Joseph William Watkins’  Day Book






TH 1    Fine day but clowdy at eve, I done the chores went to fort Jos Beck helped me to take a shar (steer) down of D Mc Daniels that had been bothering me for about 1 month here.  I asked our Jim and Fanney Lewises and Becks and our folks to come up and take supper with us tonight but Jims had Nealsons and Becks was asked to Freds so there was onley Lewises came up but we had a good time they stayed til 9 ½ had plenty of cider and good supper also


FR 2     Fine but cold foggy sharp I finished batting the kitchen .  Jos Moyle and our John came up at 2 stayed til 5 Jos came to see fi I would take 2 of his pigs to fatten on shairs I told them that I would not take them for less than 3/5 and if he wanted me to take them at that I would take them tomorrow he said that would do him they stayed drinking cider til they felt good we got redy went to the concert tonight paid 25 ct we all went had a good time got home at went to bed


( Many people had apples and made cider.  If the cider was fresh it was

not against the law, but if allowed to go hard it was very intoxicating

 Alpine was once called “ Cider City”.  In 1885 Marshall William Eastwood

was relieved of Duty for selling hard cider )


SA 3     Fine but cold and foggy I cleaned 2 loads of muck out pig pen and started to fatten for 3/5 got them fetched them up locked corn and done the chores. Lewis was up this afternoon fetched some fresh meat up stayed 3 hours helped me to unload the pigs poot them up


SU 4     Calm fixing for storme we all went to Lewises to dinner stayed there til 9 had supper there the old mand and the old Lady and Joseph, Vet and Emma and us, we never went to meating or school done chores at 5 Vet and Lewis came up with me had some cider went back at 5 to Lewises place


MO 5   It snowed last night 4 inches, cold and windy most of the day.  I made a pair of bedstids for the boys 4.ft 3 by 3 ft 2 in it took all of my spair time out side of my d\chores and churning, stayed at home all day, no one came up today


TU 6    Fine and warme Spring I done the chores Jim and Fanney came up stayed all day visiting said Emma Whitby had a boy born yesterday


WE 7    Fine day Thawing all dy I done chores hooked up Pet and Nig went to store took 4 lbs butter and 9 eggs got 20 ct for butter and 25 for eggs.  Bot shugar 25, tea 32 1?2, soap 25 oil for lamp 21, candy 5.  Pet acted very mean would not go up by dry creek hill had to whip hur and turn hur around


TH 8    I done the chores carried water for TEAR to wash and tended babe cut wood shocked some corn cleaned 1 or 2 loads of much out of stable stayed at home all day  Funeral they burreyed buried Don Strongs baby today


(The Ancestral file lists death the same day as birth, but I would think this is correct

Frederick Strong would have been 2 weeks old)


FR 9     Fine but misty I done the chores poot up 4 sacks of Wheat 1 of oats took the wheat to mill took the oats to Snows got 90 ct for the oats Bot onions 30. Got script took the script to Grants Bot cards 20, paper 15, kept 15 took 3 lbs of butter to Robertses got 1 bottle of 3 eres horse medison 50 ct turpentine went to Jacksons got pair of boots for OSKER 1.65 in hay got my grist got home at dusk done the chores, John was up at 4


SA 10   Very rainey all day I done the chores shocked some corn cleaned stables out Jos Beck, Anderson Mc Daniel came up stayed 2 hours went at 3


SU 11   Snowed til noon some, I done by chores went to meating on Nig they were handling Jos Heley fir getting drunk at the time thy Burreyed J. D Wilkins child.  Jos was very humble asked for givencey and was eunamousley (unanimous) forgiven by the meating but the Bishop and council requested him to be rebaptized he concented.  Bishop Adams and W Strong occupied all the time speaking of adulty and drunkeness and round dancing which is to be stoped entirely from this time forward the Bishop stated that all the back tithing previous to 1881 was canciled (canceled) and forgiven


MO 12  Fine day and thawing I done the chores went to fort to see Tom Whitby but he was gone to Fork with load of salt I was going to load a load of hay but Jim had gone to Nealsons with their wagon so I never loaded John Beck got his horses the last one of E Nash today Jos Kelley was up to fort today in a buggie Nephi Preast was up also ha his race horse up John and W Hamnet came up helped me to the rack on.


TU 13   Fine day but cool clowdy at night.  We got up at 6 done chores got redy went to fort got Beck to help me to load a load of hay took it to Fork for Jackson to pay him for some close that I got of him for RENZO and OSKER and boots and groceries amt to $9.00 took 2640 lbs of hay tp dau at 25 ct weighed at Chipmans, had Nig and Bill had belley ache to nite


WE 14  Snowed last night til noon today.  I done the chores poot on water to scald a pig and hooked up Nig and Bill went to fort Jim and me got the hay that I threw off my hay stack yesterday took it over to Jims place there was 9 or 10 hundred lbs it goes towards paying John for helping me to get that stear out of dry creek canyon just before Christmas, John and Jim came up helped me to kill the pig we started at 2 ½ got done had supper at 4 John and Strong had quite a row at the store today at noon


TH 15   Foggy and cold all day snowy I done the chores went out to Jacob Becks to see Pete he was not out there I seen the man at Jacobs that had horses to trade he came up with we never made trade Jos Beck was up today


FR 16   Fine day clowdy at eve.  I done the chores shocked 1 stock of corn cut pig up carried water for TEAR to wash tended Babe fixed hur high chair made the holes through the botom and logs.  There has not been any one here today, we have not been away, today we got 5 eggs today.


SA 17   It snowed last night 6.  I done the chores went out to catch rabits got 2 there was Jed,  W  Devy, H Walton, G Bodison, Jos Heley, H Walton, Alfred Devy we all got 1 and 2 each had lots of sport got them at 3 done the chroes Jim and John, Sam Strong, Vet and Jim Nealson this in son the last named


SU 18      Snowed 5 or 6 inches last nite snowing some til 10.  I never got to meating Lewis and Jos Beck came up we went out caught 3 rabits they stayed til 3 ½ I never went to fort today  cold all day.


MO 19  Snowed 6 inches last nite cold I done the chores went out with H Walton and Geo Bodison hunting rabits we got 1 each had lots of sport, E Heley, W Devy, Jos Beck, A Mc Daniel and Jed was out also all some some Jim and John , Vet, Sam Strong, Jim Nelson got 32


TU 20   Fine day not too warme.  I done the chores cut some wood went to fort went out on the hills between here and Lewises to see if I could catch a rabit but never saw any but went to fort at 1 to try and settle a dispute between F Beck and me about the line between us with the Teachers but it was not settled he would let the lines be as they were if Devy would theirs.  I was to see Riley and try to fit it so the ditch......


WE 21  Fine day and warme.  I done the chores went to store took 12 eggs and 8 lbs of butter got 25 ct for the eggs and 15 for the butter it all came to 1.45 got shug 50, tea 22, rice 15, currents 35, cinnamon 10, thread 15, nutmegs 8, road old Nig down asked TEARS folks and Steavens to come up on Friday to dinner it is OSKERS birthday on Friday I got back at 4 took old Liney today went to Tom Carlisles Durham bull  Theadore Bateman was up after their yellow mair.


TH 22   Warme day but clowdy like storme.  I chored around helped TEAR with children while she was cooking for OSKERS Birthday party stayed home all day, Jos Beck came up to break the road for slay (sleigh) with l horse.


FR 23   Fine day stormey snowed and rained .  I done the chores got redy for our company they came at 1 TEARS folks came first at 1 Stephens folks at 2 they had dinner and supper here Johney was here and Daniel but little OSKER never got any presents atale (at all) they went home at dusk because it was stromey


SA 24   Fine day warme I chored and cleaned the stables out til noon Jim and Jos Beck came up for drink of cider I got them to help me to take Old Spot and the Yellow heifer to fort to bull Spot took Tom Carlisles little bull and the yellow one Toms duram bull.  Took 40 lbs of oats to store got 2 galens of coal oil 20 and nails 14 I went out to Rob Jones to get his bull but he was not at home went to Marvins to see about selling him a cow I said he would come up and see me the first of the week about it


SU 25   Fine day we went to Lewises I went to meating went to Lewises to dinner R Vance, F Shering was there he took most of the time spoke of the saints in Missouri and Illinois


MO 26  Fine day.  I done the chores carried water for TEAR to wash I tended the babe.  Wil Walker came up stayed all day fetched a little work of Stainers for me to look at relative to land enteries of all kinds homesteads, Prohenptionion Deseret Act and Lumber enteries.


TU 27   Fine day and warme.  I done the chores chopped a lot of wood John came up stayed to dinner Joseph Moyle came up to see aout the old sows that I got of him to fatten on shairs but they proven to be with Pig and it will pay better to let hem pig than for poark. We thought we had better let them pig we never made any bargin today but he said he would see me tomorrow and we would strike on some bargin he stayed til sunset I done chores after he went


WE 28  Fine day, warme.  I done the chores hooked up Nig and Bell took the folks to the fort to Jims they stayed there all day I seen Jos Moyle about the pigs we agreed that I should keep them til 1 pigs and then he is to take it and pigs til the other pigs when each litter is month old we are to take ½ of each litter and 1 sow each


TH 29   Fine and warme.  I done the chores shocked 3 sacks of corn redy for Devy tomorrow on what I owe them on the shop.  Lewis came up at 1 after oakes no one else came up and we never went anywhere


FR 30   Fine day warme.  I done the chores fixed the chicken coop poot new roosts up and fixed the holes up to hold out the cold, worked at it all day very neer (near).  W Devy came up got the 3 sacks of corn that I owed them he started to hall muck up here today halled 2 loads John came up and got Nig left Bummer here took Nig to run races with against Cris Beck, Bell got the belley ache I rode hur to fort and she got better got home after dark


SA 31   Fine day warme, slushy.  I done the chores took the folks to fort I went to Am Fork took 6 lbs of butter to Jacksons got 15 ct per lb got boots for RENZO 1.65, shugar 25, rice 25, currents 25.   Bot a washing machine of Jim Steele for 7.00 he takes a little pig at 3.00 have to pay him 1.00 in store pay and 3.00 in cash in 5 months






SU 1     Fine day clowdy at night.  I done chores hooked up Bell and Bummer and we all went to meating there was a man from Springville by the name of Childs and l from Provo as home myssionaries Childs was a very good speaker the other was not so good spoke on various subjects the man was after donations to purchase land in Mexico they, the church is buying about 25000 acres of land of the Mexicans for a place of resortment we went to Mothers to dinner stayed til 3 ½ came up


MO 2   Fine day warme.  I let our Jim take Old Spot today to milk until one of theirs had a calve helped him to take hur down to his place whent to store got shugar 25, tea 22, _______10, never paid for it I came up done the chores went to water meating tonight the Board gave in them report also the facting of a lake and taking horses for the purpose of making a reservoir of it for the secondary rights


TU 3    Fine but clowdy, warme.  I went to fort at 10 ½ to see Dave Mc about trading Pet for his horse but the horses did not suit.  Jim Fanney John Lewises was up to RENZOS birth dinner he is 5 years old.  Nig and Preist horse run Nig beet


WE 4    Rainey til 1 warme after, clowdy.  I done the chores hunted up some accts against the city went to the fort got 1 box 15, lye bar soap, matches 15 on tick for 3 or 4 days got Thompson to make me out a bill against the city for serveses in helping to keep the peace at 3 or 4 different times poot in 1.57 each time total 6.00I presented it to S.W. Brown he said that the present Council could not do anything with it But he would present it to the next council.  I stayed down til 3 came up Becks folks was here stayed to supper give LORENZO 2 ½ yds of cloth at 20 ct per yard to make waist for him and OSKER


TH 5    Clowdy looks like storme.  I done the chores carried water for TEAR to wash, helped hur to wash it being the first time she had washed with the machine we done a big wash and hut it out in about 3 hours.  I piled some muck in stock yard done the chores, stayed at home all day


FR 6     Rainey and snowed some at evening, piled muck in stock yard, Smiths came up to rent my lusurn in new field this year, Tried Worthy for selling cider fined him 25.00 and costs, we went to concert tonight very good


SA 7     Stormy, snow and wind, cold.  I fixed the pig pen up warme covered it with sticks boards and horse muck made it warme for them to pig in for I am expecting them to pig soon 3 sows 2 that I got of Jos Moyle on shairs for 1 sow and ½ the pigs from both.  I went to the nominating meating tonight for City officers and water board the following is the canidates:     S Moyle second

alterman, W. J Strong , A Marsh and F Beck for councilers, James Vance recorder, F Clark treasurer, W Eastwood Marshall, T. F Carlisle assessor and colector for 2 years


SU 8     Snowing blowing all day we never went to meating I took Liney to Tom Carlisles bull at 3 ½ left hur there she got home at dark. Jos Beck stayed here last night and til noon today


MO 9   Cold and stormy all day.  I cleaned the stables out took most of the day.  I went to Lewises after the history of the James Boys but our Jim got it yesterday morning of Vet so I went to Jims place and got it he only red 120 pages said I could get it and he would get after me.


TU 10   Cold and drifting all day I done the chores and red Jessey James all day.  Stayed at home no one came up seen nobodye


WE 11  Snowed all day stedy it was snowing when we arose this morning snowed stedy til 4 then let up for ½ an hour I only stayed out long enough to do the chores.  I red about 100 pages in the History of Jessey James.  Jos Beck came up fetched up some fresh poark stayed from 2 til 4 snowing all the time show is 2 ft


TH 12   Some wind, clearing up now.  I done the chores cleaned the stables out shoveled  snow to make paths cut wood and tended stock never went any whair nor any one come up here


FR 13   Snowed some at intervils.  I done the chores went to store took 2 doz eggs got 25 ct per doz got thread 5, paid the Sunday School 25 for our ticked last Friday nite at concert got home at 3 done choes the snow is so very deep that my foot drags in riding on Bummer showing yet.  Jim killed his last pig today It weighed 207 lbs today


SA 14   Cold and windy.  It started to blow last night at 2 drifted and blew most of the day.  I done the chores went to fort took 10 eggs to store got coal oil for the eggs got Bottle of Olive Oil 30 on tick went to Mothers to see how she was, borrowed some oil for VICT came up done the chores down again to see Booth about VICTORIA she was worse tonight with the cold.  The babe started to walk (10 months)


SU 15   Clowdy thawing I done chores stayed at home all day Babe was sick.  Jim came up

            at 2 stayed til 4 came to see how babe was, said that John Devy took up all the meating today

MO 16  Clowdy, enclined for rain.  I done the chores went over beyond my lane in the hollow, got a large stick of wood that I left in the fall the snow was 2 ft deep had to break a road to it, had to cut it in two so Nig could hall it over went to fort and took Nig and Bell on buggie to break the road it was from 2 to 3 ft deep, took 72 lbs of oats and 1 doz of eggs got 25 ct for eggs and 80 for oats per hundred got factory 8 ½ yds at 9, thread 5 got home at 5 Lee Clark and Bob Bennett was down


TU 17   Clowdy warme some rain and snow.  I done the chores helped to wash carried water tended babe shoveled snow off the shed and stack.  John came up got Nig and my harness and buggie to go to mill I sent l sack of wheat to mill by Jos Beck came up this afternoon stayed til 5 the snow is getting very soft and wet


WE 18  Clowdy and rainy fogy.  I done the chores shoveled the snow off hay stack went to fort got Jim to go to Salt Lake for me tomorrow to see about my cows and get the money for the use of them of Kelson if he could if he could not to bring the cow home and get the money of Holt for Red I got the Buggie from John and came home done chores


TH 19   Foggy and rainey.  I done chores went to fort got Mrs Beck to write a note for Jim to take to Kelsey gave him Kelsey directions he started at 10 I came uo at 12 shoveled the snow off the shed done chores piled some muck in corell it is thawing and raining snow is going fast


FR 20   Foggy but warme.  I done the choes hooked up Bell and bummer went to fort took TEAR and children got the Buggie fixed by Bodison and W Booth and Co.  Got tong from Straiter and screw threads poot on the sturdy straps on center axle as King bolt charged 75 we had a meating to organize a rifle club poot John Moyle in for President Thomas Whitby as vice president, Secretary W Booth for Thesory Geo Mc Daniel for Captain D.Mc Daniel we agreed to pay 50 cts each for eneation fee there was 6 of us present John Moyle, David and Geo Mc Daniel. Hyram Heley, T Whitby, Jos Watkins


SA 21   Fine day clear and warme, I done the chores hooke dup Bell and bummer took TEAR and children to Lewises and we went to Am Fork I took 11 lbs of butter and 2 doz eggs 12 ½ butter 17 ½ it all came to 2.90.  Bot shoes for TEAR 2.00 paid 70 cts for Cartridges and 2 for fixing my boots at Coop got scriopt 15 got home at 7 I of Jos Moyles sows had 10 pigs while we were gone


SU 22   Sleek and rained most of the day.  I stayed at home all day because TEARS had sore throat past the time in reading the American Adventures and doing hur work and my own all day


MO 23  Fine and some clowds after noon I done the chores hooked up went to the fort took our folkes, grist sown I fetched it from Am Fork Saturday took 17 eggs to store at 22 ct got tea 22, shugar 10, Our Jim got back from town (SLC) at 1 ½ fetched 10 dollars for the use of my cow of Kelson, but never got any more than 25.00 for the Red Cow and would not let him tale the cow with out paying 15.00 for feeding hur for the winter so Jim came without anything.  Kelson said he would buy the cow Liney and pay me 50.00 for hur 10 dollars monthly if I would sell hur.  I stayed whare they were shooting had 3 shots made 6 points 2 hundred yds.  Lewis and Christena was up this after noon , Jos Moyle other sow had 9 pigs this afternoon 1 died left 8 the other 9 is doing well


TU 24   Fine day like spring.  I done the chores killed a small pig would weight about 80 lbs done it alone got done at 2 Joseph Beck came up sid that they would take my lusurn on shares in new field if I would let them have it I told that I was going to let it go to seed I thought but they could tend it for me if they wanted to and I would give them a share.  Jim Ward came up I let him have some meat on what I was owing him for work last fall


WE 25  Fine day not very warm.  I chored around here til noon went to fort after to Rifle Club Practice and to see Jos Moyle about there Pigs of his up here he is to come up Friday and get them that is l sow and litter of pigs. TEAR went to fort with me took 1 doz eggs to store at 22 cts Bot factery and cotton flanel for it got home at 6


TH 26   Fine day warme.  I chores made 3 trips over to the other side of my land in the hollow after some poles and wood that I had over there took Trip to snake them with went to the fort after Mail got letter from Holt about the cow stating falsehoods about it


FR 27   Rain and sleep, wind snow at nite.  I carried water for TEAR to wash cleaned the stable out made a pen for pigs between straw stack and muck pile for the young pigs poot 3 poles with long end on the ground the other on shed poot them on first then muck on top of it that made it warm.  Jos Moyle came up to ge his sow and pigs but it got cold and stormey and he had not got a very good place fixed for them so he wanted me to keep them til Monday so he could fix pen so he left them Jed was up with him. We got 14 eggs today the most we have had yet.  I stayed at home all day Jos M and Jed stayed 2 hours, Snow is yet more than 1 foot deep on level here


SA 28   Fine but cool til 3 got warme.  I done the chores cut some wood shocked some corn got redy went to fort to Rifle Club practice we had 5 shots each, Jed made 22 points he was Champion.  I made 6 points Sun Carlisle 5 and Anderson Mc 5 and our John 7



 MARCH 1885



SU 1     Fine day and warme we got redy went to meating all of us Strong red Sermon of Geo Q Cannon on the Preching of mor of the gosple to every nation kindred tongue and people and to every individual and the reward of all people, Bishop took the rest of the time speaking in answer to the contents of the sermon. We had dinner at Mothers stayed sown til 5 came up


MO 2   Fine day warming.  I done the chores Jos Moyle and Jed came up and got Jos sow and 8 pigs I got redy went to Fork took 3 ½ doz of eggs at 20 ct and 6 lbs of butter at 11 came to 1.75 got tea 25, shugar 25, factery 1.25, Bot overhalls 85, book for RENZO 25, paid cash the last 2 articles traded at Dunkleys John and me paid $8.40 on back not of Threshing machine which makes us squair up to last note which is not paid by any of the company yet we went to Tom Steeles to see if we could traid for a rifle but could not, we got home at 6


TU 3    Fine and warme.  I done the chores went to fort and fetched Eliza Mantle up and Martha and children I went back worked on the dry creek bridge by David Mc Dan corell they started it yesterday afternoon there was Riley, F Beck, Geo Mc, W Devy, and ½ teeme our John and teeme ½ teeme F Beck, Walton ½ day, P Kits ½ day and me most of the day.  We all worked at getting


            rock and brush today I came up at 5 had supper took Martha and Eliza Mantle to fort got back at dark done chores


WE 4    Fine day, warme. I done the chores went over to rock qirrey roled Rock all day off the little round mountain for the boys to get their Bobs to them, our boys poot in 2 ½ days teem and all F Beck poot in 2 days W Devy 1 ½ day, Geo Mc 2 days, Riley 1, me 1 day I got Jos Beck to stay here while I got to Mill Creek tomorrow to see Holt about cow he is going to shock corn for me while I am gone at 5 ct per basket he shocked all day today Lewises folks was up this afternoon after oakes



TH 5    Fine day, clear.  I done the chores got redy started to Milcreek on Old Bell went to Mantles got there at dusk started from here at 10, nooned at Eddingtons stayed 1 ½ hours the rain was very bad from here to Austins place with snow and mud from there the road was good


FR 6     Fine day bot some clowds early. I slept with Charley and Jodey Mantle last nigh had breakfast at Mantles.  Lowellen has got 6 acres of Wheat in by the house I went over to Milcreek  settled the squabble with Holt about the cow that I sold him last November the 29 for $35.00 we settled by him paying me $ 25 down and 5 in 3 or 4 weeks or I am to have to calve if I would rather than the $5.00 if it proves to be a bull calve if it is a heifer he keeps it and pays me the $5.00 in cash. I went to town payed $23.00 on threshing machine to the John W Lowell Co. this finishes my porton of thresher the last note calls for $2.00 dollars and 30.00 interest up to this date I payed 1/10 of the amt up to date paid $5.00 on the sewing machine leave unpaid $30.00 yet.  Got 2 dollars of Kelson for use of cow rec in $15.00 of him


( Jodey and Charley Mantle they must be nick names, do not know who they are!)


SA 7     Fine day warme.  I stayed at Ezekiels last night we stayed up til 2 last night talking got up at 7 ½ helped them to get their fanning mill out of the loft of granery they were going to sew Wheat today.  I started home at 10 ½ came around the point of Mt got home at 3 ½ one of the sows had 8 pigs this Thursday 4 of them died and 4 alive yet 1 jet black white foot.  I gave Jos Beck $1.00 cash for staying here to help TEAR


SU 8     Fine day warme.  I went to meating had Barret Web and Anderson 3 Presidents of our Chorum of Seventy was Preaching to us today had good meating.  I came up after meating to fetch TEAR sown to the afternoon meating but VICTORIA was sick and croop so we stayed at home til 4 I went to the fort to take Chuck home and help John doctor his sick heifer that sliped hur calft last Thursday the Preachers stayed to meating both after noon and nite. Heylett moved one of his wives up here last night at Becks house


( Joseph, James, and John signed the petition on this date to open a street to go to the east side,

it was suggested a street running parallel to North Orchard Street )


MO 9   Fine day, warm, clear.  I done chores went to fort poot in the day on the bridge by Devys went to Rob Joneses after his bull for Nell and heifer but she got with F Becks rone bull and she never took Robs.  There was Riley and George Mc, F Beck and Yan, W Devy, George Bodison and Walton our Jim and me

TU 10   Fine day but clowdy at eve.  I worked on the bridge by Devys all day came up at noon got TEAR and children took them to Mothers they were having a little spree there this afternoon.  Just our girls and Eliza Mantle and Ann Mason I went there to supper and dinner so did Jim. There was Riley, George Mc and F Beck and Youl and teeme, Geo Mc Teeme David Mc teeme, Alfred Deveys teeme and our Jim and 1 horse me and Walton and W Devy


( Alfred Devey (1871-1970 )..age 14...was  Lawrence’s  Father who married

Mary Matilda Watkins...Our Johns daughter )


WE 11  Fine til noon rained after noon.  I worked on bridge til noon went out on the bench and started to Plow worked an hour the rain drove us home.  They worked my teeme this four noon on the golden land it rained til 4 then quit,  rained very hard, done the chores.  John plowed ½ day yesterday down there that was the first


TH 12   Fine day little cool.  I done the chores poot up 6 bu of Wheat took to the fort and cleaned it on the Bishops fans.  Mill for seed TEAR and children went with me she took 2 doz eggs at 15 ct per doz, she got tea 25 came up.  John and Jim took my teeme out on the bench and plowed all the afternoon with them


FR 13.  Fine day but clowdy.  I went out on the bench and plowed for boys all day with my teeme we finished plowing the lower peace and harrowed and backed it down we only worked 2 teems out, Jim was picking sage all day and halling it off with the other teem


SA 14   Fine day.  I went out on the Golden land and helped the boys all day I plowed all day on the upper peace whare the old house was.  John and Jim finished the lower peace by 3 ½ came up and picked the sage off and sowed and harrowed what I plowed today.  I fetched a load of sage up and poot it on the butment of the bridge by Devys I got at store ½ gal coal oil 20, yarn 25, nutmeg 5, pepper 5, paid script


SU 15   Fine day.  I stayed at home all day Cris bull came here last night went to fort with Jos Beck stayed there all nite came up this morning stayed til 11 went home he wanted to hire to me cut I could not hire him now.  Johney Mason and Brig Whiting was looking at my cellar today they agreed to do the work for $12.00 the size 13 by 15 6 ft high.  I am to plow 2 ½ acres and poot in 3 acres of grain for the job of mason work.  He is to do the dewing and help what he can at it


MO 16  Fine day but clowdy.  I helped the boys 3/4 of the day on the Golden land we got done at 4 pooting the 6 acres of oats and lusurn in sowed lusurn in all of it we came over to Johney Marvins and Jim and me plowed ½ an acre on his we got home at sunset done chores


TU 17   Fine day clowdy at evening I done the chores went to Johney Marvins and we plowed 2 acres and poot in 3 acres of Wheat for him John and Jim helped me I got $12.00 worth of mason work for it at rocking up a cellar, we got done at 4 ½.


WE 18  Fine day but some clowds around.  I hooked up the folks to the fort I went out to Johney Marvins plowed ½ an acre of garden for him and harrowed and backed it down. John plowed 3 rounds of sage for him on 8 rods length the sage was so tough that he gave it up.  Jim went to Am Fork after some medison for their little girl for she was sick.  We came up here and plowed 2 rounds on the


west side of the farming land next to the lusurn but it was to wet I went to Lewises to supper it was Etta Birthday supper fetched the folkes home at sunset


( Karen Etta Petersen was born 18 March 1878, she is 7 years old )


TH 19   Fine day, clear.  I done the chores went out on the land and dug a hole by a big rock and tumbled it in burreyed it about 18 inches below surface.  I plowed on east side of west pece by lusurn F Beck came over and told me he did not went me to plow up to the old line that I was to plow to the new line.  I told him the teachers was to have settled that I kept on plowing up to the old line


FR 20   Fine day, clowdy at evening.  I done the chores riddled some wheat to sew today.  Jim and John helped me all dy we finsihed plowing .  I am pooting the 2 ½ acre peace in excepting layering off.  Jim worked 1 teeme all the afternoon on this peace by the house on the cultivator he cultivated about 2 ½ acres.  Riley finished pooting in his small grain up here today, he poot 2 ½ acres in W Devy finished his also 6 acres


SA 21   Clowdy rained some before this morning.  I hooked up Bell and Bummer and went out at 7 and layered off 2 acres of Wheat that was left last night because it was raining and I thought that it was going to continue all day, John and Jim came up at 10 finished pooting this 4 and ½  acre peace in by 4 and boys went home this makes 7 acres I have got in wheat, we have poot it in in 2 days with 3 teemes plowed 1 ½ acres of it cultivated the rest 4 ½ acres by the house.  I got the seed of Ezekiel to sew the east side of the west peace over to dead firrow about 1 3/4 acres rest in Wheat yesterday was the first that I have sown this year


SU 22   Cool stormey after noon.  I done the choes got redy went to meating rode bummer.  Bro Jackson from Am Fork took most of the time speaking of the reseretion and the misson of Christ and working for the dead.  I came up at noon the teachers and Devy and Beck came up at 2 to settle the dispute between Beck and me about our lines and Deveys also their discussion was that Beck should plow and clear as much land for me as he was taking from me and the same with him and Devy.  The time for having the ditches moved and the land plowed and cleared was poot in the first of next May 86 it was also understood that I was to have right away for a ditch to water the west side of my lusurn the right away to be through Becks homestead.  Hyrum Heley and H Moyle was the teachers it was also understood that the water title did no go with the land


MO 23  Fine day, some clowds.  I plowed all day for the boys in south field by Carlisles, TEAR took 6 doz of eggs to store at 10 per doz    


TU 24   Clowdy and cool not cold.  I went to fort took 145 lbs of Wheat to store paid 1.15 that I was owing there got yeast powder 18 ct dew bill 15 the Wheat was 1 ct per lb 1.45 took it all.  I plowed for the boys all day til 3 in south field then went to East field and we plowed 3/4 of an acre Jim and me John halled a load of rock of with there teeme we have been working together


WE 25  Fine day some wind.  I plowed for the boys all day and harrowed some we plowed 2 1/4 and poot 3 acres in to Wheat it was cut in the east field on the east side we had 3 teemes.  I came up had supper killed a pig after sunset all alone it would weigh about 75 lbs Smith worked on cellar.  TEAR has been cooking 2 days for my birthday tomorrow


TH 26   Fine til noon worse 2 clock .  John and me cultivated and poot in 1 ½ acres of Wheat in the hollow on short length running north and south we started after 11 and worked til 1 the folks stayed to come up to my Birthday supper at 2 ½ first was our folks and Bro and sister Booth, Martha came up with them also Becks and Lewises came last had good time.  Mother gave me cup and saucer, TEAR a shirt and glaises (suspenders)


FR 27   Stormed a little this morning.  I done the chores drove the cows to top of the hill twice.  Jim came at 10 helped me all day he cultivated all day done the north peace in the hollow and some on the long length.  I harrowed and backed and layered off all day.  Nett and Ella and Maggie Bodison came up at 1 stayed til 6 had supper went down with Jim


SA 28   Fine day and warm.  I done the chores took the cows on top of hill harrowed 1 acre and layered off 3 ½ four noon in north peace on the hollow poot the above peace in oats.  Jim came up at 2 ½ fetched our scraper up with him he had been all the four noon getting it fixed Bodison charged 1.00 for his work.  Jim bot bolts for 40 ct at store this 1.40 is all the shair that Jim and John has got in the scraper.  I scraped 2 hous with Nig and Bill on the long length in hollow I cultivated and harrowed it with Bell and Chuck he poot in ½ day I backed the peace with Nig and Bill never got it layered off this finished my small grain except laying it Boys finished theirs on the 25 then poot in 13 acres 6 in lusurn.


SU 29   Fine and warme.  I done the chores took the cows to the top of Ceder ridge.  John Eastwood came up after 3/4 of a bu of Wheat that I owed him and some bitter ______for______

we was delayed and never went to the fort today. R E Booth and Fred Clark came up to day after 2 pigs 5 weeks old that I let Fred have for paying my water tax 4.00 I done the chores be four dark


MO 30  Fine and clear.  I done the chores went down in hollow and layered off that long length go done by 11 0 clock we went to fort took 4 doz eggs at 10 and 2 lbs butter at 15 Bot chimneys 45, factery 21, soap 10, candy 5 paid script 15 got home at 4 I hooked onto the plow and plowed 2 or 3 rounds by 6


TU 31   Fine til noon clowdy after _______I done the chores plowed ½ an acre and harrowed and backed for a garden spot.  John came up at noon and wanted me to go down and help them to poot some lusurn in because it looked like storme so I went down and helped them and TEAR and children went with me we poot that next to dry creek about 1 ½ acres on rock beds TEAR went to Rileys has been very fine not 1 storme to stop work l day most every body has got their grain in



APRIL 1885



WE 1    Stormey from 11 ½ last nite til 2 today.  I done the chores took the cows on top of nole, It was raining when we got up this morning kept raining til 2 fine rest of  the day.  I sowed some lusurn seed on this botom of this peace of lusurn by house took out some oaks roots in it harrowed the garden and furrowed some of it out and we planted 7 rows of peas 50 or so yards long and 6 short rows of onions about 2 rods long.  Jim Watkins got a little pig of me today for 1 day work with teeme he has done the work extra to what I have done for them I carried water for TEAR to wash


TH 2    Fine til noon clowdy after.  I done the chores hooked up went to fort got Jim to help me to load a load of hay got it loaded by 12 went to Fork after noon took it to Jacksons it weighed 26.20 ;bs at 4.50 per ton paid 4.40 that I owed him got factery 50, bed ticking 40, tea 25, script 10.  Came up at dusk


FR 3     Clowdy rained some at 12.  I went to fort worked for Worthy Nash all day at cultivating and pooting in Wheat for 2.50 in lumber it rained some from 11 til 12 at intervils but never stoped us from work.  Our Jim and Jim Vance worked for him and John Beck


SA 4     Clowdy rained a little at times.  I done the chores and tinkered around til noon hooked up Pet and Chuck and went to fort took 2 bu of Wheat and 2 bu of butter got 1 ct for Wheat and 15 ct butter Got shugar 25, shoe laces 5, could not get shoes for VICK got coal oil 25 got script 1.00 went to get some lumber of Worthy but he had gone to Fork so could not get any went over whare they were shooting for the metal stayed there til 5, got home done chores it rained some at 8 to nite Jos Moyle got the metal for shooting


SU 5        Fine til 1 ½ rained a little, we went to fort me and boys went to meating TEAR stayed at Mothers cause VICTORIA had no shoes to go in, we had dinner at Mothers.  TEAR took 2 doz of eggs and Nett and Ella had 2 doz so we had Easter rite there.  I got away with 12 and John 12, Mother 4, TEAR 5, Nett 5, Ella 5, RENZO 4, OSKER 2, we stayed til 4 come up done chores


MO 6   Fine day, mild.  I chored til 11 went to fort let Lewis have hay for 2.00 halled it up to his place I owed him 1.25 paid it and 75 over, got about ½ bu of green onion and qt of butter onions and 2 qts of peas of Lewis got 1.70 ft of lumber pf Worthy for work done got horse nails 15, 25 script came up planted some garden til dusk.


TU 7    Fine til 5 rained hard til 8.  I done the chores halled 1 load of muck then went to the fort TEAR and children went to Lewises I went to see Bodison about fixing the buggies he could not do it today changed hores with John he was going to town tomorrow with a load of bailed hay for John Devy he wated Chuck.  I came up halled 3 loads of muck in after noon went to Lewises after TEAR and children it started to rain at 5 rained til 7 ½ and wet us coming home


WE 8    Fine til noon then rained 1 hour.  I done the chores then got on old Pet went to Hebirlets and traided Pet Hyram for their brown mule I have to poot the mair to Cris Becks horse to boot.  I got their at 11 he tried the mair til 6 O’clock on the buggie and was satisfied we went to Pleasant Grove to see Antice But he was not at home so the old Lady and Hyram made the trade I asked them if they were satisfied if not to say so not because I didnot make any baby traids so they said all right they were satisfied.  I mounted the mule and road home at sunset


TH 9    Fine day, clear.  I done the chores worked on the ditch all day we started over the spring me and Ted Okey and George Bodison used my mule and plow to plow in botom of ditch used hur 1 hour we worked south.  Beck, Riley, Walton, started at Levy worked north got the ditch cleaned out up to P Kits road


FR 10   Fine day. I done the choes hooked up Trip and the mule and plowed 7 rounds of long length then took TEAR and the children to fort she took 4 doz eggs and 5 lbs of butter at 15, eggs at 10.  Bot calico 50, gingam 25, buttons 10, thread 10, dew bill 10.  Jim got his heifer down with young calve to day so we got Old Spot of him he helped me to fetch hur and our white bull up here Spot took the white bull today I gave John a calve for ½ interest in the bull fetched Old Bell up to work with the mule I plowed 7 rows this afternoon had to go to fort after coal oil to night but it had not come borrowed little of Mother, John got home form town today at 3 took hay for Devy Old Pet came back this morning but Hyrum was after hur


SA 11   Fine day.  I drove the stock on the Mt hooked up Mule and Bill plowed all day for peas and corn.  I went to fort at 5 got ½ galen of coal oil 20, nutmeg 5, got 3 bu of peas of E Heley have to pay bu of Wheat for bu of peas, fetched the buggie up with me he had it to Cotonwood since Wednesday got home nite.  Ezekiel took the hog today or the ones got of him, had a shooting match at the fort this after noon, Geo Mc Daniel got medal made 17 points in 55 shots


SU 12   Fine til 3 stormed some.  I done the chores LORENZO and me went to meating LORENZO rode Old Trip I rode Bell to fort it was the first time he had road that far on a horse he managed the horse himself he is 5 years and 2 mon old.  John Devy red an Epistal from John Taylor and Geo Q to the conference at Logan on 6 of April incouragein (encouraging) the saints to trust in the Lord and all would be rite, it was a very good letter it took 3/4 of ah\n hour to read it . George Clark took ½ hour speaking on pride and vanity and adoletry among the young people and Breaking the Sabath.  David Adams spoke 10 min we came up to dinner stayed home the rest of the day



MO 13  I plowed til noon stormy after.  I went to the fort at noon took 3 lbs of butter to store at 15 ct per lb.  Bot tea 22 ½ , shugar 25, rice 15, went ______17, had to stay at fort 2 hours on acct of the rain.  Came up started to plow at 4 ½ plowed 10 rounds on the long length got done at 6 ½ Hyram Heiselt came up this four noon and wanted to traid back Pet for the mule but we did not traid I am to go to Am Fork on Wednesday to see Antria Heiselt about the trade poot in 3/4 of an acre of pease this four noon , cultivated


TU 14   It started to rain at 1 rained til 8.  I plowed til noon plowed 13 rounds long length then had dinner went to fort at 2 ½ it was Becks Birth day and also VICTORIA there was only Bro and Sister Booth there except us, Mother sent VICTORIA a dress and Mrs Beck gave hur an apron Tear gave hur Father a new shirt all redy made that was all the presents he got.  Lewises did not come because Mandy was sick


( Mandy... Amanda Matilda Petersen born 16 Aug 1880 )


WE 15  Rained most of night til 3 today.  I rose at 6 ½ it was raining off and on all night and til 2 or 3 today.  I took the old flower out of kitchen and cleaned out, poot a new one in took all day except shoveling muck, stayed home all day no one came up


TH 16   It rained all day off and on.  I done the chores went over to Phills had a chat came back at 11 done chores piled muck and cleaned the stable out got 4 loads of muck out them, went to fort at 5 after some sacks that Devy got here with corn in the winter seen to Waltons colt from E Booth horse first of His


FR 17   Clowdy but no storme.  I worked on the ditch til noon and Devy Levy W Devy and Geo Mc Daniel, Lewis Peterson and W Devys teeme.  Hantrice Heiselt and Hyram came up at 1 after the mule that I traded for of them last Wednesday the stating that Hyram was not of age so the traid would not stand so I let them take the mule I was not very paticular wether I kept the mule or not.  I went over to the mouth of Am Fork Canyon to see the Hunter boy. I could get to work for them a few days on the canell that they started to make yesterday between the Lehi ditch and the Am


Fork ditch they started to work on it on the 16th yesterday I came up at 4 got some potatoes out of the pit


SA 18   Clear but cold and windy or cool.  I got out 3 sacks of potatoes and sprouted them got redy and WIFE and me went to Fork left the children at their Grandpaws we took 300 lbs of potatoes at 35 and 7 doz eggs at 12 ct and 5 lbs of butter at 20 and 3 lbs and TEAR bot 7 yds of casmeer at 25 amt 1.75 an calico 95 lace, 10 ribbon,  20 pants for boys 40,  tab 10 we hot home at 6 ½ done the chores


SU 19   Fine til noon rainey after.  I went to meating had missionaris 1 Wilson from Provo and 1 from Pason they spoke of the persecution that the saints was going through now in relation to Poligime  (Polygamy) and comparing it with the Perciution of the Children of Iseral by faroh.  Lowelle and wife was up here to Alpine today.  Preston was also at meating today from Fork.  I let Rob Jones have a pig for 2 doz duck eggs and the use of his bull for 1 cow took 1 pig to James Steeles at Am Fork to aply on washer 3.00 this was Saturday the 17 or yesterday this pig business


MO 20  Stormy most of the day I went to the fort took 3 lbs of utter to store at 17 got 2 boxes lye, tea 25, bolts 5, went to work on west field ditch they never worked. I came up at 10 ½ from fort nailed the kitchen floor down had dinner poot the pigs in lower corell fixed the corell up so that could not get out.  I went to fort to work on West ditch but it stormed so we could not work on ditch so we had a meating at Strongs to tke in concideration the fencing of this east raine for the purpose of using it for pastures there was E Heley, E Booth, David Mc Daniel, F Clark, E Okey, P Kits our John and me, WJ Strong thought we could not keep others from stock in there was a committe of 3 appointed to infestigate the matter and to asertain the amt of fence it would take and the cost and to see Johney Maine about the right of way to fence through his land and report at our next meating the committee was David Mc Daniel, RE Booth, myself we went to see Maine but he was not at home David and Eph said they would see him.  I came up at 6 ½ got the cows over by Prestons Canyon.  John Mc Daniel J R got home from Arizona last nite he does not bring a very good report of the country said the folks that went from Alpine has not bettered themselves. Sam Strongs folded colt last nite


TU 21   Snowed some several times I hooked teeme up took WIFE and children to Lewises I came up poot in full day on the ditch worked at the top of Ted Okey land the rest at the head of the ditch there was me, F Beck, W Devy,P Kits and John Heley for John Devy last one for Devy only, it snowed a great many times during the day I went down by the fort after the folks had supper at Lewises got home at sunset got cows


WE 22  Snowing at intervals all dy.  I went to the head of the ditch poot in ½ day on the ditch but it snowed and drove me home never finished I was the only one on the ditch Beck gave a ______for I was owing 2 ½ days the rest has worked up I shoveled some muck and fixed lower corell so the little pigs could not got in with the big ones


TH 23   Fine day but some wind.  Snowed about 1 inch last night we lay in bed til 7 I done the chores took 14 eggs to store got 2 boxes of lye 25, and shugar 25 paid cash 35 ct eggs was 1 ct each came up had dinner hooked up Bell and Bill went up to the head of the ditch and worked on it til 5 finished my assignment


FR 24   Fine and clear frost last nite.  I done the chores hooked up Bell and Bill went down in the hollow and grubbed 4 loads of rock out of the top of the north peace in hollow on the east end whare I could not plow befour halled the rock up here to the cellar and got out 2 sacks of potatoes and sprouted them.  Jos Beck came up this afternoon and wanted to know if I wanted them to tend my lusurn of an shares in the new field this year.  I told him I would give them 1/4 of the seed of they would do the watering and both of them help me to hall it up here with their teeme and mine me do the cutting and raking him do l day on the ditch and the pooting of it up he said he would tell his father an see what he said about it


SA 25   Fine but a little clowdy afternoon.  I poot up 4 sacks of potatoes OSKER and me went to Am Fork took 9 lbs of butter at 20 and 3 ½ di\oz of eggs at 12 ct and 8 bu of potatoes at 35 it all came to 5.05 pot pair shoes for me a2.25 and pair for OSKER 1.25 got 7 milk pans fish 25, tea 25, horse nails 10, got 1.00 but I owe 1.00 on store we went to Preists seen some races Blew Dick and Southwick horse tied race


SU 26   Clowdy all day wind at nite and rain.  We was gone to meating but one of our stears foundered and it took us a long time to get him better we had to stick him to save his life at last we hooked up Bill and Bell went to new field to see our lusurn it was looking very well we went to Rob Jones after some duck eggs but there was nobody at home went to Becks but there was not any one at home there so we came home at 4.


MO 27  Clowdy rained a little at 3.  I went to fort took 1 doz of eggs to store bot lining 12 ½ got spool of coton 5, gave S Moyle 50 on store went in debt 55 went to Rob Jones after some duck eggs never got hem went to Emma after TEARS Bask and paid her 40 ct for making it got 2 gts of Beans of Lewis got home at 1 had dinner hooked up and harrowed and backed 1 acre of corn halled 3 loads of much on side hill in hollow and spread it , clowdy all day some rain at 3 some wind tonight.


TU 28   Rained form 7 to 8 morning, rained some in evening.  I halled 5 loads of muck on side hill it started to rain at 4 rained hard til 6 I got 2 loads outside3 in corell I have halled 9 loads from the out side there will be 1 or 2  more yet.  I have not seen anybody to speak to them today except my own folks


WE 29  Rained all day off and on.  I done the chores cleaned up some muck went to the fort buttons 30 for TEARS dress abd pool of thread paid cash for the above stayed down had a game of cricket by the meating house played 2 hours had dinner at mothers got rasp (course file) and hammer.  Came up shoes Trip on front feet with old shoes


TH 30   Clowdy, thundery but no rain.  I worked on the new field ditch from hog hollow to top of my land worked all day came up at 6 ½ got the cows between here and Phils and Trip and Bell there was Ted Okey for David Mc and teeme, James Heley, L J Vance , W Booth and Thort Booth for Davis, A Moyle for Stephen Moyle, Smith and Dick for them.



MAY 1885


FR 1     Fine day a little clowdy.  We chored arount til noon grubbed some sage out to the lusurn by the house went to Preists after noon to see the races we all went, there was about 1500 people there but very few races, not much excitement Southwick horse and Blew Dick run cam out ties first race but 2 race Southwick beat 6 inches Teat Johnson horse beat Silver Bill but flew the track the race was given to Bill

SA 2     Fine day but a few clowds after noon.  I done the chores and greased the wagon chored til noon hooked up Bell and Chuck we went to Am Fork took 8 doz of eggs at 10 and 11 lbs of butter at 20 traded at Bates and 100 lbs of oats at 1 ct it all came to 4.00 Bot shoes for TEAR 1.25 and shoes for RENZO 1.30, tea 25, shugar 25, coffee 25, rice strainer 25, oranges 15.  We got back at 5 done chores went to fort to see Henry Thanes Stallion he is a brown ½ Clidesdail ½ Morgan weight 1500 and 7 years old very short in the back bone in hip very large and clumsy legs and feet narrow brested deep_________The rifle club shot for the metal Davis Strong got it


SU 3     Fine and cleat til 2 clowdy after.  We all went to meating Bishop and Alma Vance took all the time speaking of the memorial that the people was sending to Congress the committee apointed to take to Congress he said was John Thane, John Conder and John Taylor Jr.  They spoke of the percicution of the saints and the faith that we should poess and the prophicies of H Kimble and the vison of Farnsworth and how ____were being fulfilled day by day.  Bot spoke very well we went to C Becks to dinner Beck Yan Beck got married last evening the 2 of May


 ( Januis Beck married Mary Jane Hamnett daughter of David Hamnett in Alpine )


MO 4   Fine day til 4 rained ½ an hour hard.  I halled 6 loads of muck on side hill it rained at 4 so I could not hall any more.  I got cow at 5 shut them up went to fort after the buggie took 2 lbs of butter but the store was shut left the butter at Mothers for hur to sent to store in the morning.  I got coal oil, currents got home shoed Bill on front feet done chores quite a shower at 8 ½ to nite Bodison and W Booth charged me 1.75 for fixing buggied they made a new center sturrop and king bolt, poot 2 new sturrops on, 1 spoke and 1 over front axle and poot T on fellen and 1 spoke and _______2 inches and poot thread and bur on it through the box and rivited 2 peaces on the circle bur it was wore cidling


TU 5    Rained some last nite fine day today.  I went down on low bench after my scraper went to store took 2 lbs butter at 20 Bot currents 5, thread 5, paid 10 ct on my acct came up at 12 had it halled 5 loads of muck on side hill spread it went to fort changed buggie for boys wagon to hall muck in tomorrow got back at 7 L J Vances mair had 2 colts last nite both dead


WE 6    Fine day and clear.  Nealson and me halled 17 loads of muck today with l teme and 2 wagons he loaded I halled and spred it with Bell and Chuck got home at 6 ½ TEAR sat l hen today and 1 yesterday l day before


TH 7    Clowdy all day rained some.  I halled 3 loads of muck on side hill spread it we plowed 1/3 of an acre and planted it in potatoes Will sroped them in every other furrow as I plowed it.  I scraped about 1 hour on south east corner of field cut 3 bu of potatoes at noon it rained so we could not plant any this afternoon done the scraping this afternoon John came up at noon after his wagon.


FR 8     Clowdy and thundery no rain.  I plowed and planted ½ acre of potatoes in every other row, furrowed plowed and scraped some of the nob in hollow.  I was not very well and could not do much today.  John was up after Pet she had got away from him he said there was going to be a drive tomorrow and wanted the mair


SA 9     Clowdy no rain some last night. I was sick never done any thing til 12 hooked up went to fort TEAR took 6 lbs of butter for tithing and 1 to store at 20 and 17 eggs at 10 Bot shugar 20, oil 10, salt 10


SU 10   Fine day and warme, we all went to meating had missionaries l from Provo and 1 from Pleasant Grove both named Bullock it was Kimble Bullock from Provo the 1 from Pleasant Grove is the justice of the peace there, they spoke of the percirctions that the saints are going through at the present time and also of what they had gone through in Kirtland and Nauvoo.  John Devy spoke for ½ hour starting that Angus Cannon recieved his centance yesterday for cohabiting, 6 months imprionment and 300.00 fine also l of Exekiel, the Watsons the same and also another man all the same.  We had dinner at Becks, Rhoda and Ezekiel came over last night stayed til 5 tonight went home


MO 11  Fine day very warm.  I plowed 8 rounds on long length and harrowed and backed it this four noon after done the same amt and cultivated and harrowed ½ an acre that was plowed 3 weeks ago.  Got load of sand out of my head ditch and turned Rileys waist water on my lusurn at the botom of his for he started to water his lusurn this evening.  Beck also started at noon the first that has been watered yet up here


TU 12   Rained some at noon, clowdy and after rainey.  I plowed 15 rounds and harrowed and backed it down and tended to Rileys waist water and backet some that harrowed yesterday for squash and beans.  I went to the fort at 5 to see E Booth about pooting Pet to his horse but he wanted his pay or ½ of it down and I had no money to pay him so I never poot the mair


WE 13 Cold and stormy.  I plowed 12 rounds on long length and harrowed and backed it down tended to Rileys waist water on lusurn til noon we went to Mrs Eastwoods funeral at 2 which was attended very well there was scarceley a seat left in the meating house Strong and Adams and Eastwood was speaking came up at 5 ½ done chores tended to the water on lusurn


TH 14   Clowdy and cool no rain.  I done the chores tended to the water on the lusurn Rileys waist water   planted 1/8 of an acre of beenes and 2 long rows of squash and long length.  I worked on the ditch that waters the west side of lusurn took all the after noon to clean it out, Youl had plowed in to it at the top of Rileys and filled it for 10 rods, Cleaned it alone and worked 1 ½ hours at top of my lusurn Mrs Beck was up this afternoon fetched a bonnet for TEAR to cut 1 by


FR 15   Clowdy and cold no rain.  I got the water for my lusurn at 6 this morn turned it on the west side west peace before breakfast I tended the water all day cut a hole through the roof of the kitchen for the stove pipe.  I went to fort at noon took 1 lb of butter to store Bot matches 12, blewing 5, got 17 ½ for butter stayed with the water the rest of day an making ditches to lusurn.  Cold day and clowdy


SA 16   Clowdy frost last night I tended the water on lusurn changed it on last, plowed 7 rounds and harrowed and backed it down went to Am Fork took 7 lbs of butter at 20 l doz eggs got 1.25 dew bill of Winn for use of scraper.  Bot hat for me 1.50, shoes for VICTORIA 1.00, shugar 25, candy 5, traded at Dunkleys got home at 6 done chores


SU 17   Clowdy looked like rain.  I done the chores tended the water on lusurn we all went to meating Peter Lunn from Pleasant Grove was the speaker gave a few sketches of his misionary labors he has only been home 2 or 3 weeks Bishop spoke some we had dinner at Mothers supper at Rileys.


MO 18  Rained some in the four noon clowdy yet.  I went to Nealsons after some cane seed got back at 11 plowed 17 rounds on long length harrowed and backed it furrowed out 8 rows with plow for cane tended the water on these 2 peaces of lusurn by the house done chores Nealsons, Hyrum John Moyle, Davis Strong was working on the side hill ditch and Jos Ep Worth for Geo Mires all ____ TEAR made a bonnett for Mrs Booth today and got the cows


TU 19   Clowdy but no strome.  I was tending to water on the 2 peaces of lusurn by the house and planted 7 ½ rows of cane with the harrowed on long length we went tot he fort at noon. TEAR took 15 eggs to store at 10 bot a waist for OSKER got 80 lbs of salt of Eastwood have to pay him 66 lbs of Wheat.  Riley started to plant his corn up here today planting 2 acres


WE 20  Fine but some clowds.  I planted 2 acres of corn on long length tended to the water on this lusurn there was a man came u[ here to day after cattle wanted to buy some of me we came very near making a bargin for the 4 yer old stears.  I offered them to him for 72.50 but he wanted Spots 2 year old heifer instead of Peat for 77.00 told him no


TH 21   Fine til noon clowdy after noon.  I done the chores took the water off this lusurn and poot some on the cane and the peas and garden went over to Freds land to see him about some water for the peas and garden got some strawberries and cane of him planted the strawberries by the lower corell after plowing the peace and harrowing and backing tended the water on the peas and cane, done chores


FR 22   Cold all day some clowds.  I tended the wate on peas lusurn furrowed the garden out and watered it got the cane watered and most of the peas furrowed out 5 more rows to plant cane planted 4 rows of corn this morning for Jim then planted I  am done planting corn now got 5 rows of cane to plant


SA 23   Fine but very cold all day.  I done the chores planted 5 rows of corn by the wheat turned the water on it got redy and went to Fork after the following, took 10 lbs of butter at 15 and 3 doz eggs at 12 ½ and 3 chickens 27 ½ at and 99 bu of Wheat at 1 ct took the Wheat and chickens and eggs to Chipmans got cow bell 60 ct, bed spread 1.00 tea 25, coffee 25, took the butter to Dunkleys got satchel 2.10 and mellon seed 10, owe 70 ct on last.  Had supper at Becks ut was Mrs Becks Birthday.  (Age 61)


SU 24   Fine day but hard frost last night frost killed all the fruit very near froze 2 1/4 of an inch ice we got up at 4 ½ last night or this morn got redy stated to Draper at 6 Mother and Mary went with us got there at 9 stayed til 6 got home at 8 ½ we had a good visit.  Jim tended our cows for us today and poot them up


MO 25  Fine day warme, watered the 2 ½ acre peace of wheat by west lusurn with Rileys waist water and some lusurn poot some mellons in by the corell turned the water on them took most of the day


TU 26   Clowdy rained some too or 3 times I made a pen for the big pigs on north side of this lusurn because they take the chickens took most of the day chored I got the water for the west peace of lursurn poot it on at 6 to night and fixed it so the waste water would go on the wheat in the hollow, done chors by 9 to bed


WE 27  Fine day.  I tended to the water on lusurn and Wheat in hollow it took me all my time til noon to water the long length had to stay with it all the time to get it through all the rows, we went to store


took 5 lbs of butter and 2 ½ doz eggs to store got 15 for butter and 10 for the eggs went to Christenas Birthday supper. (Age 34)


TH 28   I done the chores tended waste water on oats in the hollow on west end started to white wash the hosue at 11 took the rest of the day and tend water.  The teachers was here this evening Hyram Heley and James Nealson, Riley said he had a letter from Jim McDaniel last evening stated that times was very hard down there and that James Freestone family was very destitute of the necessities of life and that those owing hem up here out to send them some means to assist them if possible


FR 29   Fine day and warme.  I got the water this morning for my Wheat poot it on 6 acres this peace by the hosue and ½ of the other tended to the water and whitewashed the kitchen poot some shelves in kitchen for milk shelves got the water through most of the Wheat but let it run all nite


SA 30   Fine day and very warm.  I finished watering my Wheat and turned the water of it poot the water on the peas and garden and poot the waist water off the lusurn on the short length of Wheat in the hollow got redy went to Am Fork after noon took 4 lbs of butter never sold it store was all shut at Fork today


SU 31   Very warm til 4 had shower I stayed at home all day because I was watering had the water on the East end of the East and west peace and on the short length running north and south and had the water on the cane and peas up here.  Stayed with the water most of the dy got most of it very neer through, as it is the last of the month I will rite some of the striking intidences of past month.  It has been very cold most of the month 2 or 3 hard frosts the last was on the 23 which killed all the fruit and beens and potatoes and oak brush. The creek is raising every day for the last week there is a good lot of snow in the mots yet and the Lusurn is just starting to blossum the grain is coming in boot and looks very well of a general thing the corn and potatoes is just coming through Wheat is 1 ct per lb oats the same potatoes 25 per bu, butter 12 ½ ct per lb, eggs 8 ct per doz wages from 75 to 1.00 per day for man and teeme 2.00 per day when there is work.  Shugar 12 ½ per lb, tea 25 a pac,  rice 25 10 ct per lb, coffee 25 per pac, currents per lb 12 ½, calico from 5 to 8 per yard



JUNE 1885



MO 1   Fine day and warme.  I finished watering my oats in the hollow and turned the water off the

            peas and cane took til noon to tend the water went to the fort got John to come up and help me to poot my pigs in the new pen on north side of lusurn.  I halled 2 loads of snt to cellar and 1 load of rock for cellar


TU 2    Fine til 6 rained a little I done the chors took TEAR and children to the fort came back by Phills raod got a load of rock and 1 of sand to the cellar done chores took 1 bu of Wheat to Eastwoods to pay for some salt I got 2 weeks ago Jed and L J Vance had a fight because Jeff did not decide a race to suit Jim a teachers trial Jed was Drunk and he insulted Jeff very bad we got home at 7 Jim came up with us tot bull and took him down to keep for a time


WE 3    Fine day and warme.  I done the chores halled 4 loads of muck and l load of rock to the cellar.  Lewises came up at Christena stayed all day Jos Beck was up at 5 stayed to supper


TH 4    Fine day but clowdy after noon.  I done the chores greased the buggie poot up 2 sacks of Wheat poot the buggie to pond in the pond.  I got redy went to Am Fork took the family took 285 lbs of Wheat to mill and took 12 lbs of butter at 7 and 2 chickens at 25 and 3 sheep skins at 20 each and took satchel back 1.45 it all came to 4.45 got shoes for OSKER 1.25 hats for the 2 boys 90, shugar 25, tea 40, rice 25, bonnett for VICTORIA 2 china jugs 75 l for Mothers birthday present and the other for Christinas Birthday present we came home at 5 fetched a grist for Mother folks up from mill we traded at Dunkleys and Grants got home at 5


( Vets boy born-Jesse Sylvester Mc Daniel 1885-1941 )


FR 5     Very severe storme at 4 this morn, thunder and lightened hail and rain and rain and wind it began to thunder and lighten this morning at 3 it kept a stedy fight and roar for 3/4 of an hour before the storme came here and when it did come it was terrible, worst I ever saw almost it lasted 3/4 of an hour and continued to rain til 4 this after noon but not so hard as at first but very fast rain most of the time we went to Mothers Birthday supper at 4 ½ there was ............


SA 6     Clowdy and cold no storm.  I poot up 2 panels of fence from east end of the lower corell to the oak brush patch at end of the strawberry patch helped Jos Beck to make TEAR a wash bench.  Halled 1 load of muck on side hill went to the shooting match at 4 Jed Wilkin got the metal he made 35 pts of 11 shots, Jos Moyle made 34 they were tied at 10 shots so they had to shoot 1 shot each to settle the matter Jed got 5 and Jos 4 points.  Our Jim came up this morning got the buggie to go to Draper tomorrow on a visit him and Fanney and Martha going


SU 7     Clowdy and cold no storme we went to meating Bro Strong took all the time reading the report of the 3 delegates that were sent to Washington with a memorial to the President of the United States for redress and discouce for George Q Cannon on the subject of the future afairs and our existence before we came here we went to C Becks to dinner and got home at 5 had fracus here


MO 8   Cold and clowdy no storme.  I done the choes Jim came up got my teeme to plow I expected to go up Freemans dugway after some wood that we had up there but Joseph Beck never came up to go with me so I poot up 2 panels of fence by the lower corell on strawbery patch.  Went to the fort after noon saw Sunberg down there.  I went to Johney Marvins to see when he could come to poot up my cellar said her could not come for 4 or 5 days yet as they had started on Tom Whitbys adobies and had to finishe his job before the could come


TU 9    Fine but clowdy afternoon I halled 3 loads of muck on side hill and plowed and scraped all the afternoon on the north side of the short length runing east and west in the hollow.  TEAR and RENZO went to Lewises stayed all day OSKER stayed with me he would not go with them, we went down aften them at 6 ½ came up done chores


WE 10  Fine day but some clowds  I done the chores halled 6 loads of muck on side hill and spred it tended the cows done the chores TEAR washed took hur all day to do it


TH 11   Cold and windy til noon, after warme.  I chored til 10 fixing boxes for the little chickens and fixing bed steads and door feeding 4 pigs and staking horses out and getting wood to iron and soon   I hooked up Bell and Chuck halled 5 loads of muck on side hill and spread it and got 3 of the loads out of the stable scraped about 1 hour in hollow on the nob


FR 12   Fine day and warme.  I halled 5 loads of muck on side hill and spread it and started to plow the muck in, plowed about 1 hour Jos Beck came up at 4 ½ stayed til 6 ½ went down in hollow with us to plow


SA 13   Fine and warme.  I plowed and backed 100 rods of land that I have been mucking this week.  Dick Smith came up at 11 to borrow my buggie to go to town tomorrow but I told him my buggies was not fit to go to town.  I went to town Fork took 9 lbs of butter at 15 ct and 2 doz eggs at 12 ½ it came to 1.85 bot 6 cuos and saucers 60, shugar 50, tea 20, rice 15, currents 15, nails 10, chocklt (chocolate) 25 got a hat for TEAR 50 on tick traded at Dunkleys


SU 14   It rained an hour at noon fine after.  I went to meating had missionaries from Provo M C Collough and Holdon they took all the time it rained hard for 1 hour at noon I stayed to Mothers to dinner went to new field at 1 ½ to see my lusurn but it is to thick for seed so I guess I shall have to cut it for hay.  Will Price came up with me at 3 stayed to supper went to fort to be there to shear in the morning for E Heley he came over last Sunday has been shearing for E Nash 5 day, him and Jim Price for 6 ct a head


MO 15  Clowdy but mild.  I tended to Rileys waist water on my lusurn and Wheat and peas and garden and planted some corn on side hill where I mucked it hooked up me and the boys went to the fort after Mother to come up to TEARS Birthday sup but she was not very well so she did not come, TEARS folks came up and Lewises, hur mother gave hur 2 china cups and saucers 1.00 and Jos gave hur a duck cost 50 Lewis gave hur a dish for preserves glass cost 50 I have her hat 70 we had good supper they stayed til sunset



























TU 16   Fine, sunney day, clear.  I done the chors tended to Rileys waist water on the lusurn below here and on the Wheat in the hollow hooked up Trip and Chuck and went in hollow got the plow and godevil (like a harrow) then halled 3 loads of muck.and spread it on a peace for Cabbage by the corell and plowed and harrowed it went to fort at 4 took Jim flower home hat we burrowed of our folks got 300 cabbage plants of TEARS father came up planted ½ of them and tended Rileys waist water on lusurn I have watered 7 acres with his waist water while he done 7


WE 17  Fine but some clowds after noon.  I watered all day had the water on 3 places 3 streams on west lusurn and on East and West end of oats and on the long length of Wheat by the house, done chores Jim came up at 2 after the shoeing tools


TH 18   Fine dy, clear warme.  Tended to the water on lusurn and on the grain in the hollow poot it on last of the grain came up went to the fort to see John Devy about a load of lumber to take to town tomorrow could not get any came up got redy to go to town tomorrow took 15 eggs to store got shugar


FR 19   Fine day few clowds.  I got redy started to town at 8 in buggie after some Exteries for mower.  E Nash went with me after Exteries for his machine went to E Prices to dinner stayed there 2 ½ hours got to town at 5 stayed at the tithing yard seen Kelson settled up with him he came out in my debt $10 but I told him if he would raise me $6.00 by morning I would give him the balance and he could keep the cow til she calved for hur feed and he could have hur again for 50 per week if he went to keep hur longer he only got 2 dollars for me


SA 20   I stayed in the tithing yard last night went down in town at 7 Bot 17 section at 15 and 2 gards at 50, l shear 2.00 for mower paid 5.05 for them took the agency for all the machines and wagons and everything they sell and to get 10 per ct for machines and buggies and exteries and 5 per ct for wagons.  Bot pair shoes 1 for TEAR and 1 for VICTORIA 1.00, bot oranges 25, beer 40 paid Rhoda Price 50 on Bucket in cash my sister, E Nash and me started home at 12 nooned at Sandy got home before sunset Lewis was up here when I came


SU 21   Fine til noon clowed rained some.  We stayed home til 2 went to Lewises stayed to sup got home at 7 done the chores, got cows milked


MO 22  Rained off and on most of day.  I done the chores went to fort took TEAR to see Br Booth

about hur breast she has a hard lump on it but not sore, Booth gave hur some medison to rub on.  John and me fixed the mower poot 2 new gards on it we came up at 3 pooled weeds out of garden and peas.  John came up at 5 helped me to Brand 6 young cattle


TU 23   Clowdy after noon, little rain, I done chores took the discription of 9 head of my young stock then Lewis and I took them and his 2 cows up drycreek left them at the old shingle mill place got back at 2 worked in garden some.  I went to the fort took 16 eggs to store got coal oil for it went to see Booth about TEARS breast, came up turned the water on west lusurn and peas and garden


WE 24  Fine day very warme.  I tended the water and howed beans, cane and squash.  Furroed some of the beans out poot water on them John went to Fork after oil for mower Mrs Beck was up afternoon


TH 25   Fine day.  I tended to Rileys waist water on the lusurn poot the water on peas.  Jos Beck came up to see when I could cut their lusurn I sent him down to see if boys was going to use the mower if they were not I would cut it today, but they were using it I hooked up took TEAR to Booths to let him see hur Brest he said it was doing well and said she was to come on Sunday next to get some other kind of medison and let him see it again.  We went over to Becks after my saw and squair bits had a fish diner there came up made plow handle poot it on little plow went on side hill and furrowed all my potatoes after 4 0’clock, done chores


FR 26   Fine and clear day.  We got redy went to A.M. Fork took 12 lbs of butter and 16 eggs to Dunkleys got for butter 15, eggs 12 ½ Bot reath 75, and ribbon for hur hat, shugar 25, tea 20, waists for boys 25, stockings 30, collars 20 for boys, nuts 5 came up had dinner at Becks cut that lusurn of his by the house got it done by 6 had supper there came up, chored.


SA 27   Fine day clear til eve, wind.  I done the chores took Bell and Trip went to Becks cut 3/4 of an acre of clover by point of hill and raked his lusurn by his house fetched the mower up with me cut 5 rounds on 2 acres on west side of west peace of lusurn, done the chores.


SU 28   Fine day some wind at eve.  I done the chors poot some water on potatoes we stayed at home til 2 went to fort with TEAR to see Booth about hur brest he said it was doing well gave hur some fresh medison for it we went to Becks stayed there to supper, came up


MO 29  Clowdy and windy like storme.  I got up at 5 went out cut 2 acres of lusurn before breakfast on west side of west peace, raked it and poot ½ of it up fixed grinding stone up ground knife started on an other 2 ½ acres cut 5 rounds


TU 30   Clowdy looks like rain all day.  I got up at 5 ½ done chores went out poot up lusurn and hour had breakfast.  Jos Beck came up poot lusurn up for me all day.  I cut 2 ½ acres before noon raked it helped Jos to poot it up got done at 5 ground knife.



JULY 1885



WE 1    Fine day a few clowds.  I cut 2 ½ acres of lusurn and poot 3/4 of it up cut on east side of west peace took TEAR to fort at 4 to see Booth about hur Brest he was taking stock at the store never seen him have to go tomorrow.  Riley cut their lusurn today poot ½ of it up Vet cut it for him cut the 5 today took all day


TH 2    Fine day but clowdy.  I poot up ½ an acre of lusurn before breakfast, then cut 1 1/4 acres on west peace and this peace of OSKERS and raked both peaces and poot the next peace up.  Jim and John came up after the mower and rake we went to fort with TEAR to see Booth about hur breast he said it was doing very well came up done the chores poot up hay til 9 0'clock


FR 3     Clowdy but warm no storme.  I poot up ½ of OSKERS lusurn before breakfast raked the other ½ after breakfast Jim came up after the rake and Trip to rake their hay he helped me to poot my Box off and rack on wagon.  I took TEAR to Booths at noon came up Jos came up helped me to hall 3 loads of hay after 3 0'cloc.k.


SA 4     Fine day and clear.  I done the chores got ½ of OSKERS lusurn poot up before breakfast got redy and we all went to the fort to the selebration (celebration) of the day, took place in the Bishops Orchard at 10 ½  D C Strong, Fanney Moyle and R Vance was the committee it was a very good entertainment comparised of speaches, songs, resitations and music on violeen


SU 5     Fine day, clear.  I stayed at home til 2 then hooked up took WIFE and children to fort to see Bro Booth about hur breast and he did not like it not healing up but poot some plaster on again.  I went to Preists to take their wagon home and poot Pet to their Black Stallion I am to pay him 6.00 in trade or 5.00 in cash


MO 6   Fine day and clear.  John and Jim, Jos Beck helped me to hall hay we halled 4 loads in four noon and 8 after.  Beck had my teeme and John halled it off the west pease I have to pay Boys in work Jos is cutting


TU 7    Fine day, clear.  I tended to water on oats in the hollow and potatoes I halled 3 loads of hay alone before noon Jos Beck came up at l helped me to hall 3 loads of hay after.  I took TEAR to see Booth about hur brest said it was very neer well, Nett was up all day she picked a ___of peas


WE 8    Fine but some clowds, windy.  Joseph Beck and W Booth helped me to hall hay today we halled 8 loads poot 6 in top of stack toped it out Wilf charged me 1.00 never payed him yet.  Joseph goes on cutting they had large party at Tom Whitbys to nite, eating ice cream and cake and playing games


TH 9    Clowdy and sultry all day.  I turned the water on the 5 acres of Wheat by the house and a stream on west side of west peace of lusurn halled 1 load of hay last I have cut I had 30 loads on the 8 acres and OSKERS 25 on big one 5 on little one.  I went to fort to night after tea and to see if the mower was all right came up tended water


FR 10   Fine day very warme.  I chored got redy took WIFE and children to the fort made grass turned for mower ground the knife fixed the mower up went to new field cut and raked 2 acres of my lusurn


Beck poot part of it up Joseph got kicked on shin with my yearling hurt him so he could not hardley work


SA 11   Fine and warme.  I went to new field and finished cutting and raking my lusurn Beck poot up all dy I hired Dick Ward to help us this afternoon I poot up part of the time got it all done, Jos took Pet over to Preists but she objected


SU 12   Fine very warm.  I done the chores tended to Rileys waist water on wheat, peas and lusurn got redy went to meating went to Becks to dinner, Bro Booth and Bodison we stayed to fort til 7 came home, chored. Bell folder a nice mair colt sured (sired) by Prince Royal took on 18 of Aug 84, folded 12 of July 1885


MO 13  Fine and hot as fire.  I went to the new field to cut Becks lusurn.  Cut 4 rounds with Pet and Trip Pet balked and broke pitman rod had to fetch to shop Dav Devy welded it poot new thread on it charged me 25 cts went back cut 3 rounds and pooled the threads out of brass box had to bring it to shop again went back got the lusurn cut by ½ an hour before sun set cut 2 rows Bell had a colt last nigh a mair colt.


TU 14   Fine very warme.  I started to cut this lusurn by the house cut 5 rounds broke pitman shaft by wheel took it to the shop Dav welded it made key, fixed thread on pid rod never asked him what it cost.  Come up poot shaft in started to cut a 1 got it all cut and ½ raked by dark done Chores went to Bed


WE 15  Windy looked like rain last nite.  I finsihed raking this lusurn by the house rigged the Dropper up took til 1 hooked up and went to fort cut 1 ½ acres of Wheat for Beck on the hills got home at sunset,  done chores


TH 16   Fine but clowdy at nite.  I killed a little pig to nite 4 months old weighted about 60 or 70 lbs I poot up lusurn this morning til noon poot up all this peace by the house then went to new field got 1 load of my lusurn, Becks got 2 loads off mine stacked it in Becks corell got home at 6


FR 17   Clowdy rained some I went to the fort took Bell to C.M Beck horse she took I halled 3 loads from new field of hay Becks halled 4 off mine Dick Ward helped us he is to work for me 3 day for 1 ton of hay he has worked 1 ½ days got home at dusk


( CM Beck -Cristian Mathias Beck (1855-1923) became the owner of a livery stable in Am Fork )


SA 18   Clowdy and windy no storme.  Dick Ward and me and Becks halled 7 loads of my hay from new field stacked at Becks they take every 4 loads for watering and pooting it up and helping me to hall it


SU 19   Fine day some clowds, we all went to meating to our house to dinner Orone Prat and W Grant took the time


MO 20  Fine most of day little shower.  I halled 3 loads of hay form new field with my teeme took 4 loads of tithing 1 weighed 1700 lbs 2 weighed 1800 lbs and l 1900 lbs all credited to me.  Becks teeme halled 3 loads off theirs they helped me Dan Beck helped them to hall alone got home at 8


TU 21   Fine day some wind. Dick Ward and me halled 8 loads of hay off this peace by the house got done at 6, done chores


WE 22  Fine some wind.  Jos Beck helped me to hall 4 loads of hay off this peace by the house took ½ day Jos went home then.  Bob Smith helped me all day ½ at the lusurn and ½ at the corn he plowed with Bill me with Bell cultivator and furrowed it out Smith was to pay to cut their wheat tomorrow


TH 23   Fine but windy.  I hooked up took folks to the fort TEAR and children went to Fork with Becks took 3 lbs butter 3 doz eggs 3 chickens, chickens came to 45, butter 56, eggs 36.  I cut Smiths wheat 3 ½ acres for 1.00 per acre on work at 1.00 per day


FR 24   Fine but some clowds, we went to fort at 9 ½ had all the ice cream we could eat at Becks Jos made it we furnished the 3ggs and milk and shugar to make it.  We went to the Bishops Orchard at 10 ½ had a very good time speaking peaces, singing songs, and teaste and sentiment, had dinner at Rileys they has some songs and resitations and foot races with children dance at eve all went off quite.  We came home at sunset done chores.


SA 25   Fine til noon windy after.  I halled 4 loads of hay for Cris Beck from by Jacobs place Jos Beck helped me took all day have to hall 3 more to pay for Bell to horse 7 in all I have to pay Jos


SU 26   Fine day clear.  I went to Moyles after my ____backed calve fetched him with a rope went to Johney Marvins after noon to see when he could come and do my cellar said they would come Tuesday morning


MO 27  Fine day I cut 2 ½ acres of barley for Jim Vance and ½ for C Beck took all day

TU 28   Fine day.  I cultivated the cane and furrowed it out furrowed the beenes out and watered beans came and corn tended Rileys waist water on lusurn pooled some weeks out of beenes done the chores


WE 29  Fine day clowed at eve.  I poot the water on potatoes in hollow tended to Rileys waist water I got the water to go on my lusurn today. I got redy went to Fork at 1 took 2 lbs of butter and 1 ½ doz eggs toDunkleys Bot Shugar 50, overhalls stuff 60, bolts and screws 25, nalsb25, horse nails 10 stuff 15 took buggie went to Robinsons to get filled, got 56 lbs of flower of Miller borrowed it


TH 30   Fine day but clowdy I furrowed my corn and in hollow poot the water on it and the potato went to fort got the Dropper fetched it up tended to the water on lusurn.


FR 31   Fine day, clear.  I tended Johney Marvins as he was starting to rock up the cellar got wall 2 ft high on 2 sides tended to water on potatoes and corn in hollow done chores they turned part of our water out






SA 1     Fine day, clear.  I started to cutting Wheat on the side next to lusurn at 7 ½ Beck and Jos came up at 8 the others John Mc Daniel and Jim Vance came at 9 we cut and bound 5 ½ acres of Wheat done it off Jos Beck had to go home at noon so I got P Kits at noon he run the dropper and I bound til 4 he broke a casting took 1 hour to start I run it after he bound in my stead


SU 2     Fine day, warme.  We went to fort I went to Am Fork to Seventies Meating there was H Moyle, Angus and James Vance, S W Brown and Tom Whitby there from Alpine they were filling _____wk the 68 chorun ordainances 4 or 5 got Dunkley to let James Steel have $ 4.00 on my acct to pay him for the washing machine


MO 3   Shacked up 2 ½ acres of Wheat we cut Saturday went to the fort after the muley stear he had come out of Mts seen the boys about coming to bind for me tomorrow or next day they are to come dext day I voted


TU 4    Fine til noon clowdy after.  I shocked up 2 ½ acres of Wheat went to fort took 3 doz eggs to store bot tea 25, blewing 5, oil 10, got 12 ½ for eggs. Seen Smith and Jim our Jim told him to see the rest of the binders for tomorrow and notify them come up fetched bucket of apples up with me


WE 5    Very clowdy last nite and some rain and all day.  I done the chores boys came Jim. Jos Beck Nephi Heley, and W Booth we cut and bound 1 ½ acrs of wheat by the house and long length  in the hollow by noon 3 ½ acres cut 2 acres of oats after noon it rained some stoped us have to pay Nephi 2 bu of Wheat and W Booth the same if James Vance will not pay l of them for me our Jim gets a young pig


TH 6    Fine til noon stormy after.  I got the water at noon of Riley had all Rileys ditch would hold poot it an west side of my lusurn changed it 2 or 3 times it started to rain at 5 rained and thundered til bed time.  I watered all my corn and cane and peas, beans and squash with Riley waist water I turned the water off at sunset cause it rained


FR 7     Clowdy til noon rain after.  I took TEAR to fort and children to help hur mother to quilt came up shocked up 50 shocks of oats in hollow it started to rain at 12 ½ rained at intervils til night some times very hard hailed some 1 or 2 times.  I made a calve pen fixed the kitchen door fixed the locks on the other doors went after TEAR.


SA 8     Few clowds, no storme.  I shocked up the rest of Wheat and oats in the hollow and cut 2 rounds on the oats and 8 bound.  We went up to Ted Okeys land got a box of drift wood that came with the flood from Box Elder yesterday the flood took the wagon road out of Box Elder yesterday it cost the Springville boys $800 to poot it in they had just got it done and had sent for their boiler to Provo


SU 9     Fine day, clear.  We went to meating Bishop and Clark took the time John Cris and me went to fork to see thresher tried to settle but never sold.  Fanneys cow died today foundered on lusurn


MO 10  Fine day and clear.  I done the chores hooked up Trip and Bill and drug the cow off that got foundered yesterday the heifer that I got of our Jim last Spring for Thorn Booth came at 10 helped me to bind 54 in oats and Wheat all day in the hollow cut it with the Dropper had to cut it all 1 way we cut l acre John came up said he had a chance to sell our share in the thresher for $100 ½ cash ½ on Chipmans store I told him to get 110 dollars for it if  he could but if he could not to take 100 for it, chored.


TU 11   Fine day, clear.  I cut and bound Wheat all day alone in the hollow cut 25 shocks, TEAR shocked it up for me we found Pides calve this morning it had been lost since Sunday Jos Beck fetched old Bill up they had him to help to cut their grain on binder Jim cut it


WE 12  Fine day.  Jim helped me to cut and bind ½ an acre of Wheat in hollow got done by 12 had to cut it all 1 way down very bad and very heavy 5 ft long was the ___________Jim and me Fanney went to Am Fork got 2.30 tick at Chipmans and 65 at Dunkleys


TH 13   Fine day clear.  I shocked up 20 shocks of Whet and 30 of oats Jim came up after the machine I cut the backswath on the oats and Wheat in the hollow took the dropper to peaces poot it up stairs poot mowing part on Jim took it down with him we went to Booths Birthday surprise has a very good time thee was ½ the town there he got about 8 dollors in cash and presents I gave him 50 ct in cash and a pipe cost 35 we had a good time including songs, resitations and a dance in the street with the young folks stayed there til 11 ½


FR 14   Fine day, clear.  I got redy took boc off the wagon took TEAR and children to fort I shoed Trip on 2 feet and Bill on 2 at Jims place went up to Deveys Mill got 1150 ft of lumber and started to Salt Lake at 2 with it went to see about buying the thresher that John Devy has got for C.M. Beck and R. E. Booth and me and our John.  I got to Lavendophys by 9 stayed there for the night 2 girls went to Lehi with me one of them bot 2 of ___


SA 15   Fine day and warme.  I got up and started from Lavendophys at 4 for town got there at 7 took the lumber to Jennys and they told me it had to go to the factery at the mouth of Parleys Canyon.  I went in to Singer Machine office and paid them $5.00 tp apply on machine got recipt for it went to tithing yard and poot up my teem and fed them went down to Lyons place seem him about the thresher offered them 500.00 dollors for the Devy thresher he said we could have it for $ 550 and he thought he could get it for $500 he would write to Devy and here what he said seen Kelson he paid me 3.00 on the cow and we made a bargin about hur for awhile longer he agreed to keep the calve and give me 1.50 cts per month for the use of hur no time set seen Aunt Mantle about going to Logan she wanted to start in 3 weeks from tomorrow went up to factery unloaded lumber got to Ezekiels at 9 stayed for the night


SU 16   Fine day and clear.  I got up at 6 at Ezekiels fed teeme after breakfast went down to see his lusurn seed and horses and grain he will thres 1007 bu of grain him and boys got 8 acres of seed.  I


started from here at 11 got home at 3 had dinner went to fort to take a letter to Devy and in my report about thresher got home at dark


MO 17  Fine day.  I went to fort to see about mower but the boys had not got done with it so I borrowed 280 lbs if Wheat of Booths came up hooked up Bell and Chuck went to Fork took the Wheat to mill went to Chipmans Bot shugar $2.50, tea 50, rice 25, currents 25, Dress for TEAR 2.00, l for VICTORIA 30, factery 1,44, coton flanel 1,80, socks 35, bleached 100, muslin 40, swiss 52, lace 25, delarn 1.00, check 70 paid debt 3.55 came to $7.50 bot l bottle of pons extract 50 at Robertses we got home at dark done the chores went to bed


TU 18   Fine day, clear, I chored around til 10 went to the fort after the mower John had broke pitman and other thing took til 2 to get them fixed came up cut OSKERS lusurn


WE 19  Fine day, I raked OSKERS lusurn and poot it up 1 ½ acres took pitman to fort got the bur welded and thread on it went to store Bot thread 10 ct, bots 15, whetstone 10, paid cash fetched rake up with me cut some lusurn on side


TH 20   Fine til night rain a little I cut 3 ½ acres of lururn on east side of west peace and raked ½ of it went to fort tosee about buying Devy threshed told the boys I did not care wether I had and shair in it or not seed Bishop about our recomments (Recommends) to got to Logan next month he said they were signed by Smoot and said they were to go to Logan before us and we had better postpone going up 1 more week so to give plenty of time for them to get there first, we never got home til 12


FR 21   Rained this morning l hour.  I raked 1 ½ acres of lusurn poot up 1 acre and took Bill to Jacob Becks to horse never took him got old knife at Jims place to cut peas with came up poot some lusurn up done chores.  Cris Beck and John and R E Booth went to Fork to see Dunkley about thresher and sign notes


SA 22   Rained 2 or 3 times in day.  I cut my peas raked them by noon done chores fixed Bells harness l fine and Belley while it was storming for it rained 1 ½ hours at from 3 to 5 done the chores there was a conference for the young folks at Ceder Fort today and tomorrow there was lots started got over to the divide went there came a terrible rain and took the bridge and they had to come back like drowned rats there was so very much water that it took 1 mile of the railroad track on the other side of river


SU 23   Stormed some afternoon we went to meating Bodison took most of time, Bro Adams and the Bishop the rest of the time we had dinner at Mothers stayed til after school


MO 24  Clowdy all day rained at nite.  I done the chores got redy went to Fork after a grist TEAR and      children went to the fort I got at Chipmans 5 /2 yds of coton flanel at 7 ½, and 4 years of factery


at 11, bacon 60, harness oil 35, got RENZOES shoes fixed at Coop 60 and collar fixed 40 I paid Fred Wright 60 that I have owed him for 2 years for meat


TU 25   Clowdy but no storem.  I greaced the harness went to the fort got horse nails 10, tape 5, at store paid cash went whare the boys was fixing the thrasher in Booths corell stayed there a while gabing came up at noon and greased harness rest of day done the chores


WE 26  Fine til 3 thunder and so raine.  I done chores cocked ( to turn or pile) the peas up while TEAR went to the fort after hur scisors John and Jim came up after the mower and rake took them down to cut there seed lusurn on the bench I finished greesing harness turned OSKERS lusurn over and chored.


TH 27   Fine day I racked 2 acres of lusurn befour noon I halled 2 loads of OSKERS lusurn and burred the old Sow that I got of Jos Moyle she died last night, done the chores got cows in.


FR 28   Fine til evening clowds I halled 4 loads of hay 2 off OSKERS and 2 of mine went to the fort at evening to a teachers trial between John Devy and RE Booth, Beck and John Watkins


SA 29   Fine day some clowds I halled 2 loads of hay alone Anderson Mc Daniel came up at 11 helped me to hall 5 loads of hay off east side of west peace


SU 30   Fine day.  I went to meating Albert Marsh red a sermond from George Q Cannon , Bro Devy took the rest of the time spoke very well Ezekiel and Rhoda was over today they all came up here in afternoon, stayed to Sup RENZOS cow had a calve this morning t 10.


 MO 31 Fine til noon very clowdy after.  I cut 2 acres of Luurn west peace before noon helped

P Kits to hall his Wheat after noon we went to the fort after some peaches that Becks Bot of P Johnsons Sunday 1 bu 50 cts.  I helped P Kits all the afternoon to hall his wheat he and 2 loads 40 shocks 10 at a load, The boys started the thresher up today That they bot of Devey thresher jobs this is the first threshing done this year, C.M   Beck , Your Beck, A Dunkley, REB, John Watkins ownes the machine






TU 1    Fine day clear.  I went out and cut 1 ½ acres of lusurn before breakfast, cut 1 acre after then raked the 3 ½ and poot 4 ½ up today.  Poot most of it up with the rake done the chores. David Hamnetts had a boy born today


( David Alma Hamnet (1885-1961) Mother was Catherine Winn Hamnett )


WE 2    Fine day, clear.  I halled 1 load of Wheat and loaded part of an other when Jim came up he helped me to hall 8 loads 3 before noon 5 after we got a letter from Mantles stating that they would wate til the 13 of this month for us to go to Logan with them wich pleased me very mutch


TH 3    Fine til noon clowdy after.  I went to fort took a letter to post office in answer to Mantles.  Jim helped me to fetch 2 of my young cattle up Liney and Snowball he helped me to hall 5 loads of Wheat and doctor 2 cows that were foundered.  Liney and Spot we had to stick old Liney to save hur. Spot got better with a gag in the mouth.  Little Cherry had a calve today at 2 went 7 days over.  David Hamnett had a boy born today


FR 4     Fine but some clowds after noon.  I halled 1 load of Wheat and was unloading it when Jim came up we halled 4 loads of Wheat before dinner with 2 teames we halled 3 loads of oats after dinner Jim came at 10 ½ had to go at 5 because he had the water on their lusurn in 2 places


SA 5     Clowdy and windy no storme.  I halled 1 load of oats befour Jim came we halled 2 more of oats and 3 of hay in all day had 6 gags of oats and 18 of Wheat in all


SU 6     Fine til noon clowdy after, we went to the fort I went to meating took Boys TEAR stayed at Mothers.  Samuel Bateman took most of the time Bishop took the rest of time we went to mothers to dinner stayed there til 5 Mary and Me was fixing our record and geneology of the dead that we were going to do the work for


MO 7   Fine but windy.  Jim came up helped me to hall 7 loads of hay off the west peace I went to the fort at noon got coal oil 10, tea 25 borrowed Becks hay fork took $ 2.55 to Jos Moyle to pay for my buggie wheel at Fork    


TU 8    Fine day, clear.  I done the chores Jim came up at 8 helped me to hall 2 loads of hay and poot them on top of stack had dinner loaded ½ a load of hay for him took it to his place took 2 teemes down went out on School sec got 2 loads of oats got all they raised on 5 acres had good loads fetched them up then unloaded them


WE 9    Fine day and clear.  I done the chores hooked up the teeme took Wife and children to fort TEAR took VICTORIA to bro Booth because she was sick with the summer complaint and fever he said that if she had not come just then that it would have been to late she was very bad indeed, he gave hur some fever powder and medison to shop hur puking and pirging.  Brother Healey and our James and me administered to hur and she began to get better immediately.  Jim and me halled 8 loas of Wheat from south field with 2 teemes got it off 4 acres TEAR and children stayed at mothers while I came up and done the chores we slept at mothers


TH 10   Fine day some clowdes.  I got up done chores went back helped Jim to hall 4 loads of Wheat from East field and got 2 gags of tool grain 1 had 24 bu of oats and 9 of wheat the other had 10 of Wheat VICTORIA is lots better doay and doing well we all came up this evening I fixed up corell


FR 11   Fine day, clear.  I went to the fort after the buggie Bot at store 1 spool of thread and 2 boxes of matches paid for fetched the buggie up got redy to go to Logan.  Went down at 4 after James word to stay with TEAR while I am gon, took the box to Marries for hur to poot hur things in fetched Jim word up


SA 12   Fine day clear.  I amd Mary started for Logan at 7 this morn, went to Draper to dinner got Rhodas box to take our things up in becasue it had a lock on it got to W Heleys at 2 ate a mellon there went to Mantles unhooked few had dinner.  I went over to Johns place with Johey Banvon Anneys Man, Thomas Mantle was there


SU 13   Fine day, clear.  I went to meating morning and evening at Taylorsville had dinner at Aunts place John Mantle and Tom and Mary and me was there we were preparing our genologies and records for to take to the temple tomorrow we are to start at 8


(John Mantle-1862.......Thomas son

Thomas is Joseph’s cousin )


MO 14  Very fine day and clear.  We got up at 4 got everything redy started to Salt Lake at 6 from Mantles got to the depot at 7 ½ started to Logan at 8 it was a pleasant journey in deed through a fertile spot of fields orchards and groves of timber we stayed at Ogden 1 hour waiting for the other train.  We arrived in Logan at 1 Brother Courtis was there waiting for us we all went to his place to board there was Bro and Sister Mantle and Thomas, Llewelyn, Sarah Jane and Eliza Mantle and Mary and me.  We went to the temple to give in our Genologies but Brother Mantles had not come corect so he told us to come in the morning and he would fix it all right, we took a view of Logan City from the Temple Block and the hole of the Cash Valley, we could count 12 or 13 cities form the Temple situatined in a  beautiful Valley


TU 15   Fine day, clear, we got up this morning at 6 at EM,Curtis of Logan City had

            Breakfast made our way to the Temple gave in our Genelogies and then proceeded to the front room and was Baptized for the following persons:


            David Smallman

            Solomon Smallman

            Job Smallman

            James Butler

            William Livermore

            Thomas Watkins

            James Watkins

            Thom Allen

            John Watkins

            William Watkins




( Catherine and Llewellyn’s older children

     were sealed to them on this date)



                        Thomas 1836-1912

                        Mary 1841 died as an infant

                        Llewelyn Jacob 1843-1920

                        Joseph Hyrum 1845 died as an infant

                        Sarah Jane 1848-1898

                        Eliisa Melissa 1850-1902



WE 16 We arose at 6 had breakfast at 7 made our way to the temple I recieved Endowments for William Smallman my grandfather , Mary received endowments for Hannah Smallman my Aunt today we got out at 1 we took a walk around the town after dinner the town is about 2 miles square and has about 6000or 7000 inhabitants it has a Tabernacle that will seat about 4 thousand demensions outside 75 ft by 35 their Coop Store is _______to the town it is built of hard hark rock the walls about 60 ft high and about 100 ft square

TH 17   Fine day, clear.  I arose at 6 this morning we had breakfast we made our way to the temple I recieved Endowments for Robert Watkins my Grandfather today, Mary received endowments for hur Grandmother Rhoda Smallman or Mason.  We got out of the temple at 1 went through the town taking.  I Toms seen their Cort House very respectful building indeed and many other nice

buildings they have 4 grist mills 3 run by water power l by streem, 2 foundries many other industries 


FR 18   Fine day, clear we arose at 6 had breakfast at 7 made our way to the temple.  I recieved Endowments for George Mason my Great Grandfather on mothers side, Mary reci endowments for his wife Mary we were sealed for them also we hired a man and woman to take endowments for Jos Smallman and wife Ester Bengie.  Mary and me were sealed for them Aunt and me were sealed for James Butler and wife, Fathers sister.  We got out at 1 went to _______had dinner started home at 2 ½ arived at Salt Lake at 8


SA 19   Fine day clear.  Mary and I started for Mantles at 9 came to Draper had dinner started from there at 3 got home at 5 ½ we fetched Bro and Sis Scott home with us from Mantles to see my place for I told them I would give them 2 acres of land and a place to build a house on my me so they came to see the place we found everything all write at home VICTORIA had got very ner well


SU 20   Fine day, clear.  Br and Sister Scott and me went to meating TEAR stayed at home got dinner we came up to dinner H Moyle and John Devy gave a report of Seventies meating held at Provo yesterday.  Bishop took the rest of the time, Don C Strong and Joseph Bateman, JR was ordained to the office of Seventies of the 68 chourm yesterday.  We went to new field to see my lusurn and to see Wads and Davises but they were not at home came up had supper at mothers left Scots at Mothers for tonight mother was sick to all day to day


MO 21  Fine day.  I went to fort got mower took it to the shop got pitman rod fixed , I fixed it myself ground the knife had dinner at Mothers then went to new field started to cut my lusurn went 2 rounds broke pitman Borrowed Booths mower to cut 5 rounds then went to Davises and cut ½ acre for him with his machine fetched his mower up and cut ½ acre of mine got home at dark done chores by 9


TU 22   Fine day.  I went to newn field cut and raked 2 acres of Lusurn and Ward boys poot it up for me cut it with Davises mower got home at dark.


WE 23  Fine day, clear.  I went to new field finished cutting and pooting my lusurn up fetched a load up here with me took Davises mower home, Ward boys put it up for me


TH 24   Windy after noon.  I halled 9 loads of hay up to Mothers and to Wards let Wards have it for work done let him have 1 ton for 3 days work recieved


FR 25   It rained some last night.  I hooked up went to the new field after hay Jim Ward helped me to hall 2 loads to Mothers Smith halled 2 for me took 6 of his for tithing he got 1 for himself the wind blew so hard that we could hardly go and after noon we got done at 4


SA 26   It rained from 4 ½ this morning til 10 very hard.  I went to fort at 11 to see if the boys was going to thresh today they sayed it was too wet I got 20 lbs of salt of Tom Whitby on tick Bot broom at store 35 ct paid cash came up Killed a pig that we got of Ezekiel last Fall she would weigh about 175 lbs I got hur done at dusk done the chores


SU 27   Fine day, a few clowds, we stayed at home all day I turned the cows out and they went off and I had to go after them and cut the pig up and salt it this morning.  Ted Ward came up here from Pleasant Grove to see old thresher he wanted to buy it said he would give $10 for it I told him he could have if for $15 as far as I was concerned never made any bargin yet.


MO 28  Fine day.  I went to the fort helped the boys to thresh they had 132 bu of Wheat and 57 of oats and 20 lbs of  lusurn seed it took til 1 to get through I had dinner at Mothers gave mother the pigs head and about 7 lbs of meat helped Jim to take 18 bu of Wheat to the tihing office and 8 to Worthey that they borrowed of him in July.  I came up cut 6 rows of corn on long length


(Head cheese-Made with the meaty part of the head of the pig, the head is cleaned and the meat cooked, removed and chopped returned and  spices added, the gelatinous broth sets and the chilled loaf is sliced)


TU 29   Fine day clear, I cut part of 4 rows of corn doubled the grain inside where the mud had come off and the north end outside and cleaned the granery out clean went to the fort after TEAR and children at eve, halled 1 load of corn in done the chores


WE 30  Fine day, clear.  I went to fort helped Lewis to thesh he had 132 bu of wheat and 30 of oats and barley and 20 of peas got done at noon came up watered the cows and chored then went down helped Booths to thresh 57 bu of peas and about 2 hundred of lusurn seed took til dark came up done the chores and retired to rest






TH 1    Fine day, clear.  I went to fort to help Booth to thresh told Thorn that I would like to begin if he had enough hands without me he said he thought he could shair me so I went and seen my hands about helping me tomorrow seen James Vance and Jos and his father Beck they said they would come so that makes enough 12 in all.  Came up fetched 3 chairs and some crockery form Mothers place fixed the fences and the grainery steps some.  Jim helped me to hall a load of peas 1 load was all I had and 3/4 of an acre.  Llewellyn Mantle fetched Bro and Sis Scot up left them at Mothers place til they can fix up Becks house up here to live in


FR 2     Fine day, clear.  The threshers came up last night had supper here they sat this morning before Breakfast the hands came to help at 8 started up and threshed 99 bu of Oats and broke the machine so we had to quit David Hamnett and Lewis.  Came after we quit I went to fort borrowed W Devy mower to cut this lusurn by the house cut 1 acre of it.  Mantle came


SA 3     Fine day, clear.  I done the chores started to mow at 7 ½ finished cutting this peace at 11 ½ the threshers got their Exterys from town at 9 this morning got up here at 10 ½ got it redy and started to thresh at 2 ½ cleaned up 8 bu of oats before starting on the wheat got done at dusk had 230 bu of Wheat and 108 bu of oats and 10 bu of peas had Lewis and Jim and W Booth and  me helping for me cutting them and James Vance were helping for me cutting theirs grain witch makes us about square.  Robert Manning happened to come in last night from Colorado and he helped me to thresh ____________the old man Scot helped me both times and cut corn to make up 1 ½ days work I paid RE Booth 2 sacks of Wheat that I borrowed of them and paid our John 2 sacks that I borrowed of him 2 weeks ago.  T F Carlisle was rebaptized yesterday and wife


SU 4     Fine day, clear.  I went to meating took mothers chairs and dishes home.  Dr Drigs spoke 1 hour bishop took the rest


MO 5   Fine day, clear.  I went to the fort after the rake borrowed some flower of Mother to last 2 days came up raked 2 rounds on this by the house then had Breakfast then finished raking this 2 acres by the house by 10 ½ Scot came and started to help poot it up at quarter to 11 we got it done by 1 we went to work at stripping and topping anc cutting the bit of cane got ½ a day today, he was carreying water for wife to White Wash Fred Becks house up here


TU 6    Fine day, clear.  I striped and toped and cut my bit of cane, Scot helped me ½ day to cut and top got it loaded and started to A M Fork at 2 with the cane took Sister Scot to Fork with me to get an out fit for hose keeping took the cane to mill and took 4 and 1/4 bu of Wheat to mill  and sold 2 bu to Dunkleys at 50 cts per bu and 3 lbs of butter 25 ct and 16 eggs at 17 ½ per doz.  Bot 5 yds of dimins at 20 ct and pac tea 25 and coten flanel 5 yds at 15 got home at 8


WE 7    Fine day, clear no frost yet.  I went to fort at 8 ½ this morning to move Scots up went to Alice Wards after the stove for them she said they could keep it til they could do better and if they wanted to buy it they could have it for 4 dollars only got l baking pan with it no pipe we got up here at 12 took things over and unloaded them they had a good load of traps in all 1 table 4 chairs pair of bed steds an other traps to compair with.  We, me and TEAR went out got our pumpkins had a double box full of then then halled 1 load of hay the old man helped to unload ½ of it that is all today


TH 8    Fine til 3, clowdy after Scot and me halled 5 loads of hay off this peace by the house befour noon halled l for tithing weighed 13 hundred after noon he took his sashes to George Mc Daniel and got him to plain a little off then we never got home til dark, done chores


FR 9     It rained from 4 til 6 after noon.  I and Scot halled 1 gag of lusurn poot it on top of stack we halled 2 loads of corn and got the ears off 3/4 of an acre, it started to rain at 4 and we had to quit Scot poot in 2/3 of a day


SA 10   Stormy and cold.  I halled 1 load of corn of this peace by the west lusurn we went to the fort at 11 to go to the store but when we got there it was shut we went to Mothers got a bushel of Peaches stayed there til 3 took Becks fork home got home at 1/4 to 5 done the chores


SU 11   Fine day but cool last night the first hard frost we have hat .  The corn and everything was green til today.  I went to the fort after the bull for RENZOS cow and I was too late to go to meating so I stayed at home til night then went to Seventies Meating and was called  to Speak, spoke on the seens ____of my trip to Logan and the location of the Temple and so on,   Mrs Scot stayed with TEAR me and the old man went.


MO 12  Fine day, clear.  I done the chores went to the fort took 2 sacks of oats to the store 200 lbs at 85 per hundred.  Bot shugar $1.00, soap 25, cinnamon 10, cloves 5, oil 30 got home at 12 cut and halled l load of corn from hollow


TU 13   Fine day, clear.  I cut an halled 2 oog loads of corn off the side hill in the hollow and went to the fort after some chaines and old Bill to go up Prestons tomorrow after some red pine to take to fork to see to the molasses mill at 6 gal per cord let Scots have ½ lb of butter


WE 14  Jos Beck and me went up Prestons Canyon after a load of red pine wood we took 3 horese up got 1 cord and 3 good poles we went at 9 got back at sunset took Bill Trip and 1 of his horses Albert Marsh was up, 2 mules


TH 15   Fine day, clear.  Jos Beck helped me to take the box off my wagon we went over to Prestons loading place loaded l cord of Wood and I took it to Fork, he took a load of cane of theirs we started to Fork at 1 got home at dark.  Bot packet tea 25 at Dunkleys


FR 16   Clowdy but warme.  I went up Smooth Canyon got 8 tie sticks that I got of a young man on Battlecreek bench and 2 large sticks of ceder got down by 12 poot the box on wagon and greased it hooked up went down in the hollow and plowed 4 ½ rows of potatoes on side hill in hollow 90 yds long, got 20 bu of potatoes out of the 4 ½ rows we were only 1 ½ hours gone after them, WIFE and Mrs Scot helped


SA 17   Clowdy all day no storme.  We went to A M Fork took 22 bu of Potatoes at 25 ct per bu and 200 lbs of oats at 1 ct per lb and 5 lbs of butter at 22 ½ and 2 doz eggs at 20.  Sold the oats and butter and eggs to Dunkley.  Bot 2 pair of boots for the boys 2.75 and a hat each 75 ct a peace, tin plates 27, paid cash for l hat 75 ct. Sold potatoes to Johney Snow Bot 2 pks tea 45, coffee 20, shoes for VICTORIA 1.00, jeans 60, 5 yds of calico 42, gingham 44, delain 30, factery 40, buttens 15, spice 20, paid 1.00 on Book acct.  John Robers clerk got $1.00 of Vet for the use of ______ 5 weeks we go home at 4 done the chores


SU 18   Fine day, clear.  I went to meating Bro Scot went with me John Devy spoke 3/4 of an hour WJ Strong took some time and the Bishop the rest speaking of the persecution that the saints are passing through at the present time and what will follow it we come up to dinner Mother sent a quarter of mutton up with me for us to pay for meat that they got of us when we killed.


MO 19  Fine day, clear.  I and Scots went to the fort I took 114 lbs of oats to store at 25, got Vinnagar 30, sugar 20, horse shoes 25, spice 10, Scot helped me to fix my hay stack at Becks we started at 11 quit at 2 ½ we went up in Heleys field and loaded 20 bu of potatoes for Scot fetched them and 1 sack of apples up with us an a little Cherry and Spots 2 year old heifer and VICTORIAS cow and bull I helped Scot to unload his potatoes the work that he has done for me  today will ballence with what I have done for him today


TU 20   Fine day, clear.  Scot and me went down to the fort helped Beck to tresh, Scot worked for me he had 86 of Wheat and 94 of oats and 26 of peas got done at 2 ½.  I came up fetched Wife and children up and worked at a potato pit til dusk done choes. The big white sow and th young white one to the hog


WE 21  Fine day, clear.  I worked on Potato Pit til 10 hooked up went down in the hollow and plowed 3 rows of potatoes up, got 15 bus, Scot helped to pick ½ an hour me and boys done the rest, TEAR was washing we went down after dinner me and TEAR got up 4 rows got 16 bu Scots never came over


TH 22      Fine day, clear til eve.  Me and TEAR and Mrs Scot got up 6 rows of potatoes 22 bu the old man helped us we got 8 rows after noon 28 bu they both helped us all day excepting about 1 hour this morning he was down to the fort





FR 23   Fine day, clear.  OSKER and me went down in the hollow and dug 21 bu of potatos and fetched them up and unloaded them.  Tear went down with us after dinner and helped us to dig and pick

 30 bu fetched them up and unloaded them 50 bu in all.  Scot dug 18 bu for P Kits today and picked them


SA 24   Fine day, clear.  I done chores went to fort got the bull for Pride. Becks and our bulls was with hur they fought about 1 hour this morning ours beet him.  I went in the hollow and dug 12 bu of potatoes got back by 10 lent Goodridge 6 bu of Wheat til Spring he his to pay the money or store pay for it or use pay 1 pk on the bu and principal on the spring.  We went to A M Fork at 12 took 2 ½ doz of eggs at 25 per doz and 8 lbs of butter at 22 ½ per lb and 12 bu of potatoes at 25 ct per bu and 105 lbs of oats at 1 per lb sold potatoes and butter at Snows the oats and eggs at Chipmans.  Bot dress for WIFE, 4 yds at 35 and hood for VICTORIA 60, and ax handle and coton flanel 1.50 this we got at Snows got script 3.00 of him


SU 25   Fine day, clear.  I took LORENZO to meating with me and Scots.  J Devy red a sermond delivered by Moses Thactcher at the Conference in Logan Oct 85.  George Clark spoke a few moments, Adams and Bishop spoke a hort time on the sermond came home to dinner went down after noon ______


MO 26  Fine day but little misty.  I dug 30 bu of potatoes this four noon let Scot have 6 bu for helping me and payed 21 for tithing only dug 28 in stead of 30, I took 302 lbs of oats for tithing also halled 335 adobies for W Devy from Dick Wards for the use of his mower, got 78 lbs of salt of Tom Whitby and to pay hime 1 bu and 1/4 of Wheat for 100 lbs part fine salt


TU 27   Fine day, clear.  I covered my potatoes today poot 5 stringers across and nailed boards on to poot the dirt on covered 130 bushels in 1 pit went to the fort at ½ past 11 took 75 lbs of oats at 90 ct per hundred Bot matches 15, thread 10, horse nails 10, other nails 25, shugar 15, fixed stack yard so calves could not get out got cows up in hills


WE 28  Fine day, clear.  I done the chores fixed the stack yard fence up so the calves could not get out went to fort to buy an ax but they ha not got any in the store,  fetched          a sack of apples up from Mothers place.  Borrowed Jims ax to take to Prestons Canyon tomorrow after Nephi Preists poles to pay for pooting Old Pet to his horse, came up got the cows over beyond field


TH 29   Some clowds preparing for storme.  I went up Preston Canyon started at 9 got 25 poles made 2 trips had 1 horse, Old Trip fetched 12 at l drag and 13 at the other got 12 to the loading place got home at dusk got on Bell went up Strongs field after the cows found Liney yerling stead dead in George Mc Daniels lusurn patch beyond Phils place


FR 30   Clowdy looks like storme some rain.  I took Jims ax home as soon as I got up, he came up with me after my big saw I milked and then had to go to fort again after bull for RENZOS cow went up to Prestons got 25 poles out at mouth took them to Preists got home at 5


SA 31   Fine day, clear.  I done the chores OSKER and me went to potato patch at sunride and dug 16 bu of Potatoes and fetched them up with us at 10 ½ poot up 2 sacks of Wheat and one of Oats got redy went to AM Fork took the Wheat to the Coop mill had it ground took oats to Coop Store got an ax the oats came to 80 ct the ax cost 1.00 paid 20 ct in cash took the potatoes to Johney Snows there was 18 bu and 1/3 took the butter and eggs to Dunkleys got 22 ½ for butter and 25 for eggs had 8 lbs of butter and 3 doz of eggs.  Bot at Dunkleys yarn 64, calico 33, script 1.00 got at Snows overhalls 20, calico 1.oo, buttens 25, and ribon, shugar 25, script 1.00 he made a mistake 75 of in his favor to be rechecked Mary went down with us she took 15 lbs of butter and 3 dox eggs we ordered 2 pair of shoes 1 pair for WIFE 2.75, pair for RENZO 1.75 we are to get them next sat we fetched Mrs Scot up from the train






SU 1     Fine day, clear.  We all went to meating and Scots folks also, there was Missionaries from Payson Brothers Coriz and Lamb, Lamb has only 1 arme and only a thumb and 1 finger on that but he was a very good Preacher on such aminiry you seldon see.  We went to Becks to dinner and to E Heley to supper stayed to conjoint meating at evening, had a very good time. James Vance President


MO 2   Fine day but some clowds at evening.  I done the chores hooked up halled 1 load of sand and l of clay, then went out on that hill in front of Phils and got a load of sand and got the pigs out of George MC Daniels field by the limekill Scots went to see E Nash house to see if it would suit them to live in the winter


TU 3    Cold all day no storme.  I started to dig a potato pit got it about 1 ft deep went to the fort took 110 lbs of Wheat at 1 ct per lb got 4 horse shoes 50, cole oil 45, soap 15, came up got load of sand on my hill this side of George Mc Daniel lane went to Lewises after pigs


WE 4    Cold and snowed all day.  I chored and took the back out of the stable and poot it in again and poot a new manger in Liney got foundered twice, gaged hur and gave hur soda hooked up took Mrs Beck home at 4, snowing


TH 5    Snowed all day very hard.  I worked at my mangers and shed went to the ort.  Paid my taxes 3.85 to John Devy got it rected ( receipt )  got horse nails at the store paid cash.


FR 6     Cool but no strorme, I fixed a manger in lower part of cowshed and chased a deer from here to mouth of canyon me and Lincon Carlisle and Arther Mc, Lincon shot it just below the tool gate in the creek came back finished the manger done the chores


SA 7     Fine day but some clowds.  I chored and got redy went to A.M. Fork at 12 TEAR and children stayed at hur Mothers til me and RENZO came back took 278 lbs of Wheat to Coop Store at A.M. Fork, paid 3.75 on TEARS and RENZOS shoes that we ordered last Saturday but they were not done took 2 lbs butter at 20 to Dunkley and 1 ½ doz eggs at 25 got brace 75, pac tea


SU 8     Fine day, clear and warm.  I done chores John and Frank Manning and Charley Winn came up when we were eating breakfast to see if they could trade me and old horse that they had for Pet but their horse was too old for me so they took him back again they started to Idaho from here today, Ellen Maning was with them going home Emeline was going as far as Salt Lake with them they came to Mothers last night there was also a Winn girl with them.  I went out in the field to see if my Gray Mair were in there and to hunt for a yearling stear that I have not seen as yet since I sent him in the canyon I found the stear and the mairs in the 2 east field fetched them all home stayed at home all day because hur shoes were bad



( Francis Manning (1867-1939)- John Manning (1874-1952)...Nephews

Charley Winn is the Brother of Sarah Mannings husband )



MO 9   Fine day but south wind in eve.  I hooked up Trip and Topsey and went to fort to take a barrel to Worthy and to get some horse shoes from the shop which they had been corking.  Jos Beck helped me to hook up Topsey up as it was the first time she went well, come up shoed Trip on 2 feet got a cow of W Nash to milk this winter on a note


TU 10   Clowdy looks like storme brewing.  I dug about 20 bu of Potatoes befour noon.  TEAR picked them up with the aid of REN and OSK .  These are the last of my potatoes to dig I left them in the wagon so as to take them to Fork tomorrow went to fort after the bull for Cherry and went to see Thomas Whitby about some meat that he borrowed of me in September but never got it Becks killed tody so we got some of them for 2 or 3 days Scots moved to the fort yesterday and today left the bench.  Riley filled my head gate yesterday against my concent and moved to new lines and plowed it


WE 11  Fine day for snowing.  It started to snow at 8 ½ this morning snowed til noon very nicely it was very cold after noon.  I chored til noon helped TEAR to cut and peel squash I went to the fort to get the boys to come up and help me to cut a hot, but never got any body came up and hooked up and fetched the Wagon from the potato pit to sock yard and covered it with straw because it was loaded with potatoes


TH 12   Fine but cold no clowds.  I done the chores loaded 25 bu of Potatoes in the wagon and took them and 21 more to fork let Bates have them at 25 ct per bu had 46 bu and 20 lbs paid him 400 that I was owing him and Bot shugar 25, tea 25, nails got script for the rest 6.80 got home at 7 done chores


FR 13   Fine day, clear.  I done the chores then got 42 bu of Potatoes out of the pit and loaded them, WIFE jelped me and started to AM fork at 11 ½ took the potatoes to Dunkleys at 25 ct per bushel paid him 9.90 which I was owing him.  Bot starch 50, stocking 5, windowlites 25and oil cloth 50 for table Paid for it all we are not strait him and me Got at Bateses 25 ct in soap.  I am strait with all the shops in AM Fork and Alpine to.  I paid 1.00 on the shoe shop down there with I was owing them on TEARS and ordered a pair for VICTORIA got home at dark done chores


SA 14   Fine day, clear.  I went up to the Boxelder slide and got a load of drift wood this four noon and poot the blew potatos back in the pit and sorted them over fixed the pit


SU 15   Fine but looks like rain.  I done the chores we all got redy and went to the fort me and boys went to meating THEADORTHA never went to meating because we were late, she stayed at Mothers and go dinner there was 2 missionaries from Provo, Brothers Anderson and Bro Oldeway they took 1 hour the Bishop spoke a few moments on donations and tithing and temples and so on we had dinner at Mothers place stayed at fort til sunset came up


MO 16  Clowds and rainey.  I done the chors hooked up Trip and Bell went to fort and halled gravil all day from top of the hill to the street in front of his house and by the cave at top of his field there was our Jim and me and Jos and John Moyle and Geo Bodison and Youl Beck and Clarks boys it rained some from noon til night TEAR and Emma Mc Daniel to cut a dress for hur today paid hur 50 ct


TU 17      Clowdy but no storme.  I was all the four noon hunting the bull for OSKERS cow never got any got a gag of oaks for Scots this afternoon


WE 18  Fine day but some clowds.  Killed a small pig this morning would weigh 50.  I got done befour noon went to the fort at noon to see a man about feeding some calves for him he had not bot any as yet said he was coming up Saturday to buy some stock if he can.  I can up at 2 hooked up went over to mouth of Prestons and got a load of wood for Scot took it to the fort for him to E Nashes took 1/3 of day


TH 19   Cool looks like storme.  Joseph Beck and me went up Freemans Canyon got that wood out of  botom of mt or a part of it that him and me was getting in 83 when I hurt my foot it has laid there ever since til now we poot it all over the upper roll off and ½ of it to foot of mt


FR 20   It rained from this morning I done the chores cut the cabbage roots off and trimmed them up and poot them in the potato cellar.  Jim Jenkins came up here to day said he had come to stay with me a while if I wanted him I told him he could stay if he wanted to. Jos Beck came up to go after wood but it rained and we never went


SA 21   Clowdy rained at 5 and all nite.I done the chores got redy poot up 2 sacks of Wheat we went to AM Fork had 250 lbs of Wheat at 1 ct per lb and took 15 lbs of butter at 15 ct traded at Dunkleys. Bot hat for TEAR 3.30 and axle greese 25, overshirt 60, powder shot 20, got at Snows Tea 25, buttons 10, got 60 ct in script that they were owing us since last Potatoes I took there Oct 31.  Bot at Grants mouse trap 10, and at Bateses shugar 25, cheese 15, paid script for the last 3 articles or 3 places we got home at 4 done chores, children stayed at Becks


SU 22      Rained during last nite no rain today, but cool and clowdy we all went to meating Bodison spoke 3/4 of an hour Adams took up ½ of hour, Bishop took 10 minutes of halling tithing paying donations building temples and tabenacles and the others spoke on the crusade that is going on we went to Becks to dinner stayed there til 3 ½


MO 23  Stormed most of the night and til 10 this morning it was rain.  I done the chores went to the fort to see the Bishop about taking Old Pet on tithing he said he would not alow but for hur 5.00 helped boys kill a pig would weigh 200 bls.  David Mc bull and Worthys had a fight, Davs whipped his


TU 24   Fine but cool south wind.  I done the chores Joseph Beck came up him and me went up Freemans Dugway and finished getting that wood out that we were getting 2 years ago when I got my foot hurt he had to leave it til now.  I got my share home he left his at the foot of the mt. Jim Jenkins started for home this morning at 9 I told him that I could not pay him any wages for the winter so he said he gussed he would go home.  I told him he might stay here and got to school this winter if he wanted to and so some work to pay for his tuition he wanted wages all winter for choring


WE 25  It started to rain at 10 raining at 9 yet.  It has not guit raining yet sine 10 this morning.  I worked in the stable all day cleaning muck out throwed out 4 or 5 loads and fixed nests up and fence and stalls for the horses and doctered a sick cal of Lineys, it panted like a dog except pooting his tongue out. I gave it 1 ½ tsp spoonsfull of Ponds extract twice 1 hour a part he got a great deel better it sucked good to nite.  James Heley Jr was here to day he was hurding sheep he said Jimmey Smith found my Bell and strap 2 weeks ago


TH 26   Clowdy but no storme.  I chored and shocked corn fixed fence between cow corell and corn yard fixed up sheds for the ________________James Heley said Jimmey Smith was here hurding their sheep the Teachers came this morning I gave them 50 ct on the Tabernacle it was James Nealson and Hyram Heley I stayed at home all day


FR 27   Clowdy and cool little rain to nite.  I done the chores shocked some corn and fixed some hen nests went to the fort after bull for Durham got Wortheys rone bull went to Tom Whitbys traded for a pig of him let him have the 32 lbs of poark that he owed me and I am to give him $1.00 to boot for a pig 8 months old.  Tried Wortheys for a trade with bulls he said if he did not sell his to a fellow in Lehi he would trade him to us for a stear he is to let us know about it for a fort day. Riley was plowing lusurn today with 2 teeemes in East field by ________


SA 28   Clowdy but no storme cool I poot up 3 sacks of Wheat went to Fork left 2 sacks at Coop Mill sold the other 150 lbs to Coop Store paid for VICTORIAS shoes 1.50 with it got pins 10, and lace 10, at Dunkleys got home at dusk


SU 29   Rained from 10 til 1 most of the time, we all went to meating there was but few there, Brothers Adams and L J Vance and Thomas Whitby took the time speaking of the signs of the times and getting the people to liver nearer to there professies we went to Mothers to dinner we Jim and John and Thort Booth went down to Aseys after noon to see some horses that Radolph Hunter had there for sal, we came home at 5 done chores by dusk.  S Moyle gave me an answer to about trading lots he said he would take my lot my offer that was his lot oposite David Mc Daniels and 50 dollors in cash for my lot in the new field


MO 30  Clowdy but no storme.  I took TEAR and children to Lewises took 82 lbs of Wheat to the store got shugar 25, oil 25, script 30 took 160 lbs of Wheat to Thomas Whitbys to pay him for salt and $1.00 on a pig I got today of him 100 lbs for the Pig the rest for salt at 1 ct per lb paid my water Tax 3.41 to James Vance, got recipt fetched the pig home had dinner went in hollow plowed 4 rounds of sage went to Lewises after TEAR had supper there






TU 1    Fine day, chored.  I done the chores went over whare Riley was leveling my old head ditch through his lusurn patch and helped me to plow mine, he said we could do it this afternoon so I went to fort and got ½ gal of coal oil and 1 bar of soap paid for it in script seen E Booth about buying a horse of him said he wanted $80.00 for him and said he would take 20 or 25 dollars in stock tithing on him came up and Riley and me plowed our head ditches through our lusurn patches with 2 span on his plow my teeme and his took til night foggie all day


WE 2    I went to the fort took TEAR and the children took 125 lbs of Wheat to store at 1 ct bot 2 ½ yds delain at 20 2 ½ yds toweling at 15 tack tea 22, 1 ½ yds calico at 10.  Went up to Strongs field got Old Pet took hur to fort then went to tithing office loaded 840 lbs of Wheat and 150 lbs cabbage 89 lbs Poark 7 lbs of chicken fetched them up here poot up 7 sacks of Wheat for tithing loaded them and killed 3 chickens took them on the load got redy to start to town (SLC) in morning very foggy

            at 9


TH 3    Very foggy all day.  I started to Salt Lake City at 7 this morning nooned at Ezekiels place got in town at 6 ½ the road was very sticky from Draper to town and made it hard lugging Davis and Frank and Strong went in with me loaded with apples Will Walker went with me from Sandy to town his teeme got tired


FR 4     Foggy all day in town I bot a pair of shoes for TEAR and 1 for RENZO paid 2.15 for the 2 pair and a coat for me 1.25 second handed was trying to sell old Pet all day because they did not want to alow me but 55.00 for hur on tithing but could not sell her for cash to any advantage.  Stayed in all day had not decided on any price for hur they hooked hur up to a cart she went very well


SA 5     Foggy most of the day.  I went down to Kelsens at 7 ½ this morning after the calve before he went out with his milk he helped me to poot it in the wagon Lurenson asked me to Breakfast Will Walker was with me there went up to tithing corell let hen have old Pet for 60 dollors on tithing and they are to alow 70 if she suits them.  Came home at 7 ½ got here.  Nett came home with me we had dinner at Mothers


SU 6     Foggy most of the day no store, Stayed at home all day except going over on the other side of hills after my red yearling.  TEAR found him but could not drive him home no one came up


MO 7   It started to snow at 10 and blow continued snowing all day and cold I cleaned the stable out and batted the cracks up so the snow could not get in worked at it most of the day done the chores


TU 8    Stormed off and on all day vry cold all day.  I done the chores went to the fort took 93 lbs of oats for tithing and 5 1/4 lbs of butter and 2 doz eggs and gave him a recipt for 1000 lbs of Whet that I took to Salt Lake City on tithing this was my own Wheat took 3 of our chicken to gave him rect of 7.28 on temple donation on halling went to mothers borrowed 8 ½ lbs if Poark til we kill


WE 9    Very cold most of the day, wind.  I went to Goodridges got the bull for Cherry and Pride Hannah Devy run away. R.E Booth. Came up to on horse trade, sick all day


TH 10   Cold but no storme   I went to fork took 3 lbs butter at 7 ½ 1 doz eggs 127 lbs of wheat at 1 ct.  Bot brush 40, tea 22, shug 25, batting50, script 75 currents 10, traded at Dunkleys got home at 4 paid Jos for staying here


FR 11   Coldest day we have had snowed and blowing some til noon.  I done the chores helped TEAR to take the Beds out and poot on a quilt Jos Beck fetched his mother up to help too.  I went to the fort with Jos to see S Moyle about our lot trade made the trad I got the lot and 50 for mine


SA 12   Cold but no storme not clear.  I white washed and done the chores took all the time I never went anywhare no one came up today


SU 13   Fine clar and warme I went to meting there was John Henry Smith one of the 12 apostles and Bishop Bromely , O F Hunter and 2 missionaries from Provo John Booth , not our Booth and an other young fellow tht 2 missionaries took there turn in the morning John Henry also spoke ½ hour .  I came up at noon took the folks to fort for after noon meating Bishop Bromely took ½ an hour and Osker Hunter 10 or 15 minutes John Henry took the ret of the 1 hour and such a discurse I never heard before it _________-reusening the Principles out to the understanding of all


MO 14  Fine day, clear and warme.  I went to the fort stayed all day Bargined for 2 calves of Becks for



$20 in cash was trying to make a trade with Pete Beck for a cow helped John poot up 40 bu of Wheat and load it came up, Frank


TU 15   Fine day and clear and warme.  I done chores halled 1 load of muck in hollow cut some oakes went to the fort got 23 peaces of slabs of Devy paid 1.00 for them.


WE 16  Fine day, clear, I done the chores poot the water on to kill a pig.  Sent word by Joseph Beck for Jim to come up at 12 and helped me to kill the pig.  I loaded a load of muck Jim came up at 12 ½ we hot hur done by 2, Jim went home I helped them to kill theres


TH 17   Fine day, clear and calm.  I done the chores poot up 2 sacks of wheat to Fork started at 11 ½ traded at Dunkleys the wheat weighed 280 lbs.  Bot pair of boots $4.00 and hat 1.00, shugar 25, oil for lamp 20, ginger 70, took a brace back 75, the wheat came to 2.80 went in debt 1.90 our Jim went down with me and Riley came up with us I went to Lish Boleys to see him about feeding some bull for him, said he would let me know about it next week, Tuesday


FR 18   Fine day and clear and calm.  I recieved $15.00 of S Moyle on the lot trade on Wed 16 and paid it to C Beck Senior for 2 calves that I bot of Beck traded to C.M. Beck for 2 little ones traded even fetched 2 of them up with me left the other at Daniel Becks, came up at 3 done the chores, cut the pig up and salted it


SA 19   Fine day  I halled a load of muck went to the fort changed the wagon with the boys they had mine to town with 45 bu of Wheat and broke the front bolster in too and both end gates of box got heir bolster and bot a calve of Danney Beck and fetched the 2 calves up with me in the wagon.  John traded for 2 cows of Peat Beck yesterday. Gave him 2 yearling stears and 1 year old and $17.00 in cash for 2 cows and l heifer calve 2 months old, I am to pay Daniel $7.50 inside of 1 week for his calve in cash.


SU 20   Fine day but little mist.  We went to meating and to Maynes to dinner the Bishop took 3/4 of an hour speaking on the Bill that they are trying to pass in congress disfranchise all the Mormons and take away all their rights in a church capacity and disorganize the church


MO 21  Calm but clowdy.  I done the chores then went over by Nealsons to see a colt of E Nashes that has been lame along time he said I could have it at my own price but it would be deer a gift so I done no more about it went from there to the fort, settled my tithing I paid 21.00 dollars of stock tithing let S.W Brown have $ 3 stock tithing on a stear that I bot of him today for $ 18.00, 15 in cash and 3 in stock tithing


TU 22   It started to rain last night at 5 rained til 5 or 6.  We got redy went to Fork took 150 lbs of wheat at 1 ct per lbs and 20 lbs of butter at 18 ct per lb, 2 doz eggs at 30 cts per doz.  Let Bates have the butter and eggs got there shugar 1.00, tea and coff 45, pot 1.00, raisens 35, currents 25, sago 25, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon 40, candy orange 35.  Sold wheat to Chipmans 150 lbs at 1 ct per lb got script.  THEADORTHA went to Grants with it Bot cups and saucers 85, tin wair 45, bowls 30, toys 60, candy 10, candied lemon 10, she had 75 cts.  TEARS father went down with us seen Big horse race by __________


WE 23  Fine day and mild.  I worked at cleaning stables out til 3 then shucked corn til night.  Stayed at home allday, TEAR made about 1 bu of ginger snaps.  RENZO and OSKER has been talking aboutSandy Claws all day wanting to know how big he was and who he looked like and wether he was black or white

TH 24   Fine summery day.  I done the chores hooked up Trip and Topsey went to the fourt took 116 lbs of wheat to the store at 1 ct Bot lemon 10, yeast powder 15, nuts 11, W dish 65, took 5 or 6 heads of cabbage down to Mary went to Mothers to see if they were going to have their spree tomorrow, she said a yes if they all come.  I came up at 1 ½ shucked the last of my corn done the chores.  It is like summer folks plowing sage and the mts free up as far as 2 hammongog, cattle living on the range.  Ezekiels are coming tonight and Emeline Maning.  Got 2 knives for boys 20 cts


FR 25   Fine but clowdy at eve, after doing the chores we got redy and went to Mothers to dinner there was Ezekiel and Rhoda, Riley and family, Mary and family except Eph (Ephraim her husband) he would not come.  Me and family, Jim and his family, Mother and John and Emmeline Maning and Ann Mason there was over 30 in all.  A very good party.  There was some from Nephi and Provo and other parts


SA 26   It rained considerable from 2 til day after.  I were very unwell til noon today done nothing except chores.  Ezekiel and Rhoda came up to dinner and Mary came up with them they all stayed til night had supper here it stormed most of the four noon and thundered and lightening at 4 this evening


SU 27   Fine day but cold, some clouds we all went to meating , went to Becks to dinner and supper. Ezekiels went home this afternoon and Emmeline went to Salt Lake this evening on the train Jim took her to Fork


MO 28  Fine day a litttle clowed or fogy.  I halled 2 loads of muck down in the hollow on east end.  Len Goodridge came up got ½ bu of wheat said he wanted 100 lbs and he would come and get the rest in a day or two bring ______I went to the fourt and borrowed $10 of E Nash and paid S. W. Brown on the stear that I bargined for of him


TU 29   Clowdy most of the day little rain.  I halled 2 loads of muck and took 80 lbs of wheat to store.  Bot  soap 25, nails 25, blewing 10, paid 15 ct that I owed came up done the chores


WE 30  Very clowdy and snowed for an hour at evening at 5.  I took 280 lbs of wheat and 8 lbs of butter sold butter at Bates at 15 ct and wheat to Dunkleys at 1 ct got at Dunk 2 1/4 yds of pant stuff at 45 cts per yd and paid 1.95 that I owed him got 5 galens of coal oil of Bates for 1.85 paid 85 on it, got a cup and saucer at Grants for TEARS father a present for new Year


TH 31    It snowed off and on all day, clowdy and cold I worked on the shed all day making a new shed and fixing the __________all day except going to Phils after hog, no one came up today, done chores.