Joseph William Watkins’  Day Book







SU 1     I got up at 7 done chores went to bench watered stock and fed them came back washed me and poot in clean close we had Lewis and Cristena and TEARS mother here for dinner and supper.  Our Jim and Jos Birges ( Joseph Burgess)and Alta and Charley and Nett and Elley was here to supper they stayed til 9 playing and singing we never went to

            meating or school.


MO 2  We got up at 7 ˝ had Breakfast at 8 ˝ went to Mothers milked Jim took Birgeses folks home Jim and Jos Birges is going to Spanish Fork Canyon tomorrow to work for Crandle Edd they took Arther with them to bring the teeme home from Fork.  I went on the bench and watered and fed the stock come back up we took teeme and went up and seen the children dance til 5 Tompson treated them all with 1 bu of apples and 7 lbs of candy treated all we went to Mothers had supper then went to big dance stayed til 9 Bot 10 ct candy for tune we came home and went to bed they had a good party had Kirkums (Lehi Band)to Play


( Silas Arthur Mc Daniel 1871-1943 ...Nephew )


TU 3    We got up at 7 had Breakfast at 8 ˝ I went to store settled up with Devy in full.  I was owing the store 40 ct and payed act in Wheat.  I milked then hooked the teeme up and went on the Bench fed and watered the stock and pot up 345 lbs of Wheat took it to store paid Elsmore Nephi $2.20 ct E Nash 2.00 for beefe, paid store 50 got a dew bill of 45 ct and 11 ct in candy.  I fetched 7 bundles of foder for cows and horses it has been snowing and raining since last night at dark til 4 tonight it went off with a very heavy fog it is now clear and freasing (freezing) at 8.


WE 4    We got up at 6 ˝ had breakfast at 8 and I went up to Mothers fed stock milked hitched the teeme up came down with milk then went on bench fed and watered stock fetched Old Red down to Tom Carlisles bull and fetched 4 bu of Wheat and some timber to make a sleigh and some boards to make a place for the chickens got down at 3 had dinner unloaded took teeme to Mothers and fed all stock, John went to Fork with John Mantle to buy Orons colt,


TH 5    We got up at 7 had breakfast at 8 I went up to Mothers, John helped me to take his cow and calve and 2 heifers on the bench he came back and went to Fork with John Mantle to get a colt of Oron, they got him paid $50 dollars.  I stayed on bench and fed and watered the stock got down at 1 Cris Beck was here he said that he was down to Fork

            when they came to receive the Spiles that they received all of them, we figered them up and they amounted to 39x65 ct.


FR 6     I went on the Bench and fed and watered the stock got back at 1 took 3 ˝ bu of Wheat to the store got towels 40, pac pins 50, thread 5 other articles to amt to 20  got dew bill 2.80.  I fixed a place for the chickens, done chores


SA 7     I got up at 7 had breakfast at 8 went on bench and fed and watered stock got back at 11, I went up to Worthys and got 2 hundred ft of lumber at 1 ˝ ct per ft it was to aply on halling a load of corn from Lehi for him. Polley was here this afternoon an hour or two.


SU 8     We got up at 7 I went on the Bench and fed and watered stock got back at 11, cleaned myself up had dinner went up to Marys at 2 stayed there to supper fed and went to meating it was a Seventies meating they had A Marsh, F Clark, Hyram Heley and James Nelson and myself and TEARS father and Bishop to speak had a good meating.  I let Carpenter Beck have a pigs head for $1.50 in labor on cupboards and chairs and so forth paid Christian Beck 10.50.


MO 9   This is H Heley on Spile 20.50                                       

                           E T Booth      10.50

                           To John            5.50

                            To my self       5.70


I went to the Bench fed and watered stock got back at 10 ˝ John and me and Bob Booth and Cris and Hyrum went to Fork had a settlement with Dunkley about Spile there was 2631 ft at 15 ct per ft amts 394.65 we have received $ 218.55 ct cash $100.00 and 118.05 and it leaves us coming $176.10.  We have drawn as follows Jos $64, John $42.40, Cris 4170, Bob 25.30, Hyrum 42.00, I got Whiskey 50 of Dunk.


TU 10   I went up on the bench and fed and watered stock and pigs got back at 11 ˝ milked had dinner took Johns ax home he helped me to grind my ax, I cut enough wood to last 2 days went up and settled tithing got 5 ct in candy to tune  It has been very cold all day the wind blowed.


WE 1    It was very cold and snowing we tot up at 8 had breakfast, I went on bench fed and watred the stock and pigs fetched a sholder of meat down got down 12 had dinner then went to the store Bot 1 qt of coal oil cost 15 and a doz bun.  Very cold all day the hole on  outside of Spring froze over.


TH 12   We got up at 7 ˝ it was snowing and freezing I went on the bench and watered and fed the stock and tied the 5 up w horses others cows, got back 9 ˝ .  Made a pig pen and

             milked, took the receipt that I got in town last Spring for halling tithen l day it amt to

             8.75 on labor tithing.


FR 1     It froze harder last night than it has for 4 years, 30 degrees below zero.  We got up at 7 ˝ had breakfast at 8 ˝ went on the Bench fed and watered stock. There was a man from Bingham came up on Bench to buy my stears he offered me 35.00 for both and $ 90.00 for 3.  I did not sell any to him I came down at 2 John helped me to fetch my pig down here and poot him in pen.


SA 14   I went on the bench fed and watered the stock came back at 12 and went up on the BoxElder slide got a big log with Trip and Nig, John went on Bench fed stock.


SU 15   We got up at 7 ˝ this morn done chores went to meating heard Jackson and Osker Hunter speak they spoke very good they spoke very much of their experiences while on a mysion to England from wich they returned last May, both of them, after meating had dinner then I went on the Bench and watered and fed the stock got back at 4 done chores we went to meating at night and W Devy and Davis Strong asked forgivness and was ordained with others to.  James Polson, Davis, Reno Vance and Osker, L Booth to the priest offices.


MO 16 We got up at 7 had breakfast took the teeme went on the bench fed the stock and watered them got a sack of corn and 1 of choped W and a box of coal and 5 1/5 bus of Wheat and some dirty Wheat for the chickens and came down at noon took 5 ˝ bu of Wheat to Fork.  Bot 14.00 lbs of coal of Chipman with the wheat got 1 yd of wool chelain of Dunkleys on store acct I got home at 5 ˝.  I took the teem up got the milk


TU 17   We got up at 7 ˝ had breakfast at 8 ˝ went on the bench after and fed and watered the stock, John went with me we took 4 head of their stock up that had came down from there we caught a ___rat ?  and fetched it down with us its hurt, Devy cat and David Mc cat, we took it to our Tom at mothers he soon killed it  I unloaded a load of coal and went on the bench again and fed the stock,  they took young E Nash to Provo to jail, Tom Heley came from Orderville today, he came to stay him and wife.


WE 18 I went on bench fed and watered stock and took TEAR and RENZO up to Lewises they stayed their til I came back I had dinner their we got home at 1 ˝ went up to the Box Elder Slide got a big log, had supper after doing the chores and went to a meating about pooting a saw mill at the mouth of Prestons and Willow Canyon never went in to store or a crowd today Little Lineys calve died last night, froze.


TH 19   We got up at 7 had breakfast at 8 I carried water for TEAR to wash then went on bench and fed and watered stock came down went to Am Fork and Pleasant Grove to see Sunberg could not find him .  I bot of Dunkley 1 pair of Boots 3.25 and $6.00 in cash and 3 gints of stove piping 70 ct.  I went and seen Jos Kelley about trading a little mair did not trade got home at 5


FR 20   We got up at 7 I went on the bench with the teem water and fed the stock filled a bed got some pickley got back at 12 ˝ had dinner took teeme up Bot at store 1 galen oil 40, shugar 35, done chores.


SA 21   We got up at 7 TEAR was sick I got breakfast swept the floor made the bed fed pig and chickens went on the bench fed and watered the stock fetched Old Tom down .  I got at store hairen and musterd paid.  Milked and done chores went to Young Mens meating at nite spoke on the History of Moses and Nephi.  Had 3 myssionaries from American Fork, James Chadwick and John Sheley and John Leace we had a good meating.


SU 22   I went to meating 2 times never went to school I went on bench after dinner and fed and watered stock done chores went to meating at night Devy I and Bishop took all the time and Bodison and Bishop this four noon took all the time.


MO 23     TEAR was takin sick at 2 this morn I went and got Mrs Devy at 5 ˝ she gave Birth to a Son at 10 ˝ before there was only Mrs Devy and Beck and Jim myself present this time Got at store shugar 25, tea 25, on tick and camppher and candy 15.


( Son born 23 Jan 1882 was Carlos Oscar Watkins )

( Hannah Devey was blessed with the gift of healing she delivered 284 babies.  

Booth taught her how to mix powders and salves )


TU 24   I stayed at home all day and waited on TEAR because she could not get a girl to stay.  I got 1 box of pills for TEAR at the store on tick, John fed the stock on Bench yesterday and today.


WE 25  I got up at 6 ˝ this morn got breakfast dressed RENZO and waited on TEAR til 10 ten went on the bench and fed and watered the stock and pigs, came back at 12 went to Goodridges after a Brest pump they did hot have any so I went to John Heleys got Mrs Heley to come and drained hur brests I had supper at Becks tonight.  I got 5 ct in almon at store today on tick.


TH 26   I went on the bench John went with me we fed and watered the stock came down I waited on TEAR all day and chored around Lowellen Mantle came today we per swaded (persuade) him to stay til tomorrow night to W Devy wedding dance so he stayed


( Llewelyn Jacob Mantle 1843-1920 Joseph’s cousin )


FR 27   I went on bench took the teeme took some lumber about 100 ft poot it in house to dry fed and watered stock John and Lowellen went to Lehi and Fork John got l bottle whiskey 1.00 and hanger 45, for me at Dunkleys on sale.  I paid Booth 1.00 on store for rent , Alice Heley .50 for washing


            ( William Henry Devey married  Mary Jane Healey 26 Jan 1882 in the Endowment House )


SA 28   I went on the bench after doing the work in the house and feading the pig and chickens.  I fed and watered the stock got back at 12 hitched up the teeme and fetched Mrs Heley and took hur and


Mrs Devy home I got 50 ct in shugar and 25 in raisens at Coop paid for it, got some beladonig and oil of Booth for TEARS breast.  I have not got any girl here yet.


SU 29   I got up at 7 done the chores and got breakfast.  I went on the Bench and fed and watered stock got back at 12 had dinner at Mothers came home got redy and went to Am Fork got some Belidonia for TEARS breast got back at 5 got Althea Birgess to stay here til TEAR gets better, never went to nite meating or school Jos Heley took Althea home.


MO 30  I got up at 6 done chores got breakfast fed pig and chickens before Althea came she got here at 9 ˝ then I went on the bench and fed and watered stock got back at 12 loaft the rest of the day. Bot spool of thread 10, paid for it.


TU 31   I went on Bench took hog pig up, done chores got gm 5 paid and loaft.(loafed)






WE 1    I got up at 6 done chores had breakfast and went on the bench and fed and watered the stock shoveled the snow of the house and I got back at noon had dinner went to the store Bot screws 15 ct, and fixed the wagon box and ground the ax and done chores and fed.

TH 2    We got up at 6 had Breakfast at 8 went on the bench and fed and watered the stock got back at 10 we hitched Trip and Nig up and went to Fork.  Vet and Hannah Booth and W Rice and his daughter Rhoda went with us we got all the money that was coming to us on the Spile job of Dunkley.  John

and went to Pleasant Grove to see Sunberg but he was not at home he gone to town. Came back to Fork I bot white shirt at Adams 1.00. And pair shoes at Snows for RENZO1.25 went to see some horses of Tom Kelleys did not like them Dunkley was owing me 7.00 and John 35 dollars.


FR 3     I got up at 7 Alth got Breakfast at 8 ˝ I done chores and went to see Clark about the fine he refused to give me a bill of the expenses of cort (court) he said he would for 2.50.


SA 4     I went on the Bench and fed and watered the stock got back at 10 went to store whair they was gathering for the shooting match , Wash Chipman, James Spadley, Edd King and Misoner came up and joined with us in the shooting match there was 20 on each side with James Spadley and Jos Moyle as Captains.  James Spadley side beat Moyles side 27 points the loosing side had to make a free dance for the winning side,  I was on the winning side, our John on the other the shooting started at 11 concluded at 4 the wining side got their tickets on the ground and those of the loosing that was prepaired to settle their shair of the cost


SU 5     I went up and milked then went on the bench and fed and watered the stock, John went with me we got back at 12 I got my dinner cleaned my self up and started to Lehi to see Therman about my fine he advised me not to pay the fine, Old Spot took bull.


MO 6   I went to the bench and fed and watered the stock came back at 12 had dinner John came down and said that Clark had told him to come up and see about the fines so we went up and seen him he would not tell us anything about the expences as to J Tom seeing the afair so we did not settle he said they had not got any list of expences and could not produce them.


TU 7    I went on the bench after breakfast and fed and watered the stock and got home at 11 Fred Wright and Tom Thornton came up to see my beefe so I went up with them and Tom Carlisle went with us.  I asked them 85.00 dollars for the 2 Tom Carlisle offered me 80.00 dollars if I would take 30.00 of it on the store.  I told him I could not so we did not trade.  Fred bot Mc Daniels cow for 30 dollors


WE 8    After Breakfast I went to Mothers hitched the teeme up John went to Clarks and paid his fine and expences $24.75.  I went to Fork took 8 bu of Wheat paid Robenson 2 bu that I owed him, had 4 bu ground into flower look on the side let Dunkley have 2 bu got shugar 50, tea 25, and a dew bill 1.25 seen David Evins about my fine he said my only chance was on the illegality of the Bond went to Kelleys to see some horses they had,  some of the boys got on a spree today.


TH 9    I got up at 6 done chores went up to Clarks and paid my fine and cost $3.00 15 for fine and 15.25 expences Devy gave me 1 dollar of his back re as witness, Clark gave me 35 ct I went on the bench and fed and watered stock got back at 12 got dinner went up to Tom Carlisles got 3 yds of cloth at 18 ct per yard and beefe 25 the boys had some horse races today.  Johns Nig beat Stranges Fly and Jack Maine horsees and run ties with Jos Carlisle horse from Cotonwood T F Carlisle killed a beefe today.


FR 10   I went up to W Nashes and hired his bobs took them up on the bench and halled l load of muck fetched 1 ˝ bu of Wheat and some potatoes down took the Wheat to Toms store got dew bill

SA 11   I went to the shooting match Dance last night there was 73 members out we had a very good dance Tompson got drunk and was poot out of the party by Bro Moyle I went on the bench took the teeme and sleigh halled out 2 loads of muck before dinner it stormed all the afternoon I cleaned 2 loads of muck out of the stable loaded l in the sleigh fed and watered the stock and my teeme run away and came home with out the sleigh.  I walked down and its snowing and blowing like wrath got home at 4.


SU 12      I went to meating and herd Bro Gardner from Pleasant Grove speak he took 50 minutes and quoted more scriptures than I ever heard a man in that length of time in proof of the gosple and spoke very good John Devy spoke 2 minutes .  John went on the Bench and fed after meating Altha went home with Vet so I had to stay at home after noon.  I went to meating at night it was Seventies meating, James Heley presided,


MO 13     I went on the bench and fed and watered the stock and halled 7 loads of muck, had Marthys Baby got home at 5.


TU 14   John and me went on the bench and halled 9 loads of muck and fed and watered stock got home at 3 ˝ and done chores and milked, fed pig.


WE 15  I went on the bench and halled 3 loads of muck poot l of them on peace of brush land at the bottom of the lusurn patch because there was lots of lusurn seeds because there was lots of lusurn seeds in the muck the other 2 I poot on the west side of long length I moved all of the chaff into the upper part of the shed and poot some slabs across and let the stock in the lower

 part and fixed the stack yard fence up got here at 5 ˝ TEAR got 11 yds at 12 ˝ per yd amt 1.37and pair stays and buttons 15, linine 30, 1.45 we got 10 yds at 30 cts per yd for TEAR a dress.


TH 16   I went on the bench and fed and watered and fixed stable and shed, took Worthy up to see the stears he said they would way (weigh) about 1000 lbs, It snowed and lowed most of the day.


FI 17 I  Got up at 7 got my own breakfast and went on the bench and fed and watered the horses and cattle and pigs fetched 4 bu of Wheat down with me got down at 10 had some dinner and fed the teeme then went to Am Fork after the glass for the cupboads let Elick Thornton have the 4 bu of Wheat got a hat 1.00 and pac tea 25, and shugar 55 dew bill 2.25 let Grant have the dew bill to pay for glass but the glass had not con\me but I paid for it.  I got home at 4 took the teeme up to Mothers un harnessed them got on Bill and went on the bench and fed the stock, got back at 5 ˝.


SA 18   We got up a 8 had breakfast at 9 I went to Toms store got 3 lbs of nails 25, and paid for them then went on bench and fed and watered stock and worked at fixing the house til 5 and milked.


SU 19   I went to meating the Bishop took 1 hour John Devy the rest of the time they spoke of the Bills that was passing through Congress against the Mormons fetched Mother down this afternoon I went on the bench fed.


MO 20  I done the chores around here went to Toms store got 2 yds of cloth for TEARS dress 60, and 2 spools of thread 10, and 6 yds of glaze for lining 60, and ruffles 15 all told 1.45.  I went on the Bench and fed and watered and boarded the Back room up a little got down at 2 ˝ John and me ground our axes Drigs from Pleasant Grove was here buying cattle and horses so I took him up to took at mine he offered me 80 dollars for my stears, I asked him 85 so I did not sell.

TU 21   I got up at 6 ˝ done chores started to canyon at 8 ˝ stayed to P Kits til about 10 waiting for H Heley he did not come so went up Willow Canyon went I got up he came wile I was eating my dinner we cut 3 and 4 and fetched my 3 down to the Big rock left his there in timber.  I got home at sun set went to Toms store Bot oil cloth 1.30 coffee 25 on tick.


WE 22  I went to the canyon and cut 7 ties fetched to nob left 2 on slide I just below timber and 3 at stump.  Hy was up, Hy cut, got home at dark.


TH 23   I went to the Willow Canyon cut 8 ties left 4 in the timber fetched 2 to nob left 2 got below timber whare I did yesterday.  Cris Hackett was up to he cut 7. 2 poles fetched we got  home at 7 tonight.


FR 24   I went to the canyon and cut 7 ties and run them down below the timber in Willow Canyon fetched 2 to the nob at the mouth of canyon.  Cris Hackett was up he cut 7 and run them.  There was a dance to night for the benneyfit (benefit)of the young men and ladies association.  I never went we got home from canyon at 7.



SA 25      I got of Tom Carlisle 2 yds of lining 12 ˝ .30, and 1 yd of dress goods at 12 ˝ ct per yd. .42 they took Lincon  Carlisle out for stomping in the dance last night at 12 this morning he had the trial postponed til March 4 I went on the bench and fed and water stock took Tom Carlisle up to see my stears again.  I told him that he could have them for 85 and the pig for 11 per lb and I could take $25 on the store out of the whole the rest in cash so he said he would let me know Monday.


SU 26   I went on the bench and fed and watered the stock got back at 1 stayed home the rest of the day never went to meatings or school.


MO 27  I took the teeme and went on the Bench and stayed most all day and made 2 ties up there and fetched them down with me and done the chores there and here also.


TU 28   I got up at 6 ˝ done chores had breakfast ate went up and hitched up the teeme came down got Carpenter Beck and his tooks took him on the bench to case my windows and hang my door for wich I am to pay him 1.00 each for the windows and for the making and hanging of the door 1.75 wich would make it all 3.75, paid on the above in Wheat 2.00.  Beck worked all day on the windows I shingled some on the back room and cleaned stable out and cleaned the stack yard up and fed and watered stock.



MARCH 1882



WE 1       I went on the bench with the teeme and fed and watered the stock and finished shingling the back room and fixed the frame for the shed door and fixed the stable.  Beck he walked up on the bench at 9 he finished caseing the windows and hung the door got done about 4 ˝ .


TH 2    I went on the Bench took TEAR up to Lewises went on up and white washed the house and worked on the back room some and fed and watered stock came back by Lewises had supper there got home at 5 ˝ done chores and so on.

FR 3     I went on the bench and fed and watered and fed the stock and fetched 4 bu of wheat down with me and was going to Fork but it got very cold so I did not go.  I went up to the store and got 25 shugar, at Tom Carlisles and done chores and so on, I let Carpenter Beck have 6 ˝ lbs of baken in at 17 ˝ pe lb 1,10 I am yet owing him 1.25 and he owing me 15 cts for a damage bill 3 years ago.


SA 4     I went on the bench and turned the stears out to water and feed them outside.  Come back went to the trial between L Carlisle and Alpine City started at 11 and a journed til 1 so that the marshal could get a jurey summoned met at 1 there was the following named chalenged, Christopher Hackett for cause David Adams, W J Strong, Jos Wlton, A Marsh started at 3 ˝ to examining the witnesses,  witness for proucution, H Moyle, Jos Bateman, John Maine, Worthy Nash for the defendent, Carlisle Nelmore, Davus Strong, RE Booth the trial lasted til 5 ˝ then left to the joury it took them til 9 to agree on the verdict, verdict was not quilty.  L Carlisle had Attorney Milner the city had none the jours was S Moyle, S Bown, W Easton, James Mc D, L J Vance, T Whitby.


SU 5     I went to meating took LORENZO with me TEAR did not go Strong red a discourse of John Taylors delivered at St George the 2 Berries spoke a short time each.  I went on the bench after dinner and fed and watered the stears then took a man up to see the stears we got back at 5 he said he would take them and pay me 8 ct per lb.


MO 6   He came down this morning and said he would give me 88 Dollars and if they weighed more then 11 hundred that he would give me 8 per lb for all they weighed over so I told him that I would let him have them at them figures so I went up and got them he paid me 80 dollars down and agreed to send the rest back with Jos Moyle from Salt Lake he bot l ox of Jos Moyle for 60 dollars and a 3 year old stear of David Mc $40 and 3 head, 2 cows and 1 stear of E Nash $150 and 1 cow of

            T Whitbe 32 ˝,  l stear of Geo Bodison $ .07  the one he got of me for $8 1 year ago.  I got at Toms store oil 40, yarn 68, shugar 50 candy 5.


TU 7    I got up at 6 ˝ we had breakfast at 7 poot the water on to kill a pig John helped me we got done at noon after noon I went on the Bench took up the lumber I had in this pig pen and a shelf to go across the chimney I got back at 5 took the pig up to Toms and weighed him he weighed 172 lbs.  Our Jim got home last night from Spanish Fork Canyon been working on the rail road for Crandle since January 3 for 1.75 a day.


WE 8    I got up at 7 ˝ had to get breakfast because TEAR was sick she caught cold on Monday a washing, after breakfast I went on the bench and fed stock Edger went up with me to see if we could make a bargin for him to cut some brush out for me we could not come to any termes.(terms) Riley , F Beck and W Devy was working on the ditch for the first time this year I came down and went to Fork after noon took4 ties to Dunkleys got a dew bill of 2.00 for Mrs Birgess for making tears dress got a door lock at Chipmans45 ct and whickey for 40 of Waterman, Jim and John halled 11 loads of muck for them


TH 9    I got up at 7 got Breakfast and done the chores and went up and milked hitched the teeme up came down got the wagon took 1 sack of flower and 1 of Bran up on the bench and 3 chairs and a box or too, stayed up there til night finished boarding the back room and hung the door and cleaned the shavings out of house got at Coop store hinges and screws for door and 1 lb of nails paid cash, our boys halled muck all day today.


FR 10   I took the teeme and went on the bench before going I Bot 4 window lites at Coop for 45 ct paid cash I poot 1 in front window the other left up on the Bench I poot the lock in the shed door and poot the window in shed and cleaned the spring out so the water could run out for stock took the mairs up and Tom and 5 head of Mothers stock and old Spot and calf.  F Beck and Yan and W Devy and Geo Bodison worked on the ditch over Spring.


SA 11   I done the chores then went on the bench fed stock and worked on the ditch all day there was Riley, Beck, Yan, 2 Waltons, W Devy , Geo Bodison and Geo Mc Daniel.


SU 12   I went to meating, in fact we all went had baby blessed we named him Carlos OSKER, brothers Adams, Strong and Father Moyle blessed him, mouth peace Bro Moyle they also took action on James Heley for commititing adultry (committing adultery) with Polly Dile they disfellowshiped  him in a ward capacity and also the girl, Bishop gave good council to the young on the point and also the older ones. I came up and fed the stock and watered never went to school or Seventies meating.


MO 13     We got up at 6 got Breakfast then started to pack up the things to move on Bench.  Becked hellped me with his teeme we moved it all at 4 loads, the road was very bad.  Riley 3 Becksm 2 Waltons, Ted Okey, W Devy, Lewis Pererson worked on the ditch today.  I got a shoveil at Coop 1.35 on tick.


TU 14   Myself our John and TEARS father worked on the ditch all day for me Lewis worked all day also but the rest quit at noon. Riley, Walton, W Devy, Geo Bodison , Geo Mc , Ted Okey and 2 Polsons for John Devy and 2 Becks


WE 15  I done the chores then got the big box out of the spring and cleaned it and poot shelves in it and  poot it in back room for a cupboard and poot 2 shelves up in there to poot the things on  I made 1 tooth for the cultivator then went to Nealsons to get Fanney to wash then went to fort got shugar at Coop 25 ct , got the money of  T F Carlisle to buy the tea.


TH 16      I made a bargin with Young David Hamnet last night to cut that patch of brush out at the bottom of the lusurn for 6.00 on store, he said he would start at it this morn, he failed to come  Fanney Nealson washed for us today I told hur to tell hur father to come and grub for me tomorrow.  I worked on the ditch alone all day by P Kits Stout done 8 rods


FR 17      I done my chores had Breakfast and went to work on the ditch worked all day there was also Riley, F Beck and Yan, Walton and Heber, Phil and Ted Okey, Lewis , Geo Bodison, W Devy, Thorn Booth, for John Devy, Geo Mcd and myself.  We started where the rock road crosses the ditch and done it up to BoxElder roll, we started at 10 quit at 5 it snowed. Off and on all day and last night


SA 18      I got up at 7 done the chores had Breakfast at 8 hooked the teeme up and went to work on the ditch at 1/4 to 9 took my plow I worked my teeme and me and Jim and C Beck worked for me there was also Riley and Geo Bodison, David Hamnett for Devy, Walton and Heber, Phipip and Ted and Lewis , we worked from the old BoxElder rout to Strongs field and same on the new ditch, I got home at 5.


SU 19   I never went to meating or school but went to fort after shep and the papers,  went to Lewises.



MO 20  I went to the fort before breakfast after Prince and Old Tom. I went to Toms store got shugar 50, tea 25, currents 25, allspice 10, total 1.10.  Came up had breakfast don chores went on the ditch Beck and me poot in full day each John Wal poot in ˝ day for me. There was F Beck, W Devy, 2 and John Devy, Lewis Peterson, Riley, Ted Okey ˝, P Kitts ˝ .  Jim fetched Jos and Charles Birgess up here to cut poles and ties they are to stay here we are to Bake their bread and let them have flower.


TU 21   We got up at 6 ˝ done the chores had breakfast at 8 Joseph and Charley started up the mt at 6 I started over on the ditch at 8 ˝ we poot in all day between the left hand road that leads to Willow Creek Canyon and the rock qurrow crossing there was me John and Beck and Jos Birgess , Jo poot in ˝ day for me wich made me 3 ˝ there was F Beck and Yen, W Devy, Albert Marsh, Joseph and Thomas Heley for W Devy Jos Bateman and Theadore , James Vance and John Mc Daniel for John Devy. There was also Riley and Ted Okey, Fill, and Geo Bodison, Lewis. Rileys and Fill and Ted Okey and W Devy went to the upper end and grubed the sage for the new ditch this afternoon , Riley sorrel (light red-brown ) mair had a colt.  I hired Jos Birgess to work for me on the new tunnel for 1.50 per day and board,  the pay to be in store pay 1/3 cash 1/4 the rest in teeme work and other truck as I can pay it and little pigs.


WE 22  Jim started to plow yesterday on low bench .  I went up with Jo Birgess this morn and told him whare to start the tunnel then went took 1 red pine pole and 4 slabs to make the head gate with and went up to the head of the ditch to work we plowed and cleaned the ditch out form the slide down to the old ditch or whare we took the water out the first year all but Dams I worked all day and ˝ day with teeme there was Riley, F Beck, Ted Okey, P Kits, G Mc Daniel, H Walton, Thede Bateman, Thorn Booth, A Marsh and TEARS father for Devy.


TH 23   We got up at 6 had breakfast at 7 Jos Birgess started to work at 1/4 past 7 on tunnel.  I poot the harness on teeme and went to Fork took 1 shoe off Trip and poot 2 on again took 1 off Prince went to Carliste store got a plow lay 1.00 on acct of pig debt changed Wheal borrows with Devy got 1 pick started on 1 end Devy agreed to do my blacksmithing free on the tunnel and let me have the borrow free also I got up at 12 had dinner went over and tried to plow for Youl but the plow would not skour so I had to quit came over and plowed a little here.  Jos poot in a full day for me on tunnel.


FR 24   I got up at 6 had breakfast at 7 Jos wnt to work at 7 1/4 I done chores then went over and plowed for W Devy all day went to a meating at night to organize in a church capacity to protect church property against out siders.  E Heley and W Nash bucked against it.


SA 25   It rained and snowed form 4 this morning til noon, Jos B never worked to day I fixed the stable and choreed Joas and me took the teeme and went to Fort I got shugar 50, coffee 25, candy and rivets 20, at Toms I traded Prince to Johney Beck and his father for old Sailer and $10 in Carpenter work made the trade do in the street opposite Tom Carlisles store about 12 O’clock today witness Johney and his father agreeable all around.


SU 26      We all went to meating the Bishop and Adams took all the time spoke of the Edmond Bill that it was signed last Thursday by the President.  We went to Rileys to dinner Altha Birgess was there to Jim Watkins and Jos Polson had their girls up today we got home at 4, Lewis came from town last night.



MO 27  Jos worked on tunnel all day and me ˝ of the day I went to fort after sleg hamer this morn to bread a rock in tunnel.  Jim and John had the teeme today working on bench.


TU 28   We got up at 6 done chores had breakfast at 7 ˝ Jos B was sick so he never worked before noon, he worked in the afternoon on tunnel.  I went down on low bench helped the boys to poot that peace in by the house and finished plowing the other except 3/4 of acre the boys plowed with 2 teemes on it yesterday.


WE 29  We got up at 6 done chores had breakfast at 7, I took the teeme and went to fort helped the boys to harness and get ready to start I got a packett of condition powders 25 ct at Carlisles went on the bench and finished plowing and poot it all in except 1 1/4 acres.  We got a sewing machine last night.


TH 30   I got up at 5 done chores went to the fort after breakfast to see Booth about RENZO for he was sick with a bad caugh and fever.  Jim came up with me and helped me plow all day, John came at noon him and Jim plowed after noon and I harrowed we plowed 3 acres and harrowed 1 ˝ I went to fort at noon got that 2 bu of Whet of Geo Mc Daniel that he borrowed last August got fever powder for RENZO


FR 31   TEARS folks came up to see RENZO last night Jos Birgess took teeme and went down after Booth  at ˝ past 6 last night we thaught RENZO was getting worse he came and said there was no danger all we had to fight was the fever, he went back at 8 Becks went alsoat 8.  Jos got Back at 9 with Nett and Mary Nelson .  Jos poot in a full day on tunnel


FR 31   We got up at 5 ˝ done the chores had breakfast.  I riddled and fixed some Wheat to sow correled and harnessed the 2 teemes before the boys came I finished harrowing and sowing this 3 acre fixed and sowed and backed down 1 acre on the west side John and Jim plowed  ˝ acres befour noon John backed down 1 acre and layered off 3 after noon, Riley started on his day before yesterday will finish 6 ˝ acres tomorrow it was plowed , Sarah Ann was up all day Jos Bur worked all day on tunnel



APRIL 1882



SA 1     Me and Jim and John and W Devy plowed 3 acres and poot in 5 for me had Jim Nealson and his father picking sage for me today to apply on their grain cutting last fall, we woked 1 of Jims horses from 11 0'clock til nite. W Devy was paying me for me helping him last week W Devy finished pooting in his grain yesterday.  Jos Birgess went home this morn his mother sick. Lizzy went to Toms store got shugar 1.50, tea 25, mustard 5


SU 2     We stayed at home all day TEARS father and mother came up to see how the children was they stayed all the afternoon RENZO was better and the baby about the same, not very bad.


MO 3   I got up at 5 ˝ done chores Jos B went to work at 7 the 2 Nealsons poot in 3/4 of a day each picking sage for me on this peace at bottom of lusurn.  Me and Jim and John plowed and poot in 2 acres of oats and lusurn.  Jos poot in full day on tunnel.  TEAR went to fort at noon Bot at Toms store pair of shoes for babe 1.40, thread 25, muslin 20, embrodery 37 ˝, tape 15, candy 5 and 2.52 ˝ got at Coop flannel 88, muslin 1 1/4 yds at 30 and 45, shambra 30, paid cash to Coop.  It started to rain just as we quit work.


TU 4    We got up at 6 it had been raining some through the night, the boys did not come to work I plowed all day for lusurn on upper piece.  Jim came up got his plow said he was going to plow that 3 corner piece by Lewises, Jos Birgess worked til noon the tunnel started to cave from the side he thought he would quit for a day or too til drained and settled.  Lizza went to fort got some Medison for the children of Booth. Lizza went down home stayed all night with her mother.


WE 5    We got up at 6 done chores hitched up the teeme started to plow on this peace for lusurn below house.  Jim and John came up with 2 teemes to help me it was to wet to harrow and we only had 2 plows so John took 2 sacks of wheat to mill to have them chopped for Old Sailer he went to Pleasant Grove took 30.00 dollars to Sunberg for me to finish paying the first note on mower and reaper.  Jim and me plowed all day in hollow plowed 2˝ acres, Jos Birgess worked for John Polson today.


TH 6    It was stormy this morn so we slept til 7 John fetched the choped wheat up took plow down I plowed sage after noon by house on long length.


FR 7     We got up at 6 it was storming, snowing it blew and snowed all day.  I shocked l bu of corn shoveled some muck up done chores went to fort after noon traded Old Tom Strong to Lee Clark for a little sorrel mair 2 years old with white speak in forhead branded K on left sholder got a hole in each ear close to head, he is to give me $10.00 to boot paid me 2 ˝ down the rest is to be paid when the ties are delivered.  I also took the job of halling their ties form the mouth of canyon to Fork for 1/4 of them I got at Toms store Shugar 50, cinnamon 10, candy 5.


SA 8     I hooked up the teeme went to fort got old wagon came up had a bite to eat started over to the loading place at 10 made 1 trip to lower log with 2 horses loaded 16 ties on went to Fork with them got back at sunset got at Chipmans 1 pair of overhalls 1.00, they was haveing a trial with Jos Adams and Bob Hebernick for insulting.


SU 9     I stayed at home all day never went to meating nor fort I went to Nealsons this evening to see if they could come and pick sage tomorrow Jim said they would come.


MO 1   We got up at 5 got wagon and teeme redy and chores done redy to hitch up to go and hall ties for the Bennett boys and it started to snow it stormed til 10.  I hitched up and went and took a load of 20 ties to Fork got the mail got home at sunset got cows done chores.


TU 11   I went over to mouth of canyon, Preston, there was not any load out so I went up to the nob in Willow Canyon got 6 of my 7 ties and 3 small logs by then Lee Clark had got out enough ties to make up my load so I took 18 for them and 6 of mine.  I got at Chipmans plow lay 1.oo and dew bill.  I payed Althea Birgess the 3.00 dew bill. Borrowed 100 lbs of flower of Robison


WE 12  I Got up at 6 went to hunt the cows they had gone to the fort I branded Reds calf with the brand RW and cut the spoted Bull and let Red and Old lina and the 3 young ones got out on the other range fetched Spot and young Liney home, plowed 1 acre after dinner in bottom.

            Red took bull.


TH 13   We got up at 5 1/4 done the chores, limed some oats got some oats and lusurn redy to sew had breakfast at 7 Jim and John helped me all day we sowed 1 ˝ acres of oats and Lusurn and finished it off and poot that 3 acre peace in in the hollow and finished it and the short field 1 acre


sowed 2 bu to the acre of oats.  Jos Birgess worked ˝ day on tunnel and ˝ burning sage burnt 1 acre is all in ˝ day.


FR 14   I took teeme went down in hollow and sowed ˝ acre of oats it was froze so I did not harrow it. I took the cultivater and went down and helped the boys we plowed and poot that 2 acre peace in running East and West by Devy fence.  Jos Birgess poot in full day on tunnel.


SA 15   We got up at 4 1/4 got redy went over and loaded 35 ties each John and me and  took them to the fort got back at 11 had dinner went over and loaded another load each took them to fort then went out in field and poot in ˝ day plowing and pooting in oats in south field Jim Nealson and Jos Beck plowed for us today.


SU 16   We stayed at home all day it was stormy.  Elizabeth went home to stay til tomorrow.


MO 17  It was stormy til 8 John and me took 9 loads of ties to Fork for Lee Clark34 and 33 in number.  I bot Shugar 50, coffee 25, let C Beck have 1.50.  Jos Birgess came up with us and Th Beck we got home at 4 ˝ Jos stayed to fort all nite.


TU 18   I done my chores then took the teeme and went and poot in all day on road working pool tax

there was me and teeme, Jos Heley and teeme Dave Mc and teeme, H Heley and teeme, W Devy tteam, E Heley teem, S.W Brown teeme,T F Carlisle teeme, S Moyle teeme, James Wilkin, James Freestone, S Mc Daniel teeme, James Walton, Jos Moyle, Sylvester Marsh, David Hamnett with out teemes there was W A Adams and teeme we halled from mound to East roads bridge


WE 19  I plowed sage in the fore noon by the house after noon poot in 1 acre of oats in hollow on East side hill did not getall the peace in.  Jos worked all day on tunnel found more water went to a saw mill meating at night they decided to mark the road in Prestons 90 days donation .


TH 20   We got up at 6 it was snowing the ground was covered and blowing very cold til noon.  Jos B did not feel very well so he did not go to work til noon but in ˝ day.  I sheld some corn before noon plowed ˝ an acre of sage in the afternoon in front of the house on long length.


FR 21   We got up at 6 done chores plowed 1 acre of sage, John and Jim and Jos Birgess went up and worked allday on the new road in Prestons, Jos Worked for me there was 13 today for the first day.


SA 22   I went to fort got at Coop shugar 25, nails 25, habbles 75, stove polish 10, matches 5 paid 50 owe 90 ct.  I finished pooting in that side hill in hollow done chores, Jos Birgess poot in full day on the Prestons road for me Jim was up also.


SU 23   We all went to meating had Bishop Tanor and an another man from Provo as missionaries we had dinner at Becks 6 it stormed from 4 til dark snow and wind.


MO 24  I done chored hitched up the teeme went to Pleasant Grove took 4 bu of W with me, bot 30 peach trees and 8 apple trees of Wadley for 2.00 dollars paid Wheat I got our first note of Sunberg told him to send for the other note and we would pay it I got home at dark Jos B went home today Mary Surrenson left Polson today .


TU 25   I done the chores me and RENZO went to the fort took 50 bu of W to Toms got shugar 25, tea 25, coffee 25, currents 10.  I helped John to finish their oats we harrowed and layerd off 1 ˝ acres I came home at noon and Jos and me measured the debth of the tunnel and the length of it the debth from mar to botom of tunnel is 40 ft length is 58 when done we are in 37 have got to go 20, Jos is going to quit for awhile gong to hunt for Charley.  I plowed and harrowed and backed the garden below the correll I planted 4 trees in from of door.


WE 26     I went down and helped the boys to plow l acre and poot in 2 ˝ with 2 teemes next to lusurn in east field I shoed Old Trip on hind feet at noon.  Bot 10 in horse nails, halled load of rock on road to Prestons.


TH 27   John and me went to new field and plowed and harrowed and backed down 2 acres.


FR 28   I went to new field and harrowed and layered off that 2 acres got home at 12 ˝ after noon I plowed ˝ acre below the lusurn and picked the sage and burnt it.


SA 29   I got up at 5 done chores went to fort got the cows they had gone down in the night I done the rest of plowing at the botom of lusurn picked the sage and burnt it and sowed and harrowed and backed it down.  Liza went to store took ˝ bu of W got shugar 50, rice 25, currents and rasins 25, other truck owe 62


Su 30    We stayed at home all day Lewis and Christena came up at 11 stayed all day Lizia went home to stay til tomorrow, Lewis and me went over looked at grain and lusurn it was just coming up, grain looks well.



MAY 1882



MO 1   I finished pooting this peace of lusurn and oats in below the lusurn patch got done at nooon then plowed and backed ˝/ an acre for corn next to west lusurn patch.  Elizabeth and hur mother came up at 4 today.  They got at Toms store dress goods 1.65 to me.  Stylvester Marsh and Dolley Aile got married today they had a dance to night a May dance.


TU 2    I plowed 1 ˝ acres and backed it down for corn took Mrs Ward home at night to Davises.


WE 3    I plowed and backed ˝ an acre before noon and finished the west peace went in hollow plowed and backed 2/3 of an acre this afternoon . Eliz took 3 lbs of butter to Toms got shugar 25, aprons for hur 65 Borrowed 14 lbs of flower.


TH 4    I finished plowing and backing that peace in the hollow 1 1/5 of an acre today.  Nealsons was picking sage yesterday and today on this peace by the house their women came up.


FR 5     I went to mill took 11 ˝ bu of W went to Chipmans, Bot 1 pair of shoes for me 2.00 and pair for Tear 2.00, l gal of syrup 1.00 wash board 40, got home plowed 9 rounds of sage, Nealsons picked today, Becks came up here.

SA 6     I halled 7 loads of muck and went to the fort took 104 lbs of oats got Liz a pair of shoes 2.00 and shugar 30, planted the rest of the trees.


SU 7     We went to meating went to mothers to dinner came up at 3 ˝ it rained some during the day, Fanney Nealson was there to dinner.


MO 8   I halled 7 loads of muck and burnt 1 of sage, Nealsons poot in 1 day on the Prestons road for me to day.


TU 9    Lizza took 3 lbs of butter to the store got packet tea 25, and 65 ct in script ant 30 ct per lb.  I halled 5 loads of muck plowed the rest of this sage on long land by the house went to mouth of Am Fork Canyon got 25 ct work of Whiskey for TEAR because she had paid in the bowels.  Nelson picked sage all day for me F Beck finished plowing his corn land the young folks had a dance at J Nealsons.


( Script was paper money for temporary use issued at various business )


WE 10  I halled 2 loads of muck planted 2 acres of corn Riley and our John planted his F Beck was also planting corn all day up here, Nealsons came and picked 2 or 3 hours they went home.


TH 11   I halled 6 loads of much went to fort TEAR Bot dress 3.00 paid for it took 84 lbs of oats the rest in buttons.


FR 12   I worked on the ditch all day with teeme.  Riley , Ted, Phil, Bodison, Lewis, Goodridge, Yan , Nealsons finished picking sage at 2.


SA 13   I went to Fork, plowed Jos Birgess lot for him.  Jim helped me I got the pay for halling Lee Clarks ties, bot Bottle of Whiskey 75, Althea Birgess got married today.


SU 14   I went to meating had myssionaries from Provo, Corak and Spirrey spoke very encouraging we went to James Nealsons after noon I got 3 bu of potatoes of him at 50 per bu on the W Hewifer debt got home at sunset.


MO 15     I halled 4 loads of muck then turned the water on the stubble poot in 4 rows of potaoes in garden and fixed the chicken coop so the cats could not get in and the chickens get out.


TU 16   I tended the water and burnt sage and cleaned head ditch out got 2 acres watered next to house.


WE 17  I was buisey with the water all day  Finished watering the stubble 4 ˝ acres.  Jim came up got some hay and 8 sacks of corn to fatten a pig on he said we could get some meat for the corn.  Liza took 1 bu only to store.


TH 18   I worked on the levy ˝ a day with teeme, W Devy and Goodridge, Youl Beck and Bodison worked ˝  I went to fort bot RENZO a pair of shoes 1.45 paid l dollar cash rest in script got 35 ct in rope.  I spred ˝ row of much tended water on lusurn.


FR 19      I went to new field worked ˝ day on the ditch poot the water on my lusurn tended it the rest of the day, TEAR went with me to Vines had dinner there I helped Jim Mc Daniel to poot his machine togather got home at 6

SA 20   I went to new field tended water til noon come up at 1 spread 2 half rows of muck and plowed 7 rounds and backed it down, it froze very hard last night.


SU 21   I went to new field turned the water off the lusurn took the folks to Lewises we had dinner and supper there we got home at 6 ˝ done chores


MO 22  John and me plowed 2 acres and harrowed and backed it down where the muck was year before last next to the house long length.  Sunberg came up at 4 I let him have $ 50 dollors and John let him have 15 which made $ 65 to pay for second note on reaper 


TU 23   John and me plowed 2 ˝ acres and backed it on long length East side TEAR went to hur mothers Birthday party I went to supper after work.


WE 24  We went to mouth of Prestons to see Lee Clark about the ties he said for us to hall them as we agreed at first form loading place to Fork for 1/4 and them chop them up and pile them.


TH 25   I went over to mouth of Prestons but they had not got any ties out so I got 4 logs that I had at        loading place I took the plow and went to fort helped the boys to plow 1 acre and seen Bob Bennett about the ties they wanted us to do some snaking in sted of piling the ties so I agreed to snake 300 from lower leg to loading place instead of piling any so we went up at 1 and snaked 234 to loading place and loaded 85 on our wagon and took them to fort it rained and wet us.


FR 26   John and me halled 4 loads to Fork of ties 165 in number and harrowed and backed l acre


SA 27   We got up a 4 unloaded 2 loads of ties 40 each took them to Fork we planted Birgess lot 1 1/4 acres of corn an 1/4 of taters. We got home from Fork at 2 had dinner fed teemes then plowed and backed 1 1/4 acres for the boys in south field we had supper at Lewises it was Christenas birthday. ( Age 31)


SU 28   We stayed at home all day went over to Becks to supper there was three loads of folks up this      afternoon Rileys, Jim Freestone and TEARS folks


MO 29  We made 2 trips to Fork with ties took 46 each first trip and 43 each last trip total 178 to day we did not get home til 9


TU 30   We got up at 5 started to loading place at 6 ˝ we took 46 and 47 to Fork got $6.00 of Chipman for ties that we halled last month for L Clark.  Bot 10 horse shoes for 1.70 and 1 ˝ lbs of nails for 50 and Corks 50, paid Devy for fixing shoes 1.25 paid Jos Beck 1.25 for planting corn for me and Birgess for them 50 for me 75


WE 31  I planted some melons and cucumbers and squash and corn an beenes I had George Hackett working for me he has sowed and backed this peace of sage land next to house 2 and 1/4 acres after plowed and cleaned out ditches





JUNE 1882



TH 1    I worked on the main ditch this morning with teeme til 2 cleaned head ditch out after noon George Hackett worked for me all day on head ditch for 50 ct per day John took 41 ties to Fork.


FR 2     John and me took 4 loads of ties to Fork 1,60


SA 3     We went up and loaded 40 ties each took them to fort I then went on the ditch poot in ˝ day then took my load to Fork Bot of Chipman 1 pair of shoes for self 2.25


SU 4     We all went to meating came home 6 at nite our speakers was T Whitby C. C. Hackett and Jos Bateman , W J Strong and Adams


TU 6    John and me went up loaded 85 ties on 2 wagons took them to fort I then went on the ditch and poot in 2/3 of a day then went to Fork with them this is for Tuesday.


MO 5   I worked on the ditch worked til 3 o’closck then went to fort to Mothers Birthday Party turned ____ there was me Jim and John and John and Riley Mc Daniel, Sarah Ann, Martha and Vina and all of our children and Fanney Nealson and Mary Polson we stayed there til 8 ˝ E Nash and Jos Polson had a fight.


WE 7    I worked on the ditch til noon with poot in 1 ˝ days I cleaned my ditch out in after noon got the water at 5 tonight stayed with it til dark Frank carter up here today into Devys house.


TH 8    I watered all day and cleaned ditches out.


FR 9     I watered all day, Jim took 80 ties to Fork for Lee Clark Jim cam e up to see the Bennetts had 2 loads of ties they wanted me to hall tomorrow I told him to get Jos Beck to water for me,


SA 10   I got up at 4 went in hollow and poot the water on the west end of oats and regulated it then came up on the hill and changed the water on the west side of the wheat poot it in 2 acres then left Jos Beck to tend it and I went and made 2 trips to Am Fork with ties took 80 and finished halling ties for the Bennett boys halled 1040 this time at 23 loads.  John and Jim halled 12 loads and I halled 11 I got shugar 50, currents 25, at Chipmans.


SU 11   We stayed home all day tended to Rileys water, Martha was takin sick Friday night very late.


MO 12  I watered in the hallow all day went to new field turrned the water on my lusurn went to see Martha she looked very bad indeed.


TU 13   It started to rain at 7 ˝ this morn rained all day off and on I went to new field tended water on lusurn fetched some wine up with me


WE 14  We got up late on acount of the rain last nigh done chores got redy went to fort TEAR went with me went to see Martha she was much better we got at store Broom 50, shugar 25, chease (cheese)and fish hook and lines 20, cinnamon 10.  I plowed some for W Nash to pay for the use of his boby last winter came home planted 1 acre of corn next to the house

TH 15   We got up at 5 done the chores got redy to start to Provo after fish I started from here at 10 took my teeme to fort left them for the boys to work while I went a fishing me and Beck an Jos took their teeme and my wagon went together and F Beck and Yan went with their teeme and Lewis with his teeme.  We started from the fort at 12 got there at 3 ˝, commenced fishing.  It was Tears birthday today (Age 22)


FR 16   We arose at day break started to fishing fished til eleven 0'clock I had bad luck lost my hooks twice and lots of our fish got away in the night so me and Beck and Jos only got 140 Fred and Yan got 200 Lewis 40 we got home at 4 helped TEAR to clean and gut an salt 56 and done chores


SA 17   I planted 1 1/4 acres of corn on the long length next to the house and turned the water on the oats and lusurn next to hollow then went to fort ant 10 and helped the boys to finish plowing and planting their corn John and me planted 6 ˝ acres in east field next to creek Jim and George Hackett plowed 2 1/4 acres and backed it down


SU 18   We all got redy and went to meating thre was president George Godern, Bro William Taylor from Salt Lake Brother Paxman and Warren Smith from Fork, John E Booth from Provo and 2 home missionaries from Spanish Fork 1 Danish 1 English men it was kind of a medley speaking peaces and singing songs hims ( hymns) and preaching


Mo 19   I went to fort took 40 lbs of oats to store Bot pac tea 25, oil 25, buck skin 27, matches 10, owe 8 ct it was raining this morning when we got up I plowed a ditch to the side hill peace of oats and turned the water on them and done the chores


TU 20   It rained all night and til noon today we took 10 bu of wheat to mill and went to Snows store Bot on ties 8 dollars worth of things pair of shoes for Eliza 2.25 dress pattern 90, the rest for the childrens close,  got home at 6


WE 21  Jim and me and Jos Beck got redy and started to Provo to catch fish at 10, we went to factory took Mothers wool 69 lbs go at 17 ct per lb for it in cash we nooned there went through the facory seen the different parts and places then went to the river fishing til 10 at nite


TH 22   We got up at 3 ˝ started to catch fish we caught 300 by 10 and started home got to Pleasant Grove stayed to Sunbergs Machine place he got 2 galens of cider Jim Polson was there after new wagon and mower and rake gave 2.50 fo the outfit on time we got home at 6, cleaned fish


FR 23   I lay in bed til 6 this morn milked and done chores cleaned the things that I had fish on washed the wagon out went to fort took 36 lbs of wheat got it in dry plums got me an ax cost 1.25 candy 5, on tick for ax, Came up and harrowed this peace of corn next to the house 2 1/4 acres done chores



SA 24   I took Old Trip and went to Prestons Canyon and cut 6 trees and 3 logs fetched the ties out with me  to mouth broke my harness lost little chain got home at 6


SU 25   We stayed home til 4 I went to fort after harness, Ezekiel and Rhoda was there I stayed til sunset came home TEAR was over to Becks while I was gone .  Yah Cristen and wife and TEARS folks was over to Freds today and old Devy.


MO 26  I went to the fort took TEAR and children got Jos Beck to help me to grind the knife went after we got done and cut their lusurn got done and ground the knife for mine tomorrow we got home at 6 went to Ted Okeys got cows they had just got to his lusurn as I did


TU 27   I started to new field at 8 got the lusurn cut by 12 cane yp to mothers got dinner Jim Helped me to grind the knife he went and raked Becks lusurn I cut 3 swaths for the boys to feed then came up and started to cut this patch got it ˝ done by sunset tended to water.  TEARS folks was up today TEAR made pants for RENZO, first pants today tried them on.  Jim took 28 ties to Fork today got back at 12 Fanney Nealson was washing for Mother today


WE 28  I finished cutting this then went to new field and raked that and poot some of it up and poot the water on wheat there got at store packet tea25, soda 15, thread 10, lamp chimney and wick 1.57 pair of shores to F Carter.  I made a bargin with F Carter for all the logs he has cut and what he can cut I am to pay him 2.00 per thousand for them at the stump and his ties at 15 ct each at stump


TH 29   I went to new field and tended the water on that wheat and John and me finished pooting up that lusurn and made a brig at the top of lusurn.


FR 30   Jim and me poot up this peace of lusurn by 10 went to fort borrowed Polsons rack and went to new field halled a load of hay to mothers poot it in loft and halled l up here.  John went to Prestons Canyon got 18 ties cut



JULY 1882



SA 1     We all 3 went to new field got 2 loads of hay the last fetched it up here we was going to hall this but it was to green yet so we went to Am Fork settled with the Bennets for the ties that was recieved came to 48.12 we setted with Chipman and got corn cultivator 10.75 half to me and ˝ to John I got shugar 50, coffee 25, cow bell 75, cultivator 5.75


SU 2     I tended to the water then we all went to meating the speakers was the old man and Young Gardner from Pleasant Grove and W Frameton from same place and Bishop we came home for dinner stayed home LORENZO had his pants and waist on for first time today


MO 3   Jim and John came up to help me to hall my lusurn cut it was not dry so John took 26 ties to Fork with big horses there own.  Jim went and cut 1 ˝ acres of their lusurn til noon Jim and me halled 4 loads after noon of lusurn


TU 4    John and me halled 3 loads of hay and loaded 4 Jim took his linebacked heifer and my Liney cow up in Hammongog this morn, we had dinner then hitched up the teeme and went to fort to Grandma Carlisles funeral which took place at big meating house at 2 o ‘clock W J Strong and Bishop was the speakers 3 teemes went to grave and the Bishop,  Theadore Beck and T F Carlisle there was a party at night only 36 number we had 40 ct in ice cream and lemonaid at Eleinors  we got home at 12 Jim had Fanney there also.  Elizabeth left today had been here 15 weeks


( Maria Crook Dundson Carlisle was born in 1800 in England, she was a midwife.

She was the second wife of Richard Carlisle )

WE 5    We got up at 6 ˝ done chores and cultivated 3 acres of corn and cane tended water on lusurn the boys cut 2 acres of their lusurn and raked 1 ˝ acres and poot part of it up


TH 6    I run the cultivator through all the potatoes and mellons and cane had breakfast then went to fort helped the boys to cut and hall I cut 1 ˝ acres helped to hall 2 loads of hay we shoed the little mair on hind feet Jim cultivated their taters and furrowed them out and cultivated 2 ˝ acres if corn, tended water.  Our sow pig had 7 pigs l died later


FR 7     We got up at 5 and done my chores we all went to fort I helped the boys to poot up some lusurn we halled 2 loads it rained some and we had to quit.  We come home at 3 I furrowed out my cane some potatoes and mellons I paid James Heley 6 ˝ bu of Wheat that I borrowed this spring for seed got 6 bu


SA 8     I done the chores plowed the rest of the taters and came out started to fort at 9 ˝ helping the boys to finish pooting their lusurn up and Jim and me halled 4 loads John was sick I got home at 6 went over to F Becks after some beese (bees)  that we catched a week ago and they had left the hive so I did not get any beese got shugar for 25 paid cash.


SU 9     Yan came over and told me that I could get the water in the new field I did not get redy for meating but TEAR and the children was redy I took them to fort I went to new field and turned the water on lusurn and Wheat stayed there til 2 came up got dinner at Mothers went back at 5 Carpenter Beck had took it all I took it back.  Last nights frost killed some potato vines last night.


MO 10  I went to new field to tend water and it was gone S.Y Beck had taken it again I took it back and told Tom Whitby he wanted me to sew him for stealing it I told him that I did not want to do that he said I would have to give it up at 12 o’ clock I went and helped the boys to hall 5 loads of hay poot 4 in stack and in loft


TU 11   I got up at 5 1/4 tended to Rileys waist water went to fort to help the boys to hall hay Youl came before I had done any thing and said that my cow was foundered on cockel so I got on the little mair and came up F Beck and TEAR had gave hur some soda and buttermilk and poot block in hur mouth she soon got better so I went back helped the boys to top their stack ut halled 2 loads and finished halling they had 18 loads I came up at noon furrowed 3 acres of corn next to cane poot Rileys waist water on my potatoes and my oats plowed til dark


WE 12  They turned the ˝ of our water off this morn at 4 O ‘clock about done it.  I finished watering my taters and came cultivated west corn peace


TH 13   We went to the circus to Am Fork I paid 1.50 for tickets ice cream 50, paid Thorn Booth 50 I owed him for road work, stayed their til 4 ˝ came home then it was a sell espetialy (especially) the out side , John Robinsons show


FR 14   I got ˝ of the water last night at 7 poot it on the west side of the wheat today I tended to it got the Wheat done at 11 poot it on the oats and 3 acres of corn tended to it til 5 then W Devy took it I furrowed this 3 acres of corn out east of taters


SA 15   I got the water of Beck this morn at 7 poot it on the East peace of corn and oats tended to it all day  I went to fort to night got pac tea25, comb 20, paid 40, owe 5.


SU 16   We all stayed home all day I tended the water all day watered lusurn and 3 peaces of oats in hollow and taters I had it til 10 at night then it went.  They turned it out, Riley did it , of the ditch at 9 the water masters was going to turn it off this morning, Riley told them if they wont let it run til night that he would turn it off that was the reason he turned it off.


MO 17  We went to fort I shoed Trip on 3 feet took Silers hind shoes off then went to see John Moyle and Polson self binder start on Renoes fall Wheat it done good work TEAR took ˝ bushel of Wheat

to Toms got shugar let her father have 1 bu of Wheat lent it to him.  TEAR got 1.00 worth of things at Coop, paid cash we did not get home til dark done chores, bed


TU 18   I howed 3 acres of corn East of taters and ˝ west  I went to fort at 6 to see Sunberg about the frame for my machine he came from Wins he had poot up a self binder and started it for him he came to see Polsons, fixed it all rite I am to have my frame by Saturday


WE 19  I finished howing all the corn by noon went RENZO and me went to the fort took my hee hive to have a stand poot in it at Mothers I got 7 or 8 lbs of rock salt at Mothers for stock.  I cleaned out the spring throughley to nite


TH 20   F Beck , W Devy and me went up Wordsworth and started to clean out the Springs and creek we had not been there long it started to rain so we came to mouth of the canyon made a ditch to Teds grain turned water in then went to mouth of dry creek worked on spring, it took all day


FR 21   It rained last night before sunset so it filled our ditch from Box Elder I watered some corn it slacked off runing at 9 ˝ this morn.  F Beck and Will Devy come up Beck and me went up and poot some water in ditch got back at 10 ˝ poot the water on potatoes and cane and 6 acres of corn on the hill and 2 in the hollow and the oats at botom of lusurn and furrowed ˝ of this young corn out and poot the water on it Beck and Devy had 2/3 of water


SA 22   I done the chores we all went to the fort at 9 to poot the machine togeather but Sunberg had not come with the new frame he came at 10 ˝ but did not bring the frame it had not come from Town he helped Polsons boys to fix their machine and start it it did not do as well as it ought so they sent for more lumber we came home at 1 and went up above fills got load of small wood then howed the cane we took 1 bu of Wheat to Toms got shugar 50, tea 25, coton 1.00


SU 23   We all went to meating Devy and Bishop took up the time we stayed there to Mothers to dinner went to new field to see the grain and lusurn TEAR went to, we came home at 5 went in hollow to see the grain


MO 24  We went to fort at 9 went to th meating had a good time had songs, speaches and resitations and toasts had meting for 3/4 of an hour in the afternoon had races with children for candy and horse races and men races. W Hamnett beat E Okey 100 yds for 1 dollar had dace for children at 5 O’clock to 7 big dance at nite.  We had 25 ct in ice cream at Elsonores no sows


TU 25   I went to fort after howing my cane at 12 took the reaper to the shop to get fixed poot the dropper part together took it to the fort TEAR picked currents after noon tool 3 bu and 50 lbs of Wheat to Toms store bot 7 yard of shirting at 25 and ten yds at 10 ct for a dress and clothe to make a jumper 40 ct took it all up 3.55


WE 26  I took teeme went to the fort took the machine from the shop and poot it together fixed it to loaded it in the wagon started on the bench at 2 to cut Jim Vances oats and our boys Wheat got 1 ˝ acres of J Vances oats cut.   Ward from Pleasant Grove came and bot horse power of us for 40.00 paid 3 down rest next month



TH 27   I took 2 bu of Wheat to Toms store got it all in Shugar 2.08 14 ˝ lbs.  We went down and finished J Vances oats 2 ˝ acre and cut that peace of W for the boys by the Old Golden house by noon then cut 2 ˝ acres on the lower peace in the after noon the Primary gave a free dance tonight they had a good time young and old


FR 28   We went down and finished cutting the boys Wheat cut 3 acres by 10 ˝ started at 8 James Vance helped the boys to bind all of theirs they helped him leaves him in our debt 2.00 John Mc Daniel bound 2/3 of a day for the boys yesterday.  I came home at 2 howed cane rest of the day


SA 29   I went up Willow canyon and got some ties that I cut last winter and l log with 4 poles 14 ties poot them over lower nob fetched 1 to mouth lost l pair of logs on lower nob got home at 6


SU 30   We went to meating had Bishop Gardner and our Bishop and Strong speaking to us we went to Becks to dinner fetched grandma up


MO 31  I went to the fort got the boys wagon went to the store took 22 lbs of oats.  Bot bug powder and pepper 50 went to loading place got 16 ties took them to Fork to Snows on debt got tea 25, shug 50, rice 25, pants 1.15, coffee 25 mt 2.60





TU 1    I done the chores then went to the fort took the boys wagon home went to the new field after my s           hovel fetched my wagon home fetched the machine up with me and John


WE 2    I fixed the machine together an poot on some more slats on the reel and done other fixing got it redy and cut 2 rounds on the 3 acre peace and bound part of it Jos Beck helped me



TH 3    Done chores started to cut Wheat at 7 ˝ cut 4 acres by noon I cut 3 after noon Jim and John, Beck and Jim Vance bound it, J Vance owes 50 on cutting yet. We got done at 6 had 2 ˝ hours at noon.


FR 4     Done chores shocked up 5 acres of Wheat Johns horses came up Jos Beck fetched 2 of our cows down Liney and Red but never had a calve


SA 5     I got up at 5 done chores, John and me took my machine down and cut 4 acres of Wheat for TEARS father there by the road, Beck and Lewis and Jo and John and Jim Watkins bound it.  I took 3 ˝ bu of Wheat to Toms store got 95 ct per bu got pair of shoes for me 2.25 for RENZO 1.60 and shugar 25 drawed 85 ct more than wheat came to


SU 6     We went to meating Neb and Grreenwood and Bishop took the time we had dinner at Becks come home at 2

MO 7   We went to the fort I cut little of Wheat and 1 acre of oats for C Beck fetched the machine up poot it togather by noon I cut 2 1/4 acre of oats whare the lussurn is on west side.  Jim and John and Beck and Jos Bound it we started at 2 ˝ got done at 5 done it well


TU 8    I shocked up 2 acres of Wheat and 1 of oats went to the fort to help John while Jim tool Old Red and Johns cow off and 2 calves of theirs and 2 red heifers of mine.  John was not working so I got Devy to fix the bolt that holds the thimble on my wagon and I set thimble with shot TEAR stayed to Lewises today he went to town ( SLC) after a new wagon started at 3 afternoon


WE 9    Jos Beck came up at 6 said that I could get the water in the new field, so I went down and stayed with it til 4 came up it had been raining in Dry Creek and BoxElder so that a large steem came down and broke our ditch and the east ditch Beck and me went up got some out of BoxElder and watered all night had very little water


TH 10   I got up at 10 to 4 done chores started at 5 to help fix the ditch there was Fred, and W Devy, and Geo Bodison we got it done and back here by 10 we had a small stream each til 3 they got the East ditch fixed they took our water I and W Devy went up and got Albert and George Mc to let

us have a small stream til morning so we had it in 2 streams and had it 4 hours each til 5 this morn


FR 11   Got up at 4 went on the hollow tended Rileys waist water on my corn and on the hill to Riley turned it off at 5 at head, I watered all of mine I had asleep til noon from beint up 2 nights we went to the fort took 2 bu of Wheat to Toms got OSKER pair of shoes 1.10 socks 50, for the 2 boys, candy 10, Jim came up with us we fetched machine and took it in the hollow poot it together broke it again


SA 12   We started to cut oats at 8 cut the 3 acre peace by noon after noon cut the side hill peace and took of TEARS peace and 1 ˝ acres on last side of west lusurn patch cut that in 1 hour Jim and John and Jos Heley, E Booth bound it very good


SU 13   We went to meating had dinner at Mothers Missionaries form Pason got home at 5


MO 14  I cut this peace of oats at botom of lusurn Jim and Jos and Nephi Heley bound them got done at 10 went to fort cut 2 ˝ acres for John Heley in North field and ˝ acre in East Field and ˝ an acre for E Heley came up at sunset


TU 15   I went to fort cut for Heleys, John run the machine in the after noon I shocked 190 shocks of oats in  the hollow Jos Beck helped me we cut for John Heley all day cut 5 acresvery poor land  very poor cutting cane


 WE 16 I finished cutting 11 acres for Heley at 10 cut 2 acres for boys and 1 for Bob Booth in lot got done a t 5 ˝ took the machine to Mothers


TH 17   We went to new field cut my Wheat and 3 acres of oats for E Booth got done at 4 Our John and Nephi and Bob and Lewis bound it all I finished 2 rounds and Bob 2 it rained


FR 18   We cut 2 acres of oats for Beck, Jim and John helped to bind after noon I poot the mowing part on cut l peace of his lusurn broke my pitman had to quit


SA 19   I went to Pleasant Grove got pitman and frame for home there and brass boxing all for nothing got shugar 50, at Snows 50 on acct



SU 20   We stayed at home all day Christena and Lewis came up and Riley , Sarah Ann ________

            _____Hamnett had supper here.


MO 21  I went to fort cut Becks lusurn, TEAR went.


TU 22   Cut my lusurn up here by noon went to new field afternoon cut some of that, Bot 1 1/4 if a sheep of Beck for 1.00 .  Beck helped to  ____________.


WE 23  I raked Becks lusurn and mind on bench by noon went to new field after noon finished cutting and raking that Jos Beck shocked my wheat and theirs


TH 24   I poot this lururn up then went to new field poot theirs up John helping me with that 2 hours


FR 25   John and me halled 1 load from new field 3 up here


SA 26   We halled 1 from there 3 from here finished this


This section of Day Book is missing






FR 8     I went to fort got Emeline to come and stay with TEAR because she was sick I went back to the fort to see Sun berg about the thresher we went down to Cris Becks to see him and Hogan we agreed to take one on the following terms to pay 2.00 dollars this January and 400 next without interest and 200 the next with 10 per ct interest bot thresher


SA 9     I went to fort helped the boys to cut and bind 2 acres of  Nephi and Beck helped took til 10 O’ clock Strong threshed to day had 498 bu of oats John helped him and Beck started at l to thresh got done at 8


SU 10   We stayed at home all day F Beck folks came up and Emma and her fellow Hanse Nelson



This section is missing


TU 19   I cut corn all day, done chores


WE 20  I halled corn til noon, went to Fork after noon after thresher it was come we got 1 cace of Dope and 3 gal of oil we fetched the machine to Hogans left it there


TH 21   We went to Hogans fixed the machine up and threshed 227 bu of Wheat our John got Shot Cris Beck took him to Pleasant Grove to the doctor and he was not home so John took the train to Provo and seen Pike

FR 22   John got back this morn feeling very well we threshed 240 of oats and barley at Hogans wnt to Wins threshed 150 of oats took all to Cris B 440 bushels


SA 23   I cleaned up the stack yard and took the lower fence out went to fort got 14 lbs of beefe of Tom Carlisle at 10 ct per lb went to Wins they had just got done threshing at 10, they threshed 275 bushels this morn in all 440 I came up told TEAR to get dinner for the boys they started at 11 threshed 167 bu of Wheat for me finished the stack


SU 24   We stayed at home til 4 then went to fort got some flower and cabbage Beck, grain


MO 25  We finished threshing my oats had 467 bu of oats and 167 bu of Wheat got done at 12 ˝ they went to John Moyles to dinner started to thresh for John Moyle had to stop on acount of the wind. About all the men and boys in town came to see the machine I let Tom Heley have 2 bu of oats for helping me and took 508 lbs of oats to Toms on my debt


TU 26   I went to the fort helped finish John Moyles threshing he had 200 bu of oats W threshed John Heleys he and 140 wheat and 21 of peas took all day


WE 27  We threshed for John Moyle he had 114 Wheat and about 180 of oats we got done at 2 came to Mothers threhed 62 of oats had supper there.  I have been going in Chris Becks place 2 days


TH 28   We finsihed threshing for our folks at 12 ˝ they had 92 of Wheat and 180 of oats the boys took the machine to pooles and set.  I came up hollow halled a load of corn


FR 29   I went down helped Beck to thresh he had 117 of Wheat and 107 of oats I took 172 lbs of oats to Coop got shugar 1.00 poot on my credit 1.77 Jim and me halled 2 loads of corn and cut them



Example of an 1882 entry























SA 30   Jim and me finished cutting and halling this corn on the hill. Cris and John came up after back end of the old thrasher to poot the new one on to go up to Provo Canyon with they took our teem out to pools so we could not hall any more corn they said pool had 600 bu of grain 2 sacks of lusurn seed I went to fort got pac tea 25, at Coop on tick and shugar 50 at Toms on tick we threshed besides lusurn 2937 bu of grain.






SU 1     We stayed home til 1 went to fort stayed til the boys was fixing up the thresher to start up Provo Valley tomorrow got every thing redy.


MO 2   It rained most of the night and off and on all day so that the boys did not start to Provo Valley.  I sacked 15 sacks of oats took 8 to Coop 660 lbs and 7 to John Snows 667 lbs at 1.80, paid debt.  Bot pair of shoes 2.25 for TEAR and pair for RENZO 1.15, shugar 50, coffee 25, water proof 50, beef 50, socks 25, amt 5.40 let the Coop have 6.60 on acct $ 10.89 and 1.79


TU 3    Frost last night I went to the fort got Old Red and calve and Young Liney and the 2 year old Red Heifer they came out of the canyon yesterday, John and the boys started for  Provo Valley this morning.I fixed stables and cut ˝ of the cane and hurded cattle.


WE 4    It was raining when we got up and had been since l rained til 11 today is still clowdy.  I cleaned the stable out this morn then went to the fort got 6 lbs of nails at Toms 50 on tick Jim got his mair out of the canyon yesterday he hurt his nea (knee) Sam Bateman shot one of his I came up at noon worked on stack yard fixed the north side good and part of west.


TH 5    It rained some through the night and snowed.  I done the chores worked on the stock yard fence and went over to the saw mill got boards to sheeting of our Jim got back at dusk it rained off and on all day and very cold.


FR 6     I loaded a load of cane took it to the mill, Jim started to mow with the mair they would not go good so Jim came and got Nig and left me the little mair Thompson come up with me had dinner went to Fork with after noon I took 760 lbs of oats to the Coop to help to pay for my harness I got harness at Coop am to pay 42.00 for it on the store in grain beef or anything the store will take.  Got at Snows 1 Brass buckett 2.47 and shugar 1.00 fetched 7 ties from depot ties rejected


SA 7     Thompson started to cut that corn in hollow we went to fort took 113 lbs of Wheat to Toms Got 2 skeins yarn 35, waist 25 for RENZO , thread 5, baken 45, candy 5.  Jim finished cutting their lusurn I halled 2 loads of corn out of hollow cut 4 rows of cane, Thompson cut 2/3 of the corn in hollow, 1 acre.


SU 8     We got redy and went to meating, Speakers was A Marsh and LJ Vance , W J Strong , David Adams toook the time we came up at 2 turned the cows out to fed.


MO 9   Thompson finsihed cutting my corn at 3 I finished halling at dark halled 5 loads had 7 loads in the hollow Thompson has poot in 2 days for me. Snow he poot in 2 panels of fence on south stack

TU 10   I done the chores unloaded a load of corn loaded a load of cane took it to the mill went to Mothers told her that I would help Jim to hall corn after noon came up got a load of cane took TEAR down hur mother was very sick.  James Gardner came up with a letter from Waren Smith about the harness I got last Friday stating that he wanted me to settle for it right away so I gave the boy $15.00 in cash to take home with him and told him that I would settle the rest on Thursday.


WE 11  I took a load of cane to the mill and TEAR and children went with me to fort and Thompson also he went to cut corn for Jim he cut til noon I halled 1 load it rained all the afternoon I took 94 lbs of oats to Toms got nails 25, shugar 25, lye 30, lamp chimney 20, dew Bill 65, we got home at 4 done the chores by dark.


TH 12   I took load of grain went to fort halled 1 load of corn for Jim then took the grain to Fork paid for harness in full, 42.00.Took on another side had on 455 lbs of wheat and 465 of oats with the 460 lbs of oats and the $15.00 in cash I settled in full for the harness 42.00 Got at Johney Snows 1.50 for Jos Beck and 1.15 for baken on acct  Snows shep got poisoned and died at home


FR 13   I got up at 5 ˝ done the chores shoed Trip on one foot unloaded 19 ties that I fetched from Fork yesterday that was rejected.  I loaded a load of cane while Thompson was fixing the stack yard got it done then we all went to fort I took the cane to the mill Thompson talked all day I ground the knife then fetched Jim to plow and pick 12 bu of potatoes got home at dark.


SA 14      It stormed til noon I went to the fort to get 5 boards of Jim to finish fixing the stack yard so that the pigs could not get in when I got to the fort I found that there was a law suit at 10 with Hyrum Bennett and W Jackson of Am Fork so I thought I would hear it so I stayed.  Bennett paid the money and got the note.  I came up at 2 ˝ fixed the corell done chores.  He paid southern land.


SU 15   It had been snowing some through the night ground was white first snow we stayed at home all day, Jos Beck came up.


MO 16  I took a load of cane to the mill, cut Becks lusurn helped Jim to get a load of potatoes in.  TEAR stayed at hur mothers.  Took 70 lbs of Wheat to store.


TU 17   Took teeme to the fort helped Jim to plow and pick 20 bu of potates before noon I got sick had to come home after noon did not do anything more.  Arthur got thrown off horse and hurt bad.


WE 18  I went to fort then went over to Hyram Heleys helped him to thresh all day.


TH 19   I went to Hyrum Heleys helped him to finish threshing he had 295 bu of oats and 160 of Wheat we threshed about 70 bu of Wheat today, went over to fort got teeme came up got barrel took it to mill for Molasses, raked Becks lusurn Jim cut mine in new field took 116 lbs to store


FR 20   I cut 2/3 of my lusurn up here then went to fort helped Jim to hall 2 loads of Lusurn then we went to Molasses mill got my molasses my cane made 48 galens of lasses 32 to my shair let mother have 3 galens Jos Beck 1 paid 3 for tithing and 1 ˝ to Devy that I borrowed we fetched 2 of Mothers pigs up with us.





SA 21   I finished cutting my lusurn then went to the fort helped Jim to hall hay we halled 3 loads I fetched load of cane tops from the molasses mill, TEAR took 30 lbs of oats to Toms store got tea 25, washing 20, hair__10


SU 22   We all went to meating Adams and Bishop took up all the time.  Stephen Beck Jr was cut off  the church we went out to pools and began to see if they had herd from the boys.


MO 23  I done the chores seperated the pigs from the sow went to fort got 15.00 shingles of Jim Polson for Easton took them to him these finished paying him what I owed him helped Jim to hall l load of hay then went to new field raked and fetched all hay home.


TU 24   I done the chores then went to fort got the rake came up and raked this lusurn and poot it up.  TEAR and me halled l load before Jim came he came at 2 helped me to hall 2 loads we finished our hay.


WE 25  Jim and Thompson helped me to get my potatoes up got them all but 2 rows got 60 bu and let Thompson have 190 lbs of oats for me.


TH 26   I done my chores then went over and started to dig potatoes dug ˝ of a row before Thompson came we plowed the 2 rows and picked them and harrowed it all took them for tithing there was 6 bu of them I had about 60 bu in all, then Thompson and me loaded about 17 bu of apples for Jim to take with him to Provo Valley.  I shoed Old Nig on the hind feet to night.


FR 27   To Alpine Coop 80 lbs wheat I went to the fort hunted up the harness and wagon and double trees hitched the little mair fetched the wagon up to hall clay for to cover the potatoes but the box would not hold so I poot some oats up to take to Fork tomorrow.  Jim took teeme started to Provo Valley after grain took 40 gal of cider and 16 bu of apples.


SA 28   I done the chores poot up 4 sacks of oats and htitched up the mairs started to fork got down to Philips stubble and Jims mair balked and would not go so Phil said he was going down after noon and he would take it for me so I left it there fetched the mairs back took 600 lbs of Wheat to mill had 350 lbs oats to Johney Snows got 1.90 per hundred for them Bot overhalls 1.00, hat 1.00, flanel 1.00, cloth for babe 1.00, meat 40, pins and needles 1.15 had poot to my credit 1.31.


SU 29   I done the chores then went over to Phils tooke 2 sacks home got him to cut my hair never went to meating went down at 2 cut some wood for Fanneys Mother had gone to Mantles it was aunts birthday.


( Catherine Watkins Mantle was born 29 Oct 1815, it was her 67th Birthday )



MO 30  I done the chores went to fort to see if Jim had come from Provo Valley he had not I got 1 galen of vinnegar of TEARS mother to make cat soup, came up whealed ( wheeled) dirt to to cover potatoes from below stock yard and poot the mower and rake under chalf shop, cleaned up the stock yard went to fort cut wood and got a calf of mothers fetched cows up with one.  Jim had not come from Provo Valley yet. Jim got home from Provo Valley


TU 31      I done the chores toped the straw stack out and went to the fort got mustard 15, paper 10, cinnamon 9 got it at the Coop on tick Jim came home at 11 fetched 28 bu of oats and 24 of W I got 13 bu and 30 lbs of oates 10 bu of W I paid it all for tithing Jim had the rest.






 WE 1   I done the chores shoed Sail on 1 foot went up on BoxElder slide got a load of little wood got back at 2 killed pig that waigh about 40 lbs got cows done chores.


TH 2    I cut the pig up went out to try to plow it was to dry so we went to fort Jim and me set 1 of my thimbles and loaded 33 bu of potatoes at tithing office took 80 lbs of oats to Alpine Store got horse nails 20, coil oil 20, oil 25 had 80 poot on book to my credit.


FR 3     I got up at 4 loaded my grain got redy and started to town ( SLC) at 6 got to fort waited for Jeff Vance ˝ hour we got to town at 6 TEAR stayed to hur mothers at night.


SA 4     I unloaded my potatoes they weighed 2200 at tithing office I sold 337 lbs of oats for 185 per hun and 180 lbs at 1.75 I got cash for them all bot beer 20, shugar25, paid 60 ct for straps and slides for bridle reins, candy 5, came out to E Prices stayed all night.


SU 5     I stayed at E Prices til 1 ˝ o’clock then came home got home at dusk, TEAR was not here but she came soon after and her father and  helped hur to pack the children.


MO 6   I dug hole poot 3 hundred lbs of cabbage in that I got of TEARS father paid me for cutting he is yet owing me 3.00 dollars and burreyed them made a pig trough stacked the fodders and cut some


 lusurn seed Jim fetched Trip up took Old Bill John came up told me about the threshing in Provo Valley


TU 7    I done the chores then we went to the fort to vote for delegate to Congress there was too tickets the peoples ticket was John F Cane Liberals Van Zile we stayed there til 1o’clock  then came home fetched 2 bu of apples from the tithing office that I got on halling tithing shacked corn and chores.  S W B, Eastwood Judges.


WE 8    I chored shocked corn packed water for TEAR to wash went to fort got John to help me to grind my ax and hay knife got 3 cats (fish) took 84 lbs of oats to store got shug 25, coffee 25, matches 10, buttens 10, pencils 20, canton flanel 80, nutmegs 5, went in debt 25 ct.


TH 9    I cleaned the stable out and pigs shocked corn.


FR 10   I done the chores then went to the fort took 80 lbs of grain oats got caster oil 30, canton flanel 80, lye 25, buttens 10, paid on acct 1.80.


SA 11   It was very cold all day stayed at home all day.  I fixed the stable shocked some corn cover the potatoes and cabbage and chored.


SU 12   We all went to meating it was very cold going down the Bishop took part of the time and red a new relelation givin (Revelation given) October 13 1882 through John Taylor in wich (which) the first presidency was ordered to fill up the chorum (quorum) of the 12 and also the chorum of the first 7 presidents of seventies and told them the names to fill the offices.


MO 13  We sacked a load of grain done the chores then went to Fork left at 2 40 lbs at the mill took 44 lbs of oats to Snows at 1.90 Store.  Bot pair of horse blankens2.50 dollors, coal oil 60, horse shoes 70 bot dress shoes for OSKER 1.35 table cloth 1.50, buttens, hood 40, embrodery 50, braid 25, dress 33 pants 50, waist 50 facory 1.00, sacks 50.paid 9,06 on the above John took 900 of oats settled with Snow got pair of boots 5.00 and hat had a credit of 2.00 of Riley Bot 2 coats for his women we got home at dusk RENZO stayed at Crises.


 TU 14  I shocked 2 shocks of corn fixed at flower box went to fort took 72 lbs oats to store got coffee 25, tea 25, shugar 50, thread 10 done the chores.


WE 15  I loaded a load of grain took it to Fork let John Snow have it had 477 of oats and 525 of Wheat it all come tot 16.10 halled 2 loads of hay to the Carrs for him for 1.00 on store.  Bot a suit of close of him $ 17.50 paid1.25 pair of gloves I owe on above 1.25 I got 6 shoes corked at Bennies paid 1.00,  I fetched 2 sacks of choped Wheat from mill.


TH 16   I done the chores and shoed the horses went to the fort got 10 ct worth of horse nails at store helped the boys to hall 2 loads of much got home at dusk.


FR 17   I done the chores shocked corn tended babe while TEAR washed and packed hur water me and RENZO went to sawmill after noon got 150 ft of lumber at 1 1/4 per ft and 8 slabs it came to $ 2.25 all together got it of Lee Clark.


SA 18   I done the chores grubbed oak brush til 1 had dinner went to fort poot up 2200 of oats at the store redy to take to Salt Lake on Monday.  I took 54 lbs of oats to store got 6 lbs nails 50, starch 15, shugar 315 got 2 ˝ bu of apples at tithing office on halling tithing at 45 ct per bu.


SU 19   I went to meating and heard Bodison and Clark speak they all the time we went to mothers to dinner Came home at 5.


MO 20  Jim came up got 2 bu of wheat that I got of them when I paid for my harness and 3 bu for some lumber that I got of him.  I sent 80 lbs of oats to Fork by him to get some shoes for TEAR at Snows 2.75. John came up helped me to cut 2 of my pigs we took the teeme down and 370 lbs of oats we loaded 2636 lbs of oats at the store for John to take to town tomorrow I sent the oats to buy a load of coal


TU 21   I worked at fixing up the stable all day went to fort tonight got TEARS shoes and my vest.


WE 22  I worked all fore noon boarding up the west side of the shed below slabs.  I cut oaks in the botom of the lusurn .  James and Fannie went to town today to get married and Davis Strong and Martha Heley.


( Fanny Nielsen daughter of James and Metta Nielsen

Martha Heley daughter of James Healey)


(Davis Strong son of William Johnson Strong

They were married in the Endowment House )



TH 23   I went to fort to see if John had come and see if they wanted to do any cooking Vine was there and Sarah Ann John came at 3 fetched 2000 lbs coal for me.


FR 24   We went to the fort took 232 lbs of Wheat to Coop, Bot a lamp $ 1.40 for Jim and Fanney for a present and Handker chief 60 patern 25, colars,  ribon 52, shoes laces 10, hair oil 20, script 15 we came up at 11 ˝ done the chores shocked corn got redy went down at 4 ˝ when we got there Nealsons and Rileys and Ezekiels and Rhoda and Willey was there and Jim and Faney had got home from town we had supper at 5 1/4 had good supper  started to dance at 8 and quit at 12 had a very good time all around , Davis Strong and Martha Heley also got married yesterday they had their dance together, they had the Kirkam Band to Play.


SA 25   I done the chores hooked up went to the fort to see Ezekil and Rhoda before they went home they had gone took 72 lbs of Wheat to the store got 4 milk pans 1.00, and candy 5, we got home at 3 John came up helped me to catch there hog and poot him in the pen I traded them one of mine for theirs I have to give them some meat to boot $ 1.50 worth.


SU 26   We stayed at home Bro and Sister Beck came up I went to fort at 4 got John to come up tomorrow t        o help me kill a pig got back at dusk.


MO 27  We got up at 6 ˝ done the chores had breakfast poot the water on to kill the pig John came at 10 we killed it and cleaned guts by 1 went to fort got  100 bu of salt at Toms paid 83 lbs of Wheat.  John and me traded hogs took theirs home we traied it to W Nash for a sow his larger.


TU 28   I cut the pig up cleaned the stable and cleaned the meat barrel out done the chores helped to tend the children they was both sick TEAR made sachage.  (Sasuage)


WE 29  I salted the meat done the chores took 22 lbs of poark to the tithing office and some to Mothers and some to Becks took 292 lbs of oats to Coop Store, Bot 4 1/4 yds of water proof at 85 per yd and shugar 50, candy 10 had 1.30 poot to my credit on the book and poot up 2430 lbs of oats corn and beanes for the store loaded it and fetched it up.


TH 30   I got up at 3 this morning got redy started to town at 5 ˝ with 2430 lbs for the store got out to sills before day lite got to town at 4 ˝ could not unload because it was Thanksgiving day everything was closed I went to theator they played a Irish an play one of the best that I ever experienced.






FR 1     I got up at 5 fed and watered my teeme and had breakfast hooked up took my load to Barnes and Davises unloaded by 10 ˝ then started for home got home at 6 Ted Okey and Phill K and Geo Bodison went with me with loads for the store I had the most Ted had 23, Phill 20,00, Geo Bodison 20,00 lbs TEARS father and Lewis went in to with theres.


SA 2     I white washed and done the chores helped to poot the carpet down stayed home all day.


SU 3     We went to meating the speakers was Hyrum Heley, Jos Watkins, James Heley, RTB,

            and Henry Moyle had Brigham Young Jr and Lyman at night we was there.


MO 4   I went to Fork took 256 lbs of Wheat to mill got it choped took 270 lbs oats to John Snows got 15 oat sacks 30, pants 75 for RENZO , flanel 25, bridle bit 40, shugar 50, tea 25, coff 25, tabaco 20, had 50 poot on book to my credit paid Bennett for fixing my wagon 50, he corked shoes over for me.


TU 5    I sacked my oats to take to Bingham had 13 oat sacks full and 6 Seamless sacks and loaded them into the wagon poot the bows and cover on and every thing redy to start, TEAR went doen and helped hur mothr to quilt.  got twine at the Coop 35 on tick.


WE 6    I got up at 2 got redy and started at 4 to Bingham got to fort had to wait ˝ hour for John we started at 5 we got on the other side of Austins by day lite got to fort Heriman at 10 3/4 got to Stickleys and unloaded by dark.  I had 1886 lbs of oats and got $39.00 for them John had 1883 lbs of oats and got $38.65 he sold 10 sacks and I sold 13 sacks I paid 25 ct for the drink he paid 25 for salmon we poot out teemes in Coopery stable for 25 ct


TH 7    We paid for stabeling 7 AM bot whiskey 50, of him we home home at 4 we spent 75ct each for stabeling, whiskey.


FR 8     I tended Babe and churned while TEAR washed I took 10 baskets of corn and 350 lbs oats and 255 lbs Wheat down for tithing came up done chores.


SA 9     I done the chores John came up said he was going to kill their pig wanted me to come down.  I poot up 3 sacks of oats took them with me they weighed 272 lbs came to 4.93 had it poot to my credit.


SU 10   We stayed at home all day, Bodison and James Vance came up here teaching in the afternoon stayed about an hour,


MO 11  I went to the fort after Martha Devy little boys coat pattern to cut one for RENZO cut oaks after noon at botom of lusurn.


TU 12   I plowed all day and done the chores.


WE 13  I finished plowing the cane and potatoes ground plowed about 1 acre and went to the fort took Old Spot to Booth bull and bot at Coop 3 ˝ yds of lining at 15 ct and a comb 10, had a settling I

            owe them 1.80, Wilford Booth shocked corn for me today he plowed while I went to fort 1 ˝

             hours TEARS mother was up TEAR made 2 shirts for Jos.


TH 14   I plowed 1 acre on the corn stubble next to the house, Jos Beck shocked 7 baskets of corn, Wilf B  shocked 18 yesterday and today, I sent 2 bu of wheat to Fork by Jim got alcohol 50, tea 25, cash .  Riley started to plow and F Beck plowed all day.


FR 15   I plowed all day plowed 1 acre by house Wilf shocked corn shocked 7 baskets.


SA 16   I plowed all day finished this peace by the house plowed 16 rounds on the next to the west of the lusurn went to fort at noon got shugar 50 at Toms paid cash.  Wilf and Jos shocked corn Jos 8 baskets Wilf 7, Riley plowed all day so did Yan.





SU 17   I went to meating we had young Taylor and Young Canon speaking and Parkman we also had a Seventies meating at 3 the same breatheren was there and gave good council and instruction.


MO 18  I done the chores then went to the fort took 133 lbs of Wheat to the store, Coop got buttens, braid, thread, rasins amt to 1.00 Had l dollar poot to my credit now owe 80 cts.  Bot grinding stone of Tom Carlisle 50 ct never paid him came up plowed 9 rounds it snowed while I was plowing 5 of them Paid Riley 1.05 ct in oats for after let him take some oats to buy some nails for me to Fork.  Lewis and Wilf Booth fetched a sow to my hog today.


TU 19   It snowed some during the night, snowed and blowed and cold all day.  I made the cow Pen larger and cleaned up the beans and chored.  Jos Beck was up this afternoon.  CARLOS SKER started to walk today he has stood alone a long time.


WE 20  We got up at 7 had breakfast at 9 done the chores curried water for TEAR to wash and tended the children cleaned the stable out poot the muck on potatoes went down cut some oaks at botom of lusurn poot axle and crank in the grindstone.  OSKER walked across the floor it was cold and stormy all day.


TH 21   I fixed the grind stone up and ground the ax poot a new end in the pig pen fixed the chicken coop up poot a door in lower end of cow shed. Sent Jos to the fort with 35 lbs oats he got 1 ˝ dozen

buttons at 20 and 2 trunpets 10, nutmegs 10, script 1.00,  he got 3 sacks at Mothers and that from Riley with the nails.


FR 22   I done the chores hitched the teeme up took the folks to the fort I went to Fork took to John Snows 7 lbs of butter at 27 ˝ and 281 lbs of wheat at 1 ˝ per lb and 209 lbs oats at 1.90 per hundred the butter and grain was $10.00 Bot suit of close for Jos Beck and hat 10.00 and garments for me 80, factery 88, shirt 1.75, shugar 1.00, coff 25, rice 25, currents 25, raisens 49, lemon 15, cinnamon 10, mustard 10, comb 20, yeast powder 60, stockings 25 for OSKER.  The whole bill came to 19.00 paid 20.00 I was owing him before this 8.00 now owe 6.00 I found out where some of our ties went to come near trading horses with Jos Conder.


SA 23   I chored and helped TEAR packed water tended the babe went to fort Bot at Coop boots for RENZO 1.75, currents 25, candy 10, pepper 10, never paid for boots Jim got their pig TEAR cooked for company tomorrow.


SU 24   I went down to Meating, RT Booth spoke most of the time on the history of Christ and the prophecies of ancient, we had John and Jim and Fanney, Emeline, Lewis, Christina, Bro and Sister Beck to supper they stayed til 7 ˝ the went home.


MO 25     I took 278 of Wheat to Coop at 20 paid all I was owing and paid for RENZOS boots 1.75 came up we got red went to Mothers to supper then went to the dace their musitions (musicians) disapointed them so they got Berry to play we came home at 10 ˝ never bot a ticket because they were late in starting.


TU 26   We done the chores then went to Nealsons to dinner Jim and Fanney and Emeline and Netta we had dinner at Jims and supper at the old mans, Young Birg came over to see if they could get Jims house to have a dance in tomorrow night he invited us we got home at 7 done the chores went to bed, they had another dance at the fort.


WE 27  I went to the fort to get a pair of boots but they had not got any that would fit me I got a credit of Booth to got some medison for RENZO to cure the worms had a talk with S Moyle about trading my land in the new field for his house and lot, never traded, we went to Nealsons to the dance got home at 12 had a good time.


TH 28   We done the chores and went to the fort TEAR helped hur mother to Cook all day I went to Fork took 205 lbs of oats to Snows got a pair of boots for 3.75 and script 25 got some medison at Watermans for RENZO paid 40, we got home at dark done chores.


FR 29   Beck came up after TEAR and the table I done the chores and then was down at 1 for dinner they were eating when I got there,  there was all of Freds folks, and Hanse Haleson and Trolesons and Lewises and TEAR and me we stayed to Carpenter Becks to a dance til 9.


SA 30   The wind blew very cold all day we stayed at home all day I done chores took the front of the shed out and fixed up the south end so the pigs and stock could not get in fixed the stable and chicken coop a little shocked corn for pigs.


SU 31   We stayed at home all day and chored Phil came over after his horses he stayed an hour or so chatted.




 Example of his account

with Thomas Field Carlisle