Joseph William Watkins’  Day Book


This year was very difficult to type, Joseph uses his early writing skills; he often reverses words and his spelling is not as good as in the later years.  The working copy was poor to work with, and often it was difficult to determine what was being said.  This still allows the reader to get a feel for the period of time.



TH 1    I went to fast meating went to shooting match after was over to dance little while was to Rileys to dinner


FR 2     Went on bench got 2 pigs let George Mc D have one for 3.50 to aply on rent of the horse, female horse


SA 3     Went to Aivises got carpet paid hime $2.42 dew 12 yet helped to poot it down cut a lot of wood poot in _______The boys got on spree


SU 4     Went to Sunday School aniversary in fore noon 2 meatings Geore and Marthy was here supper


MO 5   Jim and me took there cattle up on Bench fetched 1 bu ½ W and milk down took Wteston Bot 3 ½ yd hickery D 162 lbs rice pack tea, shugar


TU 6    Helped GALLEY 9 mlt got him of Bench loaded tithing hay


WE 7    Got Johannah to wash for TEAR stated John to town (SLC) with load of tithing hay on Emirgration in went on bench got Trip gave Johanna order on 50 Alpine Store


TH 8    Doterd Trips leg went on Bench got milk and vinnegar ted and Caroline came in here teen gave hur Baby away I went to store Boot on time 9 yds factory 11 ct lamp chimney


FR 9     Left in for noon lost 25 ct candy went on bench hired Edd for 5.00 per month to start on 12 instal Cristiena and Lewis was here and Jim and Pooly was here at nite


SA 10   Went to store Bot 10 ct ink 10 turpin 25 gargling oil on time rote letter to cousin Charley.  Stormed all day Albert came home


SU 11   Went to meating fore noon Sun eclips 4 o’colck


MO 12 Went to store Bot yarn 55 Went up on the Bench done ½ day work on ditch Edd cut Brush


TU 13   Worked on ditch me and Edd water witch came on Bench Jim took 12 bales of hay to town for me sent 1 ½ bu fetched 85 lbs W


WE 14 To store got credit on book


TH 15   Worked on ditch ½ day


FR 16  Me and Edd worked on ditch 3/4 day Bot 3 bu of W for Bodison of Beck

SA 17  I worked on ditch all day Edd ½ day Edd got some brush to stay we brot it home got from store tea 25 shu 15 yeast pd.25 cinnamon 10 currents 18 Pencils


SU 18   Went to meating J E Booth preached ( John Edge Booth)


MO 19 Worked on ditch all day Edd on brush


TU 20   Went to store Bot rice sugar cotne 15 took l lb rice and 1 lb sug to Edd Killed pig 40 lbs Christena and Lewis here


WE 21 Jim and me went on Bench worked on new tunnel all day Ed brnt brush awile left

            let Peat Johnson have load of chaff and strw for $2.00


TH 22   Me Jim and John and Edd halled 18 loads of muck 18 loads for me


FR 23   We halled 14 loads today the 4 of us took 2.25 bu W to Sam


SA 24   Jim and me worked on tunnel ½ day Came down to see hores pull bill out pulled Jake for a gun


SU 25   Went to meating fore noon Preston preached and Bishop Ellen M Win came yesterday


( Sarah Ellen Manning Winn ( 1860-1899) Joseph’s cousin )


MO 26 Went on Bench got 3 bu w and load of brush for self and a load of brush for W Nash 150 got 13 shoes corked 50 poot them on Tom get ½ bl horse nails 15


TU 27   Went on bench got molojo milk got of store sug 25 factery 50 in ale 75


WE 28 Sent 1 ½ bu of W to Dunkleys got shovel 1.10 shug tea 50 let Edd have 1.50 on Al Store


TH 29   Worked on new tunnel Jim, me, Edd cut load of brush for Devy


FR 30   Jim and me worked on new tunnel struck little water Edd cut brush for boys


SA 31   TEAR got sick last night sick tody stayed to home helped GALLEY  bot at Alpine Lsholls cottne 25






SU 1     Stayed at home all day GAL got sick (Child labor)


MO 2   THEADORTHA got sick all day


TU 3    Had a boy Born at 6 this morning


( Joseph Lorenzo Watkins 1880-1938)


WE 4    Waited on GAL went store got coffee 25, pells 20, jums 20, oil 15 rose got 1 doz eggs pack mg shug 25


TH 5    Let Edd have 80 he got a gag brush I waited on the GAL and Baby


FR 6     Waited on GAL Rose washed, to Mothers


SA 7     Got ointment seany for TEAR 30 went to AM Fork Took 3 bu to mill the rest to store Bot rocking chair 3.50 shug 50, raisens 43, cin 10, clove 10, got 2.50 dew bill


SU 8     Stayed home all day tended GAL


MO 9   Went on Bench got load brush brought 3 2/3 bu W to store credit 74 got aload of wood on Bench


TU 10   This morn 4 dogs was killed I waited on GALEY and skinned a dog


WE 11 Went to store got ointment 25 cheese 20, candy 5 amt 50 waited on GAL rose washed


TH 12   Let Edd have order 40 hearts horn, Sheps peeps got killed today,  I loafed


FR 13   Went on bench got milk got drgg stakes of fence in botom


SA 14   Went on Bench got milk and Tom got Box brush of Bench 1 of potatoes took 1 ½ bu W to store for mdse (merchandice)


SU 15   Went to meating Preachers Devy and Clark wnt to Jim Mc Dan got pump brest Girls came to see Baby in all at noon


MO 16     Got $5.00 of Mothers to be paid on Chipmans note for Fetherstone let Booth have $1.00 cash for doctering   I got at store soap 25, slide 15, 40 signed my name to shoot match went to Yans men meating and to the shooting metting we had a good time for about 3 hours


TU 17   Went to store got flanel 32, cracker 7 ct 40 Stayed with the GAL brund ground coffee the boy was sick with cold


WE 18 Went to Am Fork got whip 50 Baby medison 50, nipple stuff 15, Emeline Preston came up with me found little Bolley at Birns he said that he Bot him of Amah Parker Danish Battle Creek he gave me $3.00 for calf to keep it


( Emeline Houston  Preston 1st wife of James Preston who married Catherine Nash )


TH 19   Went on Bench got load brush went to practice shooting bot 6 shots of Jed 3 to John and me


FR 20   Went to store Bot shug 25, crock 15, 40 went to practice shooting got medisen of Booth for TEARS breast


SA 21   Went to shooting match our side beet got 95 to 94 points 26 on each side shooting for dance, after shooting fetched Booth over to see TEARS breast he said it would gather I went to store got lodinum at 15 Anny Manel and man came


( Annie Mariah Mantle 1860-1947 married John Jones 1879 )


SU 22   Did not go to meating or school WIFE sick with gathered brest


MO 23  Snowed all day got pac tea 25 stayed home all day Booth came over tride to fix clock could not


TU 24   Got at store pac nuts 25 shug 50 harrens 25, ointment 25 Went to shooting match our side made 14 points more than Jo Moyles


WE 25 Went to Nashes got qt cider 15 for GAL got at store Book of Mormon 1.75 fluse seed 5 all ___handle 15 lodmium 15 wasted on WIFE


TH 26   Killed pig sold land Jacob in new field for 150.00 partly sold it don’t know


FR 27   Went to store got knives for 1.65 ginger snaps 25, Rose left here got Polly to help TEAR


SA 28   I sent to Am Fork by Jim got Whiskey 50 Ponds extract 25 went down self got nipple Met Jim Frees com from town


SU 29   Went on bench got pig and brush went to Meating at night



MARCH 1880



MO 1   Went on Bench got 454 lb W 85 bu took to store it came to 9.77 ct let Bill  have 1.00 doll for Charley mds 1.08 got credit for rest


TU 2    Fixed harness in fore noon went to Eliza Youstons funeral after noon got oil 20 at store,  went to seventys meating


( Eliza Houston daughter of  Issac Huston  2 houses down from

 Watkins in the fort 1834-1890 married to James Preston )


WE 3    Got 5 ct camphor got some medison of Mrs Mc Dan for tea and Bot an OX of Dav Mc Dan for the sum of 30.00 dollars to be paid in Mdse and cash 2.50 rest $20 to be paid rest $10 in 3 months tended baby all rest day


TH 4    Went to fast meating had them Pray for GALLEY had 2 bottles oil blessed got crackers 30, nuts 10, solm 1.85, Butons 30


FR 5     Went to examination of school went on Bench got load of Brush David Hamnett went with me let Beck F have a dog 1.00 dollar, Jim Mc Geo Bodison went on B Brush Gathered brest skim milk , bar soap, shugar 3 spoons terpentine



SA 6     Got shug 25 camphor 10, got 1 bu of potatoes of Beck to shooting dance came off last night jumping for cider Jim beet with Jim Geo Bd   I loaded all day nearly


SU 7     Went to meating l time

MO 8   Went to store got shug 25 soap 25 paper 10 blewing 5 cups and dipper I chored around


TU 9    Went today Am Fork took 4 bu to mill 24 ½ bu to Chipman got dress for

GAL got dew bill for rest Paid Dav Mc Daniel 11 dollors in W on Dunkleys took Rose Green to Fork Took 4 head of W Nash cattle to feed for $2.00 per week 50 ct load


WE 10 Got header 50, screws 30, coil oil 20, yeast powd 25 fixed harness all day  Went on bench watered cattle got 3 rings of J Devy 10th Fixed harness and greased it


TH 11   Greased harness all day Bot hame stripe 32, crackers 15 buckles 15


FR 12   Poot harness together went on Bench took 40 ft lumber of Nash 80 ct bot l load of wood of Eda 8 1/2 ct let Jim have half of it


SA 13   Went to store got rasin, sulph 7 ½ lug let Edd have the 50 ct tea 25 shur 25 I was pitching horse shoes all day very cold yesterday and today 2 feet snow


SU 14   Went to machine meating heard instructions had brothers Bodison Davis came over and bless the BABY, cold today


MO 15 __________a calve of E Heley _____________sold skin to same fore ________shoes went to Young mens meting went on bench took Ephrs calve


TU 16   Got at store tea 25, nails 30 went on Bench made door fraim (frame) got load of wood of Ed Featherstone  snow is yet 2 ft on levle freezing hard every knight


WE 17     Got Shug 25 at store borrowed sow of Sam took some meat to Edd got door in house divided pigs stayed all day


TH 18  Got 60 ft lumber at 2 ½ ct ft of W Nash got 25 ct cracker went on bench finished cutting door poot frame in cut boards for Door.  Ettys birthday Peat Winn came home today


FR 19  Got at store door lock hinges screws 90 nails 30, Bot saw of Sam for one days work with teeme Went on bench made door jam


SA 20  Went on Bench got 4 ½ but for Featherstone took 2 ½ bu O and 8 bu Wheat to Chipmans got dew Bill $.90 got overhalls 1.15, 60 ct on credit got 2 bu 40 lbs ground Seen Geo Birns about calve got 5.00 and to get $10 in April


SU 21  Went to meating went to Fork see Heart about TEAR got 50 dollar medison



MO 22     Got at store shug 25 salt slaney 20 went on Bench cut hole made door for up stairs hired Ed for $5.00 month


TU 23  Ed came down got wagon harness went up hollow muck fetched gag of brush down I went up with some to see the gigs he came up to see about the calve pair he gave me


 $10 for pigs I went to store got calico and fish 1.05 I gave Polly 2.50 order on Chipmans


WE 24     Went to store got bolts, screws took bout 10 lbs of meat, thread  hung door up stairs poot rest of floor John helped to hall 6 loads Peat Beck left cow there for me to feed for 50 ct per wk I went to water meating at night


( Peter Beck 1850-1927 ...Tears cousin...referred to as Peat )


TH 25  Took 40 lbs flower and taters to up Riley me Beck Devy piled the lumber from the floom I helped hall muck 7 loads fixed calve pen and pig pen worked on house


FR 26   Worked on ditch 3/4 day Ed went to Peat Becks to tell him about cows


SA 27   Went to store got 26 lbs nails 20, starch 15 Worked on ditch me and Ed all do Peat Beck G mires came up there to left Peats cow Paid Polly 50 traded 6 bu potatoes to Nelson for 29 lbs lusurn seed drew the potatoes of C Beck on wagon


SU 28   Went on Bench lifted Peat cow went to meating of night


MO 29 Went to store got 25 ct thread 10 on bench poot up 7 bu W sent to mill to get it chopped for ox and pig sent by Jim P Beck came up to see his cow  H Heley was breaking sage today for Devy I was picking rock and sage of his and sold some lusurn on snow


TU 30   Got shugar TEAR went to a trial with Nash and twelve boys Boys could poot in Prison for 2 days Yule took John Beck, John ___, H Heley_____________________



WE 31 Went to store got oil 10, crack 10, matches 10, sago 10, halled gravel to M

            got load brush


( Sago- A starch derived from the pit of a tropical Asian Palm )





TH 1    Went to fort meating and spoke Went in to Preson stayed awile got dinner went over seen the boys come out of Jain heard there sons and there speeches abut Nash

            let Higley have 75 for fixing clock sent to A M fork by EN got 10_____


FR 2     Sold Peat Beck 1 bu potatoes for 60 cash went on bench poot sow in pen lefted Peats cows to Preston D Mc was up on bench


SA 3     Jim went to town took Polly and old man and lady with Tom and Bill I went to Peat Johnsons to get him to fix shed went on bench fix shed on Ox on went to Young Mens Meating at night


SU 4     Edger went to Fork on Trip I went on Bench fed Ox and pigs Peat ___his cow

            9 girls went up to see Philip Kits



MO 5   Went to bench picked some of Lusurn fed ox and pigs went seen ______

            about house Edger came from fort at noon today


TU 6    Peat Johnson started to lay Dobeys for me I got 2 loads of Dobey of F Beck 31 Edger watered on the mason old house


WE 7    Sold 3 calves to P 9 ca for 20.00 Ed watered on Mason Dobeys from F Beck got some 7 bunches of D Strong I am to get him 4 bunches for them or pay him in some thing to equel 1 Plowed some sage this afternoon


( Don Carlos Strong 1857-1930 married Eliza Alice Carlisle )


TH 8   Sent to fork got 25 ct crackers got doz of eggs of Walton got 12 more for 25 harrowed  for F Beck Ed and me plowed and picked sage


FR 9     John and me plowed sage and broke land all day Ed picked sage Riley


SA 10   John and me poot 3 ½ acres W in harrowed 1 ½ acres off  got shugar 2 pencils dishes 25 had cash for both


SU 11   We went to TEARS Mothers dinner the first time hur and BABY _______

            Large snow slide in willow


MO 12     John and me went on Bench Poot 1 ½ acres an 1 acre on hill 3 in lusurn Ed left he has done 9 days work a $8 Month GALLEY got 20 at store


TU 13   Peat Johnson poot lath on house I helped Boys to poot some W in for me

            wes run home at 3 by _________________


WE 14 Peat Johnson finished pooting dobeys up started plastering I watered on

            Him and boys worked my horses one of there horsed got sick


TH 15   Peat came to plaster and lay dobeys I water on him Boys had my teeme they worked D Hamnets mair


FR 16   Peat plastered I watered on him let Boys have 2 bu O let Peat Johnson have 4 ½ O 2 of W on work Boys worked my teem


SA 17   Peat Johnson finished the house I lent Lewis 4 bu W to be paid in 6 weeks in W or cash or 1.00 for bu or store pay 1.10 it snowed 1 ½ inches last night snowing a little to day.  Devy tried his gang plow to day David Mc mair died old Kate Boys worked my horses



SU 18   Went on Bench turned cows out fed ox and pigs got some wood never went to meatings or school


MO 19  Went on bench fed ox and pigs worked for Boys all day a plowen , plowed 3 acres furrowed it 2 teemes


TU 20   Went to new field took Boys and teeme had C Becks teeme plowed 2 ½ harrowed it


WE 21 Took the same outfit finished poot in lusurn and oats 5 acres got 20 lb lusurn seed of J Freestone for 1.5 ct lb to be paid in 2 weeks


TH 22   Started to storme at 6 this morning I went on bench and fed pigs and oxen   I got at store 25 ct in shugar, 40 ct coal 54 Went to fork took load of W for W Nash Bot with cash 5 ½ yds of wool delain at 45 ct per yard Jim got paid for load Devy and Walton went and worked on Spring in Wadsworths


FR 23   Bot at store plow lay 1.00 coton flannel ½ nails 30 plowed garden on bench plowed for Philip after noon he worked for me all day Clark jumped Deby & Waltons Spring

            Sow had pigs , Old Pride took bull


SA 24   Snow 5 ft at noon I went on Bench Devy had box full of chaff for 1.25 bu Philip started to work at 10 on house I fed ox and pigs came home went to ______________________

got pk of Peese Bot his share in ward ___________________for 7 days work F Beck moved on Bench today my other sow had 5 pigs today ___________________his boy died at 12 to night


SU 25   Went to meating had __________________________________to speak had Jim and Vinney to dinner let Jim _____have ½ bu potatoes for Peas Bot Jims shair in Wardsworth road for 7 days work


( James Mc Daniel 1847-1947 married 1874 to Lovinia Mantle 1856-1944

James referred to as Jim Mc, Jim MCD, Lovina was referred to as Vina and Vine

she is Joseph’s cousin Left Alpine in 1884 for Arizona )


MO 26  Plowed for Philip til noon Sold an ox for $ 50 d stear for $15 to Jordan from Bingham helped him to take them to Lehi for 1.50 May Burreyd Geo Mc little boy


( Delbert Mc Daniel (1880-1880 )


TU 27   Plowed on lot and poot some taters in sold 10 bu of potatoes of Brig

            Mires 67 ½ ct per bu recv 4.00 dew Philip worked for me on house got got 200 lbs for self


WE 28  Planted some taters in lot fore noon layered off 5 acres after noon for Phil


TH 29   Worked for Phil fore noon Planted some peas &  Potatoes & beens after noon Philip white washed for me after noon I sent $ 100 dollars to town by John Devy to get a

            Stulebakery wagon .......On inside cover... my ticket for wagon is 7099


FR 30   Bodison & me spread muck all day Johannah washed for GAL for $ .50



MAY 1880



SA 1     Bodison and me finished halling muck paid Bodison __________________Johanna washed for us for 50 My wagon came home paid 101 Dav Devy came off his mission



SU 2     Went to meating 2 Devy, Dav Clark & Bishop,  Clark was called ____Got my wagon went on

 fed pigs __________got 4 ½ bu of W took 75 hundred of W to Am Fork for store at 3 ct per bu


TU 4    Went on bench started to plow for cane to dry went to fort packed things started to move took 3 loads on bench John took 1 of them GAL went to store got 1.43 ct md I stayed on bench all night 


WE 5    Went to fort got GALLE and laod of things came up fixed things Beck fetched cow and calf


TH 6    Plowed 1 acre harrowed and backed it  Jos Beck fetched Granma up Riley started to plow his corn I went to water meating at one got 1.75 of W Henifor for potatoes dew me 1.00 more Paid James H 1,00 for seed corn gave 5 ct to pay expences of meating water meating Vets House and Nealsens blew down today


FR 7     Had Rileys teeme and Bodison to help me plow til noon I poot up 7 sacks of W to help pay for wagon Riley finished planting his corn at noon TEARS Mother came up here

            Lewis came up today I plowed all day


SA 8     Plowed 1 acre backed & harrowed it,  went to fort took 87 lbs of oats to store got pack tea 25 ct shugar on credit  1.41 ct got 1 bu of corn of James Heley


SU 9     Went to Peat Johnsons got girl never went to meating or school


( Neils Peter Johnson (1863-1942) Belva Johnson Strong’s Father )


MO 10 Took ______of wheat to fork for store & me 40 hundred in all @ 3 hu  Bot 25 ct coffee at Dunk paid cash Plowed after noon got Jim to plant corn for me sent for corn planter by Devy 11 it came today


TU 11   Plowed 1 acre harrowed it and becks turned water on stubling & lusurn did not go of bench today   Let Ed have 2.25


WE 12 Plowed all day Jim planted 4 acres of corn for me today   I tended water Beck finished plowing


TH 13   Plowed fore noon tended water John and me halled 725 dobeys to sell I took 5 ½ lbs of oats to store got Babe pair of shoes 1.15 thread 25


FR 14   Snowed this morning fixed wagon he sent 5 bu W to mill by Youle let him take my wagon after noon Plowed garden planted some onions ___ to night


SA 15   Plowed 3/4 acre went to fort got 25 ct in shugar glaze 15 broke plow leigh took saw to Elsmore to shop Elsmore & Whimimer over hinging  little meating house got grist Clark Prince horse died at night Bodison worked for me on new field ditch


( Nephi Elsmore of Am Fork had a carpenter shop )


SU 16   Horses came down in the night last I went to meating Bodison Adams and Bishop spoke J & Jim Vance Sacrament


MO 17 Finished for corn planted 1 ½ acres cut 1 ½ bu Potatoes John came up here got double trees & fetched corn plantes Jim and Youl came from town to day sent to store got 2 boxes lye 35


TU 18   Planted corn in for noon plowed for taters after Nelson came up here got 60 ft of lumber _____________

WE 19 Plowed and planted 1 acre of  taters went to fort got 4 ½ bu of potatoes of Beck I got 90 at store TEAR made soap 2 boxes Mrs S Beck was here after noon


TH 20   Finished plowing and planting potatoes the tax assessor Brown by name came here today taxed me 29 Oct.  Riley came up to look at grain Devy was pooting his lusurn in today up here


FR 21   Turned water on lusurn went down halled muck for W Nash all day Let Beck have 2 pigs 5.00


SA 22   Watered lusurn planted last of my corn and some cane went to AF Fork took 5 pigs let S Dean have 3 Neils Johnson l of Birns, Okey, Grant 1 got $11.50 cash 3.00 store Bot pair shoes for Netty 2.50 Paid 1.60 in oats rest in cash


SU 23   We all went to meating to dinner to TEARS mothers Birthday (56) supper Ezekiel & Rhoda was over to day had _____________________Preston W Paxman


MO 24  Snowed scarce fore noon planted cane _____________cucumbers, Beats onion GAL made soap 3 lb


TU 25   Planted 4 rows of beens for breakfast went to New field plowed for Beck all day me Jim John Beck Plowed 4 acres backed it R E ______had 4 teems John Moyle Don S,

            Jos Heley and his they plowed 4 ½ backed it we all worked with coats on it cold


WE 26 Rained last night wet l K inches I worked round house for noon plowed for Riley 3 hours after noon rained run me home sawed corners of grainery


TH 27   Worked for Adams 3/4 day to pay for Georges ____ _________1 ½,  took 1 lb of butter to store got embrodery for it 30 ct Christenas birthday (age 29)


FR 28   Went up Prestons Canyon cut 6 ties run them to horse John cut 6 & run them let Devy have 1 bu Wheat 1.20


SA 29   Went up Prestons cut 10 ties run them into canyon between the Jogs 


SU 30   We all went to meating ____________we went to Petersons to dinner and supper

            ______________________________Moyls spoke


MO 31  Cut 8 ties 6 poles run them to road in Prestons Peat Johnsons came here to see Nutty Don Strong came up here to see plastering TEAR got some flower of Christena



JUNE 1880



TU 1    Watered little peace in hollow went to fort got chain dogs fixed at shop Cost 1.00 Bot at store oil for Wagon 32, Putty 10 5 to mt paid order for it I got of A Mason went to water Meating Board by laws red  I paid J Devy 3.00 on wagon Wich settled it



WE 2    Went up Prestons got 18 ties 6 jest poot over lower leg some of Boys worked on ditch Phil, Ed, Riley, B Devy, H Walton


TH 3    Worked on ditch all fore noon on floom after noon on levy Net went to fort got tea, shugar paid cash Christena and Lewis to dinner Goodridge Bill D & geo bodison


FR 4     Plowed for W Nash fore noon storme after noon went home got saw of Elsmore gave him 75 ct on store for shugar ________________________________


SA 5     Took 18 ties to fork to coop got pair shoes for me 2.50 Pair for GALLEY 2.60 Shippers to Mother 1.00 500 shingles 1.75dress for BAB 35


SU 6     Went to meating 2 X school Wood house lectured on Perimids spoke on cooperation in morn


MO 7   Started on kitchen foundation TEARS folks came up I went to fort to AM Fork drive F Beck fished Jims foundation


TU 8    Plowed ditches to water grain went to fort got 1.75 on store


WE 9    Turned water on wheat found F Becks sheep Caroline Marie came up to Freds TEAR was over there


TH 10   Watered wheat sawed corners grain TEAR washed had Fanney to tend BABE Fred killed a shep Chipmans Sheep came up here


FR 11   Watered W plowed TEARS farm Paid Ech 1.00 cash Riley came up here to nite Hackett got load of dobeys from Devys house Philip got 3 plank at pile


SA 12   I watered grain poot gice in kitchen Tended BABE while TEAR went to store got 2.00 in groceries paid $1 dolar went on tick 1.00 D the order Men came after order


SU 13   Went to Meating had missioeries from Pleasant grove Hacking and Fred Thorne we went to C Becks to dinner went to new field after W, TEARS mother sick


MO 14 Went to new field to water could not get _____poot in head gate on my lot Got 50 c of rope on tick _______started to order J hired Jim Mac to wated my oats in new field for 1 day work to be done in field


TU 15   Planted the beens in hollow TEARS birthday had father mother sister brother my mother Sarahan, Martha to supper & Freds wife they had a silk meating at nit got a credit of 50 on store by oats


WE 16 Fixed stack yard for Pigs poot little pigs up to ween we went to fort after noon took oats come to 40 ct TEAR spent that I got shoes made for 65 cts 4 shoes ½ lbs Nails got 4 shoes corked at shop


TH 17   Plastered holes in Spring when_______________________frame of _________________________door we went to shop shoes horse Trip shoed Tom yesterday got Watered Peas beans onions signed the paper as shaire holder in Wardsworth hole low Spring sent a paper to Provo to have my Spring  recored to me yesterday



FR 18   I white washed spring ________went out on hills to hunt my cows did not find them    Jos & Riley went with me I saw Peat Beck about pay for he promiced to pay for cow for he promiced to pay me 1.50


SA 19   Went to store got nails .65 started to board kitchen white


SU 20   We all went to meating _____Devy and Bishop speaking Strong and me administered the sacrament I went to new field to see Lusurn, Dinner at mothers


MO 21 Went up Prestons canyon cut 12 ties fetched 11 to mouth the first time a horse had been above the uper leg me and John was the only one there was up there


TU 22   Went to Prestons cut 6 fetched 8 to loading place John and Jim was up & Youle & Goodridge boys broke there harness had to leave thers dray & horse run away lost single tree


WE 23  Went to Prestons canyon cut 6 ties fetched 9 to loading place Jim, John, Vet , Youle, Jos Polson Dad and John Mc D was up after ties today


TH 24   Took 24 ties to fork got order 200 for Dav Mc sent it to him _____Polson overalls  for Jo Polson 1.00 shirting 1.00 mending shoes 1.00 tea 25, shug 80 ___meat 90 sent 11 bu to Dunkley by John to pay for tires took 512 lbs of oats to Chip


FR 25   Went to head gate turned some more water in ditch came home poot shingles on kitchen turned water on oats   Paid D Strong 30 for lath


SA 26      Poot water on wheat fixed floor in kitchen moved stove out went with F Beck and worked on the Springs at the mouth of Prestons Canyon


SU 27   Watered Wheat all day TEAR and BABE went to meating walked Nett came after hur things we went to Freds at night


MO 28 I hired Jos Polson for 1 week for 5.00 to chop ties took 47 lbs oats to store got 1.17 on Md or 1.10 let E Heley have 30 ct on store


TU 29   Halled lusurn for S W Brown to pay for saw & Jed a little David Ham L J Vance W Bird helped Bird ½ day L J Vance, Hamnett 3/4 & teeme


WE 30 Furowed & water Beans in hollow went to new field to water didnt get it turned water in lot to soak ditch furrowed cane


JULY 1880



TH 1       I went to new field turned water on oats came home took ______BABE to fort got his likeness & his Mothers too 2 of each for 1.50 Jim & Bird came up here got my wagon took ties on


FR 2     Went to new field fixed water twice plowed ditch into lot and shoveled it out sent to fork by Jim got groceries 1.50 cash 50 on ties they killed first beef to nite in shop



SA 3     Turned water on cane went to fort finished cleaning ditch to lot furrowed potatoes out turned water on them got dinner at Mothers helped TEARS father to hall 2 loads of lusurn went to Booths _______________________tried the Boys was pooting up __________for the forth in the Bishops Orchard


SU 4     Went to meating twice had the water on cane tended it


MO 5   Furrowed some corn turned water on it went to forth went to meating & to  the selebration had lots of fun did not go to the dance Eph Nash got drunk


TU 6    Went to fort changed water on potatoes came home furrowed potatoes & watered them


WE 7    Furrowed out corn and watered it Went to head gate me F Beck & W Devy made dam turned water in


TH 8    Cut some lusurn with seythe watered garden and beams


FR 9     Turned water on wheat & corn white washed tended water Youl cut the rest of my Lusurn


SA 10   Tended water went to fort took 69 lbs of Wheat bot sug 25, tea 25, lye 15 coal oil 40 nutnegs 9 ct poot some hay up after noon changed water on W poot at on last 4 rows of corn Lillte David Hamnett came up got some straw for bed ______was ragling in Freemans grove to night Dave had Peat Whimmers wagon David Mc Daniel cut boys lusurn after 4 last nite and before 8 this morning 5 acres


SU 11   Turned water on last of my wheat went to meating had missionaries Spoot Jr  Jones from Provo & John Peters from AM Fork went to Sunday school


MO 12  Went to fort helped boys to poot up the lusurn 5 ac halled and lead to the loft today Fred Beck moved down today John Heley started to hall lusurn Davis Strong raken ours for 1.00


TU 13   Halled l load of Lusurn from the fort up here & 2 loads of my own in fore noon after noon we halled 3 loads to Mothers turned water on lusurn   A Marshes teeme run away

            F Beck moved the rest of his things and family


WE 14  Helped Boys to hall 5 loads of lururn all to there stack


TH 15   We halled 3 loads to Mothers 1 to tithing 25 hundred 1 up here tended to water on Lusurn ______________________________& good Errugatubg steened ________Dav Devey to nite never been and ______Lehi turned water off E Heley and Company   Clair Strong got married today


( Julie Clara Strong married Joseph Thomas Bateman, she is W J Strong’s daughter )


FR 16   Went to fort howed potatoes til noon ____8 bu of Wheat to mill by Jim Bout them 2 bu of W tell they threshed Jim got 25 it in shugar 25 in Moskite bar for me at Coop Am Fork got of Warren Smith


SA 17   Went to fort and howed & plowed my potatoes turned water on them I got 10 ½ lbs beef @ 9 ct



SU 18   Went to fort after noon turned water on oats in new field David Hamnet had a daughter born today

( Pearl Janette Hamnett 1880-1966)


MO 19  Went to new field tended to water on oats went seen Nets & Davids baby Went to Chris Beck cut TEARS fathers dry wheat to day


TU 20   Took 40 lbs of W to store got matches 1 shoe black 10 shug 18, rice 20 cups 10 Peat Whimmer & W Brown had trial to day.   I finished watering cane Plowed and watered some corn Jim went to mill got my grist and his mine was 8 lbs bushels W Clair Strong wash having hur weding Sat


WE 21  Plowed & watered corn & Wheat Jim came up on Nig after _________F Beck brout his cows up to fed wile he watered I finished furrowing my corn & some of the potatoes


TH 22   Tended to the water on taters went to fort took TEAR & BABE went to hunter for my cows _______Jacobs Lader did not find them got some water cres


FR 23   Went to Fork got 300 shingels of Warren Smith on tick @ 3.50 per thous got them for John Eastwood ______


SA 24   Went to Cellebration of the 4th did not have much fun most of the princple men went to the city celebration


SU 25   Went to meating ________he appointed to speak Me and Whitby spoke and then the Bishop of the cellebration


MO 26  Started to the fort was going to hunt my cows did not go came home howed rows

            of corn


TU 27   We went to fort went to trial with P Whimmer of S W Brown a  bout 1 o’clock there came up one of the worst rain storms that I ever new the water run down the streets in big streams it came of the mt in shuch streemes that it broke the ditch in lot of places it broke in the old place on Smooth canyon 9 flooded my potatoes corn very bad went throw the Wheat in hollow like ariver it destroyed the thousands of dollars of grain


WE 28  Took shovel and went & cleaned ditch out whare the rain washed gravel in so that the water could come down Brother and Sister Beck came up fetched some chickens & hen we said that all the grain was spoiled in new field & Jacob Becks _____I lent Beck 1 bu of Wheat


TH 29   Hunted cows all day John , J Walton found bees in chim


FR 30   Went to fort got plow lay at 1.00 on tick borrowed Boys plow came home plowed rest of the day in hollow in sage then started to cut Deveys oats with self binder 1 acre


SA 31   Went to fort got 11 lbs beef & 7 ½ lbs @ 2 ct Jo Beck took my cow and calve off with his I plowed sage in pol all day John plowed little over ½ day for me he got sick Fred, J Walton finished l acres of Devey oats to day






SU 1     Went to Seventies Conference at American fork Young John Taylor opened

meating by prayer first speaker Joseph Young segir,  2 John Taylor Jr,  3 Bishop Brown,  4 Glacen,  5 Jos Young seign prayer by J M


MO 2   Went down plowed 3 rows in hollow went to fort helped Jim MCD fixed his machine went out in after noon helped Boys to bind 2 acres of W cut by Jim MCD I got 1 galen of cider of E Nash on tick Jim & Jim MCD got 3 gallans I  went to poles & voted at sun set


TU 3    Worked on ditch all day Beck, Riley, Walton, Devy & Peter Chris teem was up all day Philip cut his lusurn after


WE 4    Went to head gate turned water in ditch the ditch broke I turned water my lusurn went to new field to see if oats was all gone I got at store tea 25, horse nails 10, salts 10, amt 45 Plowed 6 rounds in hollow


TH 5    Went to head gate turned water in Worked on ditch all day I gave load of straw to ditch ___________Wheel barrow 3 days my teeme & borrow poot 1 ½ day up on ditch today Beck l day Peterson 1 day, Devy ½ day Riley started to cut his oats They turned water off of us today


FR 6     Plowed in hollow before noon finished cleaning and furring ______went to fort got rake 30 at store helped Beck C to bind W 2 hours looked at my hay in stack Riley finished cut his oats and F Beck started on his grain


SA 7     Went to fort helped Beck to bind W all day our John came home with big load of wood to nite F Beck finished cutting his grain Dav 2 Bill Devy had a row they stoped taking his to day they was cutting John ________grain


SU 8     We went to meating had Sam Brown & James Nealson for missionary Jim Davis & a man from Provo Spoke also a wile (while) at meating I head that A Vance & Reno fetched my Liney cow from above 2 hamingog yesterday  Jim and me went up and got hur in afternoon at night they had E Nash & ________________for preachers


 ( Issac Reno Vance 1863-1931, brother of Lewis Vance)


MO 9   Went to Robinsons Mill got thousand ft lumber for young mens granery TEAR got groceried at store on tick 95 Henry & Josp & John Moyle others got there head shaved


TU 10   Went to fort got 1 lb butter at store got some apples & buttermilk at Mothers

            Cleaned spring cut some lusurn tended BABE


WE 11  Jim Mc Daniel came up here last night at 7 ½ clock with his machine & teeme he stayed all night started to cut at 8 cut 7 acres Jim and John Beck helped me to bind


TH 12   Finished cutting and binding my gain at 10 this morn we went to fort Bot Baken 5, coffee 25, shug 25 glases  40 and _______Came home shocked my oats Jim came up at night to see that I could aload of oar at Deer Creek tomorrow we poot box on wagon



FR 13   Went to Deer Creek got 3465 lbs of oar took it to fork got of Chipman horse shoes 40, &  nails 15 Wagon greese 25 Jims load weighed 3315 he got Jack corn, horse shoes & nails


SA 14   Shocked Wheat for noon went down helped boys to bind after noon


SU 15   We went to meating A Smoot Jr spoke to us once missionary I went to Sunday School


MO 16  Went to Robinsons mill got 8 10 of lumber for the Young mens grainery came home with it loaded ___________for Nash to take to the canell  Got Fanny Nelson to stay with TEAR this week for 75 ct Jim got load of oar from Deer Creek


TU 17   Went over to carell with load of lumber for W Nash for $7 on Dunkley

Ted Okey, W Heley, Vet, John Beck and my ________Beck went with me it rained a little then told us to take some water,   Jim went to Deer Creek


WE 18  Went to load gate turned some water in ditch fixed ditch turned water on 3 rows cane chored went to fort to get water for new field Shocked last wheat up today


TH 19   Turned water on lusurn in new field shoed Tom on front feet


FR 20   Went to canyon after load of slabs borrowed Davis Hamnetts wagon fetched load of slaps par for Hys c 34 hundred dollars


SA 21   Felt my wagon with D Hamnets bot of Chipman 1 chair for BABE 1.25 shugar 50, tea 25, our Jim ,Don Strong , W Kenifer was up Jim had 39.55 han lb


SU 22   Stayed at home all day little David fetched load of lumber down on my wagon after night


MO 23  Me & Vet Youl went to Silver Bell Mine got load of oar a peace Jim, Don & Jake & Johney Beck and W Brown went to Pitsberg got load


TU 24   Came down with our loads I had 33600 1 pair shoes for BABE 1.89 ct 68 lbs sports at 1 ct Jim got sack


WE 25  I went to Canyon to Silver Bell me and Vet x Youl loaded at S Bell Jim. Don, Jacob x Johny Beck at Pitsberg


TH 26   Came down with loads I had 2018 Jim had 4135 Don 4150 Youl 3920 I got 4 lbs baken at 12,  brace bits 5 ct shingles_______5 for female relief


FR 27   Went to fort got Nephi Elsmore to make me a oar _____got at store 1.65 ct worth of bolts & nails to make the ____X 27 ft of lunber of Nash @ 2 ct per ft lamp chim 15 I did not do much else


SA 28   Went to fort poot rack on wagon John and me halled my grains


SU 29   We went to meating stayed down it was Conference at _________Heber Walton got his wagon


MO 30  I went to fork took up $ 10.00 on Chipmans Elsmore finished my rack charged 2.50 bolts 14






TU 1    I went to canyon to Pitsberg  raked 35 racks downhill for 3 of a rack


WE 2    Took 41 hundred to fork of oar from Pitsberg


TH 3    Bot of Chipman 20 lb of barley @ 1 1/2,  7 lb of beef @ 7 ct  got 3 shoe  poot on trip   on tick.   Got 640 lb of freight of E Hines & 360 lb of Osbern to take up can.


FR 4     Went to canyon with freight for Osbern


SA 5     Hones fetched slabs for wood--delivered freight.


SU 5     Went to fort after took J Becks chain home  changed wagons with Bob Jones - got new one   went to meeting at night.  Hear Brown and Riley preack all evening


MO 6   Went to fort  got 50 of sugar  baken 37 paper cineman 30  fixed sheds and granery  Hired F Beck to thrash  the machine get here.


TU 7    Threshed my grain 65  had firm  C. Beck, F. Beck  L. Peterson, Bodison, G Pay helped P Kits to thresh 58


WE 8    Fixed chalf house put rest of chaff in entrance Lusurn went to fort to borrow a chain cord    They was threshing at strongs


TH 9    Bird and me cut my lusern fore noon went to new field to see my oats   After noon threshing and poot up some lusurn.  Bird charged me 1.00 for threshing & cutting lusern


FR 10   Putt up my lusern went down helped boys to thresh 23 (o)  54 (w)Riley threshed his corn.


SA 11   Finished pooting up lusern went to fort helped C Beck to thresh  36 Bu W 52 of O


SU 12   Went to meeting 2 times and the school herd John Woodhouse  He took up both meatings  spoke of the coming of the Savior  (in the margin)  turned on water  lusern in new field


MO 13  Went to fork  twice  took 13.84 ft of lumber for wash settled with Chipman  Got $10.00 in cash   3.25 shug  cheese 25  meat 40  vanila 50 6 dall due met yet, cash   (in the margin)  Hired John Hunter for 1.50 per week or 5.00 per month


TU 14   I went to fort took Kitys bottles home got boghy wagon rack to haul corn or John H & me cut1 1/4 acres of corn and halled it (in margin) E Nash cut boys lusurn


WE 15  We cut & halled 1 1/2 acre GAL  made        


TH  16  Me, Jim, John & Bird poot up lusurn fore noon after noon rain  'til 9 o'clock at nite at 10 shock of earthquake quak at 11  another (margin) spot came down with big calve


FR 17   Rained til noon I was sick all day   EARTHQUAKE



SA 18   Rained off and on til noon we went to fort George Mires got struck by lightening or had a stroke  I got papers of my spring sworn to by P Kits and Jos Bateman   got sac of apples to mother   Jim & John started on Granery  John Hunter cut 6 rows of corn  I cut 5  I paid Booth 50ct for help  (in margin in red) patent sowrn to by P Kits & Joseph Bateman


SU 19   Went to meting took Ina home. Went to Becks to dinner and supper Had coston and another to preach


MO 20  Cut & halled 4 loads corn Went to fort bot string 30 twine 10 paid cash   borrowed  booths corn cutter


TU 21   Cut hgalled 3 loads corn I fixed shed went to fort went to water Meating  the commitionary was up TEAR got at store mdse amt 75ct


WE  22 Paid John Hunter 1.50 order on Chipman  He went home I halled 1 load of corn went to fort   Helped boys turn sugurn (sorghum) halled 1 load  (in margin) TEAR got mds 75 pain cash 25 sis Clark


TH 23   Cut &  halled 1 load of corn went to fort   Loaded 2 ton of lusurn fetched 1 load up here  Bob baled we threshed   Him& Ezekial came over to get his half   Fetched his norman Hoe   Tear & Sarah Ann made dress for Tear  (in margin) Glass 10  shie lace  10 on tick  15)


FR 24   We halled 6 loads of hay to mothers  Me and boys TEAR got baken  25  thread 15  at store  Lewis Booth helped us in afternoon They threshed Bishop & E Mosher TEAR sowed on dress.


SA 25   Went down got 2 loads of  lusurn  fetched it up Jim went to town after Polley  Jon loaded hay fixed shed & make calve pen & chored


SU  26  Bodison & J Devy came up at tachers to see about me calling city council   We stayed home all day did not got to fort  Went to Philips this morn Riley & David was there grinding knives   The Sunday school of Am Fork had Aniversity


MO 27 Cut 2 loads of corn Hauled   I went to fort after TEAR & BABY  Polley & Jim come from town last night Chis Hackett & Jane Devey came with them I borrowed 20 lbs flower of mother  (in margin)  Riley plowed his stubling


TU 28   Cut & halled 2 loads corn Riley followed up here  Jim & John finished hauling thier corn


WE 29  I finished cutting my corn  Hauled 2 loads   Polley came up here today   (in margin)  Riley plowed here   A Adams sent note up to me went down to see him  I got 2 boxes matches on tick  (in margin)  John went after oar


TH 30   Finished halling my corn  helped Jim to cut 6 ac or lusurn  put it on stack went to Bodyons to dinner






FR 1     Went to fort Borrowed Booths Jeff came home got breakfast  F. Beck & me went  to new field cut port of his oats  3 acres David & me cocked his lusurn today (in margin)  Due the store 33.54


SA  2    Went to new field finished cutting F Becks oats  started on mine.


SU 3     Rose Green stayed here last night went home we went to fort      TEAR went to meeting after school Adam & Albert & me went to Alberts to have a talk about the city council & me   They decided that I must make a public confection (?confession)  we came home at dark did not milk


MO  4  Went to new field & I cut a few oats got Jim Mc to finish them 1 11/2  acre  F Beck didn't help me fetched gab home I have to give Jim 1/2 day work for cutting & 1 day for watering my oats in new field  E Nash told me he wanted me to haul Lusurn for him next Saterday or Monday


TU  5   Jim & me went to new field got Jim Mc's rake  Raked 2 1/2 acres oats  I poot thim up  Hauled 2 loads up here  Polley went to town with Booths & Jane Heley  TEAR got Pac tea on tick  David Mc  Finished halling his lusurn.


WE  6   Jim & me halled load of oats from newfield  let Jim have ½ of them for helping me to hall.   Mary Polson returned to work for me today for 1 dollar per week   I went to mill & to fork  got 70c in beef curry comb 25  starch 18 Nails 35  2.75 in cash got a watermelon p knfe 50  mustand,  trim 25


TH  7   I went to canyon after oats  Met Don Dave Strong,  Yoale and our John and Will Adams with our Jim Polson went up with me.


FR 8     Loaded 40 sacks of oar at Hislett camp came down weighed 3400 drew on chifin a pair boots 2.75 shug 25 coff  25  paid blacksmith 1.50 order  had quite a shower tonight


SA  9    Rained all night in valley and til noon today  Snowed 1 ½ feet in mts  I shocked corn  cleaned peg pen out and stable   Went to fort got 12 hens 10c paper 05 got old red another calve that I got of Beck at fort fetched them home Don, Dave & Youle & our John came without load from can.


SU 10   I went to meeting asked forgivnes for insulting city council  W S Brown & S Moyle was cut off the church anounced today.  Found my bally stear fleched him home   TEARS father & mother was here to day Vet & Heber & Bob Booth came from fork last night   Vet traded for mair went to for got at store  lamp chimney on tick  121/2 ct took 3 lb butter 2.50 in    Got flanel & calico   let Booth have 50 ct cash.


MO  11 Got 3 bu of apples at moth  Took Alma Lukers freight over to him  he is to give me 1 pass in canyon  I started to cut cane


TU 12   Finished cutting cane  Went to fort got the other wagon  halled 2 loads of cane sugar   Riley was plowing here today   F. Beck finished halling his cane to mi        



WE  13 Finished haling cane to mill started to plow cane stuble  plowed ¾ acres   Mary Serenson went home at noon  Paid hur 50 ct  3 lb butter


TH 14   Went to fort after horses they got away last nite found them in Strongs field  fetched them home  Plowed til noon toped cain after noon  Joseph Beck fetched our little cow home with a calve about 6 weeks old  Riley finished plowing here PM  McD  came to get me to help him to marrow to hall lusurn   Jim Mc & C Heley the 2 Nashes had a row last night about loging


FR 15   Went to fort John & me halled 3 loads of hay for E Nash  TEAR went to hur grandmothers birthday (age 81) gave her 35 ct


(Else Kristine Krants (1799-1883) was TEARS grandmother)


SA 16   Went to fort   halled 2 loads for E Nash finished paying him for cutting our 5 acres of lusern   paid my tabes to John Booth 3.10   I am lame with a boile on thy


SU 17   Did not go to meating   Bishop Harington was up today had bread   We went to fort after noon ( in margin) Jim went to town today


MO 18  My  boile hurt so very bad I layed in bed til 8 o’clock  went to fort halled Jim Freestones ore to his house which had been founderd  John went mown helped Jim Mc to hall hay


TU 19   Went to fort took 4 lb of butter to store  got shugar 25c cotn flanel 25 the rest for BABE  came home cut some of my reed lusurn  got bool to the 2 Lineys  moyel bull  (in margin) bull.


WE  20 I plowed ¼ acre foe noon  plowed fiew potatoes up   cut the rest of my lusurn   we pooled them beans in hollar


TH 21   We toped cain all day the cane was spoiling Jim went to willow crick found my Dick and his big stear in stray pen  had 175 then had to leave them cause it got dark to Eziekiels is to get them Sunday


FR 22   Toped cane till noon went after horses to fort Moyl had them in his corell (in margin)   Gave Devy a pup


SA 23   Halled my cane to the mill had 3 loads


SU 24   Jim came up here to get teem to take his things to fork  Him & Jim Polson & W Bird took the train to go the Arizona to work on railroad for 1.50c per day for 4 months   we went to meeting  heard combs & another man from Pason (Payson) speek  They had a Primary aniversity after noon stayed to meating at nite John came down with load of oar to day  J Beck & E Nash had a fuss by meeting house


MO 25  I worked on molasses mill all day while John went to Draper after Jims stear & my Dick


TU 26   Took wagon for J Freest to load got the old wagon came up loaded my seed lusurn on it  poot it in stock yard on wagon TEAR took 3 lbs butter to store   got pac tea 25c shug 25c handerchief 12  lace shoe 12 x 12  got load of barley  (in margin)  took butter to store raisee lusurn seed.



WE 27  Went to molasses mill got 13  paid 1 ½ for tithing let mother have 1 ½ took for tool 8 galens 25 all togather  fetced wagon with 7 bu taters  6 bu turnups 7 bu beets  I dug 5 bu of my own—poot bows & cover on wagon & hay


TH 28   Started to Park at 7 this morning J. Davis started town with me   Traveled til noon   fed at A Smiths after noon went up within 2 miles of mouth Parleys & camped  (in margin)  J Teeters to qt of beer milows


FR 29   Started up canyon  went into brewery  Dave Strong treated to ½ galons  went into mouth of canyon found J Peterson  camped   He went with us got to halfway house & Tom & J Peterson to half galend moved there in afternoon  Drove to Snidervill camped  They had a dance at nit.


SA 30   Drove up to Park City  Left my wagon at Whitby  They took Lewises & Da Strong load up to mine Utah on loaded Came down Camped at Park City


SU 31   Unloaded my load & Toms Got our hay took a contract to deliver at boys mine   150 bu potatoes @ 75  25 bu turnups @ 75  20 bu carrotts @ 75  1 tone of cabage @ 2 ½ c per lb 10 bu beet @ 1.00 per bu  started for Coalvill got to Wanship, camped






MO 1   Stated for Coalvill at 5 got there a little after sunrise had to wate til noon  load   We greesed our wagons   started for home  I got 2 miles on the side of Wanship camped  We loaded at Mitchels (in margin)  paid 2.25 per ton bot axel grees  25 & 25 on E. Davis coal


TU  2   Started at day   went up 3 mile canyon  crosed over by Cimbles place got hay 25  whiskey  25 of him  camped at Petersons to nit   Came down within 5 miles of the mouth of Parley & camped for night   Gave chunk of coal for drink of beer and rock springs saloon  it rained at nite.


WE 3    Started for home at 7 came to brewry watered horses Bot grain 35 Crackers 25                     salmon  25 candy  5 greased wagons fed at point (in margin)  got home at 9 oclock


TH 4    Unloaded  my coal & Lewis & Dave came up told me they had took a contract to firnish som vegitables at the boys mine up to Park & wanted me to go in with them to fill it   We went to fort   Seen Tom Whitby & fixed things up & got Dave & Riley  E Heley and F Clark to take loads


FR 5     Done my chores went to fort  TEAR took 4 ¼ lb but   paid for sayes 1.10  I got 3 shoes from store paid 40c got Dav to cork 4  Sharlen E poot the 6 on I did  (in margin) 2 on tow 4 on Trip


SA 6     We went to A.M.Fork  Louis & me & Dave Strong met & Whity  comeing with 24 bu onions 7 8 hundred lb of cabage   We bot 10 ½ bu  of onions of Jos Pooling  paid 10.35 for them  Lew paid for them,  bot at coop 11 ¾ bu @ 95  I paid it & 2 ¼ bu at Chipmens for2.25 charged to me  I got bail of hay ¼ lbs at ½ 57 cnt  beefe  60  came home at dark


SU7      Went to fort  Helped Lewis to load his cabbage 1200 lbs at Tom Carlisles 300  at whit  loaded my load of onions over got redy to start

MO 8   Me, Peterson, J. & Tom Whitly  Dave Strong  Youl Beck & Tears father Jos Heley  W Devey &  Geo Bodison  Started to Park City   Rained & snowed last night.  Got to Milows & mowed.


Snowed some while mowing   Got 2.00 worth of whiskey & wine at Sandy went within 2 miles of mouth of Parleys & camped for night  Youl Beck got drunk.


TU 9    Started about daylight   W Devys mair balked & he turned back   went to town & George to we went on  got to mouthouth I got 25 ct in whiskey at Hadys station met Riley,   E. Heley,  F Clark, D McDaniel  jest above Jos Heley  Traded his bay mair to elice for gray horse at Petersons at night  had to pay 25  for stabling each span


WE 10  Went up to Park  Sold Jos Heleys load & Youls  & part of Becks camped there


( Joseph Healey (1853-1930) brother of Hyrum Healey)


TH 11   Took the rest of our loads up to the mines  Woodsted & Boozs mines  got out checks     Started for home at 4 oc  came to Petersons & camped  Poot out horses in stub  It snowed & blowed very cold all nite froze creek


FR  12     Started for Salt Lake at 8 got there at 3 bot at mtse Boys 1.00 in gin I paid 50 Lewis 50  We nooned at brewery at mouth when we came to town we could not get our check cashed we sold it to brokery at 6.65 discount


SA 13  I bot coat for Tear 9.00  hat 3.00  3 shirts for  coat to balee 2.75 Bot 450 lbs salt for 3.69  got supper & breakfast 50c got tomatoes 25  spent 25 c in bowling alley. Started home at 1100  Paid 25c for staying in tithing  howed at Nephs Got home at 7 ½ oc TEAR was down home so I stayed there to all night & teem


SU 14   Came home done chores went down to school  We settled up for the trip after school got 23 ½ dollars each of us


MO 15  Shocked corn for pigs  got load burg  paid store 5.00  paid James Freestone 7.00  settled in full for taking that load to Park paid Mary Polson 1.00 for staying with Tear wile I went to Park  first John Wat  Dave Strong Vet & H. Walton went to fort  came home drunk   (in margin) bot musterd 15  cloves 5 all spice, 10  Brig W. paid me 75c


( “ Park “ referred to several times is Park City )


TU 16   Went to fort to kill mothers pig  it was to cold  Paid David Mc 1.50 for cutting lusurn


WE 17  Went to  fort helped John to kill a pig  Beck let us some beefe  TEAR let him have 1 galon vinnager  (in margin)  1 bot ax handed for 40c


TH 18   Went down to Waltons land got cow tied up my foder shocked corn for pigs tended babe while TEAR washed chored and milked


FR 19   Finished binding foder & stacked it shocked corn afternoon


SA 20   Went to fort got old bull road after my hose took 5 bu & 49 obs S for tithing & 5 lbs butter got at store coff 25,  tea 1.00  Worths & John Moyal I got gag of sage at nite

SU  21  We went to meating in morning & school  J Whitly & Stephen Y Beck was missionary  We came home after school  (in margin)  S Y Beck Missionary


MO  22 We went to fort  I worked on the road all day  teem halling gravil on road between point of hill & Tom Carlyles Field(in margin)  G Mires paid me 1.50.


TU  23  I husked some corn for pigs   poot up 6 ½ bu  W.  John came up  took it to mill and took 10 bu for self  I went to fort got ax hand 40  It snowed all afternoon (in margin) paid cash


WE  24 Husked corn fore noon  mowed part of night & all forenoon  fixed a tug & wagon shed the snow is 6 in deep  (in margin)  John traded bob off


TH  25  John came up got his horse I went down helped cut up there beefe & got 1 quarter for 7.00   I threw John King


FR  26  Let George Bodison take my teeme after grist  He did not get it took mothers beef hide got 4.00


SA 27   Went to Lewis   got some panacea for RENZO he was sick with a bad cold got some meat of them went to store got 25 c worth of tea & shugar  paid  got bottle of coff syrrup 50c on tick


SU 28   Stayed to home becass BABE was sick  wen to school afte noon


MO  29 John came up helped me to kill my pig & clean it  I went to fort got some medison off Booth for babe  fetched TEARS granmamup  RENZO was worce toda


TU 30   Cleaned 2 barrells cut the pig up & salted it salted some beefe   Bro & Sister Beck came up to see RENZO  he was better






WE 1    Took 10 lbs butter to fort  sold 3 lbs at 30  rest at 28 ½   bot dress for gal  3.60  shoes 2.25  dress for babe 75  shoes 1.25  panacea 50  whiskey  25  Traded at Chipmans  Mrs Booth came hom with me


TH 2    Went to fort got 15 slabs of C Beck & meat  knife & yeast off mother  Shocked some corn there


FR 3     Took down both sides of cow shed   Poot it up fresh & strawed stable & done chors


SA 4     Poot a hertition in chalf shed for cow and horses took 1 lb of butter to store got bucett  tea no more Clark girl was lost I went conjoint meating  (in margin) 5c in shiker


SU 5     I went to meeting & to seventys meeting didn’t go to school came home


MO 6   Fixed manger in stabel daubed the house  Dave & George was up here after deer


TU  7   Went to the fort  took 1 lb baken for tithing 18 lbs beef the the poor for donation   Seen Clark about the girl  took lb butter to store got brade and buttens  TEAR went to

WE 8    David Hammnet came up here last night to see if he could get teems to go after post    We agreed for him to take them for half he made   He came up this morning & helped me shock some corn to take with him   He took the teme to the fort with him


TH  9   Shocked 2 baskets corn   Took 2 lbs butter to store got 1 ¼ yds of calico   brade 12c   shugar 10c  spool thread 7 ½   sq pins  D Hamnett started team  (in margin) I owe store 13 ct on shug


FR 10   Hushed corn all day was sick with head ake   David  Hamnett started after posts yesterday with my team   They had a quire sang had a berryes to play


SA  11  Went to fort… got Johns teeme took baskets of corn for tithing    John went on out after his horse  I got soap 10c  took Beck  came home from Park after red last night  said they was doing well


SU 12   We went to meeting & school  had Albert & Jeed for missionarys  We went to mothers to dinner Becks to supper


MO 13     Took mothers teem home Took 5 lbs of butter to store got 4 yds faotery  66c  1 dozen buttens   T EARS father & mother was up today. D Hamnet  got home to nite with my teem.  John Moyle & Vet started to fort  I spoke to Devy about paying my store bill.


TU 14   It rained from 8 AM till 2 ½ PM  J shocked 2 sacks of corn done chores Dave Hamnett fetched teeme up to nite.  John, Bob Boothe Da Strong was pooling there horses


WE 15 Took the horses to the fort after the wagon  We unloaded the postes & peals & trimbed them bot at store ½ galend oil 20 & tea5  Paid W. Nash had a fit   Sil was drunk


TH 16   Tended BABE all day & done chores GALEY washed


FR 17   We all went to fort  Took 4 lbs butter got coten for BABE 35  ribbons 40  calico 15   musterd 10  gpt 5 ½ bu potato of Tom Whitby  @ 37 ½ ct bu  He was owing me 2.00 on the Park trip  David H. has not sold our posts yet  I fixed a place in spring for the potatoes   put them in


SA 18   Went to Lewises after yeast and the little cow calved shucked 5 racks of corn   John came up after there sow  J Spradley & me & others was shooting 2.3 pr 002  Phil fetched my  cows over


SU 17   We went to meeting &  school J Devy & Booth spoke  Dr Davis spoke in school  We went to our house dinner


MO 20 We went to fort helped John to kill a pig it snowed all day


TU 21   Tended BABE while TEAR washed  Went over to Philips after horses & cows   Shocked 1 shock of corn


WE 22  Jos Beck came up after milk this morning  E Nash & Strong came up after hay for beef   3.71  I paid them 3 bu W  James Nelson came up to see what I would give to temple     I shocked 2 shocks of corn  I was not very well have sore throat & cold


TH 23   Only done my chores was sick all day & nite it snowed all day


F R 24  Done up my chores went to fort  Took 7 lbs butter got shug 50 coff, 25 currents  25,  rasens 20,  handkerchief 20 , candy  20,  calico 20  to  Jo 10   Stayed to Becks to supper & slept there  Youl came from Park  (in margin)  boys went to Sils got drunk


SA 25  Came up done chores  John came with me sent back  had breakfast at becks & dinner  Nothing of any importance transpired til about 4 o’clock when the pooling Hackets horse & W Devys caused quite a laugh.  The boys & girls went to F Becks to have a dance would not let them


SU 26   Went to meeting Davis spoke & Strong & Bishop went to school had good time


MO 27 Went to fort seen Jos Phelps shue bishops horses seen boys shoot came home   got redy for dance went town danced til 12 slept at mothers  John W, Y Beck & Pool got to much drink  (in margin) bot 20c worth of candy  rained all nit


TU 28   We came home dun chores TEAR was taken sick with sore throat went to bed   He Granma came up snowed last nite (in margin) rained til noon)


WE 29  John came up to help me to kill pig was storming to hard to kill  TEAR was sick with sore throat  I done chores  cleaned muck out of shed


TH 30   Put water on to scald pig went to fort  meet John coming up to help me to kill pig   I went to store took 3 lbs butter  bot pac tea 25  rice 25 mit, 5 cinnamen, 10 matches, 10  came home  killed the pig  RENZO was not well cool & fogy today 


FR 31   Arose at 7 ½ fed stock cut the pig up & weighed it  it weighed 312 lbs GAL made some saucage  I went to mayler got there bull for little cow.  The roosters had a fight   Snowing off and on all day.




                                                                                                                               Example of Day Book

                                                                                                                                        for 1880

















Devy Acct for 1880


            Novem 4 got 4 shoes corked & 2 sharpened


            Mar 29 got new grub ho 1.75


Fred Beck Acct 1880


            April 6 got 7 hundred

            adobeys of F B  4.90

            I let him have dog                                  1.00

            Stray found bill                                         25

            Cut his oats in                              70

            newfield took me 1 ½ days

                He raked half of mine

            Let him have 100 ft of lumber     3.00

            I paid Jim Mc ¾ of a day to finish cutting my oats




























Chipman Acct                                                                                                Novem 6


October got an acct                                                                               Got 2 1/4 in onions           1.2

1 pair of boots               2.75                                                                  Bale hay 57  Meat 60    1.17

Shugar and tea              2.00                                                                  Dec  1  Got mds to amt 8.35

Gave Jim Palson            1.00                                                                  Paid 1.92 in but             6.92



 Labor on High Bench Ditch January 1880










Jos Watkins





1 ½

1 ½



F Beck









J Devy








1 ½


J B Mc









J Walton









E Okey









L Peterson










M Goodridge


P Kits










Continued 1880




Mar 26


Apr 2

June 3

July 3



Jos Watkins





1 ½

1 ½

1 ½

12 ½

F Beck






1 ½


9 3/4

J Devy



3 ½

1 ½




13 3/4

J B Mc






1 ½



J Walton








6 3/4

E Okey








7 1/2

L Peterson








7 1/2

M Gppdridge








4 ½

P Kits








3 1/4


( Men could get more than one day credit if their team was also used to work on the ditch.

 Sometimes they would hire others to work with them or in their place. )