Joseph William Watkins’ Day Book





SA 1     Arose at 7 ½ o’clock this mor it was snowing and blowing prity (pretty)much all day.  We done our chores went to Lewises to dinner and supper had a good time came home at dusk done chores  John Moyle Vet, Jacob B, Tool B, came from fork yesterday had been halling coal their horses is all sick with influenza.  They had a good dance last night 35 numbers.


SU 2 I went to Sunday school Aniversary heard them say their peaces which was good. Came home to dinner hitched up teeme took WIFE down to hear them recite after noon which was very amasing all the way through.


MO 3        Done chores we went down Liney to dance wich (which) was for benefit of Sunday School took 2 lbs of butter to pay for ticket had picknick at 9 sold 57 number.  Jan paid John Devy 4.89 store


TU 4         We stayed at Mothers last night got up had breakfast then started home.  F Beck and Yan was here when we came home wanted to borrow my basket Iand to get moyles bull I done my chores they had the Smith boys to play John and Younger one


WE 5        Done the chores and fixed a shelf stairs to poot the lard on, got a gag of oaks after dinner GAL turned lard out had 40 lbs in all


TH 6         Stayed home all day tended babe while TEAR washed shocked l sack of corn F Beck was up today got load of chalf and corn, borrowed basket  Jos Beck was up to nite, Vet started to Park this morning to hall coal.  Dan Beck came up last night asked us to come down there Friday to dinner.  Dan Herrington started to teach school yesterday some body shot a deer up here today.


( Daniel Beck 1867-1897..Tears cousin )


FR 7         Done chores had breakfast was thinking of going to S.Y Becks to dinner but it snowed all day and most of last night I shocked 1 basket of corn snowed all night,


SA 8         Fed stock, milked shoveled snow off hay and straw, shocked some corn fed lusurn hay to horses and cows first time it was very cold all day never snowed had not been to fort since Tuesday.  Tear was sick all day.


SU 9         I done chores Milked tended babe waited on WIFE all day because she was sick with ear and tooth ache did not got to fort at tall since Tuesday it snowed a little of and on through the day nobody has been here since Friday they had a letter from James today he was well and says he is getting 1.25 ct per day.


MO 10     Went to fort took 27 lbs of poark for tithing 14 for Nephi Elsmore he allowed me 10 c    for lbs  I settled my tithing took 3 lbs butter to store got broom and qt of oil butter is 15 c per lb fetched TEARS Grandma up (in margin) Little cows calf dide to nite


TU 11       Shocked l shock of corn Jos Beck came up to get the little cow  took Moyles bull home  I have had him 12 days it snowed till 3 AM


WE 12      Took all the beef out of barrell washed it Boiled brine cleaned barrell shocked 2 sacks of corn done chores made bed it started to rain this morn at 11 is raining yet.


TH 13       Rained all night fine today.  Rain today  I took poark out of barrell boiled Brine shocked 1 shock and packed corn in  Chored went to fort took Mothers oil can home D C Strongs cow died last nite. They had letter from Marth Adam


FR 14        Took Brine up poot in the pork packed water for TEAR to wash Shocked 3 sacks of corn TEARS Father came up to see if she was better and stayed 2 or 3 hours  it has been clowdy and foggy all day , but no storm rained last night


SA 15       Done my chores as usual and then shocked l shock corn then went up on the mt got a drag  of oakes got down at 2 it was snowing it snowed and rained the rest of the day.  Dave and George was up with guns


SU 16       We went to meating and school we had 2 missionaries form Am Fork Anderson and Stephen Chipman they spoke very well they also visited the school It was give out in meating that John Pool was killed by snow slide up on Boxelder 11 of the boys went up to see if they could find him.


MO 17      They found dead in bed fetched him to smelter I went to fort done Mothers chores came home traded a calve to Bodison , shocked 8 shocks


TU 18       Done chores went to fort took 54 lbs of corn to store got pac tea 25, calico 30, mustard 10, candy 5 horse nails, helped to do Mothers chores went to D Hamnetts divided posts fetched 13 home left 13 the boys got down with John Pool about 12 o’clock.  S.W. Brown, John Moyle Jos Moyle, and W Adams, Jake and Cris Beck W Devy, Jos Bateman, John Beck, John Watkins, Thornton Booth, Davis Strong are the boys that went up.


WE 19      I poot 2 shoes on Tom, shocked l shock of corn.  Jos Beck came up told us they ws going to bury John Pool at 2 today, we got redy went down there was lots there the boys that got him out of the snow carried him to the grave we got home at 5.


                 TH 20       Done chores shocked 4 shockes of corn. Jos Okey came up to see if I was going to have any pigs to sell, sacked some corn to go to mill.


( Joseph Okey ( 1855-1938) .. Ted Okey’s brother )


FR 21        Done chores sacked some Wheat got redy went to mill had 9,5  bu 72 lbs, 2 bu corn took 7 lbs butter to Chipmans got 15 ct got Babe pair shoe 90, coffee 15, got corn meal did not get rest.



SA 22       Done chores started to shock corn John came up said Devy wanted him to take a load of grain to town for him I went down helped him to load 2037 lbs corn in  my wagon he is going to finish at   mill came home shocked 1 ½ shock.  Youl and Toot came home last night from park.


SU 23       We done chores got redy went to meating bishop spoke 3/4 of an hour Hisle

spoke few 20 min John Carlisle spoke a few words, Bishop told us the tithing hay was redy to hall.  We went to school to Mothers to dinner.  


MO 24      John came up at 6 1/4 this morn told me old Tom was down fast  I went down got help got him up one tug away his head broosed one eye out in bad fix.Doctored Old Tom all day. Came home at 5 Lewis and Christena was here.


TU 25       Done chores went to fort to see how Tom was washed his head in sage salt and tabacco water 2 times rubbed it with HHH twice warmed it in with flat iron, worked with him all day got plug tabacco 15 ct tick


WE 26      We went to fort to see Tom he was lots better he ate good drank, John went after Christes horse 

doctor he was not at home told his boy to tell him to come up tomorrow John got my grist 325 lbs flower _________I got some caster soap 15 c on tick store TEARS granney came up, I shocked 1 sack corn.


                 TH 27       Got up at 6 done chores John came up said that man came up last night to see Tom said that there were no bones broke nor out he gave him 1 spoon of XXX liniment.  He gave him some salt peter and other stuff said to poot 1/4  lbs of salt peter with ½ gal vinegar and wash his head and leg in it boil it before using said to give l spoon of XXX 5 times per day 2 days milk on eye.  I took ½ gal vinegar down washed him as directed helped John shock corn 2 hours came up shut pig up shocked 3/4 shock corn.  Jim Polson came home tonigh from Colerado (Colorado) we have letters from Jim to nite.


FR 28        George Bodison came up his calve, took it down.  I took shock of corn down for Tom washed his legs and drenched him and helped John to shock some corn.  I took 3 lbs butter to store got salt peter 5 c,  soda 15, calico 5, candy 5, stove polish 10, poot on book


                 SA 29       I done my chores went to fort to docter Tom I washed his leg in sage and salt Vet and Heber Walton had fite Helped John to Shock some corn Young Mens Meating


                 SU 30       I did not go to meating fore noon, but the Bailers spoke , H Moyle I went to school and nite meating.  F Clark and Bodison Bishop said there would be a dance on Friday night for the bennyfeit of choir


                 MO 31      Went to fort washed Tom and watered him went to hear the trial but they not not find Vet thy poot it off til 2 I went to it they fined Vet 5.00 dollars. Could not doa any think with our John let him off I got 3.50 off George Bodison in store pay on the calves I let him have go 2 lbs currens 25, shugar 50, candy 5, lemon 5, coffee 25, raisons 20, let Dan Adams have for mending shoes settled in full with him I came home shocked 1 shock of corn.






TU 1         Went down washed and fixed Tom turned him in corell went to store got skein yarn 20, can yeast powders 17 ½ got some apples for Mother came home fed horse went down to Battlecreek seen horse doctor about Tom got done at 6 chored.


WE 2        Went fort tended to Tom bot 10 in candy came up done my chores, shocked 1 shock corn helped GAL to fix for company


TH 3         It was LORENZOS birthday we had TEARS father and mother and Joseph my Mother, John and Martha and  TEARS grandma.  We had good time. RENZOS Dad gave him a nice hat , Grandma Wat gave apron, grandma B new dress, Martha pocket knife we played cars I went to fort washed Tom got RENZO a hat 1 lb sugar 1 Galen coal oil, took 2 lbs butter paid for all.


FR 4         It has rained stedy since last night at 10 til 5 today.  I rote to Jim all day didnt go to fort because it was raining.


SA 5         Done chores took RENZOS hat back to store tended to Old Tom fetched little horses and my wagon up took load bugy off  wagon shed poot in horses stable


SU 6         We went to meating and school.  Bishop and Strong took all the time then we went to Mothers to dinner,


MO 7        Went to fort rubbed Tom with mustard ligament bot at store ligiment 35, nails 25, paid Water tax for lot in fort 53 cts they fined Ln Carlisle $5 for swearing last Thursday came up shocked  l sack


( Lincoln Carlisle (1861-1942). married Mary Matilda Mc Daniel )


TU 8         Shoveled muck shocked l shock in for noon shocked l shock went to fort took Spot to Worthys bull cost 1.00 got little horses fetched them up John Eastwood was here he stayed to supper til 8 o’clock, snowed 5 inches.


WE 9        Stormed all day. Shoveled some muck, wrote an ELSA   Shock 1 ½ bu of corn on shovel never went to fort.


TH 10       Went to fort tended to Tom stayed to shooting match between Fork boys Wash and Henry Chipman Ned Robinson, E King, James Spradly, Dave and George Mc Jos Moyle got Metal, Fork beet  Alpine beet l.shooting match


FR 11        Done chores went to fort took TEAR went to Fork took 2 bu corn got pair shoes to TEAR $ 2.00 took, 3 lbs butter to fork. Changed Babes shoes 29 c got cruel 10 Beck went with me Grandma Carlisle came with us .  Tom Jeason the old lady fell out of the wagon.  Don S and Lewis P traided horses had nomingting meating for city council we stayed all nite they nominated TJ Mc for mayor R T Booth for Geo Clark for aldman, H Moyle marshall,  S W B recorder, W Adams assessor, F Clark Tresor


(Thomas came to Alpine along  with Robert Watkins looking for range land.

  In 1854 Thomas married Fanny Sophia Hocquard (1829-1922)


SA 12       We came home done chores the old sow piged 3 pigs and they are all dead.  I shocked some corn done chores went to fort to a water meating stayed all night


SU 13       I came up done chores went to meating had missionary from Battlecreek went to Sunday school had storm of snow a wind and rain after noon


MO 14      Done chores and went to the fort took Lewises rack home went  to town where they was voting, Voted Library offices came home


TU 15       We went to fort took 3 ½ lbs of butter 1 ½ doz eggs got 2 balls 20 c, cotton 2 yds factery 20, calico 20, sp thread 5, I loaded 20 bu 20 lbs of corn at store for John to take to town tomorrow he went to Draper today after steer sold him to Hennys for $5.00 seen Rhoda , Zek,. Oron stayed at mothers last night was around town all day.  The election was as follows: T J Mc Mayor, R T Booth, George Clark Alterman, E Nash, W J Strong, R E Booth councilmen. .John and Youl came up after little Balley to nite. Weather has been fine all day


WE 16      John started to town to day at 5 Youl and Br Devy to all had loads for store.  I done my chores went to fort done mothers chores come up shocked l sack done chores got sick had to lay on bed cows did not come home


TH 17       Done my chores went to fort done Mothers fetched hay knife up with me, cut some hay tended Babe wile TEAR wash, went to fort at night Bot packett tea, shugar done mothers chores sold Johns calve for 5.75 Lewis started to town today with Bishop apples


FR 18        I done chores took posts to Stephen Moyle on temple donation he credited me $2.00.  I done Mothers chores came home halled l load of muck went got a gag of oaks after noon.  John got back from town to night his horses came up here after dark. ( In been fine all day Ted Okey stayed at Phillips last 3 nites )


SA 19       I halled 1 load of muck in morn.  John came up after his horses.  I went to hunt a place to get some rock, John went to he took his horses home, I shocked 1 shock  corn, shaved, done chores we went to fort I went to young mens meating , slept at Becks.


SU 20       We got up had coffee and came up fed, milked cows fed pigs poot pigs together got redy went to meating Moyle,  Adams took the time stayed to school   Alfred Devy went to Battlecreek to Young Mens conference, Walton was supented  went to Becks to dinner to Lewises supper.  Seen a peace in juvenile about one of the Nephites who has been preaching in one of the eastern states


                 MO 21      Loaded a load of muck, done chores, while eating breakfast Goodridge (Milton) and some of the boys came to work on ditch we all worked all day 9 in all, Riley, Beck, Walton, PK,  EO,  W D, George Mc, J Watkins we worked by the spring


TU 22       We all worked to day on the ditch but Lewis P, Beck had 2 me and Beck an Youl and Walton, George and me Will Devy worked south from Smooth Canyon


WE 23      Me and Beck and Youl, W Devy and D Hamnett Jr and Lewis worked south end of ditch in fore noon, made waist ditch in afternoon.  Riley, Ted Okey, P Kits, Goodridge worked East end to Phelps all day D Heger worked for Devy we plowed with Trip and Devys Prince on ditch.  I tookload of muck out at nite then went to fort to Rileys concert came home after at 10 it has been fine for l week the land is almost redy to plow


TH 24       I done chores went to fort over to tool gate with John to see if we could trade them Thorp lucked out of old Balley horse that Strong used to have,  did not accomplish it seen their wild sheep seen Nelson plowing H Heley to, we come up to poot our bed on wagon John took his horses home TEAR went to fort took 2 lbs butter to store Bot shugar 25, starch 15 c, 2 spools 10c , crackers 5 c  Youl started to plow sage, it was to wet. I tended Babe wile TEAR went to fort, hung meat up after dinner


FR 25        Done chores, went over to ceder Mt got load rock took it to lot came up got dinner took load

from house down, dug old post up in the fence oposite David corell, Put new one in went to Mothers got paper and some apples went to store settled with Devy for paper with 1.00 or that which John got for taking load to town.  Rileys horse had colt.  Sid and Edgar had teachers trial


SA 26       Done chores. Halled 2 loads of rock from ditch bank by Spring took  load to fort

                 Lewis Christene came up this morn stayed til 6 ½ to nite


SU 27       We all went to meating, Adams presiding, Bishob sick.  Some gone to Provo to Conference.  Devy and others H Moyle, and James Freestone and dad Harington occupied the time, we had a very good meating we had good school I had dinner at Mothers, TEAR at hur Mothers.  Bateman had a little boy die at 10 tonite by the name of John Franklin, Dundons had a baby Friday nite. (Margin...Dunsdon had a boy born)


( William Henry Dunsdon 1881-1955 )

( William Dunsdon 1851-1931 cousin of Albert Marsh )


MO 28      I went to fort took 2 lbs butter to store got horse nails 10 cr on book 20 came home, shoed Trip all around shocked some corn, chored..



MARCH 1881



TU 1         I done my chores started to grub some oak roots when Thorp Luker came over to sell me Old Bailey he stayed here all the rest of the day  we went to fort to sll my little cow came up at dark.  Made the trade I give him the cow and 2 baskets of oats and what hay I could take in wagon box.  It was very windy and clowdy all day no storme.(storm) I got plow lay on tick 1.00


WE 2        I shocked l shock corn Thorp came and took the hay and oats he did not take cow today, she was out on the hill.  Clear and cold.


TH 3         George Bodison came up to work for me it was froze we went over to see if his would do to plow we thought it would.  Riley, Beck P Kits and Walton came up to fix ditch, I helped til


 noon they finished by 2.  I went over to help Geo to  plow but it was to wet, came back plowed some by lusurn went to fort got pigs TEAR went down today way at Devey


FR 4        John and me went and plowed for James Polson all day he is to give us 7 days work for plowing and  in 2 acres he worked for me this afternoon in sage.  It has been clear and fine clowdy afternoon


SA 5       John and me went down and harrowed and backed 4 acre of wheat this four noon for James Polson, it started to snow and blow at 10 we stayed til noon in storm came home shocked 2 shocks of corn went to fort got Johns hay nife.(knife)  Played 2 games of crickett started snowing at 2 blowed all day


( Cricket is played outdoors and is popular game in England, played with a ball bat & wickets )


SU 6       We went to meating, Bishop Tom Barrot took all the time.  Bishop said that there had been a very severe storme in some states the snow falling from 2-3 ft deep  Went to Seventies meating, after noon went to mothers to dinner, Becks supper


MO 7      John and me went down finished pooting in 5 acres for James Polson we plowed 3 acres poot 5 in for 13 days work he worked 1/ 2 day Riley started to poot his in at noon F Beck started on his and Devy started in theirs


TU 8       John and me plowed in hollow this four noon after noon harrowed the land and raked sum for

wheat we harrowed 9 acres backed James Polson picked sage for me Riley worked on his all day so did Beck, and Devys


WE 9      I went out sowed  4 acres of Wheat before breakfast, John came we worked at horrowing, backing til noon we came in and got our dinner took top of the teeth of the go devil had 3 instead of 4 went out John layered off 1acre poot in center finished harrowing what was sowed started to snow and blow it continued til about 4 did not do any more James Polson poot in 1/2 day.


TH 10     It snowed all after noon I red 110 pages in History of Parley P Pratt. Johns horses came up stayed all night the boys got on a spree to fort Devy and John W had row


FR 11     John came up horses said there was going to be a Dance after noon for children at nite for adults                   he also told about the spree yesterday him and J W it snowed to about 4 inches deep last night it                   has been cold here today there was 2 men came up here to see if I had any beefe to sell. They                               offered me 15 dollors for Bally did not sell him I grubed some oats by lusurn patch, done chores


SA 12     We took 67 lbs of wheat 24 lb of corn Took 3 lbs butter to store, Bot hat 1.75, towels 20, oil 20,                 candy 5, garters 5  I owe on these 45 c


SU 13     We went to meating and school Geo Clark and Bishop took all the time Clark Directedhis remarks to the persecution of the Church in the years of Joseph Bishop of Building School house and crumbling in general there was 10 in my class Jos watkins, Jos Polson, Theadore Beck, W Devy, Geo Bodison, Thomas Penson, Nephi Heley, Jane Heley, F Adams, Lestra Nash We had



dinner at Rileys sup at Becks I administered to Albers Beck (in margin...... taught Sunday School)


( Theadore Beck (1859-1930) left Alpine in 1884...Tears cousin )



MO 14    I done chores grubbed oak brush til noon halled l load of muck got some oaks to burn shocked 1   shock


TU 15     I done my chores, Jos Beck came up after milk started to snow he stayed til noon when Lewis and Christena came up played cards off and on all day. Lewis borrowed Wheel Barrow took it home with him it snowed til twelve and some after, cold and  clowdy  they ask us to come there Friday to Ellys Bitthday supper


WE 16    Halled 3 load of muck went to fort got a spring of Jim Polson to fix my seat with the boys was playing ball E Nash said Deveys horse could out poll (pull) Trip for a 3 year old stear Went to Worthey Nashes told him I wanted to get 100 ft of lumber he asked he how we stood I told we was about even He said he had quite trusting I told him John Watkins was owing me for feeding a stear 5 months wich they both charged but he had sold it to Dunkley and acknowledged selling him to Dunkley on the 2 or 4 Oct 1880


TH 17     Halled 2 loads of muck was sick went to fort to Seventies meating at night there was also Anniversary dance at nite


FR 18      Hunted of Balleys horse in fore noon did not fine him we went to Lewises in afternoon it was Ettas birthday


( Karen Etta Peterson was born 18 Mar 1878, she turned 3 )


SA 19     We went to fort TEAR stayed all day l helped John to get there apples cut up pit.  John and me came up and pooled Trip and little Balley on and off  we found Old Balley at fort we stayed to Young Mens Meating they poot George Mc for Water Master for East field instead of J Freestone Today is the first fine day we have had for 10 days in all   to fort we stayed to Young Mens meating they poot


SU 20     We went to meating had 2 missionaries from Provo Hardy and Jones and Painting from Fork he spoke with a great power and spirit We went to school all the time was taken in setting the teachers apart and blessing them they was as follows: W J Strong,  G Clark, G Boddison, T Whitby, Jos Watkins, W Davis, H Moyle, Mrs John Heley, Olive Heley, Osker Vance, Reserved two D Adams, Jos Bateman, W Adams, Hy Heley wife , Hannah Beck, Ann Devy. ( In margin ....David Adams set me apart and blessed  me ) 


MO 2 I    ____a little peace plowed for lusurn plowed some sage in bottom went to fort at nite to a meating to poot a water master in for Bench ___________poot Riley in we stayed all night, RENZO got chicken pox


TU 22     Came home done chores John came 11 helped me to plow sage 1 one plow was to dull helped Geo Bodison all day I plowed sage in hollow Jim Polson plowed for G Bodison Jim Polson worked for me ½ day

WE 23    Plowed sage in hollow all day.  John plowed for George Bodison Jim Polson picked sage all day, Pjil stared to plow in his.  Catherine Nash died at 4 ½ this afternoon


( Catherine Nash (1813-1881) mother of Ephraim and Worthy

came to Alpine the same year as Robert Watkins )


TH 24     Finished plowing sage in hollow at noon.  John plowed on stubble in hollow til noon we harrowed and layered off 3 acres.  Jim Polson and William Dunsdon picked sage I went down burned 1 acre to nite


FR 25      John Mc harroed backed and layered off 3 acres in corn stubble, James Polson picked sage all day, Bodison ½ day John and us went to funeral for Catherine Nash, the meating house was chuck full _____________.Lue and his father helped me today and Dundson, Jim Polson , Jos Beck and John 


 SA 26    George Bodison John and me harrowed backed and layered of 4 acres before noon worked til 6.  Bodison, Dundson , Jim Polson picked sage in hollow all day.  Bodison and George 3/4 day each.  Brother and Sister Beck, Lewis and Christina came to my Birthday dinner


SU 27     We did not go to fort til school______I went to school taught class


MO 28     John and me finsihed hollow but 2 acres in fore noon we started on John after______Jim Polson _____________________


TU 29     I arose this morn at 5 ½  shocked corn for horses milked 3 cows drove them above ditch then fed pigs curred and harnesed the horses    we went to fort   I helped John to plow some and we poot in 3 acres of wheat   Tear stayed at Christeenas all day   I came up at noon to get ridle & godevil their dinner at mothers.  James Polson finished picking sage for me today at 2 oclock he has worked 8 ½ days for me picking sage plowing for him. We had supper at Christenas,  Emma & her mother was at (to) Lewises pkits took M Goodrigs teem home today.  I got a gubbing how of Devys today  it came to 1.75


WE 30    We arose at 10 minutes to 6  Milked the cows, done chors   we got ready and went to fort Tear took 3 lbs of butter to store 18 ct lb.  Got some yarn  38c calico 12c day book 5.  Went in debt 14c.  I helped John we finished plowing and pooting in the 4 acres in so field Tear stayed  Mary McDaniels all day she saw they was very bad off was eating their last ham and have not got any cow giving milk


TH  31    I done my chores riddled and ralted some oats went down in hollow and sowed 2 acres of oats & harrowed and layed them off  loaded harrow and godevil in wagon came up at 5   renzo walked first time to frighen John and George Boyden plowed for John all day.  Tear washed today  I poot 3 bushels of wheat up for John to pay him for the oats I got of him to sow



APRIL 1881                 



FR 1                      We done the chores poot things in wagon   went to fort  TEAR took 3 obs butter to store and 49 lbs wheat  She got 71 c for wheat 18c per lb for butter 54c  she got 8 yds of linin at 25c per yd 2.00  she owes 75c on it yet.  I plowed for John and harrowed 3 ½ acres over twice   John had Jim Polson working for him all day  ½ day yesterday   John went after old star this forenoon did not find him   Jim drove team.  John took some potatoes to fort to buy pair of boots   He went to show Warren Smith which was his ties   we had a letter from jim last night   he is coming home


SA  2      I done my chores went to fort hepe John to plow 2 acres and harrowed & backed it down   John loaded a load of tithing hay. From the flood to the Birth of Abraham  292+years


SU 3       I milked done chors  got ready  went to meeting   Moyle spoke ½ an hour   Strong spoke 25 minutes  Bishop took the rest   There was a very slim meeting on account of conference.  I went to school taught my class  there was the following members there.  Therodore Beck,  Nephi Heley.  Fanney Adams  May Polson, H. Davis, and my self.  After school I came up and poot the cows in corell   Went back got supper at mothers  Melt come up with us  stayed all night.  The general conference started today at 10 oclock a m in Salt Lake City  there were many that went.  I let Jim Polson take old Tom to work for 1 week for a days work with him and teem


MO 4                    I done my chores  drove the cows on top of the hill then went to hunt old tom   up above tom okeys   did not find him  came back  got Breakfast we went to fort.  I finished plowing and pooting Johns wheat in  it took me all day.  TEAR went with Martha up to David Hamnett stayed till 4   Tears Cousin Osker came up today  Our John started to town lat night at 3 oclock in morn with tithing hay.  H Moyle,  A Marsh, and James Freestone went with him.  I found old tom a the fort in Batemans lot.  Took shoes off him.  I let H Davis take old spots calve to milk her a while.TU 5  Went to fort plowed some on lot and grubbed some willows took 57 lbs of wheat to store  got a grubbing hoe handle  35c rice 25c sugar 25c.  S.W. Brown was clirking. Devey came from California at 2 o’clock I came up at noon took a load of muck down with me on the  lot TEAR and RENZO went down with me stayed at Becks I finished plowing and backed downthat peace that had potatoes in last year.  John Dovy letter stating that he was called to go to England on mission  it came tonight  it looked like rain this evening and also last evening


WE 6      I got up quorter to 6 it was rainging very hard and had been most of the night.  I done my chores fixed rocking chair   made nutmeg grater for Tear  it rained till 3  afternoon   I went and gribed some oak roots out bottom of lusurn.  I cleaned stable out  went to fort   drove some cattle out of our lusurn   2 of Deveys calves was foundered one very near dying   I chopped mother some wood   Got home at 7 done some chores.  We was expecting Tears folks and her cousin Osker up today but they did not come.  TEAR done some cooking for them


TH  7      I got up at 6 this morning done my chores  Riley come up to see his oats  came here got 2 plank to make a west gate  took them oven to P.Kitsy.  I took 76 lbs of wheat to store.  Got pair of overalls 1.10c for meetings  W Dunson come up with me  I let him have 20 lbs of meat to pay him for picking sage for me 2 days March 26 and 27  he went home at ½ past 11. I loaded a load of muck took it down to the lot grubed some brush along the street fence Came up at 2 Tear folks and her cousin  Osker came up stayed til 6 had supper  Goodridge started to plow some sage for Riley this afternoon.


FR 8       Got up at 6 ¼ done chores   Goodridge got here to work on ditch  before I drove cows he fetched 3 children with him we started at 8.  Lewis Peterson came at 9.  Me, Mitt and Lew worked on the


                old brake strengting the bank till noon after noon went to mouth of willow canyon after cows  then took a load of muck to the lot   Jim Plson said I could get his ploy to plow some sage cause I could not get alay for mine  Goodrige finished plowing 1 acre of sage for Riley at dark.  The3y all had dinner here.  Youl plowed sage. 


SA  9      We lay abed til 7 it was dark and clowdy   I done my chors loaded  load of muck  took it to lot stayed and grubbed til noon came up got dinner it started to rain about 11 oclock a m rained til 3 p m   I took a load of muck to lot took  3 lbs butter and 45 lbs wheat to store  got babe pair of shoes 1.10 got 25c in sugar 2 Boxes Matches 10  got 25c per lb for butter 1 ½  for wheat  got hoe at 5 ¼  p m went to willow ca after cows milked done chors by 7 p m  then rote the following which is a description of some stock.  The first is little Tiney  she was calved the day before christmas in 1878 she has red sides white all along the back and Belley the white under belley extends around of her legs  she has got streek across the for head  close to horns about 7 inches long  all 4 feet and legs white   very near nee Branded “o” on left side R. .W. on right hip.  The next is Dick  he was calved in March 78 the son of spot he is red and white marked as follows  red sides wite  spot  he is red and white marked as follows  red sides  wite all along back with 3 white streeks running left side and all along back with 3 white streeks running left side and hip and shoulder about 7 or 8 inches long  he has 4 white feet   a white block in the head  the width of head at the horns come to point between eyes  Branded as above saw calved march 1878.  Balley is the same age as Dick  he is a dark red with a white face   the white covers the whole of the face except the under part    The left horn is inclined a little lower tan rite red block in rite eye the size of a table spoon  a red block on left Sheak  little larger than ball of my hand white under belley  some white on legs  Branded same as others.


SU 10     It was raining  when we got up  rained til ½ past 8 am  we done our chors started to get ready for meating at 9   when we got there they was praying  John Devey spoke ½ an our  Virn Holiday spoke 20 minutes very interestingly  Bishop spoke ½ hour on conference.   We went to Lewises to dinner  Osker and Tool was there stoo  I had to come up and poot the cows in corell  it started to rain before I got back  I got very wet  was to late for school but I  went  they had just started to read   H Heley was teaching my class but gave it up to me  he went to his class  there was Jane H,. Estela B,  James P,  Jos S Nephi,  H.J.  I hooked teem up  Martha H, Frances Vance went with me over to Lewises we stayed there a little while them came home.


MO 11    It rained off an on all day   Tear went to store took 9 lbs of dried apples  got 6c per lb  took 3 lbs butter  got 25c per lb  bot 10 yds factery @ 10c 1.00 calico  5 ½ yds @ 10c 55c  box collars 20c  1 ½  yds @ 15c per yd 22c  ½ c candy 10c  1 yd buttercloth 10c amt 2.12 ½ her father fetched her home at 4   I made babe little wagon  shovled some muck   done chors  Lewis, P Youl and Yan Toot  Osker B got 3 galens cider and we had a good time at TEARS fathers   I kept RENZO home while Tear went to fort.


TU 12     I got up at 6 this morning  done chores  went to fort at 8 ½ to work on west ditch   we worked in foreneoon from the rear gate to Eastoods field at 1 we started to do our work  got to S whitlys  it snowed so hard that we stoped under toms shed for ½ an hour   it quit storming we worked F. Clarks   quit at 5 ½  p m. there 26 working W. Devy and C. Beck was pooting teemes Cris pooled 4 men more than W. Devey could with the blacks. 


WE 13    I done my chores milked took Dick Balley and Jiney up to the mouth of Dry Creek came back


took old Tom over to the mouth of willow canyon and poot him with J W Okeys old horse came home  I got Jim Polsons plow.


TH 14     We went to fort TEAR took 1lb of  butter to store and 28 lbs wheat got her father a calico shirt for birthday present 1.10 got 27c turkey red I plowed some sage below lusurn all day  took TEAR to fort this morn went after hur to note  stayed to seventys meeting at nite   came home after meeting  had supper at Becks.


FR 15      I got up ¼ to 6 done chors plowed sage all day Riley picked sage this after noon   Martha came up with him stayed here TEAR washed today  Youl was plowing sage all day Yan picked.


SA 16     We got up at 7 done chores plowed sage all day finished plowing this peace at botom of lusurn Riley, Art and Mett picked ½ acre of sage before noon   them went home  youl plowed ½ day afternoon  I went out hitched on to plow   went 20 yards  little Prince saw a bush blowing across the land  he got skeirt  turned his head back and jumped the single trees behind trip  then started to cicking and got away   run into the hollow and fell   Trip fell on top of him   My cows went to fort this morn  I went after them tonite  renzo came down there where I was plowing alone today


SU 17     We got up at 7 ¼ this morn done chores we did not get meeting on account of cows   we went down to school  I was late  they was passing the sacrament around  I taught my class there was the following members   there was myself Tear  Beck W. Devy  Geo Boyden  Nephi Heley  James P. and Mary Ann Riley  We had supper at Becks  I got home at 6 done chores


MO 18    We done chores  kept the cows in corell all day we went to new field  Tear stayed at Vineys I plowed about 1 acre had dinner at Vineys and supper   Viney cooked their last peace of meat and their cow is very near dry they are bad off we fetched Mary Ann Linn up with us tonight to give her 35c per week RENZO got his kitten from his grandma to nite


TU 19     I went to fort took 2 lbs butter to store got 1 of coffee 25c sugar 25c I finished plowing and backing that in new field  took all day emptied sack of flower in box. 


WE 20    We got up at 6  done chores plowed some in front of door  then went to fort  after a godevil took 1 lb butter 25c to store 3 plow lays got 22c for lays   took 37 lbs wheat  got 60c for W. Bot  1 packet of soda 15c paper 10c nutmegs 5c got a credit of 80c on book.  Went to mothers  Borrowed their hay knife told John to come and help me plow tomorrow and to tell Jos Kelley to come also  I got my plow from Polsons came up  finished plowing in front of door poot the piece on the north of path peece at 4 oclock  I went over on the west side of land   plowed ¼ of an acre and Backed it down


TH 21     Done my chores had Breakfast at 7 o’clock  haranessed teem  went out plowed a rounder and grubed some oak Brush before Jos Heley Came to help me he came at 9 AM  We plowed 2 ½ acres and Backed it down   John did not come  his horse was sick they had a letter from Jim to night  he is going to stay till July  he his getting $40 Dollars for month  he his working for Crandel  They hav a letter from Tom Heley  he wants to come hom  he is raising cotton  he don’t like teair ways


FR  22     I got up at 5 ½ done chors went out plowed 5 rounds before John and Jose Heley came  Jos fetched his mother and came  Jos fetched his mother and Phebe up they stayed all day   We finished plowing all the land for corn plowed 3 ½ acres backed Jos H is working to pay for the use of Tom  he has worked him about 9 days now  I have to help John Back, Geo Mc plowed ½

acre sage for Riley this for noon  F Beck white washed his house up here today  Youl was plowing oats   they have got 2 acres to poot in yet



SA  23    I backed about 1 acre that we left last nite   GeorgeBodison and his father picked sage for me this four noon on what George was owing me for a calve, he yet owes me ¼ of one day  I went down to lot plowed some   poot it in potatoes 1/6 of acre  Mary Ann planted them  came home at noon  had dinner poot up 2 bu of wheat  went to American Fork  got Renzo pair of shoes 1.25 and plow lay for 1.00 and pair socks 25c the wheat come to 2.00 had 50c charged to me on book  Some of Hunters children was very sick with diptheria he said he did not expect little James to get well  when I got to the fort TEAR had come for there was going to  be a meating I stayed to meating had supper at Becks  Bro Smoot and Devy John was there D John spoke first took 40 minutes  Smoot took the rest we came home after meating  I sent for landsive for Howby chimny.


SU  24    We got ready   went to meating   the choir sang  prayer by Paxman  first speech by smoot  2 by the home missionary  Lones 3 by the other missionary  the meating then closed til 1 ½  2 speakers after noon was Davy John he spoke ½ an hour 2 speaker Bishop Smart 3 L E Herington 4 Lonis 5 T P McColough  Exekial and Rhoda was over to day 4 children


MO25     I fed the horses then took them to the mts and hobbled them J White washed the hose in the forenoon  Jos Whoot came here he was going to the stray pen after a horse  he went up to the rock quirry to see what the chances was to get a some rock   Christrian Bool came to see us today   I went to fort after the cows   I went to store got ½ lb of horse nails 17 ½ c had them charged on Book to me  John was halling muck  TEAR cleaned floor filled 2 beds cleaned cuboard and bedsteads and cleaned all in generall


TU 26     I took the cows on the Mt fetched the horses down  harnesed them went to fort plowed the rest of the botom and Backed it down came home got dinner  loaded a loan of muck put cows in corell  we all sent to the lot  I plowed ½ acre next to Mason backed it down  TEAR poot some garden stuff down there   John spread his muck  Riley  Davie and W Adams was halling muck.


WE 27    I took a load of muck to lot TEAR and Mary went with me  Tear poot in some garden stuff  I grubed willows  plowed some in lot came home loaded a load of muck  had dinner went to lot  the cows went up on the bench above tom whitbys  I went after them  Tear planted 2 rows  came I plowed the rest of the afternoon took cows home with me


TH 28     I went to fort  finished pooting in cane  planted some cucumbers and 6 or 7 rows of carrots  took corn up to the creek in hiding hollow Ted Okeys horse gave out at dugway  I got some water creen  worth killed an ox Riley started to plow his corn land up here


FR 29      I planted 6 rows of cane and 2 acres of corn today  planted sarakam   came up with Riley today  F Beck was planting corn  I took1 bu weat to Tom Whitbys  I traded it for corn  got 33 lbs of it   Tom killed a pig to nite I fetched my cows up with me got 7 ½ oclock


SA 30     I planted 3 acres of corn by 2 ½ oclock then went to fort was to late to get in store  got 2 ½ bu of taters at mother came home shod prince on hind feet  Philip and Riley finished plowing Rileys corn ground  Philip and Riley finished plowing Rileys corn ground John Watkins Youl Beck  H Walton and Tom Okey went up to fort canyon to put up a swing for Monday took myold Tom with them he was in Jim Polsons lusurn this morning he had eaten them



MAY 1881



SU 1       We got up at 4 this morn I got ready to go to willow creek  went to fort  Riley had  Backed out so I did not go neather   I went to meating  Clark  Bishop and Adams took all the time I stayed to school   we came after school  The Boys and Girls went up to big flat to swing.  Mary Ann Linn left today TEAR stayed to Lewisis all day  Lewis came from town at 3 oclock to day he had been well   R Becks Apply Clark spoke to Sunday school.


MO 2      After I had took the cows off and had breakfast I went to fort   helped John to plow some ditches  to water his lusurn   Soon the Boys and girls start to fort canyon  They took 4 teams with 2 spans on each loaded and 4 single teams  loaded   My Dick stear got gounderd in our lusurn  we had to stab him   I came home had my dinner  got old Tom from Philips  we went to fort then John and me took Tom and Dick up the canyon I took Tom to dry lake left Dick at the big flat when we got there the Boys and girls just came from the heat of canyon  they had a very good time swinging  playing Ball drinking cider and other amusingments they also had a dance a nite   we got home at dark


TU  3      I milked  fed horses and pigs  book cows off had breakfast started to plowing lmy wheat up   Jim Polson came up after his plow  I got him to stay and help me to plow he came at 10  he had my Tom and his horse  we plowed 1 ¾ of an acre and Backed it Down  we went to fort after cows and harrow and godevil  helped John take his Box off  loaded load of lum to take to Sandy for worth tomorrow for $3.00  TEAR paid Mary Ann Linn 1 lb butter to day I shod old Tom Strong on front feet to day F Beck moved up here today. 


WE 4      I got up at 5 done chors mine and TEARS too  She has got 2 gatherd fingers  I harrowed and Backed what we plowed yesterday then unhitched sheled some corn had a sleep  plowed 8 rounds  harrowed and Backed it down  Planted 2 rows of corn  turned the water on lusurn Beck  KC came up this after noon fetched granma she stayed   RENZO has been sick with direa and puking  John David hamnell John Mc  Jos Riley Hos Polson went to Sandy with lumber for W Nash to day for $ 3.00 per thousand


TH 5       I plowed ½ acre and planted 1 ½  acres or corn  watered luzurn  TEAR took 1 lb of butter to store  get yarn for it I went to seventies meeting at night got home at ½ past 10 we had a letter from James today  he don’t know when he will be home  F Beck got home from taking Emma to town


FR 6                      I planted 1 ½ acres of corn in fore nnon and tended to the water on lusurn   I went to new field at  4 to see if I could plow plowed 2 rounds came home called to Tom Whitbys for some corn he was letting Jacob Beck have some tatoes could not wate on me  I told him I would call in the morning as I went to the new field


SA 7       Done my chores took the cows up on smooth canyon  got redy started to newfield  Nephi Holy helded me with Johns Hat’s  teeme  worked to pay for the working old tom  finished paying for him  we plowed that peace in newfield and backed it 2 times  planted 10 rows and broke corn planter  The water was over the bus in dry creek  fort canyon creek has been to the highest Vet and John Mc started to chop ties to day


SU  8      We done our chors then went to meating Lowellen and aunt was there sent to meating  Boidson  Bishop and Adams spoke   Bishop spoke of the new Railroad excitement through Utah County and said that after the priesthood meating at Provo yesterday that they held a meating and appointed 5 business men of this county to take contracts for the people of the county at grading and getting ties   he also spoke of other meatings that would be held here—after Lowellen and me went to school I tought my class as usual the following members was there  Fanny Adams Estella  Bateman  Jane Heley Nephi Heley W. Davy Geo Bodison  Thedore Beck  James Polson  Wellen went into teachers class   After school wellen and me went to H Moss had some very good cider and red anice and incourgeing letter from James H Moyle who is on a mission in North Carolina  we also went over to Hacketts and had a very good time  we all had supper at mothers   we got home at 7 ½ oclock


MO  9     I got stung with a bee last night this morning my eyes sawolen so very bad that I could scarcely see   I was also sick at my stomache that I pucked 2 or 3 times I was so bad that Tear had to go to fort after the groceries and I stayed with Renzio she got 50c worth of sugar  rice 15cNurmegs 10c 85c in al on ticket she went at 7 ½  got back at 8 ½   at 10 Mother Vina  aunt and lowellen and Bro and sister Davis came up with 2 kegs of cider at 12 ¼ we had dinner then some cider we past the time away Jumping and gasing and Drinking cidar until 1 ½ then aunt wanted to go because they had to go to Lehi to night and they all went except Tears folk  and Jim Mc and John W.  I let Jim have 2 hogs for 1 pig  It started to rain at 4 it rained ½ an hour


TU 10     It rained off and on all night   it is raining at 7 am to nite has been raining at intervals all day  I have been sick have not done any thing but chirn and drive cows off tend Renzo  Jos beck came up to see if we had a pup for him and to get 25c to buy Renzo a lamb   Tear gave him 1 lb of butter to buy it with  No body else has been here to day we hant been any where.


WE 11    It rained all nite  stedy til 6 this morn  the rest of day was fine I did not do anything til noon   I was sick with chiles after noon Riley came up said that my 3-2year olds was down to the fort and some of F. Becks cattle   He said they wanted all hands to work on Levy tomarrow  I went with him and Philip down to tell Goodridge to come Goodridge  John Moyle  the two nealsons   Brig  George Myres was working on their ditch we went over to the fort   the boys was playing ball  they had Bot 2 bats ball 1.00   I stayed and played about 1 hour Yan Back had took my cattle ofrf with his,  I came up with filip George and David Mc   killed a deer and old worthy Nash catched them and reported on them he stole number 1 quarter of it


TH 12     I took the cows off fettched the horses down worked on lovy til noon  there was me and teem  W Devy and teem Riley  Ted Okey  Philip Beck  Walton G Mc Daniel  we worked til noon  after noon took Tear and babe to fort took one lb of butter to store got box lye 15  one at coal oil 10 butter came to 25  Had coffee at Becks come up at 5 fixed box for the hen  Ted Okey traded his mair and colt to W Devy for prince horse our John was working in the road today  down to f. Clarks  Young, E. Nash came home from ordervill Billy Bird got bvack from Colorado tonite  He went when Jim did  Set hen to nite got home


FR 13      Got up at 5 done chors   took cows on top of the hill   took my dinner and went to work on road   when I got to fort Clark said he was not going to work to day   I went out to south field with John to see if he could plow  It was to wet  I got on old Tom  came home  grubed  tilnoon  the horses came down  I plowed some ditches to  water my grain   fixed the road where it goes up the hill on the other side and on the side by plowing it  hill on the other side and on the side by plowing it  Youl B  and H Walton  W Devy R. Vance Re E Booth took tithing hay to town today let John Mc chop tres


SA 14     I done my chors took the cows on the mt fetched horses down went to fort plowed for John all day except 2 ours while they was trying W. Nash  W T Brown  W. Nash was sewing Brown for 13.00  Brown had thirman we plowed 1 ¾ acres and backed it down  they was trying David and George Mc for killing deer   fined Dave five Dollars and corst of cort  George got free


SU 15     We cone our chores took the cows red and liney to the top of the hill   horses was up to the top of the yellow ridge  I did not get them we walked to the forks of road  then road with Becks to fort  I went to meating TEAR did not there was missionaries  young Tanner from Provo and Young drigs from Pleasant Grove tanner took 1 our Drigs 15 minutses  Bishop 10 minutes  I attended Sunday school taught my class as usual  red 4 chapters eather there was H Davy,  James Polson, Geo Bodison, Theo Beck,  Nephi eley and Jane Fanny Estela Bateman 2 of Exekiaels Boys was over   James and David  one of Bateman Boys came from Jorden and said that Clarahs Baby was dead   we came up with F. Becks had supper at George McDaniels  it raind while we was in school and again after school   it has just started to rain again very hard at 8 oclock


MO   16   It rained all night stedy til 7 this morn  been fine all day    we got up very late this morn  Jos Beck came up fetched renzo a little lamb  we hitched the teem up  went to fort  took 1 lbs butter to store got 1 lb coffee 25c shugar 15c  took a Pup to tom whitley  is to give me 1.00 for it

(funeral)  we came home at 1  I went to Clarah Strongs Baby funeral at 3 oclock got home at 5 ½ gubbed some oak root





TU 17     Mary Mac daniel came up here to visit  I finished grubbing that oak bush in the lusurn then shoveld the dirt out of the dugway on both sides of the hollow then went to fort got Johns teem came up and got my wagon  took it to fort loaded it with tithing hay  poot 12 bails on left it there all night  there was 12 other teems loaded  Riley Bet  Fred and Ted  Phil H  John McDaniel Vall Adams  G. Bodison  R Vance and Y Beck  H Walton


WE 18    I got up at 4 this morn  got redy started to town at 5 ¼ with three other boys we got along very well camped at nephi at noon  got in town and unloaded before sun down  stayed in ththing yard  got 97 lbs of hay to feed  we went down to town seen the Electric lights


TH 19     I fed my teem got Breakfast went to see who had the best mowing Machines  I bargend for a Richmond mower off of Johnson I am to get it at provo tirms as follows $50.00 in october 81 and $50.00 in one year with ten per ct interest from first payment  he said that if they had not got any machines, at provo that I could get one off him and he would pay the frait to Am fork I started from town at 2 oclock pm came to Draper stayed there Exekiel wanted me to bring the old tom over he said he would give me amair for him he backed our I helped him to kill a sheep after Dard  he said he would give me a peace


FR 20      I stayed at Draper last night we got up at 7 this morn fed my teem  had Breakfast at 8 ½ Ezekil said he was going to Alpine after his Neaces so wated for him to get ready and it took him til about 10 ½ oclock  he gave me and mother 4 lb mutten then between us I rode with him and Willey drove my teem because they had a wild colt   we got to fort about 1 oclock   he looked at ole Tom and said that his lameness was in the staffel that it was Cracked and that he would get well this summer we took TEARS granma home our John got beet runing by Jack Nickles from A.M.fork  Exekil started at 6


SA 21     We got up at six the horses had come off the Mt and got in the luscurn and Wheat had breakfast then hitched up the teem and harrowed 4 acres of corn over before noon   after noon we went to fort   I helped John to plow   TEAR took 3 lbs of Butter to store  got hur mother a birth day present 45c got her pair of stocking 35c she let Jos Beck have 15c she paid rest in script


SU 22     We stayed home all day TEAR was sick we killed the old white hen for supper   we never went to fort  nobody never came up here to our place  Beck went to meating we slept all day off and on we went out  seen grain The Bishop spoke in the morning meating and old man Rose at night  Rose took all the time


MO 2      We got up at 5 done the chors had breakfast at 6 ½ I harrowed 4 acres of corn then we went to fort   I helped John to plow on that milk weed peace in so field the rest of the day from 10 ½ it was Tears mothers Birthday she had mother and Bro and sister Bodison Lewis and Christina Watkins and John me and Tear there to supper at 5 ½ o’clock it has been windy today


TU 24     I done the chors  went to fort helped John plow all day  I finished plowing and Backing that 4 acre peace in  in south field East peace Worth wanted to now if we had any potatoes to sell  said Dunkley would give 45 per bu we filled 4 of his sacks out of Johns potatoes  he said he would give me the job of taking his down  Thorp Luker and John Jones went up to start today  loging for W. Nash   we had a letter from our Jim today


WE 25    I done my chors loaded a load of muck took it to lot helped John to plow all day  I came up at noon got load of muck took it to lot helped John Christena was up here all day we had some Beer  Marthas little girl has been very sick for 10 or 11 days


( Olive Healey 1880-1889...neice )


TU 26     I done my chores then went to fort   took load of muck to the lot went to Worthys to see if he wanted me to take some potatoes to fort for him he did not went to the east field got my plow and plowed some in the little botom poot 7 rows of potatoes in the the shovil came home for dinner  Mrs Beck and Joseph was up here there was an agent for the Mc Comil machine came up here while noon he wanted to sell me a machine he agreed to let me have it for 90 dollars without interest to be payed at 2 payments 45.00 this october the rest next  I went to for at 3 with him   stayed and plowed the rest of botom and backed it down got home at 7


FR 27      Done chores  poot up 9 ½ bu of Wheat went to fort sacked 1 sack of Potaotes and sowed 4  took the Wheat and potatoes with me  left Potatoes at Dundles the W at the mill had 74 bu of it ground  sold 2 ½ to Dunkley  Bot pair shoes for TEAR 2.00 pair for LORENZO.70 got can of axle greese 20c came up sent to Cristenaes birthday super had good time our John went to Draper last night has not come home yet  TEAR let Christen have 1 lb butter today 1 lb day befor yesterday for 12 ½ c per lb


SA 28     I done my chores  I went to fort  plowed my cane up and carrots planted  16 rows of beenes 4 rods long and 1 packet cucumbers and ½ acre of Cane John helped about 1 our to finish  got home at 6  Store I got 1 pac cucubers 10c and 1 lb cane seed 15 on tick


SU 29     Went to meating R A Booth spoke and Tom Whitby and R Booth and H Moyle  t           her was a good spirit  I went to sonday school taught my class there was James and Joseph Polson  Jane and Nephi Healey W Devy Geo Bodison and Theadore Beck  Estela Bateman and cousing  we had dinner at Becks  Christina we got home at 5 took teem went all over th bench to see the grain  I did not see any better than our   turned water on luzurn last night tended to it this noon and to night


MO 30    I done chores  got redy went to newfield to plow and plant that  John went with me we plowed 2 ½ acres the water on that luzurn down here at noon our cows got away from TEAR went to cotonwood grove American fork drove their stock up fork canyon


TU 31     I went to newfield planted the rest of my corn finished watering my luzurn down there  plowed the ditches  came up to the fort  left the wagon at mothers  took the two old toms up to the springs on the side of homing  found the cows in rones flat  fetched them home  got 2  fetched the plow and cullivator up with me and cows


JUNE 1881



WE 1      We got up at 5 this morn done the chores plowed these 2 little peaces in front of door harrowed and backed them down the old horse doctoers Boy from battlecreek came up to see if I had any money for his Dad for comeing to see after tom   he wanted $2.00  we went to fort  took 1 ½ bu of Wheat to store got 1/50 for it 3 plow lays got 20c for them 1.70 in all we got shugar 50c currents 25c tea 25c starch 15c leather 50c tea 25c starch 15c lemon 15c buckskin 10c   went in debt 15c  tear went to hur mothers stayed all the afternoon got 1 qt of Beans of her mother  I went to lot   unharnessed the horse  p0lanted 1 qt of beens and 1 bu of potatoes  7 rows in the little botom then to the fort borrowed 30c of mother  got my surtificate for the use of water off of booth   paid him 25c wich squared the thing up the AM fork boys was driving there stock up A.Mfork canyon we got home at 6 ½ planted some mellons and cucmbers and beens  by the house  turned the water on peas  the 2 toms came back and John took them


TH 2       I done my chores  Riley started to water his grain this morning  I plowed some ditches and tended Rileys wast water cleaned that ditch out that goes to the west end of the oats  we went to store to get some rice they did not have aney.  I let him have 49 lbs of Wheat  got some candy 10c left the rest on the book  I also cleaned that ditch between Riley and me  This store acct is for tomorrow not today


FR 3       I got the water this morn at 5  took it on all the wheat on the hill  before breakfast   tended to it all day  poot the wast water on the W in the hallow  we went to the fort as above stated did not go yesterday


SA  4      I got up at 5 turned the water off the Wheat on the hill poot it on the grain in the hallow  stayed with it all day dug the ditch out and levied it for 5c yards on the west of oats  my cow went to fort I went after them  Riley P Kits and F. Beck W. Levy and Geo Bodison worked on Levy 2 ½  hours today they quit at 11 A.M. 8 ½


SU  5      I got up at 4 went to hunt the horses they broke loose last nite found them over on other side of oats prince fast to sage tended the water came up slept 2 hour then had Breakfast  went to water again  came at ¼ to unharnessed the hores got redy went to fort  it was mothers birth day we all gathered at Rileys then went to mothers to gat her took our grub Ezekil and Rhoda was over we did have a surprise party to there was besides us Bro and sister Booth Bro and sister Brodison and Becks C,   Jim Mc

MO 6      I got up at 5 ¼ this morn  milked changed the horses then went down in hollow and tended to the water   came up at 6 ½ had breakfast went back stayed with it til noon or 11 came up TEARS father and mother and Jos came up stayed til 1 they went to freds stayed til 3 then went home  I planted some corn by the house  went to the water again we hitched the teem up took a ride to the lot  the beens that I planted a weak ago last Saturday was up good  the garden looked nice   the cane and cucmbers was also coming nice that was planted the same day as above William Dunson had a little Boy get drunded today


TU  7      I done the chores went down  ended to the water in the hollow  the oats was all waterd except a little on the North side  I tirned the water off them  poot it on the Wheat  (on the side in red letters he wrote MASHINE  MOWING) We went tp the fprt a 9 1/2and we went to fork after the mowing machine  got it at 1 oclock  thornton through Tunbirg  I got 1 galend of hard oil of Chipman on tick 1.00 They berried W Dunsons little boy at 4


WE  8     I done the chores then tended to the water then went to the fort fixed the machine  went oat cut 1 or 3 rounds on a peace for John then went and cut 2 acres for C Beck  fetched the machine up with me  cut some hay for the horses Cristena was up since noon  Lewis came after hur at night  let Jim Polson take old tom last nite to work for awhile he is to pay me what is rite for the use of him


                TH 9       I cut my lusurn in the forenoon  went to Nealsons after noon to see if they wanted me to cut their luscurn for making Dobeys for me  they had got some of their luscurn cut  they said they would like to pay me in lumber for cutting  I told them I would cut all the seasons for lumber they said all rite.  I then went to geo Mires he wanted to trade wagons with me so he came up to see mine he wanted me to bring mine out there to morrow and let him try it   it started to rain and rained off and on the rest of the day from 2 oclock


FR 10      I done my chores the went to the fort  took my wagon to geo Mires left it there fetched his home with me to try it   he fetched mine home about 3 and we traded   I give him my cowsa and I am to cut 5 acres of lusurn for him to boot  Theadore Sunbirg came up at 6 to see me about the machine  he stayed here all night we stayed up til 12 talking him and me it rained some


SA 11     We got up at 5 done chores had breakfast John came up and him me and Sunbirg went out and looked at the machine  John and me pooled it in geer and cut lusurn up hill in my lusurn  I pooled it down and cut alone with John riding we went to the fort solda Mc Daniel 1 machine  came back  John and me agreed to take a combine  Draper and rake of him 180.00 one hundred and Eighty Dollar without interest McDaniel is to have ours he give me 5 per on all the customers that we can get for him  John and me poot some stitches in my hop


SU 12     We got up at 7 done chores  go redy went to meating  Brothers whitehead and Woods from Springvill was here as missionaries spoke on many good things of importance the Bishop spoke a few minuets on the signs of the times we had dinner at Becks  I went to school taught my class there was James and Jos Polson in my class a N Heley, Geo Bodison Est Bateman  Whitehead spoke a few minutes after school I went to Geo Mires got my side boards had supper at Lewises got home at 6 went and look at the grain the Wheat is niceley in   Boot corn is 6 inches high




MO 13    I went to the fort to rake Becks hay could not get a rake I got H. Walton to rake it for me 25c per acre  Strong wanted me to give him 75c lb of salt for the use of his rake to rake 3 acres   I told him I would  rake it with a hand rake first  so John and me raked mine with the hand rake and poot it up  poot the rake on the wagon  I took 20 lbs of Wheat to the store and got ½ lbs or horse nails 17 1/2c pac of shoe tax 10c the rest in nutmegs  I poot 3 shoes on trip to night Devy sharpened fork tongs Adams poot pair of ½ soles on my Boots poot peace on head and nailed them to


TU 14     We got up at 5 the sow had 2 pigs last night I slept out there to watch hur  I done my chores got redy took tear to fort to go to fork with her folks she took 3 lbs of butter and ½ bu of wheat she got toys for babe with the and shugar and tea with the Wheat  hur folks bot hur anew dress for hur birthday present  John and me holled my lusurn had 4 gags got done at 2   Sundberg came to tell us that our machine would come to morrow I went to the fort after tear took the mowing machine to Mcdaniels the one we had


WE 15    I went to lot poot 12 rows of potatoes in little bottom John and me went to pleasant grove after Draper it had not come we fetched 2 mowes up with us


TH 16     I went to fort at 7 poot the mower together and cut 4 acres of Johns lusurn  John helped Walton to poot some lusurn up to pay for Heber raking that peace of Becks  I got a card stating that our drapper had come to Pleasant Grove to day Vine fetched some new potatoes up to mothers today


FR 17      I got up at 4 ½ done chores went to Battle Creek after our drapper got it got back at 11 we had dinner started to poot up the mower  I worked at it til 5 before I got it done   John finished cutting his lusurn this fore noon started on Adams lusurn at 3 ½ after dinner I came up at 7  .F.Beck come up with a load of fish sent us 7 Fish we let them have 2 buckets of salt 1 fine  1 coarse


SA 18     I went to the fort hitched on the Machine went to Nealson cut 2 ½ acres of Lusurn for them had dinner there  came back cut 1 acre of lusurn for Lewis had some coffee went to Adamses cut 1 ¾ acres for him John cut 1 ¾ acres for him last night  we got home at 8  Tears father helped John all day to poot up lusurn on cutting they got Jhons rake and poot up Lewis went after telegraph poles


                SU 19     We went to meating hird John Devy and Clark spoke we went to E.Heleys to dinner  went to the primary anniversary we was very well entertained for 2 hours  came home tended to the water on the wheat chored


MO 20    I got up at ½ past 4 tended to my tattering had breakfast went to fort un hitched team  poot trip in the rake went to Nelsons raked 2 ½  acres of lusurn came back helple John to haul 4 loads of lusurn started at 11:00 we got home at 7 tended to the water John raked 3 ½ acres of lusurn for Adams that we had cut  Jos Beck helped John to poot up Lusurn 2 hours


TU 21     I got up at 5 tended to the water then went to fort helped John to hall lusurn we halled 9 loads with 2 teemes  Goodridge helped with his teeme TEARS father helped us to we halled 5 load with our teeme 4 with his He came at 10 Beck helped all day we took one load for tithing or to me,  Ezeli was over after some cattle


WE 22    John and me went up to Prestons after telegraph poles and David we got 12   fetched them to lowes leg got home at sunset took Trip and Prince  Lewis took load to fork to Dunk


TH 23     We went to the mouth of Prestons loaded the 12 telegraph poles on my wagon   I  took them to Dundleys got 77c each for them payed 135c that I was owing him got shugar 50ct tea 50 shirting 1.24  starch 15 hopse 15 Brade 20 Panaca 45  Sunbirg was up


FR  24     I done my chors  John came up got his horse shoes and denbill took old tom to lot   I fixed place for little pigs went to fort we halled 2 gags or lusurn  I turned water on lusurn in new field  fetched gag of lusurn up


SA 25     I poot the water on some of the dry spots in the hollow  then went to fort firrowed the Beans out went to newfield tirned water on Lusurn. Got 2 pigs of Jim Mcdaniel  one of them on Becks acct  the other for 2 hogs that he got of me  David Mc and me plowed a ditch across the road by his corell F Beck moved to day to the fort


SU 26     We got up at 7 did not get to meeting  went to school and taught my class  as usual  there was James and Jos Telley Bateman we got home at 6


MO 27    I got up at 4 ½ tirned the water off the Lusurn  went our harrowed 16 rows of corn tirned the water on 10 rows then went to the fort tirned water 8 rows of potatoes  halled 1 load of sand to the Levy by Davids Crell fixed ditch tirned the water on the beens  Deveyes halled hay in dads lot


TU 28     Tended the water on corn firrowed 12 rows out went to fort worked on the ditch ½ day between me and Mason cr on city  went to newfield tirned water on Lusurn  get home at 6 poot reaper together tended water on corn


WE 29    Got up at 5 went to fort  helped John to devide the bees we took brass bucket of honey from thim had breakfast there came up finished pooting the reper together down cut  C Becks fall wheat had dinner before we started got it cut by sunset 3 ½ acres, we had supper   Beck and Jos our John and Lewis bound it And cept up


TH 30     Had the tooth ache since noon yesterday till 5 to nite  did not do any think  went to fort with John at 4  we had 2 letters from James  said he was going to stay home about 4 or 5 of July  he will be here by 24 July



JULY 1881



FR 1       I plawed some corn before breakfast tended Rileys wast water then we went to fort got some turnips  letise (lettuce) and redishes (radishes) got Rileys cultivatorcame home at 10 plowed corn with the cultivator the rest of day Railey was watering his oats the 3 times corn


SA 2       I plowed some corn and tended rileys waist water  we went to fort after noon took old Jiney with me  first John and me and Lunberg took some of there stock with us and Jiney   we got home at 11 at nite  Lundberg stayed there


SU 3       I tended the water on some of the west peace of corn turned it on the peace of wheat  next to the house  then we went to the fort.  There was M (Meating) at 1 oclock went to school and taught my class as usual


MO  4     I tended the water on corn then went to the fort took ½ bu wheat to buy some mutten with   it was all sold  took the plow to plow the cane with did not plow any   the boys was running races for cider  lots of them tight on cider and then on ale The Boys kept getting worse til about 3 oclock when our John got quarlesome got to swearing pretty loud and high  I found him standing by strongs gatepacked him to the lain he got away from me I got him back   packed him in the their lot  then S Moyle came to arest him without papers   John took no notice of him so he got mad and was going to strike John   I told him not to strike him then He called for help to take him  Walton and others came  I told them to take him like a man  not like a dog they did not take him then they said that I would not let them take him and arested me for resisting an officer told me to appear at 8 in the morning to answer they took Vet also for resisting and had John also for getting drunk   we sent for Thirman to come to defend us John and me seen Jos Walton passing down the street we called him over  I asked him is he seen me do any thing to hinder stephen from taking John   he said that his impressin was that I did not want them to take him I said did you see me do anything to stephen pooush him or touch him in any way  he said that stephen said I did but he did not see me   we got home at 12 at nite


TU 5       I went to the triel and had it postponed they poot it off till thursday they would not greant us the trial today at 10  thirman came but did not do us any good the trial was postponed til Thursday at 10 so Thiman and partner went home  I lost most of the day came up tended the water on corn


WE  6     I went to the lot howed some potatoes watered beenes and taters spent most of the day in getting redy for the triel TEAR picked currents for hur mother got homeat 6


TH  7      We went to the for my triel came off John pled gilty   I did not so the thing started  they was all forenoon getting the Jurey,  ajourned, til 1 ½  met at 2 S Moyle and Jos Walton   John Devy appeared against me and lied most terrible and of couse fetched me in guilty and fined me 15.00 and cost of cort they also fine John 15.00 and costs  I had to give bonds for payment.  Gave me til morn to sign


FR 8       I went to for a 7 ½ got John Mayne to go my bonds  John got James Heley to go his   Clark and Booth told me to let the thing die out then go to Bishop and tell the the strait of the thing and they thought he would remed the fine and also part of Johns I furowed the corn out turned water on it   furowed the potatos out howed corn


SA  9      I went to lot tended the water came up at breakfast howed corn all day on west peace   got 2/3 of it done  nealson came to see if I could cut Wheat for them today told no


SU 10     We did not go to meating or school but went to the for in the after noon   I went out to Henifers and Nealsons to see if the grain was ripe  I promised to cut for Nealson tomorrow   Hammers came up from Lehi to Becks  John Polsons cam home to day,  has been gon for 2 years down south


MO 11    I went out to Nealsons cut 4 acres of Wheat for them  cut 11 acre for James Polson  the Lehi men turned the water out of the big ditch in front of Nealsons yesterday  dried ditch  Don and Dave Strong and Thead Beck sent after lumber for Nash


TU  12    Cut 4 acres of W for J. Polson, and 1 for Nealson on B Whiting


WE 13    I done chores went on the bench on the bench cut 1 ½ acre of W for Nealson and 2 acres of oats for Gea mires got done at noon came up to Becks un hitched  fed  had dinner   Sundberg came there  then him and me went out to Hagans to see if we could see him a self Binder.  He thought he would take 1  I Borrowed 2 dollards of Sunberg  Bot 1 1/’2 lbs of shugar to make pezerves  Jos Polson Broke Hagans wagen today


TH 1       I howed corn all day got 2/3 of the east peace done it was weady  Riley cut his oats today   got done at 3 Riley  Phil  J Freestone had dinner here


FR 15      I cut 3 ½ acres of Wheat for Geo Mires and 2 ½ for hinifer John helped Henifer to bind    Mires and Jake Beck went to Provo to get a lawier to defind their case on Tuesday next for steeling water


SA 16     I finished cutting Henifers 5 acres by 10  then cut 4 for Rob Jones  1 ½ of Wheat 2 ½ of oats got Henifer to have us came up cut 1 acre for tears father at the point of hill  John helped him to bind it  we bount Rob Joneses grain for 1.90 per acres


SU 17     We stayed at home til 2 then went to the fort  did not go to school or meating.  Us and Becks went to Davises and to the newfield  had supper at Davises had a good time


MO 18    I howed 1 acre of corn finished the east peace then went to the fort at 10  took the reaping part off  the machine poot the mowing part on had dinner at mothers went out to Mireses and cut 3 acres of lusurn Sundberg fetched prince home he has had him 2 weeks using him.   John went to the new field  furrowed my corn out


TU 19     I went to Mireses cut ½ acre of lusurn  it started to rain  I came back  it stoped raining   John went back and cut 2 acres more for mires  I came up  howed young corn went to fort   cut 1 ½ acres of luzurn bor Beck after 6 John raked 3 acres for mires Nig runaway from Beck to home


WE  20   I went to fort finished raking mires luscurin 5 acres raked Birgs 3 acres then we loaded the machine in wagon came up here cut 3 ½ acres after noon John  Lewis and Beck bound for me.


TH  21    I went to the fot at 5 this morn  took the machine we got McDaniels mover   Hohn cut 5 acres of lusurn for Henifer  I cut 3 ½ acres of W for Mires and 2 acres for Polsons 


FR  22     I cut 7 acres of Wheat for Nealson today and ½ acre for Lewis,  P John cut 5 ½ acres of lusern for Polsons and raked 1 ½ acres for Henifer yesterday  I had Jom Polson working ½ cay for Mires and John ¼ of a day  he payed me 8.00 for cutting W and 1.00 for John and Jim Polson Binding  he owes me 25c yet on binding.


SA  23    I cut 3 ½ acres of W for Lewis P 1 ½ for C. Beck  John finished raking 5 acres of lusurn and raked 5 ½ for Polsons and 3 for Rob Jones we helped Beck to bind his  James got home to night at 6 from Colorado he has been gon 9 months tomorrow  Polly and Emma Beck came from town at 5 ½ to nite                                          


SU 24     John and Jim came up at 8  we went to tool gate  got some Beer and pt of Whiskey  came back  stayed home all day never went to the fort at all  had a rabit for dinner  John and Jim stayed to dinner  John killed the rabit


MO 25    We went to the fort spent the day they had meating in forenoon after noon was spent runing races with children there was a dance at nigh did not get to dance we went to Elsmores got some ice cream


TU 26     We cut 5 acres of wheat for boys Jim  John  and Beck bound in fore noon  John McDaniel helped them after noon


WE 27    We cut 1 acre for the boys and 4 ½ for me John Jim and Lewis and John McDan found it   cut this peace by the house


TH 28     Cut 3 acres for me  in hollow John  Jim  Lewis Jim Polson and John Mc  bound  got done at noon  went down cut 2 acres for Mcdan  John  Jim helped to bind it


FR 29      We cut 5 acres of W and 3 of oats for McDaniel today John helped all day Jim helped ½ day had dinner and lunch


SA 30     Cut some back swaths for Mc then came over and cut 2 acres of W and 2 of oats for boys   got home at 6  firrowed this bit of corn out by the house and waterd


SU 31     Turned the water on the west pc of corn  went to fort  poot the water on my potatoes in lot  they tirned water off bench took TEAR to meating  I did not go   lont Geo Mcdaniel 30 obs of flower and 2 bu of Wheat.






MO 1      Went to fort tended water on potatoes then went over and cut 1 ½ acre if W for me.  John helped him to bind it , Jim and W Henifer shocked some wheat for boys we came up got redy to cut mine we stated to cut the oats at 2 2/3 got the oats and 1 acre of wheat done at sunset, finished my cutting John and Jim Henifer Jim Polson , John Mc Daniel and Beck and Joseph bound and shocked it up Henifer worked 3/4 of day the rest ½ day each.


TU 2       Jim and me poot the mowing part on the machine and cut my lusurn I went to lot tended water went down to Worthys field to see the Mc Cormic Self Binder work it done  good, I shocked in hollow.


WE 3      I went to the fort tended water on lot got the rake fixed it got 2 bolts at store cost 8 ct then raked 2 acre of lusurn for F Beck then raked mine and poot it up went to fort picked the cucumbers got some beens (beans) fixed the water had supper at Mothers.


TH 4       I shocked up 3 acres of Wheat next to house, It rained good ½ hour at 6 this morn went to Fork after noon got some things, pair of overhalls 1.00, ax and handle 1.50, baken 60, tea 25, coffee 25, shugar 50 amt 4.10 got them at Chipmans on tick.  Started to wien RENZO.


FR 5       I turned all my lusurn over to dry, then went to fort helped the boys to poot up lusurn all the afternoon, TEAR Bot l pt of oil and dress for RENZO , 1 box of lye amt 48 she gave Jane Heley 15 ct for dressing hur brest, RENZO is doing well.


SA 6       Jim came up helped me to hall my lusurn had 5 loads we got done at 4 went to fort took 2 wagons she picked the cucumbers and apples, John got Jims mair (maire) down and my Spot cow and his took the cows up drycreek and Old Tom, Old Spot calf was not with hur.


SU 7       We went to meating John Devy and Bishop took all the time, never went to school had dinner at Becks got home a 6 ½ Adams came to me after meating said Walton sen him to see me about calling him a lyer at the trial.


MO 8      I went to fort to the reaper with me went to new field cut 4 acres of oats for F Beck, John , Jim, Lewis helped him to bind and Joseph.


TU 9       I went to help the Boys to hall lusurn it was to damp we fetched 2 loads up here it started to rain before we got unloaded we had diner went back loaded l load, it rained again we poot that load in loft.  I came up started to clean a place to stack the wheat done chores poot handle in new ax got redy to go to canyon tomorrow.


WE 10    Jim and John Came up this way we started to canyon at 8 took Tom ,Trip and Bill we all 3 went got 3 logs 20 ft long and 3,16 ft long 10 inches at top, 2 ties 6 ½ ft long got them to the loading place at Prestons there came a terrible rain stormy about 3 ft lasted ½ an hour.


TH 11     Me and Jim and John went to the canyon took three horses got 6 logs 2 of them 20 ft long 4.16 ft for Chipman for 15 ct per running ft, fetched them to loading place at Prestons John Mc got 6 telegraph poles . I shocked and oats up at night


FR 12      Jim and me took 3 horses got 6 logs 4.20 ft long and 2.16 ft long got them to loading place at Prestons Can John turned the hay over John Mc got 6 telegraph poles.


SA 13     We loaded our logs on to the wagons 9 on each and took them to Jordan I got at Chipmans Bacon 70, tea 25, chese 35, lye 50, axle grease 35, John Mantle came here this morn at 5 after Jim MC for Vine was down here and hur baby was very sick he stayed all day.


SU 14     We stayed at home all day.  It started to rain at 7 and kept raining off and on til 10 then it started in ernest it come down in torrents.  Box Elder rose so high that at it brought out cords and cords of wood and rocks that would weigh from 10 to 20 tons and down great damage it took W Nashes Mill out of A M Fork canyon and split the road took the Bridge .


MO 15    I went to the fort they was Burrning Jim Mc Daniels baby I shocked my grain in the fore noon John and Matle was up to to funeral the child died at Mantles on Saturday.


( Delbert Charles Mc Daniel was born 13 Dec 1881 )


TU 16     I went up Boxelder got two loads of drift wood and piled 2 loads got l last night the cow got away I cleaned the Spring out.



WE 17    Went after the cow helped Boys to hall lusurn TEAR went to fort I got on tick at store 25 ct in shugar  25 rice.


TH 18     I went to fort helped to hall lusurn all day.  Dorse and Mary Mc  was up today stayed all day it rained at 5 to nite, it rained most every day this week til today.


FR 19      I got 2 loads of wood this morn from Box Elder halled 2 loads of clay on to the threshing floor TEARS father and Mother was up to see RENZO to night he has been sick for 3 or 4 days with direah (diahreea). Lowellen fetched Mother home to nite.


SA 20     I cleaned the place to poot the stack and spread 2 loads of clay on it went to fort got Jim to help me to hall grain it was to wet sowe went to Fork I got 1 bu lime 600, pair shoes for TEAR 2.35, shugar 25, coal oil and can 55, amt 3.45. I had a tooth pooled cost 50 cts in Chip Jim got some shugar 25 and some money he fetched Birgess girl up with us Booth went with us and back, John worked on east ditch all day.


SU 21     We stayed at home til 3 went to fort to a water meating of the High Bench company and East Field Company, to see if they could cooperate together to make 1 ditch for the 2 companies had supper at Mothers come up at 6 ½.


MO 22    John and me halled my oats 5 loads and 3 loads of Wheat, Jim went to town yesterday took Freeman and Catherine with hem to Draper, Jim took Birgess girl to town.


TU 23     John and me halled 8 loads of W, Jos Beck helped us turned bundles.Sent Jos to the store got cheese and bacon, 30 on ticket. TEARS folks came up tonight to see RENZO, with the flood, he gave it to us for halling it off.


TH 25     I went to meating heard John Taylor and Geo Q Cannon and W Woodruff , Devy John they all spoke as named and spoke of building temples and doing work for the dead and the signs of the times and so forth.  I halled 1 load of sand after noon GAL picked cucumbers got some apples


( First Presidency of the church in 1881 )


FR 26      Chored went to fort helped Boys to hall 6 loads of Wheat got 15 lbs of flower of Geo Mc that he was owing me he is yet owing me 2 bu of W and 20 lbs of flower.


SA 27     Went to the fort ground a knife stacked l load of wheat for Boys then went to new field cut my lusurn got done at 3 ½ feteched he machine up here done chores, Boys finished halling their gain.


SU 28     We went to fort I went to meating I went to school also Taught class. R T Booth took ½ an hour H Moyle and S W Brown took ½ hour Strong the rest.


MO 29    We went to fort helped TEARS father thrash he had 89 bu of Wheat and 133 of oats helped S.Y Beck to thrash 88 of oats 75 of Wheat helped David Mc  to  thresh 230 of W 113 of oats, Vet 60.


TU 30     I went to fort helped David Mc to finish threshing his grain Jim took my heifer and stear up into dry creek him and me went to new field raked my lusurn tool it up fetched l load up Jim got a bottle of panacca of Chipmans yesterday for us.

( Panacca is a remedy for all ills )


WE 31    We went to fort Jim and me went to new field got the rest of my lusurn and oats fetched it up then went to fork TEAR went to we got lard 1.00, rice 25, tea 25, currents 25, coffee 25, nutmegs 10, soap 10, clover 10 coff  20, W dish 75, crackers 15, sugar 3.25, cinnamon 10 jars 1.50, bacon 30, ginham 25, delaine 70, 2.45 band prints 60, hoes 55, lym jar 1.40 nails 25, hat 50, meat 50 let Tilda Mc   Mc  have 75 ct for plumes that we got of Faney Moyle.


 ( Tilda Mc Daniel Mc Cullough )

( Fanny Carlisle Moyle was married to John Moyle )






TH 1       I dobed the grainery inside for noon went to fort to get some lumber Nash was gone to Fork got l bu of potatoes of C Beck and 7 cabbage lb of butter ground lb coffee.  Came up cleaned calf house finished plastering grainery went back at 11 got some lumber of Jim and he came up with me we fixed chalf houe and killed the lamb


FR 2       The thresher came up at 7 started to thresh at 9 it took them all day to thresh my grain 1 70 bu of W and 88 of oats and 2 loads of lusurn got done at dusk then had supper then went to Philips I had Jim, Joseph, and John Polson Cris, Jos and S. Y Beck, Vet, Nephi, Strong and Jim and me paid them all but Don and Jim.


SA 3       The threshers had breakfast here but Philip payed us for it he gave us 2 bu of Wheat for Breakfast and me helping him thresh started there to thresh 13 bu of W and 56 bu of oats got done at 10 I cleaned my threshing floor we went to the fort at 4 picked ½ bu red of plums at Becks and got 1 bu of apples at Mothers.  John came home from Railroad could not get work.


SU 4       We stayed home til 4 then went to fort to see if I could get the water for the new field we stayed to Tom Whitbys to supper got home at 7 I could not get the water til tomorrow.


MO 5      I fixed up the stack yard so the pigs could not get in halled 3 loads of Trvor of lusurn seed and other stuff out of the stock yard poot it on short garden. Afternoon I cut 10 rows of corn and halled 6 of them went to new field turned water on my lusurn.  John, Bob Booth John Polson C Beck went to look at Box Elder to see if they could make a road and see the timber they said it would cost 300.00 dollars to make the road the timber not good


TU 6       We went to fort took 1.50.dollars bot 8 gars with it  got 22 ½ worth of bacon and 5 ct worth of matches on tick borrowed Sarah Anns bucket to make perserves in  TEAR made 3 buckets of then yesterday and 3 to day filled 13 jars and 2.6 lbs bucketts and 2 3 lbs buckets of red and greengage plums, used 25 lbs shugar I cut and halled 2 loads of corn John helped me to fix the straw.


WE 7      I cut 3 loads of corn halled 5 finished this first peace, chored. W Henifer helped the boys on their grainery today the first.


TH 8       I cut l load of corn halled it then went to fort took 43 lbs of oats to store.  Bot oil 15, buck skin 15,  revits 20, nutmeg paid 20 that was owing, poot the water on potatoes come up cut ½ of my lusurn 1 chored


FR 9       I cut the rest of my lusuren cut l load of corn halled it went to fort tool 1 bu of Wheat traded it to Eastwood for salt 90 lbs got the rake from them fetched it up with me raked my lusurn poot most of it up got at store 40 ct in bolts on tick TEAR bot 30 ct worth of bacon, paid.  John went to town today for Devy.


SA 10     I raked my lusurn last nite poot the rest of it up today then got l load of corn then went to fort to help John Heley to thresh they had anough (enough) with out me so I came up with Joseph helped Beck.  Halled my lusurn in the afternoon had 3 loads, done chores.


SU 11     We went to Draper TEARS folks went with us started at 7 got there at 9 ½ Rhoda was sick she had a baby last Tuesday we had a good time got home at 7 ½ at nite. Frost this mornin


( BABY-There is no record of this birth in family records

so the baby must of been a stillborn) 


MO 12    Cut l load of corn then went to fort to help Don to thresh we got done at 5 ½ came up bot at store 2 spools of thread 10, paid for them, then got packet tea 25 on tick, Don had 35 of oats. 119 ½ of W,  Whenifer worked for boys.


TU 13     I halled 5 loads of corn and Jos Beck cut 4 loads for me.  John started to town today with a load of grain for store had 3500 lbs.


WE 14    I and Jos Beck and Jim cut and halled 3 loads of corn for me this morn we went to for I Shingled for Jim he took my teem went to Am Fork got 2 bunches of shingles of Chipmans at 3.50 per thousand I went to Nealsons got my cow and stear and clave they got away this morning Catherine went up with us tonight TEAR got 25 ct worth of shugar, Bacon 30 ct on tick paid for blewing (bleuing) 10, in cash.


( Bluing was a dye put in the rinse water of the wash, it gave a white look )


TH 15     I went down helped the boys to finish shingling grainery took til 11 then I got 5 bu of apples at Mothers then came home John got home at 5 this morn from town.


FR 16      Turned the cows out and they ran away over to the mouth of the canyon then to Nelsons got them back at 9 then went to new field got 1 load of corn got home at 3 then went to lot got the beenes had the box full got home at 6 boys cut and halled some of their corn today, Heley cow died last nite.


SA 17     Went to new field cut and halled 1 load of corn gave boys the rest of it got home at 1 we  took 90 lbs of oats to store TEAR got tea cups and saucers for 120, cinnamon 1.00, cloves 10, spice 10, pepper 10, drew 3 ct to much, we got home at 4.


SU 18     We stayed to home all day never went to the fort we expected Tom Whitbys folks up today but they did not come, Catherines boys came after hur tonight.  Frank and young Johney come.


( John (1874-1952) and Francis (1867-1939) Manning....cousins )



MO 19    We done the chores then went to the fort John helped me to grind my knife I went to W Henipers and cut 4 acres of lusurn for him I started at 11 quit l hour for noon We had supper at Becks it


was Josephs Birthday Lewis and Christine was there also James Nealson wife had a son this morn about 4 o’clock


 ( James David Nielsen (1881-1943)...Fanneys brothers son )


TU 20     I went to Heinfers cut 2 acres finished and raked the 3 that I cut yesterday came up to Breakfast Joseph helped me to grind knife it was then to late to start on theirs so I came home


WE 21    We went to fort took 55 lbs of oats to store Bot ½ galen vinager 30, pack tea 25, shugar 41 ct, I cut 2 acres for Beck cut 1 ½ acres for Lewis Kity went home.


TH 22     I went to fort raked Becks lusurn and lewises in fore noon went to new field and turned the water on lusurn then came home , done chores, TEAR made Cats soup and ground preserves


FR 23      We went to fort I helped E heley to thrash 216 bu of oats and 92 Wheat to pay him for helping in Larsons cut afternoon helped the boys to thresh 36 bu of oats and 100 of Wheat.  Took 60 lbs of oats to store got cotin flannel 50, plate 25, ribon 10, candy 5 yarn 30


SA 24     I went to fort got 10 lbs of beef and a shank 15 all together 75.  I took 1.35 lbs of oats to store got it all in conton flanel $ 2.35, I went to new field and cut acre of lusurn for F Beck got old Liney from Booths corell fetched hur home with me shocked l basket of corn.


SU 25     I went to meating Clark and John Devy took all the time and spoke very well.  I came home at noon to dinner we went down again at 3 had some coffee at Becks called at Mothers Jim fetched his girl up tonite.


MO 26    John and me went to Lehi after a load of corn for Worthy he his to give us 3.00 each in lumber we fed at Orons.  Garfield was burreyed today they had a Lehi. Vet and Yan Beck went on rail road today.


TU 27     I went to fort this morn before breakfast after young Liney John came up with me halped me to poot the stove in. I threshed the beens and shocked 3 baskets of corn and tended stock.


WE 28    I tended the stock cleaned the stable out before noon shocked basket of corn went to fort           took 51 lbs of oats to store. Bot broom 37 ½ , shugar 25, horse nails 10 we got home at 4 shocked some corn.


TH 29     Cut and halled this bit of cane on the bench into the corell tended stock we went to the fort after noon took 22 lbs of oats to store got meat it came to 90 c paid 35 on it the rest on ticket.  I helped J to get up 25 bu of potatoes Jim started to the rail road this morn at 7 so


FR 30      I went to fort helped John to get up 30 bu of potatoes and cut some lursurn and rake the upper peace took 98 lbs of oats of store Bot tea 25, vinagar 27, musterd 7.





SA 1       Jojn cut the rest of Boys lusurn, 2 acres we plowed and picked 10 bu of potatoes and raked 2 acres of lusurn and poot the upper peace up. 


SU 2       We stayed at home til noon tended the cows and horses went to fort we stayed there til 5 never went to school or meating had supper at Marthas got a cat there.


MO 3      John and me raked 3 acres of Lusurn and poot it up and halled 2 loads TEAR and mother made catsoup togehter. Mr Orson Pratt died today.


TU 4       John and me halled 5 loads of lusurn 4 to mothers l for tithing I took 25 lbs of oats to store got shugar.


WE 5      I done the chores went to fort groung the hay knife went over cut 5 acres of lusurn for John Moyle for 1 ton of lusurn, one dollar on store. I sold the hay to James Nealson for 3 ½ on lumber and 1 days work and 50 ct.  John and George Hackett plowed and picked 40 bu of potatoes I halled them in Jim came home tonite could not get work on rail road, fetched Jos Birgess with him form Fork.


TH 6       I went to fort got some horse shoes and nails amt 1.32 had 1.00 charged to John Moyle the 32 to me we plowed and picked 4 rows of potatoes and harrowed the rest of the peace and picked 13 Jim took 8 bu of apples to Fork to get cider made took 8 shoes to get corked and had to get 4 more down there.  Jim bot 4, cost 40 ct got 12 corked cost 2.25.


FR 7       I toped my cane took it to mill l gag, took 4 sacks of cob corn for John to take with him to Hashleys Fork, we started to get redy for to start to Hashleys Fork  John and me poot 8 bu of potatoes in wagon and 3 of apples to sell at park Jim took the shoes back to get the cork welded on got back at 4 we poot 2 shoes on trip and shoed Bill all around.  We took 31 lbs of oats to store Bot l qt of vinnegar 15, the rest of 50 in baken.


SA 8       I done the chores went to fort took 3 sacks of cob corn and 2 of oats for John to take with him we shocked the corn on on Bishops sheller 6 ½ lbs  I furnished the 6 ½  bu of corn 5.1/4 of oats, 11 in all John furnished 8 bu of oats and Wheat I let him have 5 dollars cash Jim shoed Prince and 2 shoes on Trip they started at 1 ½ Riley a 4 ½ Ebb Hebert


SU 9       I tended my stock and mothers, TEAR stayed at home all day.  Old Tom was taken sick at noon I doctored him til 11 o clock at nite he then died he endured great pain died from the effects of lusurn.Mrs F (Henrike) Beck broke her leg last Friday Tom and Eliza came from town tonight.


( Elisa Melissa Mantle married Thomas Henry Jenkins in 1867 )







MO 10    I done my chores up here then went to fort done Mothers chores.  Borrowed Don Strongs          teeme came up drug old Tom off   TEAR went to the fort with me I poot some hay on mothers                      stack watered and fed stock,  TEAR went to store got apron lace amt 50 on tick we walked home .


TU 11     I done choes then went to fort took TEAR shoes and l of RENZOS to Adams got little patch poot on TEARS peace on heal sowed round the heal of RENZOS.  I cut and halled my cane to mill form the lot, got Becks teeme, I done mothers chores.


WE 12    We went to fort I toped l load cane and dug 6 bu of potatoes in botom (bottom) got Mc Daniels old Mag borrowed Booths harness fetched the taters up.  TEAR took 2 doz of eggs for tithing she took 1 doz to store got 18 ct for them she stayed to Dorses all day.  I done mothers chores.


TH 13     I done my chores went down in the field got cows took the teeme went to fort done Mothers chores dig 12 bu of potatoes.  Riley came home from Park fetched 28 hundred of coal he said there was no Brait and theat the Boys was waiting for loads til today or tomorrow.  Came up without my potaotes.


FR 14      Went to fort done mothers chores got 28 lbs of meat of John Mc at 6 per lb on their Wheat cutting got old Mag fetched the potatoes up done my choes went back dug 6 bu of potatoes Jims steer cam down.


SA 15     We loaded 3.41 lbs of W and 3.48 of oats up went to fort got 3 bu of apples took them to Fork got 24 galends of cider for them and 35 ct took the grain to store, Dunkleys got 10.70 for it Bot

2 yds of waterproof @ 85 per yd 1.70

6 yds of flanel at 48 cy per yd 2.70

1 ½ yds at 1.00 per yd 1.50, 10 yds factery 20 3.50 11 yds factory @ 10 per yd 1,00 3 1/4 yds delain @ 45 2.50  trimmings 40 ct. 2 of Mothers cows got foundered today they got well Star and Durrum we got home @ 7 . Re Booth and H Walton came back from Park could not get freight or work.


SU 16     Got up at 5 1/4 went down in field got Mothers stock out of field done hur chores.  Fetched their cattle up home turned my cows with them in hollow I did not go to meating or school went down poot Old Star  in stable had durrum fetched my cows up with me done chores.


MO 17    I got up at 5.40 went to fort done mothers chores came up done my chores we went to store took 90 lbs of W Bot tap15, pair of shoes for Trina 1.35, 2 yars of gingham 30, batting 20, factery 10, thread 10, paid cash 50 ct dew the store yet 33 ct then I went and cut some lusurn on John Heleys and l ace on H Heley cut 2 acres the boys Riley started to Park this morning.


TU 18     I got up at 6 done chores went to fort dome mothers chores raked the lusurn and poot it up and halled load to mothers and 1 up here E Booth and H Walton went to hall us today.


WE 19    We got up at 6 unloaded l load of hay went to fort let Mc Daniel take teem to go get part of the hay that I cut on H Heleys I done Mothers chores took Mother to Rileys then went up and got the rest of that hay on Hy heleys fetched it up here unloaded it went back poot l shoe on Tom and on Mag done chores came up @ 5 A Devy got run over with the wagon I packed him into the house they rubbed him with campher.


TH 20     Done chores we went to fort I dug the rest of my potatoes in four noon fetchedm them up had 30 bu in all poot 3 sacks full in cellar took 3 bu for tithing found my grubbing hoe at the Bishobs it had been gone since July.  TEAR got 25 ct worth of sage of Mrs Mc Collugh and 25 in sugar at the store on ticked for table.


FR 21      It was raining when I got up, had been raining some in night I got up @ 6 ½ went to fort done Mothers chores fetched my cows home with me, done my chores.  Made RENZO wagon had dinner at @ 2½ went to fort seen Riley about the boys he just came from Park John is halling oar 35 miles gets 42.00 per ton Jim is getting 2.00 per day and board.


SA 22     We went to fort done Mothers choes Mason and me and Ann picked up 22 bu of apples at Masons.  I took them to Fork to Shelleys took 4 bu of Wheat to mill and 4 to snows got pair of boots for 2.80 pair socks 20 TEAR paid Mrs Mc Colough 25 for sage. F Beck fetched his wife home to nite she got hur leg broke at conference.


SU 23     I done my chores went to fort done Mothers chores fetched the cows up with me milked we went to fort and stayed til 5 came up Stephen Farnsworth and Alvina tonight


( Stephen Farnsworth (1847-1928) married Catherine Alvina Manning 4 Jan 1874 )


MO 24    I went to fort done Mothers chores and filled 9 sacks of potatoes to Mothers and 5 up here.  Ann Mason and me picked up 20 bu of apples and loaded them done chores took 113 lbs W to the store, payed John Mc for some deer meat that we got of him last week.


TU 25     I got up at 6 went to fort done Mothers chores had breakfast there saved 9 sacks of taters picked up 4 bu of apples poot them in wagon and loaded the potatoes in got Becks teem took 30 bu of apples and 24 bu of potatoes to Fork Mother had 151 bu I had 9 potatoes got the barrells fixed cost me 75 ct got 82 gal and of cider to my share 44 to for Masons 14 got Beck a door, John came to nite.


WE 26    I got up at 6 ½ went got cows by Phils milked done chores went to fort to do Mothers.  John had come home with little horses left the others with Jim and wagon we fetched the cider up here 200 of it we filled 4 sacks of potatoes at Mothers and J Moyles_the horses Trips legs was swolen. I shocked 1 basket of corn paid it up I got 25 worth of bacon paid cash.


TH 27     I done chores took the cows to fort John and me branded Lineys yearling and Spots and 2 of theres  with RW and Ward bran Tom Mantle John came last night was up here to. I bot l lb of coffee 25, paid cash my pigs got in M Freestones corn today.


( James Freestone (1840-1917) and George (1838-1920) came to Alpine 1854, 1852 respectfully

Alice Carlise was Georges 1st wife...James went to Arizona in 1884 )


FR 28      Jim Nealson fetched my cows home this morn before we was up had been in his corn, it             rained and snowed all day I cleaned pig pen out then chored.


SA 29     I took 3 ½ bu of W l bu of corn to mill to chop for pigs, John took 12 bu up potatoes to Snows we got a jumper a perce and pair of shoes for Mother and packet of tea at A Adamses I tried to sell fat pig to every store but could not get but 10 ct per lb John Polson came home from Fork he has been sick for 5 days days sick yet today went Tom Mantles boy John went home today.

SU 30     I stayed home til 1 ½ went to fort took TEARS grandmother home went to W Henipers got shaved seen him about plowing sage for me he said he would come tomorrow if he did not go Youl came


MO 31    I plowed sage on side hill in hollow til noon then went to fort took 413 lbs of W to store.  Bot pac tea, buttens and trimming for baby coat come home covered potatoes shocked corn John and Vet got E Heley cows out of canyon for 5.00






TU 1       LORENZO had been sick with fever last night so we was late arising this morn I plowed sage in the hollow most all day I went to he fort at noon after TEARS Grandma she could not come stayed ½ an our Chris Beck and our John came to see if I would go in and take a contract to get spile timber with them, they went to see about it to fork Riley came up after the ditch acct for 1881.


                WE 2      I finished plowing that peace of sage running east and west inside of hollow started on old l and in hollow short length Riley started to plow his corn stubble I never went to fort today nor else ware


TH 3       I took l load of much in the hollow then we went to fort took old Red to boys TEAR took 2 lbs of butter to Carlisles 36 yd. John and me went to Becks to see Chris he had gone to Fork we went over to could not find Cris we got our horses shoes corked that had come off we got my choped Wheat at mill 4 bu then came home done chores loaded muck.


FR 4       I took load of muck in hollow plowed 1/3 of an acre Cris B and John came to see if I would go in with them and take a contract of Dunkleys to get Spile tumber so we went to Fork took the following timber to get 42 sticks 24 ft long 18 tick 18 sticks 40 sticks. 15 ft long, 50 stick, 12 ft long, all the above timber to be red pine and 10 inches at top end or 30 in around for wich we got 45 per ft 2/3 cash and 1/3 in store pay on delivery.  I got l bunch shingles on it 1, chese 15 12 crackers got home at sunset.


SA 5       I done my chores took the teeme and went to fort after the wagon the Boys left it down to Becks I borrowed Rileys stretched for Jos Beck to plow with today.  Chris and John w came up with me we went prospecting for timber went trough every grove in willow canyon and Wadsworth got back at dark the timber was good.


SU 6       We went to fort I went to meating Adams, H Moyle and Bishop took the time spoke of the presthood (preisthood) meating at Provo Yesterday I never went to school went on bench to C Becks after wagon we got home at dusk, grain machine up.


MO 7      I got up at 5 made fire it started to snow at 6 snowed til noon.  John and me killed a pig after noon for me.


TU 8       Salted pig and cut it up before noon. John and me went to Fork after noon he took 3 sacks of W


 to mill I got at Dunkleys l pair shots 225 shug 25, tea 35 paid credit on the spils.  Mrs Booth came up with us she had been to Fork.


WE 9      I done chores, Chris Beck came we went up Willow Canyon started up 25 to 10 H Heley went with us we cut 412 ft spiles, 1 spil 18, fetched 112 ft to botom of slide we let hyram in equel shares with us when he pays his share of excpeces (expences) up to now.


TH 10     John and me and Chris B and H Heley and Th Booth went to willow canyon we cut 7 peaces ( peices) 24 ft long 5 peaces 15 long and 9 12 ft long , 2 18 ft long fetched to botom (bottom) of slide got home at 6 Cris and John had supper here.


FR 11      John came up to got to canyon.  I was in Bed straining myself yesterday Jim came last night form Park so John went and got Jim to go in my stead there was 5 of them went Jim, John, Cris, and Hyram and E Booth they cut 19 sticks, slide.


SA 12     I could not go the canyon today, Jim went for me today.  The 5 sent today they slide most if the time I went to fort took 66 lbs of Wheat to store and 2 lbs of butter, shug, Bleached for 70, got 1 lb coffee and this book.


SU 13     I went to meating they had missionaries form Santiquin they spoke well I came home to dinner took grandma home we stayed there had coffee


MO 14    I done my chores the boys came so we went to canyon me and Hy and Cris cut 10 spiles  12 ft, 3 24 ft, Tom 2 75 ft , 1 18 ft R E Booth and John was running all day.


TU 15     I John and Hy R Booth went up Canyon Bob cut l spile 12 ft across 15 ft long we slid 49 to boton of slide took all day.  Cris never came there is yet 7 in timber, Cris was sick.


WE 16    I got up at 1/4 before 6 done choes got redy me and John and Hy , Bob Booth and R Jones went to canyon we cut 15 spiles and run them to botom of slide we had 1 tie and 1 telegraph pole 25 ft long TEAR went to fort she Bot shugar 25, thred 15, hur father fetched hur home at night.


TH 17     We got up at 6 I got redy went to canon we cut 16 spils and run them down there was me and John Chis, Hy and Bob up I cut 3, Jim 4, Cris 3, Hy 2, Bob 5


FR 18      I cut 3, Jim 2, Cris 2, Hy 2, Bob 5 I got up at 6 it had snowed 3 inches Cris and Jim and me and Hy went to canyon we cut 9 slides run 3 of them broke 9 new slide to night got home at 7 TEAR went to fort helped hur Mother to quilt she took 60 lbs of Oats to store got towels 60.


SA 19     We got up at 6 ½ done chores went to canyon there was me, John, Cris, Hyram, E Booth and Thorn, we cut 8 spiles and run some of them down new slide got home at 6


SU 20     We did not go to meating or school but we went fort @ 11 stayed til 2 came up done fetched Grandma with us I went to meating the Bishop and Albert, James Hyram Heley, H Moyle took up the time.


MO 21    We got up @ 6 ½ went over to Phils got the cows Old Spot had a calve up to the Spring at the mouth of Prestons John, me, Cris, Bob, Hyram went up to Canyon we cut 12 spiles and ran them to botom of slide I cut 2, John 2, Bob 2, Cris 3, Hy 4.

TU 22     I got up ate went over to mouth of Prestons Can got Old Spot with a young calve.  I done chores started to Cayon at 9 ½ there was Bob, Hy, John, Cris we slid 14 sticks to birches between nobs


WE 23    We got up @ 6 1/4 done chores started to Can @ 8 ½ John and Bob wnt tup cut 4 24 ft spiles and run 3 of them down between th nobs, me and Hy and Cris pealed 5 and slid 30 down between nobs got home at 6 ½.


TH 24     Me, John, Bob Booth, Hyram wnt to canyon, Hyram and me stayed at the east of _____ and

 peeled 11 spiles and run 25 to birches John and Bob cut and run 5 2 twelve and 3 15 Cris never went up today we got home at 6 ½


FR 25      We all went up and choped 11 spiles 5, 24 ft and 5 , 15ft and 1 12 ft and run them to birches between nobs.


SA 26     We got up @ 6 ½ we got redy went to Canyon we cut 11 spiles we was all there me, John, Hy, Bob, Cris


SU 27     We got redy to go to meating then backed out we went to the fort after noon stayed there 2 hours got home at 5


MO 28    The Boys Cris, Bob, and our Jim cut 7 spiles 5 long ones 2 short ones and run them, Hy and me pealed all day in slide.


TU 29     Me and Cris and Bob went up to botom of big slide we peeled 18 spiles and run 33 down between nob


WE 30    Me and John and Hy went up and got them 6 spiles that run over the ridge.  Cris never went Bob came up poot spile over lower nob and broke it then came home fetched his sleigh _________






TH 1       We all went up and poot 37 spiles over the lower nob we poot in 3/4 of a day we worked Old Bill all the time and Bobs mair ½ and Crises ½ the time Cris took 4 to loading place John 3 Ebb.  Hy 2 it storemed till the afternoon and drove us home at 4 I gave Hyram Heley a pup tonight he had supper here


FR 2       I was sick with Bites last night and today, it snowed til @ 11 today snowed 6 inches John came up said that out pigs was to the fort and E Nash had 1.50 on them.  I went down helped the boys to kill a pig I got my pigs of E Nash fetched them home.  Mothers pigs was thre also we had to pay 55 ct each.


SA 3       I done my chores went over to the mouth of Prestons Canyon got 2 ties and a pole that we left there when we got spiles last fall.  I came back and went to fort after 1 o’clock I Bot of Dunkley overhalls and jumber 2.00, Glyeserine 20, Nails 25 got them on spiles and ties


(Spiles or logs for piles they were driven into bottoms of streams to which bridges

 were built and also purchased by the rail road-snaked logs were end to end and put down the slide)


SU 4       We never went to meating or school we went to fort afternoon our pigs came down we had to bring them back got home at 5 done chores went to bed at 8


MO 5      We all made one trip each me 2 horses Cris 2 Bob 2 Thorn helped him with his, Hy 1, John 1, we loaded 3 loads .  Cris, John Bob they started to Fork @ ½ they and me and Thorn made 2 trips to nite


TU 6       Me Cris and Hyram poot 13 spiles over the lower nob, Cris poot his horse over we snaked them and 3 more to wagon with my horses and Hyes got done @ 4 John and Ebb took the loads to Fork tht they started with yesterday


WE 7      Me and Hy John and Bob poot 50 spiles over nob with Old Bill and one of Ebbs Cris was not up today Hy and me took our horses up fetched a drag out tonight.  I worked 1 ½ houres before they came this morning with 1 horse piling timbers at loading place.  P Kits got him a teeme yesterday they had a dance last night at fort Cris took his load to A,M, Fork( American Fork) after noon


TH 8       John and Cris and Bob took 3 loads to Fork, John had my teeme and his Bob had his and Heleys, Cris took 3 spiles 24 ft with l shan John had 45 sticks , 15 ft, 1 18 Bob had 4 sticks 12 ft 15 ft, Hy and me helped them to load and start we took Crises horse up and poot 10 over nob.  I got there and made 1 trip to nob before the Boys came to load with both horses Cris only took his to Whenifers left it Bob and John took theirs through Cris poot ½ day himself and teeme


FR 9       I made one trip to leg before the Boys got up we loaded 3 wagons John took his teeme and mine took 6 spiles 4 15 inches, 2 12 Bob took 3 15 logs, Cris took 4 long ones 15 short, Bob took his teeme Cris took Hyes wieth his Hyram me poot 21 spiles over the nob with Cris horse this afternoon


SA 10     We loaded 2 loads 4 on each Cris had 4 long ones, John had 3 long ones 1,18 and my teeme and his Cris had Hyrams and his, me and Ebbs and Hy finished pooting the spiles over the nob25 fetched 3 to loading place had Old Bill and Tom and EBB mair John took l of Booths l Mari to Fork, Ezekiel was over today buying sheep of Jos Bateman he found a heifer of his over there. I agreed with our Jim and Thorn Booth and H Davis to cut and run 80 spiles 40 forty 14 ft long and 40 24 and 22 to lower nob in Willow Canyon to be 10 inches at top end when haled


MO 12    I got up @ 6 done chores started to canyon @ 8 ½ I made a trip to nob with both horses then loaded a load of spiles and me and Hyram went to Fork.  I took 2 15 ft Hy took 2 12 and 2 15 ft 9 all together. John and Bob and Cris snaked to mouth I Bot of Dunkley 1.00 in factery and 1 on Bleached Hy got 1 pair of Boots 3.37


TU 13     Went up at 6 ½ done chores went over to loading place got my load on before the other boys came me an Hy and Cris took loads to Fork I had 3 12 ft and 3 15, Hyram had 1 12, 1 15, Cris had 3 12 and 2 15 we got home at 6 Bob and John snaked to loading place makes 20 Bob and John only worked l horse each


WE 14    Me and Ky took 10 spiles was 3 12, 2 18, Hy took 4 12, l 15, Cris took his load that was out on the Bench he poot in ½ day I Bot of Dunkleys tea 25, shingles 25, shugar 25, matches 35, casteroil 70, currents 25, altogether 1.30 John and Ebb maked to loading place with one horse each


TH 15     All of us went down with spiles today.  I had 3 12, 2 7 ½, Hy had 3 12, 1 15, 1 18.  Bob had 3 10, 1 11, 1 18 John had 3 24, Cris 3 12.  Jos Beck shocked 4 baskets of corn for me today he had shocked 22 baskets in all @ 10.  Jim shocked 7 baskets of corn on shairs.



FR 16      We all went to A. M. Fork with spiles I had 3 12, 1 15, 2 16, Hyram had 2 12, 1 15, 1 18, Cris had 3 24, 1 22 ft, John had 3 24, 1 22, Ebb 2 22, 2 24.  I got home at 7 John got stuck in dry creek


SA 17     I got up @ 5 1/ and watered horses milked and packed 5 sacks of corn and fixed reach pole, started to loading place @ 8 ½ made one trip to nob with 2 horses the other Boys made l trip we loaded all the spiles on the five wagons I had 6   4 of them 12 ft 2 15  John had 4 14, Cris 3 24, 1 18, Bob 3 24, 1 15, Hy had 6 15 ½ all together 24.  It was very late when we got loaded and we took our loads to fort and left them til Monday.  I came home and packed in about 12 sacks of corn and done chores Jim and Jos helped me with the corn Him shocked 9 baskets of corn Jos 5


SU 18     We got redy went to fort was to late for meating never went to school I seen Thorn Booth about renting his house he said I could get it for 150 dollars in cash or store pay or $ 9.00in posts or poles or labor he said I could cut some of the bigest of the poles to make a pig pen of that was on the fence so I decided to move on Tuesday next


MO 19    We went to fort TEAR went to quilt a quilt but she could not get anyone to help hur so she had to poot it off til some other time I went to American Fork with the other boys with spiles we took 94 our last we all went had 3 loads weighted Crises was 46 hundred, mine was 4750, and hyrams 5211 gross weight I had 6 stick 4 12, 2 15, Hy had 4 15 and 2 12, Cris had 3 24 and 4 15.  I bot factery 50, dary cloth 20, in all 70 Company got Jim 1.20 9 lb crackers, 1 lb cheas, 1 lb salmond


TU 20     I never got up til 8 was not very well I took 14 baskets of corn to tithing then white washed the Hunter House Jim and Jos Beck shacked corn for me today


WE 21    We got up at 7 done the chores packed up the things poot the stove and beds in the wagon and came to the fort I white washed the Houston house 2 times over and TEAR cleaned we started to poot our thins in I went Back to bench got another load of things and fed the stock got back at dark Jim finished shocking my corn today John came up got the corn that Jim had carned he got 11 buckets full Jim shocked 7 bakets Jos Beck 80 it is very nice weather mowed hay for Beck has been for 2 or 3 weeks the snow is all gone , land bear but froz (frozen)


TH 22     I got up at 6 done some chores went on the bench packed my corn in and fetched a load of things down had dinner went back stacked my foder fetched some wood down got done at dark


FR 23      We got up at 6 I went to Mothers milked 5 fed my teem came back had breakfast then hitched up the teeme and John and Jim went with me on the bench we killed the Big pig Poot him in wagon fetched him down here to scald him John and me dressed him by 12 I went to A M fork at 1 Jos Beck went to I got Blankets 6.50 boots 25, let Jos Beck have 2.25 coton flanel 1.40 coffer and milk 15, latern 65 and groceries to amt to $17.00 in all and got 30 dollars in cash


( Water was put on to boil, after the pig was slaughtered they put it in scalding water

and then they scraped the hair off they did not remove the hide )


SA 24     I worked on the road all day and teeme halled gravil from Clarks on the road by Cris Beck halled 9 loads there was 5 teemes mine, W Devy, and Lew Peterson, S Moyle, G MC Daniel, they was threshing for W Nash today they threshed 230 bu he did not finish there was also working on road our Jim and Jos Walton, Jos Polson, A Marsh, S W Brown, H Davis, W Hamnett, Yan Beck TEAR took 60 lbs of corn to Toms store Bot 6 cups and saucers 1.10, 2 lbs of butter got 60 ct for it soda 15.  Got at other store vinegar 25, candy 25 paid cash


SU 25     Christmas day we got up at 7 I went up to Mothers wished them a Merry Christmas while in Bed Rhoda was there and Willie and Port and Mrs Hays I went to meating Booth and John Both took all the time and spoke on the History of Christmas we went to Lewises to dinner and supper Lewis and me went up on Bench got some cider fed Pigs and cattle came home at dark I went to meating J Devy 2 Heleys spoke


This is the best example of Christmas in all the Day Book’s



















MO 26    We got up at 7 went up fed the hores and cows and milked Came back cut the pig up an weighed him he weighed 400 or 395 I then went on Bench got some wood and some foder got Back at 3 we fixed up went up to Mothers took our grain there was us Riley and Masons and Mary and Rhoda, Whilley Porter,  Mrs Hays Jim John to supper I went to dance little while there was over 80 in number Oron was up had the Kirkham Boys to play we came home at 11 went to bed it has been very fine Christmas no snow yet it has been fine for 3 or 4 weeks


TU 27     We got up at 7 it was snowing had snowed about 6 inches it snowed off and on all day  went to Mothers milked the cows stayed there til noon hearing Orin telling fortunes with cards he told Jims, Rhodas and Mrs Heleys and Johns, Vets, Riley after noon Jim and me took Jims mair and Old Tom on bench fed them and cattle.  Oron stayed all day today and to nite.


WE 28    The wind was blowing and drifting very cold this morning I never got up very early til 7 ½ John and me went on bench got the wagon cover for Rhoda to go home with we fed stock they started @ 11 went by Am Fork.  I borrowed Rileys sleigh went after some logs that I had up on the Box Elder slide got home at 1 took Jims mair and Old Tom on Bench and fed stock and them.


TH 29     We me and Jim and John and Jos Riley went on the Bench fed and watered stock shot 50 rounds. At target 100 yds with Jos and Jims guns SW Brown came around to colect  (collect) Deveys debt I settled with him in full paid him $10.00 in gold.


FR 30      I went up to Mothers milked fed cows fetched up the time for Birgess and me went to Fork I payed Waren Smith 13.60 that I had been owing the store there @ Fork for 1 ½ years, the Coop Store.  I Bot of Dunkley shugar 50, currents 25, raisens 25, a cup for tune 2 vaces in all 2.70 there was a party to night of 44 number musitions (musicians) Music Jeff Eastmon ______and a very good pickalo ( piccolo) player________called Heber Preist got drunk and Lin Carlisle  Propriters John Watkins, Cris Beck,  Tho Booth


SA 31     I got up at 7 ½ went up milked cows fed I then hitched up the teem and went on the Bench water and fed stock and fetched 3.90 lbs of meat and 1.40 of oats to the tithing office and had 34 lbs of poark and 5.00 in cash for tithing.  Bot of Tom oil for chimney25, candy 20.

Examples of Accounts for 1881


Cutting Grain in 1881                                                     Acres



June 28                                     for C. Beck Wheat                    3 ½

July Mo 11                                for Nealson  James   Wheat       4

Tu  12    for Polson  James   Wheat       5

We 13                                      for G Mires                               2

                                                      Neilson  Oats                      2 ½

Fr 15      for G Myers                                       3 ½

                                                     Henifer                                2 ½

Sa 16                                        for Hemfer                               2 ½

                                                      Jones                                  4

                                                      Beck                                  1     


Lusurn                                                                          Acres


Mo 18      7 acres of lusurn for Mires cut 2 acr tu 19       5 1/2

Tu 19       cut 2 acrs  lusurn for C Beck                          2

Th  21      John but 5 acres for W Henifer                       5

                I cut 3 ½ acres of Wheat for Mires                3 ½

                I cut 2 acres of wheat for Polson                    2

Fr  22      John cut 5 ¼ acres lusurn for Polson                5 ¼

      22     John cut 7 acres wheat for Nealson                7

Sa  23     I cut 4 acres W for Lewis 1 ½ for Beck          

                                                                   Beck         1 1/2

                                                                Lewis           4


 Accounts continued


Tithing account for Chipmans