Joseph William Watkins’  Day Book






SA 1     Fine day  I done the chores and poot the bedding and feed in for the cows to night and horses.  We got redy and all went to Lewises at 2 a visiting, we stayed there til 9 and had a very good time there was us and TEARS folks and “Carpenter” Becks and Vet Emma was there.  They had a party there last night for the adults and this afternoon for children we never heard of it til 3.


 SU 2    Fine day clear  I stayed at home all day David Price came up this morning at 7 and noked us out of bed.  James Burnham came up at 1 stayed til 5 him and Jim Burnham went to the fort ___. They said that some one had fired Stephen Moyles hay stack last night and burnt to ashes 60 tons of hay.  Jim came up after the bull at 5 this evening.


MO3    Cold but no storme  I chored til about noon went to the fourt to see what I could learn about the burning of S Moyles hay but they know nothing about it only that some one has done it the suspect is Worthy Nash no one arested (arrested) as yet for it come up at 9 done the chores and cleaned the stable out and shed.


TU 4    Cool but fine  I got redy went to Am Fork at 11 took 25 lbs of butter and 1 hundred of oats at 15 cts per lb for butter and 1 ½ for oats.  Sold the butter to Dunkley and oats to Chipman Bot of Dunkleys milk pans 1.00, shugar 75, cocoa 30, rasens 35, lemon 10, cinnamon 10, currents 15, yeast powder 51, window lights 25.  Bot of Chipman coffee 25, script 1.25.  Bot of W Grant a pitcher 50 cts got ticket for lotery.


WE 5    Snowed stedy all day  I chored around and went to the fourt at 4 after salt peter for Nelley she was worse W Brown came up to see her.


TH 6    Snowed all day from 9 to 6  8 inches snowed wind some. I chored and went to the store took 60 lbs oats Bot broom 3 ½ , mustard 10, comb 20, buckskin 15, came around by Lewises Asked them to come up tomorrow and have diner with us John and Jim came up this afternoon got 2 of their pigs that has been here for 2 ½ months.  Nelley is better.


FR 7     The wind blew all night cold toda.  I chored til noon Becks and Lewises came up to dinner at 1 ½ and our John came up after his Black mair and stayed to dinner and supper they all stayed til about 8 all went home at once We had a very good time much not much cider it gave out.  I milked and done chores after they went.


SA 8     Cold but no storme to amt to any today I chored around cleaned the sheds out and helped the boys to catch their black mair(mare) they took hur (her) home .  I went up by the ditch and cut some oaks and cleared.


SU 9     Fogy this morning snowed al little   I went to meating Clark and J Devy took the time spoke very well on different ________I came up to dinner stayed home the rest of the day, chored.


MO 10  It was snowing this morning  When we got up cold all day some wind and snow.  I fixed the chicken coop up to make it warme fixed the milk cupbard some and chored I stayed home all day.


TU 11   Snowed considerable most of the day.  I chored around here and cut some oaks and cleaned stables out and tended to Nell and Crump, chored.


WE 12  Snowing all day and drifting from 1 til night very rough.  I went to the fourt took 3 7 lbs of oats at 1.40 per hundred.  Bot salt 25, shugar 25, fetched my wagon up from Johns it started to blow very hard at 1 while I was at the fourt I started home in it and it got so I could scarcely see the teeme then I got here.


TH 13   Snowed all day til 3 then started to rain and blow the rain and snow is falling yet the snow is18 inches and level it has fell 8 inches today.  I done the chores and shoveled snow off the shed because I was afraid it would break them down.  John and Jim came up at 3 after their sow today.  I cut some oaks and got wet through at it cleaned stable. Mrs Goodrise and All Luker got married


FR 14   Fine and very warm all day  I done the chores got some oaks from above ditch.  Davis Strong and H Walton came up hunting rabbits I went out with them at 1 o’clock.  We hunted all around this bench and never got one.  Went down to Nealsons and Jim treated us with cider We caught 3 rabits (rabbits) on John Moyles and Hyrum Heleys came home by Lewises and had some cider again we stayed there an hour or so I got home at 5 done the chores fine yet at 9 no storm.


SA 15   Clowdy and thawing.  I chored and went up on mt after a wild cat that took one of our chickens last night.  Tracked him ½ way up mt to the right of Smooth Canyon but never found him.  I cut a drag of oaks up on side of mt and fetched them down with Trip went to the fourt after the dogs And the bull for old Spot she took.


SU 16   Very cold but no storme  We all went to meating there was 2 misnonaries  (missonaries) from Provo Bros Hardy Segnor (senior) and Cluff we went to Beck to dinner stayed there til 3 came home done the chores.



MO 17  Clear and very warm  I chored carred water for WIFE to wash and made a hook had a candy Bucket and poot it on and fixed the back door to keep the draft out and fixed the window and cleaned the stables out and poot the bedding in.  Stayed at home all day no one came. Cherry took white bull.


TU 18   Tolerable fine day no storme.  I done the chores went up on mt got drag of brush oaks.  John came up had a new horse that they got of Bateman for their little black mair.  They traded yesterday got a large bay horse that will weight 12 hundred if fat traded even he stayed here 2 or 3 hours went home at 3, chored after he went.

WE 19  Fine but fogy some wind here.  I got redy went to Am Fork took 26 lbs of butter at 15 traded at Dunkleys Bot 2 pair of shoes for REN and OSKER paid 3.50 for them and got pac tea 23, candy 10, Bot of Chipman shugar 50, paid script and Bargend to.Bring him 2 poarks on Friday at 6 ct per lb went to Bates Bot some marbles and a mouth organ for 25 for OSKAR birthday.  They were having a feast for the old folks at grants .  I got home at 4 done the chores called at Mothers got John to come up tomorrow to help me kill pigs.


TH 20   Fine day and warme  John came up at 11 ½ helped me to kill 2 pigs.  Riley came up with him but went back in about 1 hour afer he got filled on cider.  Rob Jones came up at 2 and stayed til 5 we got the pigs done by 3 ½ had a relergious ( religious) argument from then to 5 we converted him and got him to agree to come to the Young Mens meating and Sunday meating also we weighed the pigs and poot them in the granery 1 weighed 162 the other weighed 105 lbs John felt good.


FR 21   It was stormy til noon very cold  I loaded the pigs in the wagon and started frome her at 9 broke the 1 wheel of the buggie going to the fourt had to borrow Rileys sleigh to go to Fork took 5 lbs of butter also the pigs weighed 265 at 6 came to 15.90.  The butter came to 75 to Bot of Chipmans table cloth 75, and oil cloth 90, coffee 25, paid him 2.45 that I owed him , rec 12.55 script. Paid Alice 2.00.


SA 22   Stormey til noon fine afte.  I done the chores took Rileys sleigh home at 10 ½.  Went to James Vances and paid my water taxes and got my surtifficate (certificate) for what I pertitioned for last April 8 acres and got the surtifficate for the acres that I got of S. Moyles lot paid him 50 cts for making the surtifficate out and paid 3.90 in taxes paid Mother 1 dollor in script that I borrow of her.  Came up at 2 ½ done chores cleaned the stables.


SU 23   Fine day, clea.  OSKER and I went to meating I road Bell he rode Trip.  It was his birthday today 5 years old.  Bro Bodison and Adams took the time speaking on general principles.

We came home to dinner Bro and Sis Beck came up at 2 stayed til 5 fetched OSKER a peach  candy stayed to supper.


MO 24  Fine til noon stormey after  After doing the chores we went to Lewises TEAR and the children stayed there and I went to Rob Jones and down to Osker Hunters place on bench to see Padock about traiding for a yoke of oxen but he was not at home did not get to see him told his wiffe to send him up


TU 25   Very fine all day.  I stayed at home Jim came up this morning fetched the bull stayed til noon. I went on foot of mt got drag of oaks after noon and cleaned the stable out. Chored.


WE 26  Very nice day, mild.  I chored around all day til 3 hooked up went to the fourt and bot a gobiler (turkey) of E Healey paid them 1 dollar for him in script borrrowed  Heber Waltons buck fetched him up with me we went to a lecture at 6 by John Booth.


TH 27   Windy and very cold some snow.  I chored and cleaned out ashes by stable and piled some muck stayed home all day no one come up.



FR 28   Very cold at intervals, no storme.  I done the chores fed 7 cows and 4 horses and 20 head of ones young. Milked 6 cows and fed the pigs and carried water for THEADORTHA to wash.  Piled some muck and Lewises came up at 1 stayed til 5 ½ I done chores up and red some Mormon some, Oh yesterdays snow stormed fetched salt with it and scatered it all over everything fences, haystack and everything.


SA 29   Fine day some snow and rain to nite.  I chored and cleaned out the stables and poot a post in under the center of double shed and ____on and nailed boards and slabs on to them end way up and down to make a pen for calves and Crump and piled muck some and done the chores.  Jos Beck came up at 2 ½ stayed til dusk said the club had been shooting for the meddle today and Lynk Carlisle got it.


SU 30      It was raining a little this morning.  I stayed at home all day it stormed some this morning and looked like it was going to continue so we stayed at home.  No one came up never saw anyone from fourt.


MO 31 Last fine and summery all day.  I chored as usual went on mt got a drag of oakes and cleaned tables out made a door for calve pen and nursed the sick cow and colt done the chores.



FEBRUARY 1887       



TU 1    Windy and rather cold. I done the chores and hooked up and went to Am Fork THEADORAH and children went to the fourt, stayed til I came back at her mothers I took 23 lbs of butter at 15 cts traded at Chipmans.  Bot shoes for VICTORIA 1.40, shugar 50, tea 20, coffee, rice 10, starch 15, 2 bolls 25, nails 25, pepper 15, Bot of Grant a gun for LORENZO and marbles 50, Come home road very bad got to fourt at 4 had coffee at Becks.


WE 2    It stormed 6 inches last night, today warme.  I chored and cleaned the stables and fixed the mangers.  Went to fourt at 5 after mail got a letter EM Manning and 10.00 in cash in the letter to aply on the cow trade. My paper never came went to mothers got 1 of hur.


TH 3    Fine day but some clouds in the west.  I chored til noon Becks came up at 1 ½ to LORENZO birth supper (turned age 7) Grandpa gave him a watch and chain cost 20 cts, I gave him a gun cost 50 and OSKAR gave him marbles, his ma a kiss.


FR 4     Clowdy all day and windy after noon.  I chored til noon Jim Fetched the bull up said they were to Burrey (bury)Mrs Davis at 2 after noon.  I got redy and went down to the funeral.  There was a very large turn out the meating house was crowded the speakers were Bro Strong and T.J. Mc. There was from hur own family James , Hyram and Alice besides the old man, Lowellen was there Maggie was not.


SA 5     Cloudy but no storme, thawing.  I just got the chores done when John and Lowellen came they stayed til 1 had dinner here Jim and Thea Bateman came up stayed about 1 hour went down with John and Lowellen .  I went up on the side of mt got some oaks and done the chores, cleaned the stables out Missen (medicine) the sick cow.

SU 6     Cloudy and windy some rain last nite.  LORENZO and me went to meating he rode Trip I road Bell.  There wad Barrot Webb, Preston and Wash Chipman there, Chipman and Preston took most of the meating speaking of the early settlement of Alpine and the many hard times them had shared here with others and the many good ones they had enjoyed here also and Barrot and Wash spoke from 3 to 5 this afternoon to the Seventies and gave very timely council and warning.  I went to it after staying home 2 hours and doing chores.


MO 7   Calm and Clowdy  I chored around all day got some oaks and chored.


TU 8    Clowdy and windy most of the day  I chored til noon, Jim and Willard Mc Daniel came up after the bull stayed and helped me to get old Crump up but she was to stiff to stand on hur feet.  Jim said that Reno Vances baby died last night at 12.  Jim Burnham came up at 3 stayed to night we all went to the fourt at 5 to the nomination meating for city officers and Water board. The nominees were George Clark Mair (mayor)and Alterman,  E Healey and John Moyle councilers (councilor) S. M. Brown , T F. Carlisle and Jos Bateman and Jos T Bateman for marshel,(marshal) F Clark as recorder, Re Booth assessor and colecter, (collector) James Vance for Treason. (Treasurer)  We cane up home at 11 Jim Burnham took us down with his teem.


WE 9    Windy and cold started to snow at 5 snowing  yet. After doing the chores Jim Burnham went to the fort. took teem and things said he would go and stay with VET ??  Til tomorrow and then go home.  I sent a note to E Price by him stating that I had some Turkeys but would like him to send 3 ducks to me and to get the cart from town for me if he could am to go with Mr Burnham to Crapoam and get 60 head of sheep transfures from him to me.  Willard Mc came up at 1 and traded his 2 barreled shot gun for 1 sheep and 2.25 in script.


TH 10   Snowed and blowed til noon calm after noon  I carried water for TEAR to wash and went up on mt and got a big drag of oaks got down at 2 ½ done the chores.


FR 11   Fine but cool til noon, mild after  I got redy went to Am Fork took 21 lbs of butter got 15 per lb took 4 bu of wheat to the mill. Bot of Chipman dress for TEAR 1.50 shugar 50, coffee 25, caps and shot powder 30, paid W Mc 90 cts on gun owe 5 ct on it.


SA 12   Very fine day  I done the chores Jos Beck came up after bull.  Riley came up fetched his family he went back left the folks up here.  I went down with him to store got lamp chimney never paid for it they had a shooting match for the metal.  S Carlisle got the metal made 28 at 8 shots.  Jim and me went to Lewises I sent to town for my cart by him he is going tomorrow or Monday we stayed their to supper had some cider I got home at 4 done chores.


SU 13   Clowdy and storming and windy  OSKER and RUFUS was sick with bad colds so I stayed at home all day no one came up today til evening Lewis fetched his red cow to the bull he stayed til 9 said that Fanny Watkins had a boy last night between 12 and 1 o clock doing well yet.


MO 14  Very cold windy and cold all day  I killed old Crump and skined hur drug hur off it took til noon.  Cleaned the stables out then went to the fourt to see if there was any mail and got some yeast and to see how the election was going there was no oposstion (opposition) except running L.J Vance for counciler instead of Jos Bateman seign it was thought that Jeff would be elected by a big

 majority.  There was also a stray found sale at 1 today sold a 2 year old horse colt for 11.50 David Murdock got it.


TU 15   Fine day but some wind all day  I piled muck and shot at magpies til noon then went up on Mt got a drag of oaks done chores Phil came over at 5 stayed til 8 ½ chatting and drinking cider.


WE 16  Blistery stormey day  I chored and cleaned the stables out Jos Beck came up at noon and told us thate was a crowd coming up here tonight to have some fun so we got redy for them.  Jos B., W Booth, They came at 8 ½ , stayed til 12.  Nett,  Ella Beck, 2 Moyle girls, John Watkins, John Mc, Hamnet, E Nash had a good time.


TH 17   It snowed all night started at 9 by night snowed 6 inches stormed today I done the chores,  then cleaned the stable out fixed the mangers in stable Jos Beck came up this evening said they had quit a rumpus going down last night.  John Mc  and W Hamnet kept stoping them with the sleigh and W Booth got mad and they the spring off one of the seats, at John Mc and they had quite a rumpus but no fight but lots of swearing.


FR 18   Very cold and windy most of day  I done the chores and poot some water on to skald 2 pigs went to the fourt at 12 got John to come up and help me kill the pig we stated at 2 got done at 7.


SA 19   Fine but cold no storme  I done the chores got ready and took pig that I killed yesterday and 16 lbs of butter and went to fourt helped the boys clear a pig of theirs and poot it in my Wagon.  John went to Fork with me we sold the 2 pigs to Chipmans for 6 cts per lb mine weighed 136, his 187.  Took old Crumps skin with us also got 3.00 for it at store.  My pig came to 8.16 cts hide 3.00, butter 2.40 paid 1.00 for tub and lining and gingham 1.00, butons 30, socks 35, lastie 10, shugar 25, tea 20, herrens 25, watch10, ginger 10, soda 10, salt 5, thread 10, punches 70, whiskey 25, left $ 8.15. Martha Savage went down with us and come up with us.  Johns pig came to 11.22 he only got plow lay rest script.


SU 20   Stormy all the after noon , snow and wind..  We stayed home all day never seen any one but us.


MO 21  Very cold but no storme  I done the chores John and E Healey, Len Ash and Will Jenkins came up here at 10 stayed til 3 singing and eating and drinking.  Lewises came up at 1 had dinner stayed til night.  He cut some oaks in hollow the other boys  went at 3.


TU 22   Snowed til noon fine after I chored the teachers came at 12 ½ stayed til 3 O,  got some wood done.


WE 23  Fine day, clear  I done the chores went to the fourt took 6 lbs oats to the store.  Bot coal oil 15, salt 10, thread 15, paid 10 cts I owed surops of ruburb took it all up came home at 12 ½ went on Mt got a drag of oaks Geo Mc Dan came up to see how deep the snow was up here he wanted to get some wood tomorrow br dry he stayed about 1 hour gabbing Davis Strong little boy died last night at 12.


TH 24   Fine but some wind after 3 clowdy  I chored til noon went to the funeral of Davis Strong little boy there was a very large turn out meating house was full speakers was Adams and the Bishop spoke____.


FR 25   Very cold day some snow blowing  I chored and tended the children while wife washed and hung clothes out for her and greesed the wagon and fixed some nests to set hen in and chores.


SA 26   Fine and clear  I poot up 3 sacks of wheat and oats and went to Am Fork took the grain to mill to get chopped for hogs, the mill was not running so I traded 155 lbs of wheat for 155 lbs of shorts left 210 lbs to get chopped.  Took 13 lbs of butter to Chipmans got 15 cts per lb for it, Bot hat 90, dress for Rufus 30, shugar 25, tea 20, tea 20, ginger 10, yarn 35, gingam 30, salt 15, paid in script on hat owe 40 on it yet.  Bot whiskey 1.25 paid script Tears father went with me took 16 lbs of butter.


SU 27   Fine and clear  I went to meating alone there was 2 myssionaries (missionaries) form Spanish Fork Willes and Tildes they took all the time.  I came home to dinner stayed the rest of the day at home. Phill came at 4 stayed til 9.


                                       MO 28           Very fine day  I went and got some oaks then went to the fourt took REN and OSKER shoes got Loverege to fix them poot toe cap on each of them chanrged 30 cts per pair, paid 15.



MARCH 1887



TU 1    Fine clear day  I done the chores went to the fourt (fort) and Riley, and we went to Pleasant Grove to see if we could buy some apple trees but they were very scarce could not get any but could get plenty of plumb and Parrs and Cherries and so on. We got an agency to sell the Wheeler Mower and hay rake the Coats got it off Dan Smith he S to give us 5 ct per on what we sell for notes and 7 ½  for what we sell for cash up he gives us the  same on extra he gave us some of the Best wine that I ever tasted.  We on unhooked at Charley Wests went to 3 nurserres (nursery). Spent 25.00 for wine


WE 2    Very fine day  I cut some oaks up by the ditch and poot the water on to kill a pig Riley fetched, Samuel Smith a lame man up to sell me some apple trees.  I bargenn (bargained) for 50 at 40 cts each he his to deliver the trees in April about the first.  I am to pay $10.00 when the trees is delivered and the  delivered and 10.00 in November next I guess he said November but never said what year providing the trees is all in good condition and all right as agreed. I killed the pig started at 2 got done 3 1/2  done it alone. Johney Marvin came up to see if I could lend him oat seed told him I could not it would take all my oats to seed


TH 3    Fine but some clouds for rain shaping .  I done the chores went to the fourt at 12 took 120 lbs of Wheat to pay Tom Whitby for salt and Beef I got 50 lbs of salt fine for to salt pig he weighed 110.


FR 4     t rained most of last night, today cloudy.  I chored and piled Muck all day  Jos Beck came up this evening and stayed till 8 rode Tops down ...he run home.


SAT 5 No storm but clowdy (cloudy) and cool. I took the folks to fourt, I went to Am Fork took 13 lbs butter at , Bot riddle .50, lay for plow .75  shug (sugar) .25,  tea .25, cashmeer .75. Bot rooster , went in debt 50 cts  to Chipman for riddle


SUN 6  Clowdy but no storm, stayed at home all day one of the sows went off last evening and her 6 pigs and I have to go and hunt her .  Found her over on the other side of the hill towards Yans by the ditch it was the black Sow with white neck.  John came up at 11 and stayed til 2 Cut my hair and wanted me to go and plow for them tomorrow on the lower bench I told him I would try and come.  Joseph Beck came up this evening and wanted to get 1 of the horses to go to town tomorrow,  I told him if he could to get one else wares to do so if not he could get one of mine told him John wanted me and teeme.


MO 7   Fine AM, Clear  I done the chores went down on the bench and helped the boys got there at 10 ½  poot (put) in 3/4 of a day at plowing sage I worked l of their horses because Joseph Beck Bell to go to town 2 of my plowes and l picked sage got home at 6


TU 8    Fine day, clear.  I got in a full day for the boys on the bench worked 1 of their horses all day.  Joseph Beck got home from town tonight fetched my cart home. With him the one I got off E Manning for cow


WE 9    Fine clear I poot in full day for the boys on the Bench worked both of my horses in the afternoon.  We plowed 2 ½ acres of old land with 2 teams.  The Black and white sow that I got off David Hamnett had 5 pigs last night 3 white ones 2 spoted (spotted) ones like her


 TH 10  Fine day and clear  I worked for the boys all day we plowed 3 acres of old land  with 2 teams they have got 8 acres plowed 6 of old land 2 of sage the have got it all picked except ½ an acre which Sam Brown is to pick tomorrow


FR11    Fine but some clouds  I riddled 2 bu wheat and docter punch to 11 then went down by west lusurn and sowed harrowed and Backed 2 acres in Wheat Patch drier at 1 today. The White sow that I got of D Hamnett had her pigs last evening over by Yans lusurn patch by mt she had 2 alive 1 dead Yan started to pooting his grain in today Riley also started this after noon to sowing oats


SA 12   Fine day, I harrowed and layer off 2 acres befour noon and skined old Punch when down to low bench and helped the boys this after noon to harrow and layer off 3 acres got home at 6 fetched the cart up from Beck  We all went to a concert last evening by the Alpine young people it was very entertaining to all


SU 13   Clowdy, but no storme  We all went to meating stayed till 4 came up by Lewises  had dinner at Becks and supper at Lewises.  The speakers in meeting was John Devey and the Bishop


MO 14  Fine and clear  I done the chores cultivated sowed and harrowed and Backed 1 acre of this peace by the house sowed it in Wheat took TEAR to Lewises this morn went after her in Cart tonight the first time and I have used it, came up done the chores


TU 15   Fine clear  I had  Jim and John helping me today we poot in the rest of this 4 acre peace by the house and Jim plowed sage this after noon in the hollow on the peace that Vet started on last spring.  John and me took the tools into the hollow and sowed 1 acre of oats and harrowed it and backed it down 


WE 16  Fine day  The boys helped me all day.  Jim plowed sage all day finished that peace that Vet started on, John and me poot in that 2 ½ acrea of oats and loaded it all


TH 17   Clowdy looks like storme  I hooked Bell into the cart went to Am Fork took 19 lbs of Butter to Chipmans at 15 cts. Bot shugar, tea, yeast, powder lye, surrap, butter print, Calico 85 , pepper 10, ink 10,  went in debt 55 cts come home got here at 2 went in the hallow and poot in ½ an acre of oats after 4 o clock.  WT Brown boys came up after some Wheat I owed him for docterings Nell  I let him have 250 lbs at 70 cts per bu I owed him 1,95 cts he his to pay me cash for the Balence


FRI 18  Clowdy a little rain after noon  I dug Potatoes all day let John have my team and plow all day. Wm Dunsdon picked sage for me he is to pick an acre for 3.00 , l in cash 1 in store, 1 in poark and other things. I done the chores


SA 19   Fine day, but cool.  I dug potatoes all day, dug about 5 bu yesterday and today.  William Dunsdon picked sage for me today.


SU 20   Fine but cool, We stayed at home till 1 then we went to Leweses took, 14 lbs of butter for 15 cts per lb in cash.  We stayed there to supper had some cider


MO 21  Very windy day and cold.  I finished diging potatoes this morning and picked some rocks off the land where Vet plowed  in hollow.  I sower and harrowed 1 acre over 2 times and back after noon and threw 1 or 2 loads of rock off at Wm Dunsdon finished picking and burning sage for me at 3.  I payed him 2 dollors in Cash and he got 2 lbs of butter on the picking there is still dew him 70 cts on it


TU 21   Windy and cool.  I worked all day at harrowing and backing and picking rock off that peace that Dunsdon picked.


WE 22  I harrowed. Backer and layer that fence of oats off in north side of hollow then flowerd an acre on long length in hollow


TH 24   Fine but some clowds feels like rain  John and me plowed 1 acre and poot in 1 ½ acres of Wheat in south peace in hollow which finishes my small grain for this year.  John poot in full day with teeme which will leave me in their debt ½ day up to present time


FR 25   Fine day, very cold  I went to American Fork took 3 sacks John and Martha and Ella Heley and WT Brown went with me I also took 2 sacks of wheat 4 bu to mill took the potatoes to Chipman’s got 40 cts per bu for them they came to 295 cts Bot shugar .50, tea, and coffee .45 , blew dimmins .  Seen Bates about my singer note an got it by leaving 5.00 in Cash with him for to pay the interest with he promised before John if he could not cleare himself satisfactery to me in regards to his loan ty about paying the money on note last spring that he would pay the 5.00 back to me again the company says


SA 26   Stormey til 2 mild after I went to the fourt after Nell stayed there till 2 came home had dinner we had the cock for dinner and cream cake.  Because it was my Birthday.  There was no one here but ourselves and chores after dinner.


SU 27   Fine day we stayed at home the then hooked up went to Lewises with the butter took 15 lbs at 20 cts in cash we stayed there to supper had Cider I went over in the fourt to get John to help me to kill 2 pigs tomorrow morn he said he would come


MO 28  Fine day, clear  John and me starded (started) to killing pigs at 8 ½ got 2 done by 11.  I started to Am Fork with them at 1 took 3 bu of potatoes with me sold to Chipman.  Poark (pork) at 6 cts per lb, potatoes 20 cts per bu the pigs weighed 200 lbs come to 12.00 in script  the potatoes came to 1.25 Bot lye ,50, stockins .40, latern .25,  globe oi l20


TU 29   Fine day cold last night I halled 5 loads of muck on west side of hollow and tended to the stock done chores


WE 30  Fine day but heavy frost last night.  I went to the lot and plowed and harrowed backed the long length got the paper got home at 6 done the chores


TH 31   Fine and clear but frost last night..  I finished plowing and harrowing the lot. TEAR went to fort withe me today I got done by 4 came up had dinner at Becky pair W Nash 4:00 calve that I bot last Friday off him for 5.00 pair 1.00 down and the other today


APRIL 1887



FR 1     Fine day and mild rather sultery.  Joseph Beck fetched his teeme and helped me to hall muck today we halled 19 laods with 2 teems I hauled 10 loads him 9 done chores got the cows 2 or 3 times


SA 2     Fine but cool I halled 5 loads of muck in hollow on east side there is 23 loads on that peace Jos Beck took TEAR to fourt to day and fetched her home this evening took her to help her mother to poot hur carpets down and clean up. Jos sheared 2 sheep for me tonight took Jodeys buck home with him for me.  I got the cows done , chores, the trees that I ordered last month came today. 50 apples for witch I have to pay 20.00, $10 within 10 days and the other $10 the firs of November 1887


SU 3     Fine day and dry I stayed home all day except going up to the head of the ditch to see how much it would cost to repair the ditch.  I decided it would cost 70 days work


MO 4   Fine and dry as ever  I hooked up went to the fourt and staked the lot off to plant my trees. E Price and Rhoda came over yesterday, stayed till 2 today fetched us 12 duck eggs I was around with them till they went got John to hekp me to take the trees off, never planted any today


TU 5    Fine and dry  I dug 40 holes and planted 20 trees came home at 6 and done the chores


WE 6    Fine and dry no storme for1 month.  I got redy (ready) wemt tp Am Fork took 24 pounds of Butter at 22 cts and 10 lbs of Wool at 16 cts per lb it all came to 7.00.  Bot suit of clothes and shugar .25, tea .20  rice .20, check .20,  lace .30, shoes 1.00 Victoria over halls .75, hops 10,  ring for babe, nutmeg 10 spikes 10, wire .10.  W Nash trial with Lee Clark was to have come off today at Am Fork but it was postponed til Saturday at 10.  I got home at 5 got cows done chores by dark


TH 7    Fine but looks to be fixing for storme  I fixed up the corell tied the posts with wire and chores until 10 ½ went to the lot and planted 9 trees and flowed furrors to water them all and poot the water on and fixed up the fence in front of lot, helped Becks to doctor their colt

FR 8     Clowdy started to rain at 4 until 9  I hooked up Trip and Toby , went to the lot and turned the water on the treese that I have lately planted and tied the the posts with wire at the top and poot new pins in and straitened the fence up, Went to Becks and cut a calve and helped them to doctor their colts leg had diner there came home at 4 and killed a pig to take to Chipmans tomorrow at 6, Joe Beck helped me


SA 9     Clowdy and wet started to rain at 6 tonite  I went to Fork took a poark that weighed 130 lbs at 6 cts per lb and 5 lbs of butter at 22 ½ oer lb.  Bot shoes for me 2.25 and 1 pair for Ren 1.25 changed a pair for Vick .25 bot shager .25, hat for Victoria 1.25, and pair James Carter 1.00 for fixing Buggie wheel and pair for Rob Walker for setting trees and hub bands and bolting the tire on 1.75  Bot an arm chair for Rilseys Birthday Present 2.00, Bot crackers and cheese .30 for me and John.  There were a trial there today between Lee Clark and Wm Nash about some stock of Worthyes that had been on Lee Clarks grain.  Wm Nash wun the suit I got down at 10 ½ stayed there till 5 to hear the trial got home at 6 it started to rain as soon as I got here, Stormed some all nite


SU 10   Stormey last night and today   I stayed at home til 2 went over to Philly stayed there til 5,  John Maine and Geo Mc Daniel was there fetched the cows home with me and done chores, stormey.


MO 11  Stormey shower most of the day I chored and piled muck.  Joseph Beck took TEAR to the fourt to help hur Mother to get redy for thier Spree on Thursday.  Br Becks Birthday he fetched her home at night.  Bell Folded a bay horse colt tonight at 11


TU 12   Fine day but cool  I went to Am Fork in cart RENZO went with me.  We took 9 lbs of butter to Chipmans at .25, bot shoes 1.25 ___ ____.  Took it all up got some script for grant.  Bot linseed oil .25, rev led 30 we went around by Worthys and went to Peter Johnsons and traded the cart to him for 1.75 poles,  4 inches at top end 16 ft long


WE 13  Fine day, clear  I went to Am Fork tool old Pete stear to cook got 3 1/4 cents per lb for him on my debt.  He weighed 800 lbs on foot. Went to Chipmans changed pair of shoes for OSKAR got towel.  The old white sow had 5 pigs today 2 of them dead.  I got home at 5 ½ done chores . Rode up with E Nash from Am Fork


TH 14      Fine day, clear  I went up to head of ditch worked with east field Company at the east ditch til noon.  Came down got redy and we all went to Becks Birthday supper we went at 2 stayed til 12 tonight there were present SY Beck, and wife,  A T Beck and WIFE  Ella and Francis and  Lewis and  and Nelsons and Mother.  We gave him an Arm chair, cost 2 dollars Lewis gave him Plug of tobacco and Y Beck the same.  F Beck a tea cup __.  We gave VICTORIA a new hat 1.25 and pair of shoes 1.25, cup .5 ribbon..  Mrs Beck gave her a dres and apron 1.00 that was all.  We had beer cider and lots of good grub. (Victorias birthday, she trurned 3)


FR 15   Fine day, clear  I worked on the high Bench ditch all dat at Strongs field and where the ditches forkes there was me Riley and F Beck Yan and 1 horse  and teeme. E Okey and teeme W. Devy 1 horse Alfred Devey and John Maire and Geo Mc, H Walton and P Kits


SA 16   Fine, clowdy  I poot in full day on the ditch working between E Okey 2 peaces of land with scraper there was on ditch   Youl and Yan with teeme and Geo Mc and T Beck and me with out finished ditch to Pills.  Topsy folded a brown horse colt at 11 ½  tonight


SU 17   Fine Day but cold.  I went to meating came home at 1 had dinner Hooked up went to the fourt took the folks, stayed to supper at Becks came up done the chores


MO 18  Fine day clear. I poot in a full day on the ditch there was me, F Beck and Yan and H. Walton that was all.  We worked from Freemans road to Smooth Canyon.  I went to the store took 65 lbs of wheat and 65 cts Bot shugar .30, tea .20, soap 10, blewing .10, got back at 12 ½.


TU 19   Fine day, clear  I halled 6 lads of muck and spread it on the short lenth in hollow and got 3 loads out of the stable of it and tended to the cows and doctor calve foundered


WE 20  Fine til noon stormey after till 3  I halled 2 loads of muck in four noon and 1 after and spread it and spread 5 loads beside and done chores.  Went to the fourt after mail and went to poot Bell to    E Booth horse but he was not at home, came up


TH 21   Squally all day and done chores. Spread 8 loads of muck went to the fourt and poot Bell to E Booth horse have to pay 8.00 for insurring and 5.00 each  by the season for the other 2 days in fall


FR 22   Fine Day  I cut some potatoes and got some wool got ready.  Went to Am Fork at 1 Wife (TEAR) went with me.  We left the children at Becks we took 27 lbs of Butter at .25 per lb traded at Chipmans.  Bot shugar .25, tea and coffee .45, 6 yards of cashmere at .60 per yard, 3 yards velvet 1.65, 10 yards of cashmere at each 2.00 shoes 2.00, calico.50, hood 85 for RUFUS sulfer,  nails .95, coal oil .35 paid cash for the Balence got croton oil .10 wine 13.  We got home at 6 but stayed to Becks for supper.  Met the deputys taking Isaic Hely to Provo for safe. Edger started on the job of grubbing that took last summer and done some of it then. Paid him in fulls


( Issac Healey- 1869-1942.... Ephraim’s cousin )


SA 23   Fine but cool some wind.  I Worked on the ditch all day there was 4 of us, F Beck Jos Beck for Lewis and Alfred Devey and me.  We started at Smooth Canyon road worked to Rileys head gate, George Mc worked at the head of the ditch pooting the head gate in


SU 24   Fine day and clear We went to meating there were misionaries from Provo. Watson and the other we went from meating to the Becks to dinner, went to Dundsons after took 4 ½ lbs of baken (bacon) and 1 lb of butter to pay him for 70 cts that I owed him for picking sage for me last month


MO 25  Fine day, clear  I spent the whole of the day at Isaic Healeys trial for attempt to rape, he held under 500 dollors bonds to a wart the action of the Grand Jury next September.  I and WS Brown went his bond for his appearance.   There were 50 men lost  there work to here the trial.  John E. Booth was Isaic aturney and the prsrcuting atorney for the county Ben Drigs for Lee Clark it was very plain to all that Isaic was inorent but he could not be a quited because of other charges


TU 26   Fine clear  I plowd harrowed and backed ½ an acre in hallow for potatoes and corn and plowed the ditch out on the west side of hollow and cut some 3 bu of potatoes. Wm Dunsdon worked for me today for 1 dollar script he spread muck til 2 ½ then cleaned out ditch til night poot in a good day work and done it well. Edd worked at the grubbling all day he has poot 4 days at it this week and last will take 4 more or 6


WE 27  Fine day  I plowed and planted 1/2 an acre of potatoes on hill side, planted every other furrow as I plowed REN helped .  W Dunsdon cleaned my head ditch out clear acre of the top of my west peace of lusurn I plowed it for him he poot in a full day for me and I paid him 1 dollar in script and lb of butter at 25 cts and 1 ham 10 lbs at 15 cts it amted to 2. 75 he owes me .75 on another day.  Edd put in a full day at the oaks


TH 28   Fine day I finished plowing and planting the side hill in potatoes poot 16 bu of

            seed in 1 acre.  Edd poot in today at oaks


FR 29   Fine day. I poot in a full day on the ditch there was Geo Mc and Geo Bodison, F Beck, W Devy and A Devy we worked from lusurn to the end of the ditch to Devys house Geo Mc was up to the head of ditch befour noon helped us after


SA 30   Clowdy till noon snowed and windy after.  I poot in this four on the ditch there was Geo Mc up with me we worked at sinking our ditch at the head.  I went to am Fork after noon took 4 bu of wheat to the mill and 16 lbs of butter to Chipmans got 20 cts for the butter.  Bot lining for wife (TEAR) 90 cts buter cloth .10, shugar .25, tea .20.bug __10 thread .10, twine for Nielsen it was very cold going and returning it was snowing and blowing and very cold stated at 1/4 to 2 got home at 4 1/4 got grist also made quick trip 2 ½ hours



MAY 1887



SU 1     Very stormy day snow and wind  We stayed at home all day because it was stormy. No one came up the cows stayed and mt tonite.


MO 2   Fine after 10 snowey be four noon  I got the cows off the mt took til 10 milked and had dinner took the mairs to E booths horse they bot took his gray horse had to wait 2 hours. E Price came over to see Mason because he was sick and very sick to it is thought he will not live.  Morning I went with Ezekiel to see him he was very low . The water was poot in our ditch last Saturday and I stayed to water my Lusurn by the house this is the first time in the water in ditch


                                    (William Mason dies at age 68.  He was Ezekiel Price’s uncle )


TU 3    Fine day but clowdy tonight  I plowed a small peace for garden stuff and planted it this morning, planted peas, beans, onion, radishes, cucumbers and parsnips and beets carrots and truck plower 6 round on long length for corn it was today had to quit plower my ditch out though.  Rileys land and cleaned 25 yards of his head ditch out with shovel and plowed some ditches to water garden and lower end of the lusurn and done Chores. William Mason died last night at 11 with gravel and exhoscior


WE 4    Fine day clear  I tended to the water an wheat stubble and Lusurn by the house and on East side of West peace and helped Riley to clean out 40 yrs of his head ditch and turned the water on west side.  We went to the funeral of Brother Mason there was a very large turn out.  E Price and Rhoda and family or a part Will and Dave the speakers were Adam, Strong and TJ Mc Clough .  E Price came up with us after funeral stayed til 9


TH 5    Fine day, clear  Rhoda and Dave came up and fetched Mary up with them stayed to dinner.  I went down with them stayed there til they started


FR 6     Fine day  I tended to the water on lusurn went to the fourt and plowed for Becks all day to fay for helping me to hall muck 1 day last month it was Nealsons birthday and the old folks  went to it


SA 7     Fine day but cool  I tended to the water on west peace of lusurn and got ready went to Am Fork , wife (TEAR) went with me we took 13 lbs of butter to Dunkleys at 17 ½ Bot shugar .25, tea .20, and balance in script, wife paid 3.55 for a hat for her at Mrs Oldfields in script


SU 8     Fine day. We all went to meating came home to dinner stayed at home rest of the day tended to Rileys waist water and done the chores.


MO 9   Fine day  I plowed all day for corn on long length had Rileys teeme and plow 2 hours from 3 ½ to 5 ½ . Edd drove them .  We plowed 1 ½ acres in all day and Backed it down Riley planted 4 acres of corn next to mt I tended his next water


TU 10   Fine day, clear I plowed ½ acre and backed it down by noon.  TEAR went to Emmas to get a dress cut out but she was washing and Tear came up at 1, I hooked up the mairs and went to the fourt to trade for some seed corn but could not find any took the 2 mairs to E Booth horse but but they never took . Topey kicked me 3 times on the legs befour I could get away from hur I got 3 or 4 yds from hur and fell down in grain pain.  W Booth and F Strong and old Jos Bateman carred me in to Booths and Brother Booth and Strong administered to me and rubbed my leg with some oil and stuff and I got much better so I got the boys to hook up my teeme for me and our John came up with me they said that I founder for 2 or 3 minutes as the fetched me to horse


WE 11  Fine day I done nothing but rub my legs with some linament and bathe them in sage tea Jim came up and helped TEAR to do the chores my leg got so that I could walk with a stick to the corell and back I red and slept the day


TH 12   Very Cold and windy no storme  I stayed in the house most of the day doctering my leg. Buried Father June and his daughter today in 1 grave as they died within 12 hours of each other the old man died first he died tuesday morning early she died at 2 in the afternoon


FR 13   Fine and clear but frost last night.  I helped wife do the chores and helped Edger to hook up Bill and Trip.  He took them to plow his lot he got them at 8 ½ and fetched them home at 5 ½ he broke my plow the 2 sticks between the handles and split l handle.  I doctored my leg and read and slept and chores last. TEARS father 3 bu of wheat today and lent  him 4 in march he fetched up a hen with 8 little ducks that sat for my TEAR sent 13 lbs of butter to Fork with him today


SA 14   Fine day  I planted some melons and chores till noon.  Ella Healey came up on the horse to see how my leg was doing our Jim and Lewis came up and helped me to Brand 10 calves and yearlings and l cow and Topsy Jim went to fourt and got 2 galens of cider. I payed for it for them helping me to brand the stock.  They stayed to dinner we had a good time Brother Beck up



SU 15   Fine day  Lewis and me and our John took 18 head of my stock and 4 of Lewises up dry creek and poot them across the Creek at the old shingle mill.  Took 7 calves and 2 yearling stears and 4 stears coming 2 and 2 herfers the same age and Lorrey and Bull an 2 yellow stear 1 coming of Lewis nearly got  downed his was all calves it tool up all day form 10 to 4 to get back


MO 16  Fine Day  I halled 7 loads of muck on the short length in the hollow and done the chores.  Lewises came up at 12 stayed till night hur and the children


TU 17   Fine day  I halled 6 loads of muck in double loads and tended to chores.  John fetched their white sow up to the hog.  Edger finished cutting oaks today and came to settle.  I am owing him 3 dollors on both jobs. 1.50 each. He was to wait for the 1 till fall and I was to pay him ½ cash and ½ trade for the other job the cash his to be paid in 3 months the other sooner. I told him I told him he was owing me ½ a day from last year and ½ a day that he used my teeme and that he broke my plow he broke 1 bolt split handle and broke 2 sticks that goes between the handles, I ask him what he was willing to alow me for all this he got mad and went home without settling, John was present


WE 18  Fine day but clowdy looks like rain.  I went on the ditch this four noon and halled 3 loads of muck after John planted 2 ½ acres of corn for me it took him ½ day and l hour after noon I have to pay him lusurn seed for it , Jim plowed for W Devy today there was George Mc and me and Yan and Arth.


TH 19   Fine day   I went to Fork took 12 lbs of butter at .15, bot 2 hats for boys .75, shoes for Johney 1.25, Shugar .25.  I bout traded Tokpy off for a horse to John Hurbeth.


FR 20   Fine day  Halled 4 loads of muck and spread it and turned the water on a peace to plow


SA 21   Fine day  Halled 4 loads of muck and spread it, tended to the water and stubble sone chores


SU 22   Fine Day.  We all went to meating went to Marys to dinner stayed their to supper there were 2 mysionaries from Isaic Bullock and and other man Will Jenkins was over


MO 23  Fine but looks like storme.  I went to the fourt borrowed Rileys saddle and got Ella Healey to come up and sleap with TEAR while I go to town to take my beef stear. I started from the fourt at 1 ½ with him got to draper at 3 ½ sold him for $ 38 as soon as I got there to a butcher from Sandy.  Ezekiel had a colt get killed in the wire fence just as I got there.  Stayed there all nite.  E Price and me went all around looking at his stock


TU 24   Fine day, clear  Zekiel an me went to town today I took some of his mts from Freemans to Seder Mound Paid 25 cts per acre on it and $ 15 for entry feese.  Zekiel was 1 of my witness I borrowed 4 dollors of him and Will and own the lawer 5.00 yet on it.  We got back to Draper at 12 tonight . Abe Marten


WE 25  Fine clear and warme.  I stayed to Zekiels till 2 started home got here at 5 ½ done chores I worked for him till noon to pay _______for him To Fork 16 lbs of butter


TH 26   Plowed 1/4 of an acre and spread muck.


FR 27   Fine day  Joseph Beck plowed all day for me my teeme and spread muck and tended  the to water on lusurn and planted corn in hollow.  We all went to Lewesis to supper it was Christens Birthday Beck. Was there also came up at 8 done chores went to bed


SA 28   Fine day, clear but windy.  I planted some corn in the hollow and 6 rows of squash plowed 1/4 of an acre of land for corn and squash.  W Brown and wife was up to day P Kits was over tonite.


SU 29   Fine Day. We went to meating went to Becks to diner the speakers were T G Mc and Bro Bodison the bishop spoke very well on the subject of liberality.


MO 30  Fine day  I went up and helped to poot in a dam in the creek where we take our water out of the main streeme it took us till noon there was me , TB and Riley and W Devy E Okey and some of the east field co


TU 31   Fine day I got the water last evening at 4 poot it on the west peace of wheat 2 acres and poot it on the east end of the oats in the hollow.  I tended to the water all day to day and done the chores went to the fourt took Bell to E Booths horse she objected



JUNE 1887



WE 1    Clowdy and a sprinkling of rain at 12. I tended to the water on oats and peaces of wheat.  We all went to the Jubelee up to the lake at Nephi. (Lake named for Nephi Healey that made a lake in fort canyon)  We took our picknick and had a good time in bathing, swinging, swimming, horses and had a raft to take 5 and 6 persons on had a good time in general


TH 2    Fine day, clear.  I tended to the water all day done the chores. Went to the fourt turned the water on the young trees got hub band poot on 1 of the buggie wheeles and rivet Dan charged me .25 cts went to Becks got some squash seed and their sive came home at 4 tended to water on lusurn and wheat


FR 3     Fine day  I watered till noon went to Fork after took 12 lbs of butter to Dunkleys at 17 ½ Bot hat for me .75, shugar .45, tea, check .25, factery .75 took 6 bu of wheat to the mill got grit


SA 4     Stormey till noon, Misty after.  I tended to the water on oats and wheat in the hollow got done on the west side went to fort took 50 lbs of W to Dav Devy and 30 lbs oats to store paid 25 cts


SU 5     Fine but windy and misty  We all went to meating.  T J Mc and John Devy took the time .  Bishop announced that Thornton Booth was called to go to the north western staes on a mission and called upon congregation to sanction his mision Clear vote was cast to sustain him.  John Devy spoke of taking the test othe (oath) and the coming election and the tyreny  and skeames of the enemy. We came home to dine and stayed the rest of the day.  It was my Mothers birthday.  E Price and Rhoda was over and I guess others were there also to the supper we never went for causes not here in mentioned


MO 6   Fine but windy I cut potatoes and tended to the water til 12.  We all went to the lot after noon and plowed and planted 2 buts betwen the trees in potatoes, got dark to fix a spring for spring seat charged .15


TU 7    Fine day but some wind  I cut 4 bu of potatoes went to lot and plowed 2 bu and planted them in potatoes and watered them that I planted yesterday.  LENZO went with me


WE 8    Fine day, very warm OSKER and me went to lot at 10 finished plowing and planting the lot in potatoes and got them all watered except yesterday LENZO went with me


TH 9    Fine and warm  I planted 130 cabbages and waterd them and chores til 10.  Went to lot and finished watering the potatoes and tree and fixed the fence an went to store took 20 lbs of oats at 1 ½ cts.  Bot oil .20 nails .10, got a box of hay at field.


FR 10   Fine but a little windy as ever.  I done the chores started to Am Fork at 9 took 13 lbs of butter and 4 doz eggs at .15,  wife (TEAR) went with me .  Bot shugar .50, dress for Victoria .75 1 for RUFUS  .50 and dary cloth .50, stockins .30, nails .10


SA 11   Fine but some wind   I done the chores and whitewashed the house be four noon and tended to the water on lusurn by the house and went to mouth of willow canyon got some burch and fixed ashes over the door poot water by the house on the wheat


SU 12   Fine some wind all day  We all went to meating Bishop and Adams took the time speaking on buisnys (Blessings) in general tithing and drinking and on the coming holidays and other things.  We came home to dinner stayed home the rest of day.  I got the water last night and had to be with it most of today poot it on this peace of wheat by the house and on east end of the oats in the hollow.  Phil K came over this evening after the paper


MO 13  Fine but windy afternoon  I tended to water and went up to the head of the ditch and helped to shovel the gravil out by gate.  There was Ge Mc and Riley,   Youl Beck and teem

E Okey, W Devy and John Maine  Took ½ day I watered wheat in hollow and Rileys waste water on the wheat


TU 14   Fine day and clear  I poot Rileys waste water on my wheat in the hollow and on my lusurn up here.  Jacob Beck sent his man up here to borrow my hog pig I hooked up and

went to the fourt took 35 lbs of wheat to store at 1 1/4 per lb. Bot 2 packetts of tea .40 and mustard 5 had to take the hog out to Jakes because the could not take him with rope. Come back to the lot and harrowed my potatoes in lot came up at 2 had dinner and went in hollow and tended to the water on wheat and oats stayed with it till night.  Killed a sheep


WE 15  Fine day it was TEARS birthday I watered all day except while hur folks were up they came at 2. Stayed til dusk.  Lewises was up also that was all she had


TH 16   Fine and clear  I chored and furrowed the squash and mellons out and watered them and followed the potatoes out or 1//2 of them on side hill and tended to the water on the lusern and on the oats in hollow done the chores


FR 17   Fine day I went to fourt and took Bell and poot 2 shoes on hur and made arrangements to go a fishing this after noon to Provo came up but got 25 cts worth of shugar on tick (ticked) at store and got a d__ to come and sleep with TEAR tonight.  I fetched Chuck up with me and hooked him and Bell up and started to Provo at 1 ½ me and Jim and W Dunsdon went togather and Joy Beck and W Booth and F Beck in an other wagon we got our hooks and lines at Chipmans . I got


50 cts in script of Jimmy to take with us, borrowed it.  We got to the river at 7 and unhooked and started to catching fish, we 6 of us got about 2 hundred before bed time


SA 18   Fine day we started fishing at 3 ½ this morning.  We caught 650 with what we got last night.  We started for home at 9:30 came to Wadleys and bot 1 galen of whine paid fish for wine, we got home at 4 ½ and scatered fish all over town


SU 19   Fine day, we stayed home all day Jime took the horses and wagon to fourt last night with the fish and kept it there.  Jim was up, bell colt took them down again.  John traded the mair that they got of Carlisles to Hebineck  for a horse yesterday took hur down today


MO 20  Fine day, clear  I went to fourt after teeme and wagon this morn.  Plowed some furrows by my young trees and turned some water on them fetched cultivator up with me and finished furrowing the potatoes out and planted some beens in hollow 8 rows got water on lusurn at 8 tonite


TU 21   Fine day, warme  I watered ½ of my potatoes on side hill and tended to the water on west side of the Lusurn.  Riley got the water at noon I stayed with the water on potatoes all day and watered some of the squash and all the vacant rows poot Rileys waist water on lusurn and on the west end of oats in hollow.  Phill was over after noon 2 hours


WE 22  Fine day and clear   I tended to Riley’s waste water on lusurn and wheat and finished watering my potatoes on side hill stayed with it most of the day, stayed at home all day


TH 23   Fine day  I got the water this morning at 6 off Rileys poot it on this peace of wheat by the house and on the east end of oats in the hollow stayed with it til 10 got ready went to fork took 6 lbs butter at 10 cts and 2 calve skins and 1 sheep skin got 1.25 cts for the 3 and took 150 lbs of wheat to Chipmans at 85 cts  per lb.   Bot shoes for boys 3.25 shirting for me .75, shugar .51 tea .20 belt 20, got home at 3 tended to the water all around chores


FR 24   Fine day  I tended to the water til noon hooked up wnt to the fourt took 80 lbs of wheat to store at 1 1/3 per lb.  Bot broom .30, soda .15, comb .10 ,  factery 18, paid 25 that I owed went to shop took mower to get it fixed but Dav could  not do it.  Went to Clark to see smiths horses and up at a 3 .  Windy till noon


SA 25   Fine day, clear rainy after noon.  I went to fourt got the mower from Mothers took it to the shop and got Dav Devy to help fix it he charged me 1 dollar for his work on it and wagon.  Stayed there all day fixing it and wagon.  It rained after 4 some flirting winds till noon


SU 26   Fine day  I went to Marvins to see Abe Martin about buying a mair of him but did not succeed offere him a cow and what a calve is worth for hur she sayd (said) she would write and let me know what she would do after she got in town.  I called on Mireses he offered me his big mair from Becks horse for $ 150


MO 27  Fine and clear  I went to the fourt and sent pitman ( a mower part) to Fork by TF Carlisle for Chipman to send for 1 like it to town came up at 1 went back at 2 took w of my buggie wheels to get tires Sat.  The folks went with me John and me worked at fixing the hay rake all the after noon Devy charged us 30 cts for his work on it I am to pay that , John bot bolts for 25 cts.  I came home at 7 done chores .  TEAR and REN drove teeme home.  Riley started to cut his lusurn today I have not started

TU 28   Fine day  I went to fourt tended to the water on trees and helped the boys to finish pooting a pusher on our rake got 35 cts worth of blacksmithing done I have to pay 20 cts and them 15. I came up at 1 ½ had dinner went to fork on Topsy started t 3 after my pitman but it had not come.  I bot jumper and overhalls for .50 me slippers for wife .50. Spoke for buggy .15 got home at 7 done chores Got the above articles at Chipmans on tick (ticket) 2.25


WE 29  Fine day  I took 3 cows up dry creek to the shingle mill, too\ok spot, Bute and Whiley got back at 12 fixed the hay rack up poot all new spokes in and peaces on the side went to the fourt to see if Jos Beck he wanted me and teeme tomorrow to hall hay, yes


TH 30   Fine day  I went to fourt helped Jos Beck to hall hay all day we halled 8 loads 6 from bench 2 by home



JULY 1887



FR 1     Fine day very warme.  I went to the fourt helped Becks to halll 4 loads of hay from the bench 2 in the four noon 2 after the wind blew very hard we had to quit at 3.  OSKER got ran over with a load of hay it run over both legs but never broke any bones.  Came home at 6 the folks were down with me all day.  I borrowed 2.50 for Jos to sent to town for a pitman by Lewis he started to night chores


SA 2     Fine day  I went to fourt helped Becks to hall 2 loads from bench and unloaded 2 more on top of stack me and the old man done it. Jos was working for E Healey all day we got done by 1 come up Nell was sick I fused with her her inside came out and I had to kill Jim and Jos Beck was up helping me with hur till night Jim shot hur


SU 3     Fine day  We stayed at home all day drug Nell (Horse) off and burred hur.  I went to Lewises at 7 after pitman and gard he payed 75 cts on them on what he owed me for wheat he borrowed of me 1 year ago, he owes me 7 bu of wheat 14 lbs of flower and 50 cts cash on some apples that I sold him last year. And 1 dollar for use of bull to 2 cows last march


MO 4   Fine day, went to the fourt took my pitman got dry to poot 3 ½ inches in it to make it longer, charged 20 cts.  Came up and fixed the mower togather and cut a little peace by house.  We all went to the fourt at 4 ½ to childrens dance.  Stayed til 12 to the grown folks dance, never danced.  David Price were over today came up here this morn


TU 5    Fine day clear  I fixed mower till noon had dinner went in field and cut 2 ½ acres of lusurn on west side and done chores.  Jos Beck was up yesterday and Dave Price worked at fixing mower  till noon


WE 6    Fine day, clear  I poot some hay up while REN went shop with Pitman. I raked the hay last nite that I cut yesterday 2 ½ acreas Dav  charged 20 cts for fixing rod.  I cut 2 ½ acres and raked it and started on another peace of 3 acres and cut 1 acre of it to nite


TH 7    Fine clear day  I cut 2 acres of lusurn and poot up 4 ½ acres this four noon and Jos Beck and me raked and poot up 3 acres on this side of west peace this afternoon started at 3 got done by 6


FR 8     Fine day  I went to the fourt to see if the ires were set on buggie wheels, they were not I came home hooked up and went to Am Fork took 8 bu of wheat to mill sold 2 bu to Chipmans at 80 cts.  Bot Shugar 2.25, tea .80, sago .30, pitch fork .90, dress for wife 1.25, file .20 I had 3.40 charged to me on book I left 6 bu and 20 lbs of wheat at mill got grist, got home at 5 done the chores went over and turned hay some


SA 9     Fine day  I halled 3 loads of hay, REN and me and took TEAR to fourt to pick some currents for hur mother and I furrowed my potatoes out in lot and poot the water on them and on the reese we hot home at dusk


SU 10   Fine day til noon stormey most of the day it started to rain at 4 this morning and rained 2 or 3 times.  First rain that we have had this summer to do any good.  I stayed home til 2 went to lot and tended to waste water on potatoes, came home stayed til night done chores


MO 11  Fine part of the day, rained some.  I got a load of hangers and brush to go on shed by house and pouled  the weeds out of corn 2 day took all the after noon went to fourt after help to hall hay tomorrow


TU 12      Fine day but clowdy after noon. I turned 3 or 4 loads of hay and Jos Beck came up at 2 helped me to hall 4 loads of hay of west peace, Nett came up at 10 stayed all day we got done work at

            5 ½


WE 13  It rained some last night so we could not hall hay I  turned 2 loads of hay and cut some to make a road to hall on and raked it and watered 2 acreas of lusurn on west side and done cutting back swaths and halled 2 loads of hay.  Riley got the water at 4 this after noon I had it 10 hours ½ of my time I went to fourt.  Got Jos Beck to help me tomorrow to hall hay, Riley stayed up here all night with the water, stayed here.  I killed a sheep, RENS yew (ewe) today


TH 14   It was clowdy most of the day, rained after AM again at 8 pretty hard Jos Beck came up at 8 helped me to hall 5 loads of hay quit at 4 ½ it rained, he poot in 1/4 of a day ti day, I done the chores till nite


FR 15   It rained considerable last night so we could not do anything at the hay today.  I never done much of anything befour noon had headache went to the fort after the buggie wheels after noon but fthey were not done got George Mc to work at them got the 2 spokes poot in redy for the tire.  George said I could get to water tomorrow morn at 4 and keep it 24 hours I came up  done the chores


SA 16   Fine day rained tonight at 10.  I watered 8 acres of  lusurn and the squash , beens and the west end of the oats and part of east end and the potatoes and howed some corn and went to the fourt, got Buggie wheels the old man set 3 tires and the hub bands on 1 wheel, charged 3.00 came up done chores


SU 17   Fine day but a few clowds.  I went to meating we had 2 missionaires from Provo.  Bro Talmage and Glasior had a very good meating.  I came home to dinner stayed home the rest of the day


MO 18  Fine but clowdy  I done chores howed corn 2 hours hooked up went to the fourt took 25 lbs wheat to store at 7 1/3 and 16 eggs at 16 cts,   Bot tea .20, coal oil .20, paid 20 that I owed for tea, oil for mower .20, came home at 12 and turned hay went to fourt to see if Beck could help

 me to hall hay tomorrow took the folks with me and mean Rob Jones and Albert Marsh met to see about getting a self binder but never a complished (accomplished) anything


TU 19   Fine day Bro Beck helped me to hall hay all day we halled 6 loads and poot them on top of stack done chores


WE 20  Fine day.  Bro Beck helped me all day to hall hay 6 loads.  We cleared the old west peace it  20   loads on 8 acres


TH 21   Fine day I poot the water on potatoes and poot some of the wheats out of them and cut 2 acres of lusurn and went to the fourt got the hay rake and paper James Healey and Hannah Devey got married tonight and William Devys baby died at 8 to night


FR 22   Fine day, clear  I howed corn and tended to water on potatoes and raked 2 acres of hay and poot it up and went to the fourt and got Jos Beck to help me grind my knife got a job of W Nash to hall hay for him tomorrow and John Mc to help me


SA 23   Fine Day  I got the water at 5 ½ this morning poot it on west peace of lusurn and went to the fourt and halled hay for Thomas Carlisle for ½ sold our share to Worthy Nash for 1.50 per load.  John Mc and me halled (hauled) 4 loads by noon 2 to Worthy and 2 to Carlisles.  Worthy would not take any more so we quite I watered after noon


SU 24   Fine Day, clear  I had the water on my lusurn and potatoes and squash I got the water at 5 yesterday morning 35 hours.  I went to the fourt at 5 to see if the water on potatoes went to Booths to get some medision (medicine) for Johney for dirrea, (diarrhea) got it and came up


MO 25  Fine but some wind.  We all got redy went to meating in Bishop orchard at 10 O clock which consisted of songs, preacher, resetations  and so on it was a very good entertainment.  We went to Becks to dinner the after noon was taken up in racing, jumping and so on for prizes.  We came up at sunset stayed home there was Ice cream and sasperella for sale in orchard.  John Taylor he died this evening at 8


TU 26   Fine day I cut OSKERS lusurn today and went to the fourt and poot water on the potatoes in lot and stayed with it mort of the afternoon.  Helped Don Strong to take a calve from a cow it took us 2 hours to do it him and me and Jodey


WE 27 Fine day  I raked and poot OSKERS lusurn up went to Rob Joneses after noon and helped to poot up our Binder and started it to running on Robs there was W T Brown and me and Rob and Jim Nealson and a traviling (traveling) agent he came to poot it up.  We unloaded it and set it up and cut 2 acres since 12 o clock til sunset and broke the big cog wheel


TH 28   Fine day, clear  I cut this peace of lusurn by the house and raked ½ of it and done the chores took all day


FR 29   Fine day. Ezekil got hooked by a bull.  I poot up ½ of the lusurn by house and raked it hallled 3 loads.




SA 30   Fine day, clear   Bro Beck helped me to hall 6 loads of hay 3 off the east side of West peace the too (two) acre peace that peace had 6 loads this crop on it and 3 loads off OSKERS took Bro Beck home at 6 and tended to the water on potatoes in lot


SU 31   Fine day, clear  We all went to the meating the Bishop took all of the time.  Went to Mothers  to dinner stayed their till 4 came up done the chores RENZOES cow had bull calve at noon John came up with me





MO 1   Fine day Scot and me halled hay off this peace by the house till noon the wind blew so that we could not hall after noon.  I went to fourt and voted for county officers Am Fork Utah to become a state went out to R Joneses to see how the binder was going he was cutting for WT Brown doing very good work I went to W Eastoos got 2 sacks of salt 5 lbs rock 15 cts I owe for it got Bro Beck to help me to hall hay tomorrow


TU 2    Fine day  Bro Beck and Scot helped me to hall 8 loads of lusurn and load 2 for tithing.  Bro Beck took 1 to the fourt with him. W cleared this peace by the house and 2 loads off OSKERS I have to pay Scot in cutting wheat


WE 3    Fine day   I took l load of hay to fort for tithing and got the load that Beck took last night the 2 only weighted 50 hundered. I went out on bench and cut 1 ½ acres of lusurn for Beck and S Moyles land Jos raked it with our rake


TH 4    Fine day.  I cut 3½ acres of lusurn and raked it went to the fourt and signed the notes for binder 1 to be the paid first of November no interest $64 become July $63 this November no interest 88.  The last draws interest from date at 10 per $63


FR 5     Fine day  I cut 2 ½ acres of Lusurn and raked it and poot up 3 ½ with the fork and poot 4 ½ up with rake on west peace got done at 5 went to the fourt to see the president of water board about getting some of water for my potatoes he said he would call the board together on Sunday and see what could be done he did so and their desition was to let my potatoes burn up that I could not get a bit of water


SA 6     Fine day  R Jones came up at 6 ½ this morning with the binder and started to cut my wheat he cut 6 ½ acres for me and 2 acreas of oats for Jan Beck.  I furnished teeme  for the lot 3 horses had Chuck.  I cut 5 rounds for him while he ate breakfast I stacked up all of mine except ½ acre


SU 7     Fine day  We all went to meating . We went to Lewises to dinner stayed to supper.  Seen the Board about the water they said there was none for me.  I hired 5 hours of water of R Jones and 8 of our boys and am to get it at 11 tonight.  I got the water at 10 but it only got here at 12 tonite.  I stayed with it all nite on potatoes and 2 acres of lusurn and squash ½ acre melons and corn in hollow


MO 8   Fine day.  I was up all night last night a watering got the water at 10 it arived here before 12 poot it on the potatoes and the garden and squash beans and mellows and 2 acres of lusurn stay with it


             all night.  Beck came up and helped me to hall lusurn 6 loads the water run here till 11 ½ today I

             got 3 acres of lusurn watered


TU 9    It started to rain at 6 this mornin rained very hard til about 9.  I finished stacking wheat up went to Fork got to Chipmans ticket, tea, calico gingam 1.00, surup .75, nails .25 candy .10. Ticket 2.70


WE 10  Fine day but clowdy  I took the teeme to Rob Jones to go on binder he cut 2 acres of Booths and 5 of W T Brown and 1 for our boys with my teeme today.  I poot up hay before noon went in hollow after noon and fulled up weeds out of beens and mellons and fixed my hay rack poot ladder on it


TH 11   Fine day  I finished fixing my rake and made calf pen and chores.  Jos Beck was up an hour or too


FR 12   Fine day  Me and boys halled 4 loads of hay to9day off wet piece and poot a pig up to fatten. Done chores


SA 13   Fine day  Me and boys 3 loads of hay and poot it on top of stack went to the fourt at 5 and poot water on the lot and potatoes fetched Bell home from binder


SU 14   Fine day  We all went to meating twice Bishop Smoot and Bromily and Davy John and Cluff were there have meating and 3 horses for 5 and 2 acres of Lewises.


MO 15  Fine and clear  I went to George Mc corell got the binder with my teeme.  Rob cut my oats to days 5 acres by noon.  I furnished all the teeme had Chuck with mine, He cut 2 acreas for Lewis after noon 2 of my horses


TU 16   Fine day and clear  Rob cut Lewises Wheat today I furnished 2 horses and he cut 1 ½ acreas for Jos Beck.  I furnished 2 horses.  John came up at 6 helped me to hall 2 loads of hay he helped me to hall 2 loads , ½ day in all, yesterday after noon. I stacked up ½ of the oats this after noon last night the other.  Got 65 cts ticket Alpine Coop


WE 17  Fine day.  I halled 2 loads of hay then went to the fourt to help John to hall grain but he had gave it up.  We came back and halled 2 loads of wheat started the stack, the boys helped me


TH 18   Fine day  John Helped me to hall wheat in today we halled 8 loads 5 off this peace by the house and 3 out of hollow. Nett and Mr Beck was up helping TEAR to quilt 2 quilts or time them with yarn


FR 19   Fine day  I poot 1 qt of linseed oil on my wagon wheels and went to the fourt.  Made araingments (arrangements) to get some water for my potatoes up here got 5 hours of our John and 4 of Sun Carlisle and 5 of Rob Jones.  I took it at 8 on Sunday morn went to Robs to get Bell but he had took hur to cut


SA 20   Fine day.  I greased 2 of the wheels with Linseed oil filles spokes and greased the harneses but never took them apart. Went to Fork took 55 lbs of wheat to Chipmans at 1 ct per lb.  Bot coal oil .30 rice .15 peper.10 that is all.  Got home at dusk stayed seeing a bear perform at Nashes for 1

houror more he Waltz restled climb one of Heleys barn sticks bowed to the crowd carried a stick like a gun and done many other things

SU 21   Fine day, clear  I got the water at 7 it got here at 9 waterd all day on Potatoes and garden and melons beens and watered 2 acres of lusurn and part of this by home kept it till 8 ½ tonight some on turned it off me.  Lewises came up and stayed 2 hours had supper


MO 22 I took TEAR to tool gate but Mrs Johnson was not there so she came back with me again.  Stayed at the fourt a little while then let Jim and John Mc take my buggie to Fork.  We came up in their wagon went in hollow and wed (weeded) ½ of my potatoes and done chores


TU 23   It started to rain at of this morning rained til 9 am again after noon.  I helped John to hall load of hay and pot it on top of their stack then him and me halled 1 load for E Booth made full day with teeme for John he gets cr for all it rained and hard and very hard for 1 hour at 1 o clock.  Came home at 5


WE 24  Some rain last night and no rain this morn.  I done nothing to speak of went to fourt at 1 stayed to the fineral of A Marshes little girl 1 year old.  E Booth came up with me to see if we could fine a place to make a race track.  We located 1 on west side of the long hollow on my land.  I chored til night


TH 25   Fine day  I took TEAR over to the mouth of the canyon then took 6 doz oats to fort and got them threshed they threshed 11 bu and let thresher have 4 bu took 245 lbs of them to Chipmans at 1.25 per hun.  Bot shugar 2.25, rice .25, currents .25, chees .25, baken (bacon) .30, tea .20 nutmeg cinnamon .20, linceed oil .75 other script 50. Went in debt 1.90 got home at 6 done the chores


FR 26   Fine day till 4 snowed.  I helped John to hall their wheat 8 loads took all day.  I worked my teeme all day. Ebb Hunter got kicked


SA 27   Fine day but clowdy.  I and John halled my oats 6 loads out of hollow took all day 1 of Johns horses 1 of mine.  Little shour (shower) at 6


SU 28   Fine day but clowdy.  We never went to meating (meeting) but I went to fourt at 2 to get hands to help me to thres (thrash) tomorrow got Jim and Bro Beck, Fred, Cris and Jos, W Devy ,

H Healey and Thead Bateman and P kits.  Done chores.  Bro Whoodhouse was up today speaking to the people


MO 29  Fine day.  I went to the fourt at 5 this morn got ½ a mutton of Jos Bateman and to pay him 1.50 for it on Chipman.  I woke the threshers up and came up fixed bins the threshers got here at 7 had breakfast and set started to work at 9 ½   threshed 148 and bu of wheat and 155 bu of oats by 1 o clock had diner went to P Kits thresher 92 bu oats and 12 ½ wheat I furnished him 2 hands me and Theo Bateman have to pay Thead ½ a bu on the hundred I went to F Becks helped him to thresh 60 bu of oats before sunset


TU 30   Fine day  I helped F Beck to thresh 147 bu of wheat this morn and went down to help W Devy to thresh 115 bu of grain got home at 6 done chores



WE 31     Fine day, clear  I went to the fourt at 8 to settle up our Self Binder so far the  machine has cut 147 acres and used 2 hundred lbs of twine except 3 ½ balls throwing in the teem work our machine has paid all expences (expenses) and our first note 64.00 and twin note of 30 dollars we payed


Bob 29 cts per acre for running we took the binder out to W browns place on Bench and poot it in the shed for the winter. Rob kept the canvises (canvas) at his place.  I got 2 renches (wrenches) fetched them home with me it 5 took us all day






TH 1    Fine day, clear  I went to Am Fork took 585 lbs of oats, Chipmans at 1 1/4 cts Bot Calico .45, script 3.00 Buttons .30, skeins of yarn .30, thread .10, salt 40, seal .5, seal.20, window lite .10, tea .20, paid 2..11 of my account there. Came up 2 had dinner went to fourt at 3 helped Bateman to thresh oats 58 of wheat


FR 2        Fine day  I worked for boys today cutting and raking and pooting up hay with my teeme I done 2 acres of alone Jim is working in Box Elder and John on thresher


SA 3     Fine but windy  I worked for boys all day at cutting and raking and pooting lusurn .  I traded Topsey (horse) to Ben Drigs last evening for 2 bay horses and $ 10 1.2 year old past, the other 4 year old past the 2 year old is Branded Y on right thy (thigh) .  The 4 year old E on right thy he is to pay $ 10 on  my tree Bill to F Train at Lehi


SU 4     Fine day, clear.  We stayed at home all day Ella amd W Jenkins came up at 3 stayed til sunset had supper and what melons they wanted.  James Price (nephew age 18) and Arther Mc came up and had some melon John fetched mu bay horse up that I got of Drigs saw Drigses boy fetched him to their place


MO 5   Fine day  I went to the fourt at 8 halled wheat for Beck till noon halled 3 and unloaded 4 halled hay for our boys after noon Jim helped me had my teeme, both places poot in ½ day for each


TU 6    Fine til evening clowdy little shouer..I halled hay for boys til 1 helped Beck to hall 2 loads of John wheat after noon ½ day for each to day.  Used my teeme both places got home at 5 done chores


WE 7    Fine day but clowdy after noon.  I halled hay for our boys til 3 Jos Beck helped me.  Me Jim went up Box Elder this morning.  We had my teeme.  I came home at 4 shut up the pigs Beck folks came up at 5 to RUFUSES birthday (age 1), supper they were all that was


TH 8    Fine day, clear.  I dug 25 bu of potatoes and sacked them OSK helped me


FR 9     Fine day  I dug 3 bu of potatoes on side hill and sewed the 16 sacks got ready and started to am Fork at 1 with them RENZO (age 7) and OSKER (age 5) went with me they weighed 16.50 lbs at ½ a ct per lb they came to 8.30.  Bot shoes for WIFE and VICTORIA ( age 3) 2.75 stockings for them and 1.00 me demens (denim) for boys 1.15, potato fork 90 olive oil .40, coffee .30, sardeems .25, yarn .40 script 105 total 8.30 We got home at 6 TEAR stayed at her mothers


SA 10   Fine day  I went to fourt got boys mowing machine and the rake came up cut this peace of lusurn by the house and raked it by dark done the chores


SUN 11   Fine day, clear I went to meating.  Bishop and John Devy took all the time speaking of what transpired at Conference and the council given to the people.  We all went to the fourt after noon I went to the Toll gate after TEARS dress to Johney Marvins to see about selling him some potatoes he said he would take 30 bu of me


MO 12  Fine day but clowdy and stormed last nite.  I cut that 1 acre of corn in hollow it took me all day hard labor there is from 8 to 10 loads on it the heavist peace of corn that I ever saw halled 1 load up but left 10 rows uncut


TU 13   Fine day.  I cut 10 rows of corn in the hollow and poot up ½ of the lusurn by the house went to the fourt at 1 ½ poot the water on my trees and potatoes.  Stayed with it till sunset and got the drain bolt welded at shop charged 10 ct dug 3 posts up in old lot, feteched them up with me done chores


WE 14  Fine day, frost last night.  I went to the fourt at 5 this morn to see to the water on lot came home had breakfast went back and stayed til 10 came home and poot up lusurn till noon then cut all the green patches of lusurn around and 1 ½ acres on east side of west peace about 3 acres in all


TH 15   Fine day, clear.  I poot up lusurn and dug 4 post holes and poot the posts in making the corell or stack yard larger


FR 16   Fine day  I halled 4 loads of lusurn off this peace by the house me and boys and done chores, John came up and got 1 of the colts that I got of Drigs to work on the thresher today his horse lame


SA 17   Fine day but windy.  I poot up hay til 9 ½ hooked up and went to fort helped Becks to thresh he had 102 bu W and 49 of oats got done at 1 ½ had dinner there came up and 3 ½ halled 1 load of corn out of hollow, chores


SU 18   Fine day, we stayed home til 2 We went to MOTHERS and stayed til night.  Jim and me went to Sawers on Bench to trade horses with him


MO 19 Fine day  I halled 2 loads of hay and cut 6 rows of corn long length.  Went to fourt and got 1 galen of cider for wife paid .25 Killed pig 50 lbs.


TU 20   Fine day but rained a little at 9 to nite.  I halled 1 load of corn out of the hollow and 2 loads hay.  Killed a pig, 50 lbs


WE 21  Halled 2 loads of corn out of the hollow and 2 loads of hay finished my hay halling for 1887.


TH 22   Fine til 4 clowdy and rainey after.  I halled 1 load of corn out of hollow and dug 5 bu of potatoes and took them to Am Fork.  Coop g .30 cts for them. Bot shugar .25, coffee .25, coal oil 20, got script 500 tppl 4 bu of milk


FR 23   Fine day til 5 very heavy rain till 7.  I went to the fourt at 5 this morning poot the water on lot.  Came up at 7 done chores and cut 2 loads of corn up here.  Had dinner hooked up teeme went to the fourt to change water on the potatoes and took MOTHER a peace of poark. (Pork) Borrowed Mr Becks tub came up halled 1 load of corn out of the hollow which makes 7 loads on acre, It started to rain at 5 and it did rain to for ½ an hour


SA 24   Fine day  I cut an halled corn all day and done chores


SU 25   Fine day.  We stayed at home all day I went to the fourt at night took Johns horse and went to see Jim about some money he had gone to Box Elder never seen him John came up with me to get horse


MO 26  Fine day  I cut and halled corn all day on this peace


TU 27   Fine day  Dav Devy set up here 1:00.  I hauled 2 loads of squash out of the hollow done chores. Took 45 lbs of oats to the tithing office and bot 45 ct worth of honey of A Marsh REN went to


WE 28    Fine day I halled  adobies (adobe) for the meating all day halled 1335 dobies at 4 loads at 3.00 per thousand on donation OSKER helped me all day from S W Browns.


TH 29   Fine day  I dug 18 bu of potatoes by 10 ½ had to help Ephraim Healey to thresh this after noon he had 296 bu of grain 237 of oats and 66 of W (wheat) Got done at 5 ½


FR 30   Fine day Pride took Riley I took 18 bu of potatoes to Fork sold to Jackson for 30 cts Bot shirt1.20, overhalls .80, shugar 1.00, coffee 30, mustard.10, soap .20, lincy 32 ½ script 1.75 yarn ,20, candy .20, factery 1.00 sold him 4 lbs butter at .25






SA 1     Fine day, clear  I helped John and Jim to thresh they had 109 bu of wheat and 135 bu of oats got done by noon.  I stayed there to dinner came up halled 1 load of squash and poot a post in stack yard fence. Chores


SU 2     Fine Day  I went to meating there was a man from Spanish Fork there he took most of the time the Bishop took part of the time growling was his test he handled it well. The man from Spanish Fork was the man C.M.B. and E Booth bot their stallion of We went out to James Nealsons after noon and spent 2 0r 3 hours there stayed their to supper came up at 6 done chores


MO 3   Fine Day  I worked on the thresher all day in Johns place We threshed for Davis Strong, SW Brown and W Nash.  Davis had 140 bu SM Brown 105, W Nash had about 125 bu got done at 7 ½  I had Johns teeme on thresher he had my teeme on mower he cut about 6 acres with it Davis Strong was Cris Beck today


TU 4    Fine day, clear  I dug potatoes all day or most of the dayto take to Fork tomorrow.  I done the chores


WE 5    Fine Day but cool  I dug 8 bu of potatoes and took 32 bu to Dunkleys .30 I bot shirting .80, horse shoe nails .65, shoes for JOHNEY 1.00, Basket .50 tomatoes.15 got 6.50 in script Bot it at Bates fish 25 got home at sunset


TH 6       Very cold and windy day  I went to the fourt to help John to hall hay but it was to windy to hall I took52 lbs of oats to the store at 1 1/4 cts.  Bot shugar .75, script .25, cloves .10, candy 5 went to Devys and bot l galen of vinnegar .25, to make catsoup tomorrow got it of Frank Settler up with our Boys for work that I have done for them in mowing and halling hay recieved 6.00 in cash to make strait (straight) us halled 2 loads of squash this after noon finished gathering them .  The vines are green yet and mellon vines are coming in blossum (blossom)


FR 7     Very windy day no storms  I fixed a floor upstairs in the granery to poot the corn on.  Stacked some corn after noon and went down in the east field and got head of my stock that has come out of canyon lately it was Cherrys 2 big stears the yellow one and the black one. Old Lineys yearling and Daves calve and Fanny and OSKERS yearling stear and went after Kelson



SA 8     Mild til noon windy after I helped John to hall hay all day jad 1 horse of mine we poot up 2 ½ acres and halled it off that peace east field by creek.  It was very windy after noon to hall but we kept at it


SU 9     Fine day but very windy after noon.  I went to meating the speakers were Osker Vance and a young man from the Ecadimey (Academy) and Don C. Strong and E Healey and A Marsh and David Adams. Education being the general subject of them all.  We all went to Wadleys after noon to buy some fruit.  But they never had any so we never got any got home at 6


MO 10 Fine but windy after noon  I helped John all day to hall hay and poot sp,e up had 1 of my horses and 1 of his we halled 4 loads 1 over to the fourt and poot it on top of the big stack and 1 load on top of Jims stack and poot the hangers on and poot 2 loads in and other stack A Devy helped us


TU 11   Fine day  I went up dry creek after my stock found all of them except the white cow started them all out James Vance and Geo Mc Daniel with me we found 50 or 60 head.  I never got home til 8 to night never got any out left them at the shingle mill on the side of the mt. 4 shoes Dav Devy  W Booth poot them on


WE 12  Fine day, but clowdy in the evening and some rain. I went to the fourt this morning after the teeme and Wagon and Bull RENZO went with me he drove the teeme up.  I dug potatoes this after noon bug 14 bu or so on.  OSKERS big Jursey (Jersey) took white


TH 13   Fine day  I dug 16 sacks of potatoes and sowed them up.  The boys helped me it took us all day the crop was poor


FR 14   Fine day but clowdy this evening.  I helped Scot to dig and sack 8 sacks of potatoes loaded 30 sacks in the wagon and took them to Dunkleys they weighed 2990 lbs at ½ ct per lb.  Bot shugar 1.00, tea and coffee .50, latern 1.00, stockins for ma and Victoria .75, buttons for Net

.25, Baken .75 onions .35 candy and spices .25 xxx, medison .50, hats.10, thread .10, script 10.00 total 15.70, paid Jos Beck 2.50 straten us up. Nett came up here last Monday evening stayed til tonight


SA 15   It rained for 2 hours this morn from 5 -7   fine afternoon.  First snow in mts just a light sheat this morning high up.  I worked most all day at fixing the cow corell up making it larger, cutting off corners and strartening it up went in the hollow this evening got 9 or 10 bu of potatoes that Scot dug yesterday while I was gone to Fork he poot in all day


SU 16   Fine day and mild  We stayed at home all day except I went out in the east field and got Lorrey and hur calf.  Hunted for Cherreys yearling stear but never found him I went to the fourt after the mail and to see Jim about some Slabs.  Seen Issac Heley who had just returned from Provo being tried for an asult on Lee Clarks girl he said the jurey braught in a virdict of gilt sentance for the 27 of this month I came up at dusk


MO 17 Fine day  I shucked corn all day and went in hollow and helped WIFE to pick hur beens done chores by sunset


TU 18   Fine day  I shucked corn til noon went to the fourt and dug 15 or 16 bu of potatoes this after noon WIFE and BOYS picked them there are the first we have dug in lot the crop is fair.  We came home at 5 sacked the potatoes


WE 19  Fine day but windy   OSKAR and me went to the lot and dug 25 bu of potatoes and fetched them up with me took us all day we went to Becks to dinner I cut his hog


TH 20   Fine day, clear  I loaded 24 sacks of potatoes in the wagon and 2 sacks of wheat took the wheat to the mill and the potatoes to Dunkleys .  There was 44 bu of potatoes at 30 cts per bu.  Bot freeze 1.80, shoes for boys 1.75, stockings for boys and VICTORIA 1.00, lumber 1.10, salt .70, coffee ,30, axele grees ( axle greese).25, check .10, changed pair of shoes for JOHNEY .25, gingham .50, got balance cash 3,35.  Paid Alice for medison and grapes .70 out of the cash got home at 5. Got 1.25 lbs of flower from 4 1/4 bu of wheat dew (due) 25 lbs yet


FR 21   Fine day I helped Jim to plow and pick their potatoes took us all day and Archey helped us.  We got up 50 bu took us all day we used my teeme


SA  22  Fine day  I dug 24 bu of potatoes in the lot took them to the tithing office OSKAR and RENZO picked them up.  Jim worked for the Bishop halling hay and plowing to aply on the meating house he used my teeme.  The teeme is credited to me the fanny heifer.  Took Whitney and Lorrey took to


SU 23   Fine day, clear but cold. I went to meating there were 2 mysionaries from Lehi.  Byron Brown and another Peter Lankinson, they took all the time except a few moments for bishop


MO 24  Fine day  I went to the lot and dug 14 bu of potatoes took 5 bu to Rob Jones to pay him for the use of his water that I got of him to water my potatoes with this took 3 ½ bu to Edgers to finish paying him for grubing then fitched 6 bu home with us OSKER helped me, I took 33 lbs of oats to store bot coal oil with it


TU 25   Fine day but cold. We all went to the fourt me and boys dug 20 bu of potatoes in the lot.  WIFE helped hur mother to quilt.  We were down all day form 10 to 5 got dinner and supper at Becks


WE 26  Fine day  I dug 20 bu of potatoes on side hill after noon.  Went to the fourt this morning after the bull for RENS cow then went to P Kits after the teeme had dinner started to dig .  Cherry and Spot had calves


TH 27   Fine clear day  We got redy and all went to Am Fork took 40 bu of potatoes to Dunkleys at 30 ct per bu ½ cash.  Bot Bot shoes for VICT 1.40, 2 suits of clothes for boys 6.50, 2 hats 1.65,freeze 1.20, shirting .80, embraudery .60, lace .40, lace .10, check and muslin .62 ½, stocking for VICTORIA .30, shugar 1.50, baking powder .60, Jursey for WIFE 2.00, script on Chipman 1.00Bot beef and cheese with the Chipman script beef 35 more B B paid 10.35 in script out side of the loan of potatoes recieved 2.00 cash. Took OSKERS 2 year old herfer took White today. Paid Chipman order on E Heley amd CM Beck on Book acct


FR 28   Fine day, clear   I shacked corn all day John Smith fetched 32 polesof them that Peat Johnson was to a fetchd on cart he fetched 44 but I would not receive but 15 of them took the other 29 for 17 good ones I traded horses with him traded ryl for rone horse 6 years old, even trade


SA 29   Fine day  I went to the lot and dug potatoes all day and fixed up the fence around the lot done the chores got 30 sacked to fill with potatoes to go with the young mens potatoes to fill Lorry took the bull today Don Strong little boy was very sick with fever


SU 30   Fine day, clear  We all went to meating the speakers was Bro Clark and Strong and bishop spoke a few minutes we went to Becks to dinner stayed down til evening came up done chores


MO 31    I dug potatoes all day and sacked them on side hill






TU 1    Fine day, clear  I dug 4 sacks of potatoes and sowed the sacks got ready and took 38 1/3 bu to Am Fork to go with the young mens potatoes to fill a car had 23.7 lbs of my own and took 4 sacks of the young mens took 3 lbs pf butter to Chipmans at 25 cts Bot baken 75 cts Bot of Dunkley buttons and thread 15 muslin 15 soap 25 plain 1.10.  Changed pair of shoes for REN paid 85 cts difference got home at 7.


WE 2    Fine day, clear  John and me went up Box Elder and got a load of slabs for me got a cord took us all day to get them we had to pick them out of a pile of peaces.  We took Johns teeme and wagon his teeme and him is to balance against me and my teeme 1 day getting up potatoes for Jim. I own Sharp for the slabs yet 2.50 dollors


TH 3    Fine and summery no snow in mts.  I worked all day a fixing up the stack yard so the pigs could not get in pooting 2 and 3 slabs all around on the botom (bottom)of the fence and 2 to 4 poles on top of them


FR 4     Fine summer day  I worked at the stack yard til 3 then fixed the top of the spring house and cleaned the spring out done chores


SA 5     Fine but some clowds  I dug 20 bu of potatoes and sacked 18 bu of them OSKAR helped.  Dug them on side hill about 2 bu of small ones never sacked them


SU 6     Fine day and warme.  We all went to meating went to Mothers to dinner.  The bishop and John Devy took all of the time as ususal speaking.  I went through the west field to see if I could find my stock found the 2 year old Hamnet stear and VICTORIAS calve


MO 7   Fine but clowdy  I and OSKER went to the lot and dug 14 bu of potatoes and fetched them up sacked 4 sacks of them poot 6 bu in pit.  W Nash was tried and fined 53.00 for taking Whitby cow

TU 8    Fine day  We all went to the lot and dug 15 bu of potaotes finished diging there had about 1 bu there.  We stayed to Becks to supper when we got home some body had stolen both bells off my cows and turned pigs and cows into the stock yard


WE 9    Fine day, clear. I hunted for my cow bells til noon found 1 but could not find the other nor the straps.  I dug 7 bu of potatoes on side hill and poot them in pit.  Oskar was taken sick last night with fever has been bad all day today I loaded 8 sacks of potatoes in wagon


TU 10   Find day  I done the chores loaded sacks of potatoes in wagon and I sack of wheat took the wheat to the mill and the potatoes to Dunkleys had 33 ½ bu of potatoes at 30 cts per bu ½ cash and ½ store pay.  Butter 12 lbs at 25 cts to 4 doz eggs at 30 cts it all came to $14.20 recived $ 5.00 cash and 3.00 script.  Bot shugar 50 coffee 30 rice 25 currents 25 baken 70 onions 30 base 20 factury 50. Shoes for WIFE 2.00 herens 10,  knives 85 and forks paid 25 cts on book act. Came by Jacob Becks got 2 pigs for the use of hog got home at 5 Bro Beck went to Am Fork with me


FR 11   Fine day  I hunted for Prince till noon never found him. Shocked (shucked) corn after Whitey took old Taney. The 4 anarchies (anarchist) were Hung in Chicago at 11 :54 today.  I took OSKAR to Bro Booths with White lump in throat he burned it with acid And gave me a liquid to gargle with.  Gave him 50 ct


SA 12   Fine day but some clowds and wind.  I dug 15 bu of potatoes on side hill and poot them in pit.  They rang the church bell at 5 this evening for first time since the building was erected.  I went after the mail


SU 13   Fine day, clear  I went to meating Charley Carlisle spoke 2/4 of an hour I came home to dinner and stayed home the rest of the day


MO 14  Fine day  I dug 7 bu of potatoes this four noon. O.F.. Hunter came up at 1 said he had got some old yews and lambs at his place on the bench that he would sell me at $1.25 per head and take horses for part pay so I went down with him to see them he had 269 hear he said he would let me have them on shairs or he would sell them to me.  I agreed to take them he gives me til Saturday to deside wether on shairs or wether I buy them the shair he asked was 1 lb of whool(wool) per head and 5 lambs per hundred.  I am to get the sheep tomorrow if I buy I pay 2 horses down at $ 45 each and the balance as I can at 10 per ct per amusn interest, got home at dusk


TU 15   Find day  I went to O.F. Hunters at 8 ½ this morn took the rone horse that I got of John Smith and the little mair I got of Marsh Witing and turned them on the sheep at $ 90.00got the little mair of Geo Mires paid him $ 35.00 in cash for hur Borrowed 30 of Osker Hunter to pay for hur (her)got the sheep 269 head and fetched them home with one I am to decide by Saturday which way I want to take the sheep ans am to pay him $30 that I borrowed of him at 1 o clock LORENZO went down with me to help to drive the sheep.  We were gone all day had to go to Am Fork to telephone Martin


WE 16  Fine day but cold.  I worked at fixing up the shed to tie the cows in poot 2 posts in at the back to brace the shed and took the lumber and slabs off the back and poot them on again. W.T. Brown came up this after noon and bargined for 54 head of the sheep that I got of Hunter and we agreed to poot or sheep togather for this winter as long as they will live out and do the hurding by turns he takes them down there ½ the time


TH 17   Fine day, clear but little showed this morn.  I took most of the four noon up in marking sheep with paint.  I took 7 bu and 10 lb of wheat to Whitbys.  W Brown fetched his sheep up and poot with mine. Traded for molasses


FR 18   Fine day but cool  I helped the boys to tend the sheep til 12.  W Brown Jr came up at 11 him and RENZO hurded the rest of the day they poot 154 head of their own sheep in my herd last night and 19 of Devy and 20 bucks of E Heley.  W Brown has agreed to buy 57 of these that I have which will make us 212 head each the herding is equal he is to take the sheep to his place on the bench ½ the time he is to pay 1.25 per head in cash for the sheep that he gets of me.  We have to feed the Buck grain twice per day while survice lasts and heard them til spring for the use of them.  We are not respouble (responsible) for them if they die . Poot 8 head in the heard to night at 3 ½ cts per head per month.  Devys pays the same for theirs per month we heard Becks free.  I went in the hollow and dug 6 bu of potatoes after noon


SA 19   Fine day, clear  We got ready and went to Am. Fork took 17 lbs of butter and 4 bu of wheat got 22 ½ for Butter and 70 cts for wheat traded at Dunkleys.  Bot me a hat 2.00 VICTORIA hood 80 cts and one for JOHNEY 60 cts tea 20 and other truck  to come to 40 cts got 2.50 in script Went to O. F. Hunters to make an arrangements about the sheep he was not at home but I left $30.00 in cash there for him that I borrowed of him to pay for Marsh Whiting meir last Tuesday.  WIFE went with me and VICTORIA and W.S. Brown.  We got home at 4 done the chores got the sheep in separate, bucks.  John Moyle poot 62 head of sheep in our heard to night and RENZO hurded sheep today and OSKER stayed with them


SU 20   Fine day  I hurded sheep til noon Brown hurded after noon 1 fixed place for bucks and helped to get sheep home and Bucks


MO 21 Fine but windy after noon  I went to Tom Whitbys after some molasses he was not home. Came up and finished getting my potatoes up about 12 bu


TU 22   Fine day but feeles like storme.  I have been sick with a soar throat last night and all day today and have not done anything but chores.  Will Brown and RENZO tended the sheep Will came at 10 ½ stayed till 4 RENZO tended them 3 hours before he came


WE 23  It rained a little this morning fine afternoon  I chored around all day was not feeling very well til noon.  Will Pricecame up at 10 ½ to invite us to his wedding which is to take place on the 1 of December 1887 at 5 PM be stayed til noon had dinner I fixed up the sheep corell and a pigpen and done the chores.  Will Brown came at 10:20 stayed til 4 helped RENZO to hurd the sheep REN herded 2 hours alone


TH 24   Find day but cold and clowdy  I worked on the road all day with my teeme and wagon.  We hauled from the top of the hill doen to the cave.  There were me Jim and John, William Hamnett E Nash, Rob Jones, Geo Mires teem Jos Becks man and teeme Dick Smith and teeme our boys had

their teeme all day. I went to Tom Whitbys got 7 ½ galends (gallons) of molasses for 7 ½ bu of wheat.  I owe him ½ bu yet I got the mail came up at 5


FR 25   Fine day and it snowed till noon  I done the chores helped to feed Bucks and turned them out.  I poot the water on at noon to kill a pig got some wood from the other side of the lusurn patch killed hur the pig at 3 got hur done by 4 ½ it was very cold and it took lots of water.  WIFE helped me


             to dress hur and pack the water to me.  Will Brown hurded alone all day the old man hurded after



SA 26   Fine but cold no storme  I chored til 11 went over on west side of my lusurn and cut some oaks got the Wagon Box fulll after I got them I done chores.  Will Browb hearded alone all day alone from 10 ½  til night


SU 27   Fine but cold, very cold last night.  I went to meating Geo Kirkham and James Taylor took all the time.  Will Prices father in law was over to trade me sheep.  I hurded after noon


MO 28  Fine but misty  I hurded sheep all day me and REN I went to the store Bot tea 20, shugar .25, peper15, paid script got 10 lbs of flower of Jim


TU 29   Fine day but clowdy  I chored and REN and me hurded sheep all day.  I cut up a lot of wood poot a handle in the ax.  Went to the fourt to get Will Brown to hurd tomorrow took a peace of meat to Becks came up done the chores got the sheep in


WE 30  Clowdy and cool no storme.  I done the chores got redy poot up 8 bu of wheat took it to mill took 18 lbs of butter to Cuttlery Lehi.  Bot boots for RENZO 2.50 got 20 cts per lb for the butter.  Bot shirt for me 1.00 Life for REN 10 hunted all over Lehi for our Prince never got any trace of him.  Went to Am Fork bot of Dunkley a pair of boots for me 3.50, coffee 30, pins10, nails 25, went in debt 1.70 paid 2.50 script.  Will Brown hurded alone today





TH 1    Fine day but cool   I done the chores cut some oaks got ready and started to Jordon to W Price wedding I got to Nicholses at 3 traded him 5 stears and 1 cow for 108 sheep 70 young sheed and 38 old ones he recounted the sheep worth 2.00 each.  The stears was 2 year old this fall the cow year 4 next spring. 2 of the stears was Cherrys calves 1 was little Lineys calve the other 2 calves that I got of Daney Beck and Cris there was Riley and Marthey our John and Ida and Ella Heley W Jenkins and Sam Len and Ida Ashcraft and all of Ezekiels and all of his family and about 30 more.  The marage (marriage) took place at 5 ½ evening after supper we had songs resetations (recitations) and 3 kegs of beer some whiskey and wine the dance started at 8 ½ we never went to bed but kept the spree up all night eating drinking and singing dancing     


FR 2     Very stormy all day last night from 2  I stayed at Nickleses all day waiting for it to stop snowing but it kept snowing till 4 Riley Martha and John and I went to Draper at 3 went to a dance there


SA 3     Fine day but cold riding  I got up at 7 got ready and started for home at 15 to9 with 108 head of sheep. W Nichols and David Price ( nephew age 20) helped me to drive them home they came after the stears that I traded. We arrived here at just 5 this evening took 8 hours to drive got every sheep home that we started with 4 lame ones came throw there was from 3 to 6 inches of snow all the distance


SU 4     Fine day  David Price and Will Nichols never went home to day they went to the fourt at 11 got John to help them to find the Dave stear they came up here after they found him had supper and went back to meating John was up with them Will was tight I hurded sheep all day REN helped me some done the chores

MO 5   Fine day  I helped Will and Dave to start the stears out to Smiths they took the 5 stears and the white cow went well John helped.  RENZO herded sheep while I helped to start the cattle.  I got home at 12 herded after noon and done the chores


TU 6    Fine day, clear  I hurded and went to the store and bot on tick broom .40, ginger 10, mustard 10, shugar 25, traded 2 old yews to Jos Beck for a buck.  Came up and hurded the rest of the day and done the chores


WE 7    Fine day, clear and warme.  I done chores and tended the sheep til noon Will Brown came up with teeme fetched 7 lbs of oats for the bucks and fetched the buck up that I got of Jos Beck and a lamb of Osker Hunters from E Nashes heard hime and me went on low Bench to see if any our sheep was in any of the herds I got old Prince and fetched him home.  Moved the pigs out of the lower pen to poot the poor sheep in.  Old Spot took our White bull to day never found any sheep


TH 8    Fine but cool  I hurded sheep all day done the chores and cut some oak and sage and got it home


FR 9     Fine day but clowdy after noon.  I done the chores hurded sheep all day done chores


SA 10   Stormy snowed all day no wind.  I hurded sheep all day some of ours got mixed with Batemans.  It stormed all day done chores and cleaned stables out.  Lowellen and our John was up this afternoon stayed an hour.  Buck died last night


SU 11   Fine day I hurded all day went to the fourt and borrowed a cup of shugar and pt of coal of Lewises and 16 lbs of flower of Geo Mc Danels got home at noon hurded rest


MO 12  Cold day started to storme at 2 I hurded sheep all day me and REN, Will Brown came up and helped me to get 42 of our sheep out of Batemans hurd they had 15 in our hurd got them out.  Lowellen and wife was up here this four noon stayed til 2 started for Lehi.  We got our sheep out of Batemans after 2 took til 4 ½ came home done chores


TU 13   Very cold day, windy  We got redy went to Am Fork took 18 lbs of butter to Dunkleys got 20 cts per lb for it took 130 lbs of wheat at 70 cts per bu and 1 sheep pelt 60 it all came to 5.70.   Bot coal oil 40, tea 20, shugar 50, cocoa 25, starch 20, soda 12 ½ , gingham 1.00, delain 1.00, calico 50, lincy 70, pants stuff 45, thread 10, buttons10, handkerchs 10, dishes 1.30, socks 30, last 2 on ticket.  Bro Beck went down with us left the Boys and VICTORIA with their grandma it was very cold crossing the low bench I found 1 of my sheep in E Nashes hurd in Fork as they were going to rush valley


WE 14  Fine but cold  Sam Strong, a Devy up took 109 lbs of wheat down to store paid 90 cts that I owed there got peper 10, script 25 got some lime of Bro Beck to white wash got home at 2 done chores went around by Lewises got cider, Bucks in


TH 15   Fine warm day.  John Moyle and Brown fetched 5 bucks up and poot in hurd today.  We docktered sheep til 2 had dinner.  I went got gag of oaks and sage, Bateman was hunting bucks here.  Will hurded today.  Bucks in


FR 16   Fine day but cold riding.  I went to Am Fork and Pleasant Grove took Peter Johnson to Pleasant Grove with me to get the cart arrangement settled I got an old gray horse of John ___for 27 ½ dollors on cart there was $ 25 due on cart I gave him 2.50 on BW Drigs to boot seen BW Drigs about #10 he was to have paid to T Train on my trees he said he would settle it right away through his son Ben. He paid me 2.50 on the milinary shop for feeding Topsy.  I took 85 lbs of oats to Dunkleys got 1.25 in script for it.  Got a tooth pulled by A Hemen paid him 50 scrips for it.  Got home at 6 done chores after dark.  Will Brown hurded


SA 17   Fine day, clear  I done the chores and white washed the house.  Will Brown hurded the sheep today in the hollow


SU 18   Fine til 4 when it started to snow and blow.  I went to meating there was 2 mysionaries form Provo.  They took most all the time.  I did not hear their names.  I came home to dinner Wm Brown hurded the sheep today.  I stayed home the rest of the day it started to snow and blow at 4


MO 19  Snowed most of the day and blew.  I hurded the sheep all day and made a door for kitchen.  It stormed all day and was cold also done chores


TU 20      Very cold and windy all day.  I hurded sheep all day in and cleaned stables out got some oaks over by Yans lusurn by mt done chores


WE 21  Fine day but cold.  I killed a pig that would weigh 50 or 60 lbs and a lamb and skined l lamb that got crushed last night by stock.  Done chores.  RENZO hurded the sheep today alone.   H Wallon and Sam Strong came up today and got 1 of E Heleys  Bucks sid they had traded for him


TH 22   Fine but cold no storme.  I done the chores got redy went to Am Fork took 11 lbs of butter at 20 to Dunkleys and 2 sheep pelts.  Got 66 for the 2 hides took 2 sacks of wheat to mill Bot of Dunkley shugar 75, tea20, coffee 30, rice 25, currents 25, raisins 25 2.00 yeast powder1.20, cinnamon 10, must 10, pepper 10, flanel 25, lemon 27 ½, ginger 10, candy 25.  Went in debt 1.60 went to Grants bot slate book 45, knives.  Got home at 4 ½ done chores, RENZO hurded most of the day.  Will Brown hurded he helped REN to get them in


FR 23   Very nice day, clear.  I done the chores and started to seperating the sheep got most of my Draper sheep out befour W Brown came.  We finished getting them out and we divided the old yews that we got of OF Hunter.  W Brown took 1/4 of them he got 42 I got 1.28 we never had time to divide the lambs tonigt it took all day in and worked hard to get them out


SA 24   Fine day, clowdy in the evening. I done the chores went over to P Kits helped W S Brown to bring the sheep over here to finish dividing them .  We divided the lambs 98 in all I got 74 W Brown 25 there are the sheep that we got of O F Hunter.  We got 272 he has paid 21.00 dollors on them he took his sheep and John Moyles and the Heley Brothers Away today W Brown sheep has been here 5 weeks.  John Moyles 61 head has been here just 5 weeks today.  A Deveys took his 19 head and F Becks out yesterday  they had  ----head, the hurds bill is 3 ½ cts per month a head, Brown got all ______.  Page cut off


SU 25   Snowed all day no wind.  I hurded sheep all day never went to the fourt.  Stephen

Martain was buried here today he died Friday.  This will make a very dull Christmas here.  W Brown wife came over yesterday to spend Christmas they and hur 2 sisters and 1 brother.  Came with them they poot up at Mothers


MO 26  Fine til 2 then snowed and blowed til 5.  I tended the sheep and went up to moyles and got a


yearling stear of mine got it to the fourt had to leave him it stormed so.  I came up and cleaned the stable out and got the sheep in


TU 27   Fine mild day.


WE 28  Fine day  I chored and hurded sheep RENZO helped me to heard and cleaned the stable out done the chores


TH 29   Windy after noon but thawing I hurded sheep and done chores John and Jos Beck came up this morning to change wagons with me they were going to town to see Emmaline because she was very sick with a soar throat they were going after noon


FR 30   It snowed last nite and squalley all day it snowed 2 inches there is about 8 inches on the level.  I tended to the sheep and cleaned the stable out and fixed the mangers and cleaned the muck out between hay stack and shed so I could poot an upright board and slab fence there


SA 31   It snowed all day very fast 1 ft deep.  The snow was falling fast when we arose this morn.  Continued snowing all day til 4 when it slacked off.  I tended to the sheep all day went to fourt took 85 lbs of oats to the store at 1 1/4 per lb Bot Shugar 50, coal oil 40, ginger 10, buckskin took 8 lbs of butter to the tithing office and settled my tithing I am to take 2 bu of wheat more and 2 chickens I went back to the Crumps calve and the calve that I got of David Hamnet last spring and fetched them up.  They have not been home this winter yet 1 is very thin others look well.  The weather has been very dry No wet stirne (storm) til this.  I have not fed the stock much as yet except cows and horses


Potatoes were an important crop and Joseph planted many rows of them.