account at Draper $ 3.00 Bot of Cutler ax 1.50 12 ties


SU  5    Cont John Wat $ 1.50


MO 6      Bot of T Cuttlar one pair of boots $ 5.00 Axx 1.65


TU 7    Got ˝ gal of cider of Worthy 


WE 8    Missing or no entry       


TH 9    Paid G Waterman 1.00 for C.J. Heart


FR 10   Bot of SW Brown soap 30


SA 11   Bot for Cris 25 ct shugar (sugar)


SU 12   Sunday


MO 13  Settled ticket fixed stack


TU 14   Cut 6 ties and poot (put) over led


WE 15  Cut 8 ties put over up


TH 16   Cut gag of brush   (a wagon full)


FR 17   Fetched 6 ties up


SA 18   Hunt rabits (rabbits...they chased them and caught them did not shoot them)


SU 19   Sunday


MO      Got a load of brush


TU 21   Choped (chopped) 10 ties put 2 over


WE 22 Choped 10 ties put 2 over


TH 23   Choped 16 ties put 2 over


FR 24   Chopped 14 ties put 2 over


SA 25   Went up Freeman dig , got 3 trees


SU 26   Cut up ties poot l over


MO 27 Cut 7 ties poot l over


TU 28   Sick


WE 29 Took 18 ties to Cutlers


TH 30   Cut 9 ties put 3 over


FR 31   Cut 12 ties put Cuttlers ledger






SA 1     Went a visiting to Petersons


SU 2     Sunday


MO 3   Cut 16 ties put 2 over


TU 4    Cut 15 ties


WE 5    Took 2  ties to Alpine loop


TH 6    Cut 12 ties


FR 7     Fetched 8 ties from C went visitng CCC


SA 8     Took ties to Cuttler , bot churn 1.50


SU 9     Sunday Christians Father come


MO 10 Helped load rock to young mens grainery ( granary )

TU 11   Shut water of ditch got wood fixed to hall


WE 12  Enclosed correll ( corral ) done the chores


TH 13   Took 4 ties to Alpine Coop


FR 14   Shod horse bot ax handle, chored


SA 15   Run 22 ties cut of timber 2 over __


SU 16   Went to meating


MO 17 Started to make harrow


TU 18   Fixed harrow packed water for GAL


WE 19  Let Lewis have Trip to go to Fork


TH 20   Worked ˝  day on ditch for Devy


FR 21   Plowed for J Devy l day


SA 22   Plowed for Devy ˝ day took 5 ties to Coop


SU 23   Went to Meating went to Dan after meating


MO 24  Run 21 ties over to Ge Clark, plowed


TU 25   Finished plowing stubble


WE 26 Poot 6 acres of wheat in 2 Devy, N 1 Beck, with 4 teams


TH 27   Poot 10 acres in W 4 teemes 2 Devy 2 Wat


FR 28   Went to F C funeral, Cris plowed for John



MARCH 1879



SA 1     Worked for Devy and sawed corner of house shut up pigs, chored


SU 2     Sunday, Trip got kicked


MO 3   Got mule of S Brown worked ˝ day, received 2.00 of Lewis, paid 2.50 to Heley for land deed

Peat got hurt doctored horse cleaned spring fixed stable let Dr have 1 bu oats 75 doctor horse.


TU 4    Chris worked Browns mules for John

WE 5    Worked on uper for spring, let Berry have 50 ct to coat collar


TH 6    Plowed in hallow with Rileys oxen Riley poot his W in 345


FR 7     Plowed in hollow   Riley &  Christena up here visiting.


SA 8     Thunder lighting in storms, cut door in calf pen, picked brush


SU 9     Sunday. I went to meating nite


MO 10 Plowed for Jim Mc Daniel 3/4 dun part , paid 2.50 to H Moyle land deed


TU 11   Plowed in hollow with Tom,  Christian picked and piled sage TEAR 2


WE 12 Fetched 24 ties from up leg changed wagons Chris birthday,Pelps canyon


TH 13   Took 22 ties to Lehi, Bot butter l pair shoes,  harrow teeth 1.15, velvet 65, tea 25, so

ap 25, lye 30


FR 14   Killed a pig 200 lbs, plowed ˝ acre in hollow.  WiFE cleaned guts made soap


SA 15   Went to fort got barrell, salted pig poot teeth in harrow got load of chip, WIFE made cheese and sausage rendered lard blacked stove went to fort.  Made report 5 tes folk by Jim rect 50 ct on ties  lent Lewis 6 bu of Wheat.


SU 16   Sunday I went to meating  Christena and Lewis 6 by of them up here


MO 17 Went to canyon cut ties run 16 down left slide, 21 ties rite slide  WIFE made soap went to store Bot 2 pair stockings 40 ct 5 ribon 5 ct card


TU 18   Cut 18 ties run 30 from in from fort big slide into main load 12 ˝ water up leg


WE 19 Worked on Prestons road run ____by snow storm branded calves


TH 20   Mended Chr Boots went up got 9 ties from _____up leg to____ load had green onions for supper. Chris went got ˝ gal cider


FR 21   Took ties to Lehi to cutler Bot of Cutler table 12.00, chairs 3.00 2 table cloths 2.88 check 1.40 shugar ( sugar) 1.00, tea 50, rice 50, coffee 25, raisens ( raisens)10, currents 25, epence 10 nutmeg 10, cinnamon 10, pans 1.00 lye 50, valico 40, hops 20 back comb 15, picher 25, powder 25, tin cups saucers 1.00, plates to match 25l lemon 15, soda 10, towels 25


SA 22   Went to fort borrowed ˝ bu lime F Beck, white washed house Chris worked team for Devy GALLEY cleaned house


SU 23   To meating dinner F Becks




MO 24 Took 2 ties to Alpine Store Bot 3 lbs nails 25, pie plates 25, mustard 10, lemon 5, went to trial M C and C Beck drawed of Nash 300 ft of lumber 250 dobed House worked on wagon shed WIFE started to cook for Spree Peterson 100 ft lumber F Beck F Beck 100 ft not paid


TU 25   Worked on ditch all day finished 112 ft lum 2 lbs nails cut Lewis 6  bushels Wheat


WE 26 Worked on ditch ˝ day after noon had company of 40, had dance


TH 27   Fixed Cris books picked sage


FR 28   Worked on ditch


SA 29   Worked on ditch


SU 30   Went after water


MO 31 Went to canyon poot 29 ties over uper leg fetched 10 to mouth picked sage a while hired Body  to pick sage 2 days 31 March and April 1 for one dollar per day


.....end of book 1




APRIL 1879



TU 1    Fetched 20 ties from uper ledge loaded 20 on wagon


WE 2    Went to Lehi with 20 ties, butter received of butter on ties $ 1.50 cash, slippers 2.00 thread and Book 35 Bot ax of Chipman 1.00 Paid Bodison 1.00, picked and burt sage after noon


TH 3    Changed 2 bushels oats to fill sowed 2 acres wheat l acre oats picked and burnt ˝ acre sage took 4 ties to Alp Store got 2 shoes 18 ˝ cts pound nails .15, 9 yds calico .75, .35 cash I nutmeg 2 peices candy amt .3 ct l ax handle .35 Chris harrow twice backed 2 ˝ acres Gally burnt sage made seal.


FR 4     Harrowed oats and 2 W in hollow hoof 2 shoes on Tom


SA 5     Worked ˝ day on ditch sowed lusern harrowed it and laid it off paid 35 ct to Bodison.


SU 6     Water wich told me whair to find water by the carrell 75 alion 20,30 told me I was to live 44 years  told Phil he cud get was 59, 70 Lewis, 54 Dave Devy 52 Geo 58 told me Tom would live 20 years Trip 17


( Water witch claims to find underground water by means of a rod or

sticking crossing on the spot )


MO 7   Went to canyon cut 11 ties broke l fetched 9 to the mouth


TU 8    Worked on uper spring work on 4 sec spring (written in red)


WE 9    Worked ˝ day on upper spring went to fort after horses in Clarks stray pen, the Fork boys was pulling and running, divided pigs first Crell.  Cris went to fort got scraper, Beck sent 1 ˝ bu potatoes


TH 10   Took 21 ties to cutter and 5 3/4 lbs butter @ 20 cts 1.15 Bot of Cuttler 10 yds cal @ ,08 ct .80 Collars .25 ct stockings .40, shirting to Cris .45 buttens 30, brade 15 check 20 tea 50, How 75 changing shoes 25


FR 11   Went to Box Elder to took at road cut 10 ties up there, Chris plowed in new field


SA 12   Went to Browns got barrow worked on Spring.  Chris plowed new field


SU 13   Sunday went to night meating rained all nite (night)


MO 14 Rained til noon worked on Spring awhile broke burrow went to fort got it f ixed Becks birthday (


TU 15   Settled up with Devy from 76 to 79 60 dew me on shop came out square with reaper and mower, dew ( due) Devy and co 75 ft of wood on molasess (molasses) acct from Watkins Bro worked on lower Spring ˝ galley made beer to molasses


WE 16  Plowed and scraped garden, plowed ditches to water, W Brown bot pig, Jim and me cut Calver GALLEY went to Christenas visiting


TH 17   Poot 17 of spils ties over uper leg 8 to mouth  James Heley worked on uper Spring for $1.25, plowed peace in garden


FR 18   Cut 20 ties in Prestons, Cris plowed in new field plowed 6 rounds Jim Heley worked on spring, James W went to Lehi with us he bot wheel barrow of 6.50 pair of shoes for baby 2.95   Stayed all night got back supper at 2.5


SA 19   Planted onions and beets Chris plowed and harrowed in new field, Chester had 3 little pigs J Watkins, John Mc Dan turned horses fer


            On side of page.......Joseph and wife lived on Bench in 1878



SU 20   Sunday went to meating had a big snow and rain storme,(storm) Red had a calve B Gallery fell down stairs, Phil stayed home all day.


MO 21 Snowed til noon went down and dug field Nephi helped


(James Nephi Healey 1858-1924)


TU 22   Worked on uper Spring ˝ day got potatoes out and carrotts planted halled them Bodison worked on uper (upper) Spring all day


WE 23 Bodison worked on Spring I cut 20 ties in Prestons Hyram 20

TH 24   Bodison worked on uper soring I cut 20 ties in Prestons,  Hyram and Wife was up here to supper he cut 21 ties, Cris finished new field


FR 25   Bodison worked on uper Spring I planted 1 bu of potatoes halled 5 loads of muck on garden


SA 26   Bodison worked on uper Spring I haled l load of muck on garden worked new field went to fort bot glasses 25 and shoes 1.55 put on credit Planted cabbage beats and bets, plowed in garden ____went to meating at night.


SU 27   Sunday went for morning meating Took TEAR ___ ____chris went _____1.50 ______Riley on

            stray found acct. ___Balley burnt sage made soap


MO 28 Went to canyon cut 19 ties Chris plowed for Riley all day to Bouden worked on lo spring


TU 29   Bodison worked on upper Spring I went to canyon fetched19 ties to lower for dan Jenson to sell boys got two shoes for Sam 2.24 had got devy corked them Jim pot them on trip


WE 30 Went to the fort got 2 logs 3 linkys 85 link 10 sharpening pick 50 fixing shoes 35, 1.80 went to canyon run ties poot 26 over up leg 16 to lo leg, Bodison on up spring I poot 2 of Hyrams ties over leg



MAY 1879



TH 1    Went to canyon got 16 ties from uper side 2 to ___18 from first side and got them over up leg put 18 over four legs poot 34 to loading place hyram bodison worked on uper spring


FR 2     Bodison worked on upper spring l went to canyon made 3   Between legs l above poot over lower leg in all 55 got 10 to loading place____3 of ____5 of _____got


SA 3     Bowden worked on up spring  I___22 ties to Dunkleys paid 2.00 that was owing had 3.75 credit to Riley got 3.00____Bot on ticket 75 canteen____shugar 50, tea 30, bot of Bunkley 3 lb rice 25 shoe laces 10 1 plug tabacco for Beck took 5 ˝ bushels wheat to mill got 36 lbs ___to ____


SU 4     We all went to meating , went to TEARS fathers to dinner Rhoda, Ezekiel Mother and others were up here af noon


MO 5   Bodison worked on up Spring I went to Dunkleys with 2 ties Bot of Dunkley and co 1 pair overhalls 1.30, bating 75, scrubbing brush handle 60,  flour pots 60, beef, dog 25, bassets 75,aex handle 35, salt 10, broom 35


TU 6    Bodison worked on up Spring we went to fort took 2 ties Bot plow lay 100 got 4 bushels potatoes of Christian Beck at 35 to be paid for in cash or planted 16 rows of beens (beans) planted 1/4 acre potatoes turned water on lusurn .



WE 7    Bodison worked on up Spring I went to up leg got 6 ties of Johns 3 of mine 2 poles l dry slick of Phelps upraised damages for Devy 50 got two links welded 25 ct tended water on lusurn


TH 8    Bodison on up Spring I took 24 ties to Dunkley and a cow got 32.50 for cow to apply on machine. Bot shugar 50, hat 25, stove polish 25 butter pat


FR 9     Bodison on up Spring I and Cris went to _________made 2 trips over up leg and 1 to mouth of 20 ties


SA 10   Bodison on up Spring I went to canyon made l trip above up leg 2 between legs l to wagon got 11 lbs of beef @ 6


SU 11   Sunday went to night meating GALLEY  sent 3 lbs butter to Lehi by Pap got 45 in calico


MO 12 Bodison on head ditch all day.  I went to head gate turned water in ditch come back turned water on oats in after noon went down planted corn and plowed for Pap Beck.


TU 13   Tended water on oats went to mouth of Prestons got 22 ties took them to Dunkleys to aply (apply) on machine.  Bodison worked on up Spring


WE 14 Bodison worked on up Spring I worked on ditch all day John worked teem ˝ day


TH 15   Watered Wheat and Oats loaded 21 ties in wagon Cris went to fork took 50 Bot packet tea  25, nails


FR 16   Bodison on uper Spring I an WIFE took 20 ties to Dunkleys Bot clock 8.75 shoes 2.25, ribbon 70, buckle 20, 2 hats 90, calico 35, dress 1.00, tea ________20, salmon 25, oil 35 took 5 lbs butter 15 Dav sharpened @ tick 25


SA 17   Bodison on up Spring Lewis watering Wheat went to fort after noon poot 1 shoe on Tom, Bot 25 ˝ shugar, 10 cinnamon, 15 rice, paid cash for above


SU 18   Ditch bursted went up worked all four noon and teeme afternoon watered Wheat


MO 19 Bodison on up Spring I watered all day GALLEY was sick


TU 20   Bodison on up Spring I watered worked 1/4 day went to new field seeing Devy welded link 10 ct


WE 21 Bodison on up Spring I went to canyon fetched 18 ties to loading place 8 to me 8 to John 2 Heley


TH 22   Bodison on up Spring I went to canyon fetched 18 ties to loading


FR 23   Bodison on up Spring Paid Bodison $1.50 cash plowed in garden took 23 ties to Dunkley



SA 24   Bodison on up Spring, I took _to Alpine Coop, Paid 35 tick Bot shoe lace 20, buckskin 10, got ___Bodison worked ˝ day on up Spring


SU 25   Went to meating twice Old Spot came to fort to to see agnes paid acct went to _____


MO 26 I went to fort got 225 ft of lumber of Nash a, acct.  Worked on up Spring ˝ day


TU 27   Went to Lehi with 25 settled with Dunkley in full on machine paid $18.65 for Hacket on machine acct.


WE 28 Worked 1/3 day on ditch ˝ on spring made ditch from top of my Wheat to Becks ditch,


TH 29   Bodison on up Spring.  I worked on up Spring a______turned water on Wheat.


FR 30   Worked ˝ of day for Devy ˝ day on up Spring watered grain, Boydson on up Spring.  Snowed on Mts last nite.


SA 31   Bodison on up Spring I worked on up Spring ˝ lower spring ˝ watered


The amount of work done on High Bench ditch up to May 28, 1879



Name                           Hours               Lumber             Nails


Joseph Watkins             122 ˝               2.24                              5#

F Beck                         131                   2.60                              2 #

J Devy                          93                     1.90                              2#

J R Mc Daniels             58                     1.64                              2 #

M Goodridge                 26                     1.24                              2 #

J Walton                                   41                     .90                                1 #

E Okey                         8 ˝                   1.00                             

Geo Adams                   29 ˝                 1.00

Lewis Peterson             12 ˝                 1.01

P Kits                           23                    



JUNE 1879



SU 1     Went to meating went to C Becks to dinner


MO 2   Watered and made ditches went to Young Peoples Meating.


TU 3    Went to Canyon cut 7 ties fetched 18 down watered Bod worked on up Spring


WE 4    Bodison worked on up Spring went to canyon cut 8 ties fetched 18 down Bot of Sam shugar 50, tea 20, yeast 25, lining 15, rasins (raisens) 20, currents 2 lb


TH 5    Took 22 ties to Dunkley Took Bodison home Bot pigs molasses 75, shugar 50, horse nails Bot meat 15 wnt to Mothers Birthday Party


FR 6     Bodison on up Spring, turned water on west side of Wheat and on that in hollow went to fort took 5 ties paid 1.5 that I owed got coal 40


SA 7     Got 14 lbs beefe @ 5 ct Bodison on up Spring I fetched pigs of Tom  planted cane, watered


SU 8     Went to fort in afternoon went to get Dasey


MO 9   Went to canyon cut 8 ties 16 to loading place


TU 10   Went to canyon cut 12 ties fetched 15 to mouth Devy made 2 grew ;inks 25 ct


WE 11 Went to canyon cut 19 ties fetched to mouth had a good rain in evening


TH 12   Went to canyon cut 18 ties fetched 15 up leg Grove home by rain storme with cut drags     


FR 13   Went to fort got wagon from Brown brot home   Took 20 ties to Dunkley Bot shall 5.50, sugar 50, socks 30, chocklet (chocolate)35, cash 50 amt 7.05


SA 14   Took 22 ties to Dunkley Bot suit of clos 11.00 bot pair of shoes 1.70 drillin 63 collars 15


SU 15   Went to meating PM had missionaries from am Fork GALLEYS birthday (age 19)


MO 16 Went to canyon cut 13 ties brought to mouth broke 1


TU 17   Went to canyon cut 18 ties and fetched them to the loading place.  GALLEY sick all day. Phil worked ˝ day on ditch,


WE 18 Went up Prestons cut 18 ties fetched them to wagon loaded 22 on


TH 19   Took 22 ties to Dunkleys in fore noon recd__________after noon took 24 to Cutler, paid 5.55 ____recd 5.65 in cash, Bot l packet tea 25 ct



FR 20   Went up leg got 12 ties took 32 to Dunkleys received of Dunkley 13 cash _____________Bot of Dunkley W stone 15


SA 21   Paid W Pool 60 ct in Dunkley went to Am Fork took 5 bu Wheat to mill to crack

Bot of Chipman 2 ___ 20 yds factery ( store bought fabric) @10 ˝ 1 can ________5.00___paid Sam 7.50 on wagon beef ____60


SU 22   Watered before noon went to meating at night.  Poot Spot to Bull


MO 23 Plowed potatoes and watered them jont F Beck Tom and C Beck Trip I watered all day.


TU 24   Went to the old fokes excursion Bot 25 ice cream, 15 candy fetched a sack of choped Wheat from Mill


WE 25  Went to fork bot shoes for the horses 75 ct I helped the boys to poot up hay Bodison folks came up here at night


TH 26   Turned the water on west Wheat went to fort helped the boys hall 6 loads hay


FR 27   Took the horses to fort James poot the shoes on them I helped John hall lusurn 2 loads there and 1 up here in afternoon.


SA 28   Halled 2 little gags lusurn up here bot chicken 25


SU 29   Went to meating had good council on the united order from Muylenor


MO 30 Went with water master to divided water



JULY 1879



TU 1    Went up dry creek took the 4 yearlings and team brought 1 load of lumber to fix Spring



WE 2    ______________and fixed timber for Spring went to fort Bot pair of shoes for _____GALLEY $ 2.00 _________10 ct Had row with Bateman


TH 3    Fixed timber for Spring went to fort Bot rope 25, went to Dunkleys Jim 35 Bot l pair of shoes 1.15 to me.


FR 4     Done chores went to fort went to the celebration meting ___________went to childrens dance seen fire works got 9 lbs of beefe of Mother @ 7


SA 5     Went to Philes got his water got the big chain, poot water on lusurn and on oats worked on Spring all day



SU 6     Went up to Phils got all the water turned it on oats and lusurn went to meating and Bateman stole the water I got it at 4 o’clock watered all my side oats and lusurn


MO 7   Went to head gate with all the water but worked on Spring til noon went to fork in afternoon took 205 lbs wheat and 265 mones wich I got of Peterson on ties. Bot of Dunkleys pair shoes 2.50 Hat 1.00 w wash brush 65c  coffee 25, soda 20, callico (calico) 25 ___________fan 15, candy 5 crock 1.00, shugar 50.


TU 8    Worked on low spring went to fort changed wagon


WE 9    Went to Wortheys Mill got a load of slabs


TH 10   Worked on Spring all day sent 47 lbs wheat to store bot 3 lbs horse nails 4 of 6 


FR 11   Worked on Spring all day GALLEY went to store ____


SA 12   Worked on Spring all day


SU 13   Went to meating and to the funeral of Davis boy


MO 14  Worked on Spring til 5 killed a pig at night sent Cris to fort with 57 lbs wheat Bot things l lb nailes , 10 salt, lemon and pepper.


TU 15   Fixed reaper spring ˝ day


WE 16  Fixed reaper all day


TH 17   Fixed reaper ˝ day


FR 18   Cut another 4 acres of ours furnished teeme Riley started on his.


SA 19   Cut 5 acres W for Devy _______sold


SU 20   Went to meating after noon heard Smoot and John speak


MO 21 Cut 6 acres of wheat for self got l gal of _____@ GAL bot 20 shugar


TU 22   Cut 5 acres W for the boys split gal of oil Chris shocked 12 ____


WE 23 Went to new field cut 4 acres Wheat for Beck boys finished 5 ˝ _____


TH 24   Shocked wheat for ___went to fort____went to dance


FR 25   Finished shocking wheat


SA 26   Cut 2 acres lusurn boys 2 ˝ for James Vance


SU 27   Went to Lewises to supper


MO 28 Cut 6 acres of grain for Win


TU 29   Cut 1 ˝ acres for boys


WE 30 Cut 2 1/4 for Mc Daniel Cut my grain in hollow Cris took 50 in Wheat to store a packet tea, pound Shugar 12, currents 10, Bateman took honey for ___


TH 31   Cut 1 ˝ acres rye for Devy






FR 1     White washed house bound l acre of oats John helped me


SA 2     Helped to fix threshing machine


SU 3     Went to meating fore noon


MO 4   White washed shearing pen


TU 5    Worked on the threasher


WE 6    Threshed 115 bu Strongs 5 bushels W ____________John took 11 bushels O to Dunk Bot set tires for me 8.50


TH 7    Filled mo Wheat took 65 bu  2 of us ˝ day to fill it out my oats 3 acres after noon


FR 8     John and me bound 3 acres my side oats in fore noon after noon went down cut 2 acres oats for boys


SA 9     Went to new field cut 2 ˝ acros W of wheat for self broke machine had to quit.


SU 10   Stayed at home all day after pooting up some lusurn


MO 11 After pooting up some lusurn , helped to hall lusurn for noon went to American Fork after noon to pool tooth doctor was absent.


TU 12   We halled 3 loads lusurn to boys 2 up here.


WE 13 Threshed 93 bu oats John M 15 bu wheat, took to him


TH 14   Helped Beck to hall his wheat 1 load up here


FR 15   Me and the boys and Beck halled my grain with 2 teemes.


SA 16   Halled the boys grain took all day


SU 17   Went to night meating


MO 18 Went to the hay field cut 3 acres of our and Ephraims Heleys hay


TU 19   Finished cutting hay, fetched 2 loads up here


WE 20 Went to hay I got 2 loads took 1 to boys l up here


TH 21   Went to bottoms took a gag to the tithing 900 lbs, l to boys


FR 22   Helped J Freestone thresh 265 lbs of W for help back let Bodison have about 25 lbs flour at 2 ˝ lbs


SA 23   went to fort got 14 ˝ lbs at 6 ct went down after noon Dollys load of lursurn for Beck and loaded foder poot 2 shoes on horses fixed bolts through bolstor


SU 24   Went to fort got 4 pigs of Beck


MO 25 Went to Am Fork after load of logs for grainery, ______came up here yesterday with TEAR this  week.


TU 26   Fetched 18 logs home with me from Canyon, TEAR was sick.


WE 27 Worked all day on thresher reparing it and seting.(repairing...setting)


TH 28   Threshed John Wat grain 112 bu Wheat 16 bu oats.


FR 29   Repaired machine ˝ day thrashed 245 bu of Oats af  noon for Strong.


SA 30   Threshed 133 of W for Strong after noon settled 1.00 ch acct Eliza Strong had a baby


SU 31   Stayed at home til noon _________night meating ______J D stoped (stopped) me.






MO 1   Fixed stack yard so that pigs could get in went to American Fork took 512 lbs oats

to Chipmans Bot bolt of factery 39 of at 11 ˝ ct 4 ˝ yds flanel @ 4.5 3 yds White @ 50 2 packets of tea 50, shugar 25, lace 30, cloth 30 baken (bacon)30, lye 20 cracker 5, neet M 15


TU 2    Went to fort poot l shoe on Tom l Old Trip took 77 lbs of Wheat got dew bill 50 ct for teen 30 ct for salt____30 in after noon started on the grainery.


WE 3    Poot up 3 rounds on granery went to Nealsons was threshing went to fort got some seed and fetched both wagons Helstle wanted to by threshing


TH 4    Went to fort got Jim to go after load of logs for me I halled 7 loads rock and l of clay for them.

FR 5     Went to fort got ___packed water for Galley (Tear)  to wash cut lusurn, shoed Trips foot,  in sage and poot cole oil on it.


SA 6     Fetched load of logs from fort poot 3 rounds on grainery went to fort at night got sack of apples.


SU 7     Went to meating fore noon.


MO 8   Took Bell down to get lusurn went out got Bishop seen baer got shoes fixed by Adams charged 65 ct J Mc G Mc got bair


TU 9    Helped boys to hall corn took honey from beese.(bees)


WE 10 Helped Mc Daniel to thresh Devy broke his machine went to trial of him for and Nash W dismiss Nash being absent, got 7 gice (geese) of Nash 112 ft.


TH 11   Went to Prestons Canyon got 6 logs run 15 poles to horse poot logs on grainery.  Galey went to fort helped hur mother who was sick.


FR 12   Went to fort got $ 9.28 of lumber of Nash W, helped the boys to hall corn.


SA 13   Poot 3 rounds on grainery Bodison had teeme 3/4 day I went to Prestons mouth got 4 logs.


SU 14   Went to meating to Rileys to dinner


MO 15 Went up Prestons got 14 poles in for noon helped F Beck to thresh in after noon.


TU 16   Helped Beck to finish threshing 209 of Wheat 83 of Oates after noon poot 2 logs on grainery went to fort took 76 lbs of Wheat got 2 lbs cheese 25, shugar 30 cts


WE 17 Cut door in grainery poot gice in.


TH 18   Took 114 lbs W to store got 60 ct in Nails 80 ct dew bill came near settleing worked on grainery rest.


FR 19   Went to store got 70 in nails and bolts bet Jos Beck have 10 ct birthday, BDP 80 ct worked on grainery rest.


SA 20   Worked on grainery went down picked growm chores _____________________.


SU 21   Went to fort afternoon got all the melons could get of E Levy


MO 22 Took 12 posts from Kits for Bodison and lumber from Nash 3.00 took 104 lbs Wheat to store got pac of tea, shugar, nails  helped Devy to thresh 68 bu ˝ day after noon.


TU 23   Went to fort helped Devy to thresh 143 bu got 500 ft of lumber of Nash, worked on granery.



WE 24 Got Geo Bodison to go to order mill after load lumber for Nash with my teeme worked on granery all day.

TH 25   Went to fort, got 850 in lumber of Nash on act., got Tims to sharpen saw charged 23 ct James helped me all day,  Beck got wagon.


FR 26   Worked on granery all day sent 75 ct in grain to store got nails.


SA 27   Went to fort got 1.00 of C Hackett 50 of Jim paid my taxes got rect of J E Booth bot of store on time 4 lbs shugar 3 of rice 2 of currents pac tea 1 ˝ cinnamon, can lard amt 1.90 finished dobiney granery worked on shed after Jim got new wagon moor yesterday,


( Christopher Charles Hackett Md Margaret Elsie Booth in 1881 moved to Provo in 1898 )


SU 28   Went to meating J E B Spoke


MO 29 Went to fort threshed Lewis grain my afternoon took 1.53 in grain to store.


TU 30   Got up 2 o’clock night cut 2 loads brush for Shep Tompson work yesterday and today for me we threshed all day 111 oats 240 of wheat.






WE 1    Finished threshing settled up, finished threshing Wheat 240, Oats 111 settled threshing acct 79 W paid hands Bodison 3 bu Thompson for 2 ˝ day , 2/3/4 for Lewis Peterson the rest paid with help.


TH 2    Went to fort seen Boys of Montainia (Montana) I took 8 bu to store


FR 3     Bu W to tithing 2 ˝ to W Adams took bins out up stains fixed gable in North end of graery.



SA 4     Went to fort went up turned water in ditch ground knife started to cut lusurn took 50 lbs oats to store bot ˝ lbs coffee, 1 lb shugar, 20 doz buttones ( buttons )25, and other little things.


SU 5     Stayed to home all day


MO 6   Poot 3 boards in south gable of granery went down cut lusurn rest of day.


TU 7    Went to fort finished cutting our lusurn started to cut Becks got of W Nash 35 ft lum.


WE 8    Worked on granery for noon took 2 bu of W to Goodridges (Milton) got 2 bu of salt took l to Eastwood got 50 lbs salt fine got Tompsons things fetched them up here.


TH 9    Went to store took 2 bu W 5 of O 2.60 for shoes stock for galley hinges nails screening 90 ct got 25 ct shugar, 40 ct baken, dew bill 81 ct fixed up chaff.


FR 10   Fixed stable made reach pole went to Am Fork took 4 bu of W to Mill 4 to store bot Shirt 1.00 over halls 1.14 yarn 45 baken, 50 door loc 45, tabacco 10, cattle come home all but Hart.

SA 11   Went to fort worked on Molass Mill.  Jim cut Becks lusurn


SU 12 I    Went to meating for morn got old Heart out of stray had to pay $2.30 dem.


MO 13 Went to fort halled Bodisons lusurn,  halled 2 loads to Boys 1 up here, Thompson for Jim.


TU 14   Went to fort bot Cris hat 2 shirts 1.20 halled 2 loads Luz to Jim 2 up here, rained.


WE 15 Fixed door from Stable to correl fixed up fence in stock yard snowed all day


TH 16   Went to store got factery spool of thread, sick all day


FR 17   Borrowed E Heley wagon went to A M Fork took 6 bu of Wheat 27 lbs of oats amout 16.48 took it all in Mdise.(merchandise)


SA 18   Fixed Molasses mill for me boiled 38 galens ( gallon) of Wortheys


SU 19   Went to meating in afternoon got 50 cattle out of cane charged 10 head S Y Beck,  5 F Beck 7 James Heley,  5 E Nash, 3 W Nash, 26 to Devy


MO 20 Worked on Molasses Mill all day, boiled 34 gal of Wortheys


TU 21   Worked on Molasses Mill boiled 42 galens of Wortheys


WE 22 Boiled 42 galens of Wor Nash finished Worthys 156 galens tool to me 8 to Jim 4 to J Moyle 4 for Wood 36 to J Devy and ________boiled 18 gal for Marsh


TH 23   Boiled 168 gales for David Hamnet


FR 24   Boiled 34 for John Heley boiled 32 for S W Brown fetched load of hay up here


SA 25   Worked on Molasses Mill finished making settled up


SU 26   Killed pig stayed home all day


MO 27 Went to fort got Becks Wagon box got load chips from molasses Mill got l load of dobies from Lewis of 3.40 got 1 bu potatoes 1,00 lbs balance of C Beck borrowed W Box


TU 28   Went to fort sack apples and 350 dobies Charley Web came up here


WE 29  Got Brig teeme went to A M Fork took 9 bu W to mill choped 5 ground gook 5 to Chipmans Bot of Chipman poot 100 brick tea 25, shugar 25, mustard 10, dew bill 2.80


TH 30   Took teeme to fort got plow fixed new bolt made, fetched teeme up here plowed


FR 31   Had G Adamsson over to plow 2 times







SA 1     Had Becks and ______oxen to plow, 3 teemes all day had Charley and Cris to help


SU 2     Went to fort to meating, E Heleys to dinner


MO 3   Went to see if b Whiting had come home went to store got box lye 15, brimstone 10,

            for camp 20 amt 45 ct took Jersey to bull, Jake baby came


( Miriam Josephine Beck 1879-1958 )


TU 4    Turned water on lusurn took 3 lbs butter to tithing poot lock on granery


WE 5    Halled 3 load dobeys ( adobe) amt 1.000 took 617 lb whet to Alpine store to pay for goods received


TH 6    Halled 1 load sand from Bateman field and from dobey hole fetched quilters and took them home Mary, Martha Mae Adams Emeline and Chary shoed horses


( Emeline Manning Mc Bride 1857-1893 ...Joseph’s cousin )


FR 7     Borrowed Booths wagon fetched 310 dobeys up had tooth ache all afternoon Charley load clay


SA 8     Stayed in house all day with tooth ache Becks came up here with new team


SU 9     Stayed home all day with tooth ache Charley tool 1 lb butter to tool Keeper


MO 10 Halled 500 dobeys from Pl gave ˝ bu of Wheat to buy Vances cow l bu to the Ecadimey at Provo


TU 11   Went to fort Bot 25 thread borrowed Rileys wagon loaded 30 bu of potatoes tithing


WE 12 Poot 8 bu W on wagon started to Salt Lake got to fort it started to snow covered wagon in Mothers lot.


TH 13   Started to town (SLC) 5 o’clock fr Mothers


FR 14   Had 1690 lbs potatoes on traded 2 ˝ bu Wheat for 6 ˝ lime came to Draper fetched a woman from town


SA 15   Came home from Draper Sent Rileys wagon home got 2 pups of Zekiel


SU 16   Stayed home all day


MO 17  Went to A Fork let Chipmans have 6 ˝ bu W 2 1/4 O Both bootes 300 shoes 400 dress sent 300 Spice groceries 200 rice old Hackett 500 on store John came home from Montana



TU 18   Took little horses to fort brought big horses upon ____discharged Charley paid him 85 GALLEY made catsoup


( Cat Fish Soup-made with milk and vegetables )


WE 19 Went to fort seen Mrs Mc Colough about house borrowd 5 bottles of Nash and 3 of Mothers for Catsoup made door for stockyard


TH 20   Aobed (adobe) granery an hour moore



( Adobe is a sun dried brick made of clay and straw )



FR 21   Dobed grainery outside Lewis and Christena up here paid Lewis 5 bu W for dobey setted in full with him


SA 22   Went and hunted little Balely found him not cut some brush to stove


SU 23   Went to meating and little childrens anniversary to Petersons for dinner and supper.


MO 24 Fixed lids on 2 boxes packed water for GALLEY to wash cut some oats


TU 25   Took 1 ˝ bu Wheat to store bot 2 soap 25, towels 20, bleach 25 ct coffee white wash chemoles relef house Eleanas man came


WE 26 Took carpet rags Mother seen Mrs Mc Colough house cut brush


TH 27   Went to fort took 6 bu of wheat to tithing 2 bu Potatoes for Mother come home took some wood to fort went on bench after store...........................Went to meating in after noon heard John Taylor and Bishop Burten preach


FR 28   White washed house FEMALE moved 3 loads things to fort


SA 29   Took 1 load things one load grist to fort 2 bu W 2 of O


SU 30   Went to meating Hunter preached






MO 1   Went on bench covered dobeys went on mt after Red went to young folks meating


TU 2    Killed pig fed stock


WE 3    Took some cattle on bench for Mother and Thompsons


TH 4    Things flower 15 lb 5 meet made pig pen took 40 lb W to store


FR 5     Took 26 lbs meat to tithing cut lot of wood salted meat went on Bench got pig cut


SA 6     Let Bodison have 28 bu took 8 bu to mill and 2 to Chipmans got can coal oil 1.76, tea 25, shugar 25,  cur 25


SU 7     Went to meating 2 and school


MO 8   Helped boys to kill pig went up milked cows Bot steer for 4.00 of A Ct Peterson for 1order on Harke


TU 9    Went on bench got steer , milked fetched steer down killed him let Thompson have head heart and feet Edger write went up to stay


WE 10 Settled with W Nash dew him 2.15 went on bench


TH 11   Milked took 2 ˝ gal oil to Thompson cut load brush up Emelines man came


FR 12   Went on bench took 2 cattle milked came near trading for a wagon of D Hamnet.  John Moyle,  C Beck,  D Strong came from canyon drunk


SA 13   Went on bench milked stormed all day 2 foot snow


SU 14   Let Jim Mc Bride take Tom Bill to city to meating Ted Adams came today Vet and Youl came home


MO 15 Went up helped break road up Box Elder


TU 16   John and me went got load of wood for me up Boulder


WE 17  Got load for boys all 3 of us


TH 18   Went up Bench got 4 bu W took WIFE and Martha with me 2 buy O 2 of W after noon Took them to Alpine Store paid debt $ 4.20 got bottle oil25, l lb coffee 25, shugar 25, ____10


FR 19   Jim and me went to canyon got load of wood for me


SA 20   Went on bench got milk went to canyon got load of wood for Devy , Geo Mc


SU 21   Went on bench got mild went to meating and school


MO 22 Thompson and Ed left me took Ed back sold load of wood to _____5.50 John had half, Bot hat 1.45, tea 25, shugar 18, lamp 65, matches 12 ˝ rice 12 ˝ let Tompson have 75


TU 23   Storme wind snow took teeme up left it for Ed


WE 24 Went up on bench got 5 ˝ bu of W took it on temple ________________________


TH 25   Had a shooting match for _________Bot pair slippers 1.00 nails 25, _____-


FR 26   Stopped chimney up of costerd stove pipe hole done chores for GALLEY


SA 27   Took to Alpine Coop ________paid 75 ct for Adams on debt bot bucked 60 for Ed, paid 50 for ticked for Ed


SU 28   Went to meating and school


MO 29 Went on bench fixed manger in cow pen got milk went to Lewises to dinner and supper female relief dance to nite


TU 30   Bet Ed have and gag W and teeme to go to AM Fork charge $10 I went to Davesis for scraper found little Cottey to S Moyles


WE 31 Went to store with ˝ bu W bot calico 14 ct, twine 10,  thread 15,  shugar 9


An example of Joseph’s records































PRICE LIST            


Axes                            1.75

Alapacca                                  80

Boiled oil                                   2.25

Bleach                          20

Butten                          10

Broad Cloth                  2.00

Boots                            4.50

Cambric                                    25

Com Prints                    12 ˝

Candles                                    30

Coal oil                         60

Delains                         25

Doe Skins                     25

Denims                         60

Flannel                          60

Factery                         18

Flour                             4.00

Gingham                                   60

Jeans                            60

Leather                         1.00

Lawn                            30

Lye                              25

Meuslin                         30

Men sock                      30

Nails                             10

Raisins                          25

Soap                             10

Salmon                         45

Stripe                            25

Soda                             18

Shirting                         20

Sheeting                                    18

Shirts                            2.00

Shugar                          20

Standard Prints              15

Tobacco                                   90

Tea                              1.00

Waterproof                   1.10

Whiskey                                   4.00

White Lead                   25