Joseph William Watkins’  Day Book






SU 1     No snow but rain and clowdy.  I went to meeting Bro Martin and Adams took all the time.  Martin took all the time except 10 minutes, speaking of the persecution of the saints and fulfillment of prophecy and thanked the people for their kindness to his son when he was sick and at the funeral which took place Christmas day it was his son Stephen he died at Renoes I came home to dinner stayed home the rest of the day tended the sheep no one came up today very dull Christmas here


MO 2   Fine but cold.  I got 2 sacks of potatoes out of the pit for pigs and 1 of good ones.  Osker Burlon and Jos Beck came up here today stayed to dinner went with them to fourt, got cider.  I tended to the sheep and done the chores they were going to the BOW dance tonight had to go down early


TU 3    It started to rain and sleek at 10.  I went to fourt after the bull at 10 for OSKERS heifer.  Lewis was here when I came home he stayed til 1 got bu of wheat of me and we traded him our gobbler for a bronze gobler and gave him 25 cts in Wheat to boot, he owes me 25 cts on the wheat yet.  I hurded sheep tended stock it has been thawing since Monday morning raining today.  Br Bodison (George Boddison) died


WE 4    Raining and snowing alll day the snow is gone.  I worked at cleaning the stables and most of the day  was very wet and nasty.  I went to fourt after the main.  Emeline and Nett came out from town today Emm was sick.  Will Mickles and an other chap was over after Fanney

            Nickles today


TH 5    Clowdy and cold no storme til 4 snowed and blowed for 1 hour then snowed stedy most of tonight.  I done up chores poot up 6 bu of wheat and went to Fork left the wheat at the mill took 2 sheep skins and 5 lbs of butter to Dunkleys got 60 cts for their skins was the skin off that buck E Heleay got of 20 cts for   Bot shugar 50, tea 20, lock 50, hinges for stable door 60, tab 25 telefome 15


FR 6     Very cold some wind after noon.  I poot the lock on the shed door or kitchen door and poot hinges on the sheep pen door and a fastment also done chores , dockered sheep. They burreyed (buried) Bodison today at 4 surveses (services) at 2 cold


SA 7     Very cold no storme.  I done the chores cut a gag of oaks went to the fourt to see Emmaline because she was sick.  P Kits went with me got home at 3 dockered some sheep, done chores


SU 8     Fine but very cold day.  We all went to Lewises spent afternoon never went to fort


MO 9  Fine but very cold foggey and very hard frost, it was the coldest night last night this season froze everything in the house flowers, water solid in cups.  I done the chores went out to see if

there was any of our sheep that strayed off yesterday but never found any  Went to Lewises had some cider went over to store Bot 2 spools of thread and bunch of bradein 30 all paid cash

             Paid our folks 1.00 that I owed them I owe them 55 cts yet


TU 10   Fine but cold I tended the sheep and cut some oaks and sage and done the chores Jos Beck

            came up stayed an hour or 2     


WE 11  Fine day  I tended to the sheep and stock got a gag of oaks went to the fourt after mail at 5 done the chores


TH 12   Fine day  I went to the fourt took the black sow to Dav Deveys and bot Bro Beck buck I am to give him 5.00 in gigs ( two wheel one horse cart) and store pay him he takes 2 gigs at 1.50 each or 1 at same have til spring to pay him the store pay or 1 month at least.  I fetched him home with me poot with sheep


FR 13   Cold day hurricame from 3 til night nene here.  I cut oaks most of the day it was very cold started to blow and snow at 3 Beck and Jos had to stay at Preasts all night could not home  they had been to Lehi with cow to butcher.   (Oscar adds that Grandfather almost froze to death.)


SA 14   It was fine but very cold.  I done the chores went to the fourt took 87 lbs of oats to the sore at 1 1/4 per lb.  Bot tea 20, soap 25, nails 12, got script 50.  Came home at 2 ˝ got sow from Deveys and 50 lbs of coal borrowed the coal til Tuesday, came up


SU 15   SU 15            Fine day but cold very cold last nite it was the coldest night last night that we have had.  We stayed at home all day no one came up


MO 16  Fine day but cold.  I went to the fourt after I done chores.  Bot at Coop 1 bottle of xxx linament and 25 cts worth of currents paid 50 cts on the above articles owe 20 yet.  Came around by Lewises and stayed there to dinner and til 4 O Clock dunking cider.  Davis Strong was with me over their got 1 galen to bring home that squairs us for the first lot of wheat he got he owes me 55 cts for wheat yet that he got last mon


TU 17   Fine but cold.  I got redy went to Am Fork, took 2 bu of wheat and 15 lbs of butter to Dunkleys got 20 cts for butter and 70 for wheat it all came to 4.50.  Bot shugar 50, tea 20, coton flanel 8 yds 1.00, at 12 ˝ , calico 15, nails 25, brade 10, shirt 10 for wife 75, shoes for OSKER 1.65, onions 25, coal 1.15, catriges 35 went in debt 1.90.  The folks stayed at Lewises til I came back had supper there


WE 18  Very fine day.  John and me killed a stear and a pig today for us the stear whould weigh about 275 lbs the pig about 250 lbs we started at 11 got done at 4 .  Davis Strong came up to trade me a little mair today but we never traded.  I done the chores the wolves killed 3 sheep for me yesterday and today


TH 19   Cold but no storme.  I got 62 head of our sheep out of Carlisles hurd today run fetched the hurd here in my corell went to the fourt got Bishops sausage mill and took some meat for mother went to Becks


FR 20   Cold started to snow at 7 tonite.  I cut up beefe head and pig head and carried water salted the poark and part of the beefe hung the rest of the beef up in the granery tended the sheep skined the one the wolves killed done the chores fed stock


SA 21   It was raining when we go up, kept raining off and on most of the day.  I went to the fourt took 65 lbs of oats to the store at 1.40 per hundred lbs.  Bot rice 25, rasins 20, oil 30, caps 10, pencil 5, came up got some oak.  Joseph Beck came up got 2 small pigs of m 3.50 to aply on the big buck that I got of him for $ 5.00 I owe #1.50 on it yet to be paid in script as soon as I can make it conveinant he invites us to his wedding next Tuesday the 24th.  I done the chores, fed


SU 22   Rained and snowed some til noon, fine after noon.  We stayed at home all day tended shee


MO 23 Snowed til 11 from 7 this morn and rained from 3 to 10 tonight very windy til 12.   I killed 2 shates and took them to Am Fork.  Sold them to Dunkley for 6 ˝ cts per lb 53 and 52 the both came to $ 6.00.  Took 5 lbs of butter at 20 1 sheep pelt 50, I beefe hide 1.25.  Bot Lamp for a preasant for Jos Becks and Bernetta (Nett) Mc the lamp cost 2.25 neck tie and rufflin 65 for wife, flanel shirt for wife 75, factery 70, tea 20, pins 5, sheep bells 30, VICTORIA stockings 30, St Jacobs oil 50, had 405 poot on book to my credit took 4 bu of wheat to the mill got graham got home at 5 done chores, Riley was down to day


TU 24   Fine day snow is going fast very near off gone .  We done up chores got ready went to fourt to Jos Becks wedding took lamp $ 9.35, We had a very good time there was us Lewises, Jim, John, Mother and Arther, Bro and sister Clark that is all.  We met there at 3 the wedding took place at 5.  Lewis and me was witnesses stayed there til 12 had a good time


WE 25  Fine day feels like spring.  I opened the potato pit and got out 2 bu of frozen potatoes and 1 bu of good ones.  Lewises came up at 2 stayed til dark.  I sorted my potatoes over


TH 26   Fine day and clear.  I went to Jim Nealsons to see about the binder Business we had kind of stratening up of the things.  Jim was going to AM fork and see if he could sell the oats to some of them Pedlers W Brown and he would take the wheat at 70 cts if we could take it to Chipmans and turn it on Book acct


FR 27   Fine day and summery.  I done the chores poot up 95 lbs of wheat and 1 stack of ots went to the store let Dav Devey have the wheat on Blacksmithing took the oats to the store they weighed 85 lbs at 1.40 per hundred they came to 1.30.  Bot Wash Board 45, shugar 25, golden sea l10, script 50 for tabernacle.  Went to mothers got paper came home got gag of oaks. DC Strong and Davis came up to buy some pigs but we never made any trade they stayed an hour or so


SA 28   Fine day and summery.  Most all the snow is gon the weather is like Spring.  I done the chores and W Hamnet came up to trade me a Balard Rifle but we failed to trade, Clark came up and bot my old white sow of me for $ 10.00 he pays my water tax 5.00 and pays 1.00 for my paper Canida pay and 4.00 in script on Dunkleys store the sow was heavy it took us ˝ day to trade F Beck and W Devy was up to day


SU 29   Fine summery day.  I stayed at home til 3 ˝ went to fourt after paper, chored


MO 30  Fine day and warme.  I stayed at home all day hurded sheep and chores Jim was up

TU 31   Fine day  I went to Fork took 15 lbs butter to Dunkley at 15 and rec 4.00 script of Clark on sow Bot shugar1.00, raisins 60, currents 25, lemon 10, sago 4.5, tea 40, coff 50 choclet 1.00,  pans 20, overhalls 75, 2 tolges, gun 35, bells 25.  Book 4 bu W to mill got home at 5.  W Brown went with me






WE 1    Fine warm day the snow is all gone on the broke land except scatering places the frost is out. I went to the store took 70 lbs of oats at 1.40 per hundred.  Bot currents 25, lemon peal 15, paid 20 cts that I owed there got 4 cts script.  Bot vinnager of W Nash and eggs of Mrs Beck20.  Came up David Price (nephew age 20) came up here last night stayed with us til today.  Jos Beck came up after my briase and bits and some seder buds.  I cleaned the stables out and helped TEAR sine went after mail


TH 2    Clowdy this morn but warme pleasant day.  I chored James Healey came up at 10 helped me to cocter sheep.  We got done at 2 ˝ doctered all we could find used 2 gal of medison mixed he charged me 75 cts for helping me I went to Jims Place to invite them up to our spree


FR 3     Clowdy little skuf of snow last nite.  Foggy all day.  We tended the sheep I went to the fourt got shugar at the store 25 cts on tick.  Bot 6 eggs of Mrs Beck 10, came up got ready for the spree the folks came up at 3 and 4.  We had supper at 4 there was Bro and Sister Beck and Joseph and Nett, Jim and Fanney and John and Thomas Thorton, Lewises never came because clarance was sick.  We had a very good time eating and playing games and soon we had 9 kinds of meat and 4 kins of kake (cake) and a good time they stayed til 12 O Clock tom Thorton sid he enjoyed himself better than he had done for 20 years


SA 4     Foggy, no storme, not cold.   I tended the sheep and done the chores cut some oaks


SU 5     Mild but clowdy or foggy, no storme. I tended to the sheep til 2 then poot them in corell and we all wnet to the fourt to Becks stayed til 5


MO 6   The ground was white this morning with frost or snow, cool day but no storme, clowdy or foggy.   I tended the sheep and chored Jos Beck and Nett was up this afternoon stayed 3 or 4 hours came horse back. Snide killed 1 of my lambs and I shot him never killed him


TU 7    Fine day  I went to the fourt took 74 lbs of oats to store paid 75 cts that I owed there by W Moyle got thead 15, oil 10.  Came up got a gag of oaks and sage done chores.  Our Jim came up at sunset and said that Lewis (Louis) had just died I went down with him stayed an hour and tried to console Christina (Louis wife, Tears sister) and helped done their chores.  Br Walton and Jody Bateman had just done laying him out.  Vet and Brother and Sister Beck was there.  He had been ailing since morning but not bad was only bad 2 or 3 minutes and passed away very suding no one there but wife


WE 8    Fine day  We all went to Lewises to make arrangements for the funeral.  I went  up in town and got lunber and started S.Y.Beck to making the coffin got 3 boards of James Healey seign 18 ft each 54 ft got 45 ft of W Nash, at 2 ˝ cts per foot I furnished 2 boards 12 ft I went to Am Fork after the trimmings and handles for coffin.  Bot handles and screws at Dunkleys paid 3.00 for handles and 5 cts for screws the 3.00 belonged to Christina 50 cts I paid out of my own.  Bot at Dunkleys for them calico 50, lace 90, coton bating 50, c flanel 50, sacks 20, ribbon 75 it all came to 3.35 alcohol 30 paid hur money. The above articles were charged to me except alcohol she paid for it.  Articles that Vet got at Alpine store on tick for them amt 2.25.  I rec of W.S. Brown 45 cts for Lewis 30 for alcohol and 15 for tax


TH 9    Clowdy rained some after 4 O Clock.  I went to the fourt to arange for the funeral of Lewis stayed there til noon got everything arranged to burrey (bury) him at 2 ˝ .  Came up got redy and we all went to the funeral. We got to the meating house at 3 survices (services) lasted til 4 Speaking was Bro Strong and Anderson from Am Fork, Lewises brother arrived here at 11 today was present at the funeral and intends to stay 3 or 4 days.  He seems to be areasenable ( a reasonable) man and smart


( Louis was 42 and Christina 37, they had 4 living children

             age 2 to 10 at the time of his death.  Sources list cilla as the cause of

death, in his early days he worked in the mines.)


FR 10   Clowdy but no storme. I done the chores cleaned the stable out and went to Lewises to to make araingements (arrangements) about the afairs ( affairs) with Anderew we spent all the day in making araingements for the disposal of the property that was not necessary for hur to keep such as the teeme harnesses wagon and colts and the bull but we never made any definite aringements as yet seen Sam C Strong he said he had partially traded for the bull the trade was not fastened but if it was agreeable he would take the bull as the agreement was made which was $15.00 in cash or a heifer 2 year old and Lewises gave him $250 the heifer is with calve3 months gone we could please our selves which we took and whether we accepted either.  We went and seen the Bishop about Lewises acct with him and the store he said Lewis owed him 1.50 lbs of flower and he owed the store $ 11.35 we spoke to him about the disposal of the property and the management of the farm and he corisponded (corresponded) with with us precisely that we should try and run the farm for hur this season and let hur have all the proceeds of the same under the head of donation he also thought it best to dispose of all the horse stock and wagon and Harnesses.  It was 6 when I returned home done the chores and soon


SA 11   A little rain fast night clowdy today.  I went to the store took 72 lbs of oats to store at 140 per hundred.  Bot shugar 25, tea 20, coal oil 30, paid 25 cts that I owed there which squarrs (squares) me there. Spent the rest of the day in fixing Christenas affairs trying to sell the property but accomplished nothing precisely had several offers for the wagon and harnesses and so on


SU 12   Fine day  I went to the meating house heared 2 young men speak from Spanish Fork.  Brothers Thomas and Wilson they were home misyonaries.  Andrew Peterson came up with me spent the afternoon with viewing the Bench


MO 13  Fine day, clowdy.  I done the chores F. Beck came up wanted me to go to the fourt with him to get up a petition to send to the Water Board and Stock Holders Meeting to ask for some more late water to water our late crops.  We went to the fourt and got Osker Burlon to write us the petition which asked for the water acording to the valuation of first and 2 rights and to the



Taxes that we have always paid to board.  We got the following signatures Jos Watkins, F Beck, John Beck, Youl Beck, Sam Strong, Jos and Heber Walton, Riley Mc, W T Brown, S Moyle, Sylvester Mc, Dan E Okey, P Kits, W Devy Jr.  We took it to the meeting and it run again a very strong current and there was nothing done with it


TU 14   Clowdy but no storme.  I done the chores.  We all went to Cristenas, I went over to the fourt and hunter of over town to find some poles to fix Christenas corell for hur.  We got 15 of  Nephi Heley for 1,25 small poles fetched them over and Jos and me fixed the corell so it would hold the stock took us all day to get the poles and fix the corell


WE 15  Fine summery day  I poot up 4 sacks of wheat to take to mill and took 1 ˝ bu wheat down for Christina traded it for oats to hur.  Bro Beck and me went to Pleasant Grove to see the wheat man about Lewises afair, he was owing the wheat man 30 bu of wheat and 1.000 lbs of oats he said he would give hur interest that had a cewed on it as some of it had run for 3 years some fore 2, if she would pay the principle after this.  I left the 4 sacks of wheat at the mill got 2 sacks choped and 2 ground took 13 lbs of butter to Dunkleys at 15 cts.  Bot shugar 25, tea 20, freese 40, check 45, matches 10, script 60 took 25 lbs of oats to Chipmans at 1.40 per hundred.  Bot plow lay 75, factery 55, .  We hunted all over of Am Fork to find some one to buy her cider made a bargin with Syrus Goff at 30 cts per gal if it suits he will come up Sunday got Ann Brudal to stay with Christena


TH 16   Very fine day  I chored and carried water for WIFE to wash Jim and John came up to get plowlay that I fetched from Fork yesterday for them.  Charley Wests boy came up to get 50 cts that I owed his father.  They stayed an hour or too and I done nothing to speak of all day.  Jos Beck fetched Christenas sheep up this afternoon they stayed 1 hour


FR 17   Fine day but some clowds in evening.  I went to the fourt and got the harrow and cultivator and let W Walton have Christenas wagon for $ 65.00 he pays 1 heifer 2 years old on it at $ 20.00 he is to keep hur til the 15 of April and deliver hur to me at that time in good condition he pays the balence by the first of July in cash $ 45.00 we hold the wagon til paid for in security.  I came up got dinner went over and helped F Beck to poot in some wheat I used the cultivator all the after noon my teem


SA 18   Cold and windy up here snowed lot at fourt.  I helped F Beck all day to poot in 5 ˝ acres of wheat.  We cultivated the 5 ˝ acres since noon yesterday and poot it in with 2 teemes but Youl layer it off with there teeme.  Got done at 6 to night it has been very cold all the afternoon


SU 19   Cold but no storme.  I tended to the sheep all day stayed at home chored.


MO 20  Fine most of the day but cold.  I killed a pig about 100 lbs and got a gag of oaks and sage

            F Beck came up and fetched 400 lbs of oats to change with me for the Norways his was peg oats he left his but never got mine.  Jos Beck came up and fetched his plow up to change for mine 2 or 3 days he stayed and helped me to kill the pig I poot up 4 sacks of oats and 3 of wheat for to take to Am Fork for W Kelley tomorrow


TU 21   Cold day and clowdy no storme.  I got redy went to am Fork took 1050 lbs of oats took 407 lbs of wheat to Dunkleys for W. Kelley got 1.40 for oats and 75 cts per bu for the wheat in cash 5 sheep skins at 50 cts each and 104 lbs of poark at 7 cts and 19\0 lbs butter at 15 got 1.25 in cash rest on store. Settled with Dunkley in full

WE 22  Fine day  I got the squash out of granery and got the seeds out of them and sacked up 3 sacks of   the dirty oats to sow the Teachers came at 1 stayed til 3 it was Hyram Healey and James Nealsen.   I gave them50 cts in cash on tabernacle.  I went up and helped Riley to clean out the head ditch 2 hours he started to pooting his oats in this afternoon


TH 23   Fine day I took WIFE and CHILDREN to Christenas let F Beck have the 4.10 lbs of oats that he fetched to change for seed I started to pooting my crop in this afternoon sowed 1 3/4 acres of oats and cultivated 2/3 of it in went to Christenas after the folks at 5 came up done the chores by dark


FR 24   Fine day but cold some wind.  I went over by Phills and skined an old yew that died there, fetched the godevil (cultivator)  up out of the hollow and went over to Freds land and got my harrow and cultivater ˝ an acre and harrow and backed and layer off 1 3/4 acres of oats on the 2 peace from the west Lusurn and got done by 5.  Riley got done pooting his grain in up here 7 acres of wheat 5 of oats Yan got done to. Deveys is got all theirs in and Beck has got 2 acres in.


SA 25   Fine day  I harrowed and cultivated backed down and harrowed and layered off 1 1/4 acres of oats on this secton peace from west lucern.  It was froze so I could not do anything this fournoon


SU 26   Fine day  I went to meating there was 2 mysionaries form Spanish Fork them and John Devy and T J Mc (Mc Cullough) took the time all speaking good.  I had notice given in the meating that we would poot some grain in for Christena tomorrow and that all was invited to lend what help they could there was myself, Jos Beck, F Beck, Jacob Beck, Yan Beck and Jim and John and teeme.  E Heley, L.J. Vance TF Carlisle, RE Booth, James Vance, H Moyle, W Devy SW Brown and C. Beck sergn (certain)16 men 14 teems.  It was a donation to Christena


MO 27  Fine and clear  I got redy poot up 4 bu of oats and took them to Christenas for to sew 2 acres for hur.  I got 6 bu and 6 lbs of wheat of our boys to sew for hur have to them them have 6 bu of my wheat in the stead of theirs so I furnished 4 bu10 bu of oats got 50 cts per bu $2.00 and 6 bu of wheat at 80 at cts per bu 4.80.  She had the Lusurn seed all the boys and teems mentioned on oposite page was there today we plowed5 acres and cultivated 2 acres and poot in 5 acres and cultivated 2 acres and poot in 5 acres of wheat and 2 acres of oats for hur poot Lusurn with the oats poot in 7 acres with 14 teems 16 men some never came til noon very neer.  We got done in good time had a very good time made a good job.  I sewed grain and Lusurn seed Beck riddled and sowed grain.  Our John drove my teeme for 10 til night we had plenty cider


TU 28   Windy after noon fine til noon , I done the chores went in the hollow and plowed 2 hours on the long peace running north and south.  I helped the boys to hurd the sheep after noon and clean the stable out, done chores


WE 29  Rainy and some snow, cold.  I done the chores hooked up and took the folks to Christenas I went to Stephen Moyles to see if I could get Rowley to come and stay with Christena he was not at home but Sephen said he would speak to him but he thought it would be no use as he did not think he would go.  I come up to fourt seen A Marsh about the colt trade of Christenas he said he would give me 2 cows the choice of his corell and $40.00 in cash in April and $ 40.00 next December for colts.  I told him that I would let him know in 2 or 3 days what I would do I went up to Christenas and took the cider out of the large barrell and poot it in 2 small ones a 15 and a 3 I got the 3 of hur for 90 cts.  Cherry and Bute took the white bull tonight

MARCH 1888



TH 1    Cold squalley til noon.  I got a gag of oaks and sage, poot up on the water to kill 2 pigs.  Killed the 2 this afternoon done chore


FR 2     Cold and squalley some snow and wind.  I done the chores got redy went to Am Fork took 18 lbs of butter and 4 sheep skins 2 poarks small ones got 7 cts for the porak they weighed 133 lbs come to 9.30 got 17 ˝ for the butter 3.15 4 sheep pelts at 50 cts each 2.00 and 5.15 got on the above cash 3.00 script 2.20, denims 75, bleached window lites 35, tea 20, sago 25, soap 25, rivits 25, cinnamon 10, shoes for WIFE 1.75, shugar 50, factery 1.55, bleach 25, oil 30, flannell 75, coton flanel 60 cts, lastic 15, yarn 20 , fish 35.  I took 1 baarrell of cider 45 galen to Fork for Christena sold it to Oldfield for 30 cts per gal came to 12.50 it is to be taken on the shoe and harness shop and millinary shop.  I took 2 sheep pelts for hur got 1.50 for them.  Bot 1 pair of shoes for Coney 1.15, Velvet, 25, shugar . Becks horse died last night


SA 3     Squalley snowey and wind started to snow hard at 6.  I chored skinned 3 yews i got hooked, 1 fell in ditch and died there, other got killed with wolves.  I went through the mits from smooth canyon to Am Fork hunting sheep found 4 near top of mt.  Gathered the sheep up to night done chores, snowing fast


SU 4     It snowed last night and blowed fine today.  I never went to meating but went down and got Christena and children fetched them up to stay a day or to, chored.


MO 5   Storming off and on, cold.  I went to the fourt and traded Christenas colts to A Marsh for 2 cows and $40.00 in cash in April and 6 bu of wheat and $38,00 in cash and store pay next December ˝ cash ˝ store pay. He his to feed the 1 cow hay and potatoes one per day til the 5 of April and ____He rec the colts and I rec 1 cow of him I got his notes. I spent most of the day for hur got home at 5 ˝ chored.


TU 6    Clowdy til noon stormed after snow and wind.  I went to Am Fork on buisness for Christena to see if I coud rent her farm to Johansons son, he talked favorable said he could come up Saturday to bargin, took 5 ˝ bu of wheat to mill took 4 skins to Dunk got 2.25 for them.  Bot shoes me and REN 4.00 coffee 30, soap 15, lent Beck 25 paid Jos 5.00 on buck.


WE 7    (Ink spilled on entry) 

            I got some wool

            Went over to W Browns

            But Phill had not notified

            Agreed to so we never done any

            I borrowed 3.75 of at Dunkleys to pay on (3.75 borrowed for Christena)

            When I was down yesterday I


TH 8    Stormed all night and all day snow and rain.  I chored cleaned stables and piled muck skinned 1 yew went to fort after my horses 1 of Christenas was up here he took mine down .  I helped REN to hurt as it was cold and stormey all day, got mail



FR 9     Very cold til 4 no storme.  I done the chores poot 2 of Christenas sheep in the wagon and took theme home to hur1 had a lamb the other was sick.  I bot a calve of Christenas for $ 5.00 in wheat and corn.  She was owing me 3.25 on the seed wheat, Yan to pay the other in cash to Dunkley on wheat.  I borrowed for hur next time I go I recd # 3,30 of James Vance on them that I poot in to fill the car that the Young Men furnished last fall for Crandle. There is 2 ˝ cts per bu dew us on them yet I poot in 38 bu at 30 cts.  Paid James Heley Jr .75 for helping me to doctor sheep 1/3 day.  Paid Mother 50 that I owed her of money borrowed at W Prices wedding


SA 10   Fine day cold last night.  I done chores went to store took 11 doz eggs at 12 ˝ per doz.  Bot shugar 25, tea 20, buttons 10, got balence in script came home after going over to W Browns and got 2 lambs of mine there was 10 more of mine in his heard.  R Jones and me went to James Nelsons and settled up to see how much.  Each of us had to pay.  We come out 1.40 behind each of us, we came out 5,60 lacking in all.  I come home on hooked and went back to S W Browns heard and got the other 10 head of sheep.  Came home done chores by dark


SU 11   Fine day  We stayed home til noon hooked up took TEAR and CHILDREN to Christenas.  Bro Beck and me went to Am Fork to see Johnason about taking Christenas land.


MO 12  Fine day, clear  I chored and helped the boys to hurd sheep and went to see Rich Carlisle about taking some of my sheep to hurd. He said he had all he could find few for til the feed got better.  WT Brown and wife was up this afternoon stayed 2 hours he wanted me to go to the fourt to night as E Heley had sent the teachers to him about the buck business and they were going to hear the case to night.  I told him that I could not do him any good as I did not know anything about their bargen and I could not go to the fourt tonight


TU 13   Fine but somewhat clowdy.  I went to Lehi and paid T Train $15 on the trees that I bot of the Genevia Nursery last April I owe them 6.00 yet.  I went to Am fork sold to Dunkleys 5 sheep skins for 2.00.and 15 lbs of butter at 20 cts it all came to $5.00.  Bot shoes for JOHNEY 75, slippers for WIFE 1.25, bleache 1.00, calico 25, delain 50, vitral 15, to fish 25, salt 60 and to be 10.  Paid Dunkley 3.75 that I barrowed of him for Christena to pay on the sewing machine.  I paid 1.75 of it on calve, that settles the calve pay be tween hur and me .  Sold sheep pelt for hur 50


WE 14  Fine day.  I helped Jos Beck to get gag of oaks for Christena and I doctored sheep wnet to Smiths to see if I could get one of their boys to hurd sheep for me they only had Tom at home and they could not spair him.  Come home helped the boys to get the sheep home, done chores


TH 15   Fine day. I started to plow at 10 on the oats stubble in hollow got 3/4 of an acre plowed went to S.W. Browns hired young Sam for 2 weeks to hurd sheep for $5.00 to be paid on Dunkleys or some other shore he his to come tomorrow


TH 16   Fine day.  Johanson came last nite.  I went to Christenas to make araingments about Johanson he stayed here and plowed for me till noon til I got buck make araingements for Becks old wagon and harness for Christena.  Came home F. Beck and me plowed 1 1/4 acres after noon


FR 17   Fine day, clear  I sowed 4 acres of oats and harrowed and backed it down.  F Beck plowed for me til noon he plowed all day yesterday and ˝ today to balance against me helping him last month.  Sam Brown started to hurd sheep for me yesterday morn.  He heards 2 weeks for $5.00, he suits me very well so far


Joseph’s last entry



Joseph William Watkins died on 26 March 1888 on his 34th Birthday.  Tear sent for the doctor and everything possible was done, but he died of pnemonia. He left Tear, his wife 28, Lorenzo 8, Oscar 6, Victoria just a month short of 4, John Rufus age 1 ˝. His 5th child Joseph William Watkins Junior was born 3 May 1888, 38 days after Joseph’s death.  Oscar states in his journal, “ I remember father coming to the house in the afternoon telling mother he was sick and went to bed, after plowing most of the day, he did no record this days work in his daily Journal because he was very sick.”


The lot in Alpine was given to Tear and the farm was divided among the 5 children.  In Oscars Journal he writes ,“I went one morning up to the big lime rock where we could see all over the farm I remember telling them to each pick out their 32 acres.”  There were 160 acres, 32 each.  Oscar continues,“First John chose a strip of ground 32 rods wide and 160 rods long runing east and west along the north side of the 1/4 quarter section, Joseph chose his 32 acres from the south west part of the quarter section a peace of ground wider and not so long they left me just what I wanted everyone seemed to be satisfied with our choice.  This ground was homesteaded by Joseph and Dorthea Beck Watkins (He got the patten form the land office Nov 22, 1884) North east 1/4 section of 30 4 South 2 East S Base and Meridan.” Joseph applied for the patten on June 23, 1883 and John E Booth was his attorney.   Later Ren and Victoria sold thier share to Oscar.


Oscar states he paid  3/5 of the expenses for going to Provo to settle the court and attorney fees. He made several trips back and forth to Provo.


Oscar writes “Very soon after Fathers death, Grandfather Beck moved mother and us 4 children down to his home from the Bench.  With the help of family and friends a home was built on land that Joseph William had previously purchased. They moved in on Dec 24, 1888.  James Neilsen rented the farm and I suppose the live stock.”  Oscar states his father had “40 head of cattle, 40 pigs, 6 horses, 300 sheep, chickens, ducks, turkeys and some ginnie hens at the time of his death.”


Oscar goes on to say that his “ father had taken care of all the affairs and Mother did not know what to do about all the problems, she often said if only I could talk to Joe just one more time  I would know what to do.”


Oscar states that he and Ren would help herd cows and dry fruit.  He states “we would help mother peel and core apples and then put them on the roof to dry, we would spend most of the summer getting 5 or 6 sacks of fruit, we helped to hoe in the garden,  carried water and helped with the care of our younger sister and brother.”


Tear married Francis Farquharson of Scotland, 3 December 1892 .  They had 2 children, Elfreda in 1894 and Gordon in 1901.  Tear lived to be 15 days short of age 69.


John Watkins and Joseph Hyrum Beck did a lot to help Ren and Oscar as they were growing up.  They worked for their uncles, and had a great respect for them.   Hyrum provide the means of support for Oscar’s mission( 1903-05). Hyrum was elected to County Assessor in 1906, and moved to Provo.


I typed Joseph’s journal as written, from June to October of 2003. This was a challenge, because although his handwriting was good, I had to deal with his poor spelling, almost no punctuation, and words I did not know.  I did add some comas and capitalized some names for readability. There were some words that I could not decipher, and I felt it was better to leave them blank.


I grew to have great respect for my hard working great grandfather, and shed a tear as I entered his last account.


Elsa Watkins Terry- November 2003